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Good Vps For Rsps

Thread: BEST Ddos protected VPS for rsps? - Rune-Server

Thread: BEST Ddos protected VPS for rsps? – Rune-Server

BEST Ddos protected VPS for rsps?
07-24-2017, 07:56 PM
Title says it all
Dont suggest me trentahost btw, they are the worst host possible and i wouldnt even take it for free.
Has to be Windows VPS
07-24-2017, 08:42 PM
Originally Posted by JeffreyB
u sure these are ddos protected?
07-24-2017, 08:50 PM
Originally Posted by TheSuic12
OVH is the best
Click above to get the cheapest WEB HOSTING options! We also provide VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVERS (VPS)! Now equipped with DDOS Protection.
07-27-2017, 10:51 AM
Originally Posted by Freezia
You want a FREE VPS?
Nop. Also trenta fixed the lag problem for me, so not lookign anymore
[Selling] Ready-to-go VPS for RSPS! - Services - RuneLocus

[Selling] Ready-to-go VPS for RSPS! – Services – RuneLocus

I’m currently selling ready-to-go, pre-setup Virtual Private Servers which are configured perfectly for RuneScape Private Server Developers.
The VPS come with the following installed and pre-tuned;
– Java JDK 8u111,
– Eclipse Java Neon. 1,
— Updated Gradle Integration,
— Project Lombok Integration.
– Secured XAMPP webserver stack,
— MyBB Forum software,
– WinRAR.
You will be handed the Administrator account on sale of which you then have full controll over the server, this means you can change passwords, add accounts, ect.
You also have full access to the Server Manager software which gives you even greater control over the VPS.
The VPS Firewall has been portforwarded for use with RSPS meaning ports 43594 and 43595 have been forwarded successfully.
Aswell as ports of use, 80, 81, 443, 1433, 3066, 21, 22, 14147, 8005, 8009, 8080.
This means you will be able to use SQL, FTP and SSH remotely without a problem.
About the Servers:
US based,
2. 5GHz Intel Xeon, running Windows Server 2016
1 GB Memory with 30GB Storage.
130 Mbps Download Speed,
175 Mbps Upload Speed.
– Perfect for RuneScape Private Servers.
– Specs dont sound great but for the same package on businesses you will be expected to fork out atleast $6 per month upwards.
As an introductory price I will be selling all the VPS for £25 each,
This is for a full-year’s service… -Done.
Contact Me via SKYPE: [email protected]
Serious buyers ONLY!
This is ProjectEco (Ic3Cr34m) vouching for user ‘But Why’ regarding their service/product.
Product Purchased:
25$/year ready to go VPS
Rating: 10/10!
The conversation I had over the 15 minutes that passed with me and OP have been extremely friendly and no time was wasted one so ever! I definitely have to recommend this user for buying his service/product. I will be paying 25$ PER YEAR which is an outstanding price compared to most providers. I was originally paying 30$ per MONTH for my old VPS. Not to mention OP also got me started out with a FREE 2 week trial. Of course the deal is the VPS will be canceled if no funds are payed by the trial’s end but there is no doubt I will be paying.
Again, I definitely recommend this user as he is trustworthy, friendly and negotiable.
Dr devyn;5255994
I bought a vps from him
He does great services for me for free
And the vps was $25/Year so its quite cheap and fast and awesome
huge vouch for But Why’!
Vouch for But Why:)
Jay Gatsby;5257153
Vouch for Ian/But Why, he’s very very trustworthy and legit!
Vouch for this user extremely friendly.
But Why;5258116 & Leon X D;5257810
Or just buy from a trusted hosting company like raw host..
All their vps’s come configured with all of that stuff.
RawHosts is great, but also $10. 50 p/m more expensive than this option.
My option is an affordable option for kick-starting Server Developers.
I have gained alot of fantastic feedback about my service and no complaints from customers so far:)
VPS - Your virtual private server in the cloud - OVHcloud

VPS – Your virtual private server in the cloud – OVHcloud

Start Your Cloud Journey With a Virtual Private Server
With OVHcloud Virtual Private Servers (VPS) you’ll get reliable performance at unbeatable prices. Choose between five different VPS options, ranging from a small blog and web hosting Starter VPS to an Elite game hosting capable VPS.
Don’t let the poor performance from shared hosting weigh you down. Use an OVHcloud VPS and get a dedicated environment with powerful processing, great storage options, snapshots, and up to 2 Gbps of unmetered bandwidth.
Conquer your projects. Whether you are a student wanting to get some real-world systems administrator experience, a hobbyist looking to host some games, or a professional in need of reliable hosting services, OVHcloud has the right VPS for you.
1 vCore
2 GB
250 Mbps unmetered
2 vCore
4 GB
500 Mbps unmetered
4 vCore
8 GB
1 Gbps unmetered
8 vCore
From 8 GB to 32 GB
From 160 GB to 640 GB SSD NVMe
2 Gbps unmetered
Total scalability
Our VPS solutions are designed to suit all of your needs, and scale up as your business grows. You do not need to provision resources — simply add what you need, when you need it, via the OVHcloud™ Control Panel. This means you only pay for what you use, helping you manage your budget.
Increased performance
Our servers are assembled and configured by OVHcloud, to deliver you optimal performance. Our VPS servers are powered by Intel next-generation architecture, NVMe SSD storage, and a highly resilient infrastructure, to meet your needs.
Created with Sketch.
A dedicated environment
You can use all of your hardware resources for hosting websites or business applications — and you get admin access to your virtual server, too. With our VPS range, you can manage your web projects in a server environment that is scaled to suit your usage.
Simplicity and independence
With our VPS solutions, you do not need to worry about hardware constraints (upgrading components, technical faults, etc. ) — but you still get full control over your virtual server. You can choose from a wide range of pre-installed Linux and Windows operating systems — and web hosting control panels, too.
Unlimited traffic
Traffic for your VPS server is unlimited, with a maximum bandwidth of 1Gbps. This means you can host services or applications that require a high bandwidth, providing your customers with an optimal browsing experience at no extra cost.
Backup options
Store and secure your data on an external storage space, using our VPS backup options. With the Snapshot option, you can take a snapshot of your virtual server in just a few clicks via the OVHcloud Control Panel.
Our VPS solutions are perfect for hosting business applications in a production or pre-production environment. Our infrastructure offers minimal latency for your services, and hardware availability guaranteed by an SLA. This means you get constant, stable service.
Options compatible with our VPS solutions
Automatic backup
Keep your data safe and protected.
Failover IP
Hosting without interruptions.
Manual backup
Create and restore your snapshot.
Your questions answered
What is a VPS, and what is it used for?
A virtual private server (VPS) is used for hosting websites (e-commerce, content, visual media) and software applications (portals, extranets, collaborative solutions, wikis, CRM). Unlike shared hosting, the data is isolated onto a virtual machine which is dedicated to the user. The VPS is a perfect compromise between web hosting plans and physical servers, combining reliability with the high performance of a dedicated server — but without the difficulty of managing a server’s physical hardware.
Who can use a VPS?
Using a VPS requires basic knowledge of server administration. It is essential for managing the operating system (Linux or Windows) installed on the machine, and configuring the applications. Think you might need a VPS, but don’t have the technical knowledge required? We suggest that you refer to the following user guides: Getting Started with a Virtual Server and Virtual Private Servers
Can I host several websites on a VPS?
Yes. A VPS can be partitioned, and organized to suit your requirements. This means you can use it to host several websites or projects, by allocating a private space to each one. You can choose the volume of each space as well. To simplify how you do this, you can install a web hosting control panel like Plesk or cPanel.
Will I get a domain name and email service included with my VPS?
No, OVHcloud VPS solutions do not include a domain name or email service.
What are the differences between VPS and Public Cloud solutions?
A VPS is a solution adapted for pre-production and production environments. The OVHcloud Public Cloud offers a multi-server infrastructure, with high availability for servers. vRack, a private network service, is also available with the OVHcloud Public Cloud services.
What are the advantages of a VPS, compared to a dedicated server?
A VPS hosting account is less expensive than a full dedicated physical server. OVHcloud VPS plans can be customized to meet your needs so you pay for what you want but you do not need to deal with any of the features you will never need. Many VPS hosting plans are easily scalable. We recommend using a dedicated server if you want to manage the hardware aspects yourself, build more elaborate architectures, create an infrastructure that includes a private network (vRack), and deploy other complex solutions that are not web services.

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