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Free Linkedin Scraper Data Extractor

LinkedIn Scraper | LinkedIn Data Extractor ... - Scraping Expert

LinkedIn Scraper | LinkedIn Data Extractor … – Scraping Expert

Buy LinkedIn Data Scraper and start aggregating Data faster & regularly of your Target Audience, Competitors & Vendors. Very Helpful for Sales, Marketing, Recruitment & Procurement.
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Extracts important data from LinkedIn: Email (if any), Phone (if any), Address, Connection, Country, Current Company, Current Position, Education, First Name, Image Name, Industry, Input Keyword URL, Keyword Resulted URL, Last Name, Pagesource Reference Number, Source url, State, Website
Highly supports Basic, Premium & Recruiter accounts
All Search Criteria same as the type of LinkedIn account for deep search results
Choice to extract data from all profiles of search result or only the profiles with published email addresses
Ready-to-use LinkedIn Data Extraction Software to get started instantly
One screen dashboard to get all the information at a single view
LinkedIn Data Extractor Features
One screen dash board will give ease in control and operations
‘Settings’ to configure LinkedIn Credentials
Search by Keyword, First name, Last name, Current or Past Company, Current or Past Title, Location, Industry, Company Size, School, Zip code, Seniority Level, Experience, Relationship
Search by Keyword URLs with support of bulk upload
Choice to extract ‘Records with email only’ OR ‘All Records’
Start, Stop, Pause & Reset options for better control over the tool
Export Scraped Data in csv file
Feature to set the delay in crawling to imitate human like activity, to avoid Account Blocking
Maintenance & Support
All Rental Licenses are inclusive of Maintenance & Support, so no additional contract is required
System Requirements
Operating System
Windows 8, Windows 10
Google Chrome 72 or higher
NET Framework 4. 7. 1 or higher
Basic/Free Account: 100 profiles / results at a time
LinkedIn Premium Account:
Sales Navigator: 500 profiles / results at a time
Recruiter Account: 100 profiles / results at a time
The above points are not fixed and will vary as per LinkedIn Offerings & Terms
LinkedIn also applies Commercial Use Limit on Search.
LinkedIn also blocks user accounts if more number of requests are fired from single account in less time, means 150 – 200 requests in 2 -3 minutes
User can see Email address, Phone, Website, Address of 1st connections only if publicly available
LinkedIn page tags changes for some countries like France, China etc. So, we need to update the application as per the requirement
Clients are requested to be aware of all latest LinkedIn Offerings, Policies & Terms to be able to use LinkedIn Scraper successfully & safely
The product may not work properly or show error if there is a change in LinkedIn source code and/or if the information in it is made private
By registering & by using our Products, you agree to our T&C
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$659 $499
Scraping LinkedIn in 2021: Is it Legal? | by Jeremiah Tang - Medium

Scraping LinkedIn in 2021: Is it Legal? | by Jeremiah Tang – Medium

Photo by inlytics | LinkedIn Analytics Tool on UnsplashWeb scraping is essentially extracting data from certain platforms for further processing and transformation into useful outputs. While data scraping may be a sensitive topic in terms of data privacy and its legality, I will provide a breakdown as well as conclusions of a prominent LinkedIn scraping lawsuit as May 2017, LinkedIn sent hiQ, a web scraping company, a cease-and-desist letter where it asserted that hiQ was in violation of LinkedIn’s User Agreement. The letter demanded that hiQ stop accessing and copying data from LinkedIn’s server, stating that any future access by hiQ would be violating state and federal law, including the the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) response, hiQ demanded that LinkedIn recognise hiQ’s right to access public pages on LinkedIn and sought a declaratory judgment, a conclusive decision by the court, that LinkedIn could not invoke, among other laws, the CFAA and DMCA against it. hiQ also requested a preliminary injunction against LinkedIn, seeking to prevent LinkedIn from acting on its cease-and-desist letter. The district court granted the preliminary injunction, ordering LinkedIn to withdraw the letter, remove technical barriers to hiQ’s access to public profiles, and refrain from implementing legal or technical measures to block hiQ’s access to public profiles until a ruling has been nkedIn appealed this decision to the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. In 2019, the 9th Circuit affirmed the district court’s preliminary that decision, LinkedIn has further appealed that decision to the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS), but it is unclear whether the court has agreed to hear the appeal. Until a judgment is released by SCOTUS, however, the decision by the 9th Circuit remains good observers have hailed the 9th Circuit decision as being a golden ticket permitting all types of web scraping, the issue is far more nuanced than that. In fact, the scope of the issue is extremely narrow, turning on the definition of “without authorization”. In hiQ’s own words, the question before SCOTUS is:QUESTION PRESENTED: Whether a professional networking website may rely on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act’s prohibition on “intentionally access[ing] a computer without authorization” to prevent a competitor from accessing information that the website’s users have shared on their public profiles and that is available for viewing by anyone with a web unsel for hiQ in its brief to SCOTUSThe narrowness of the issue presented to SCOTUS by LinkedIn means that the court only has to decide on this one matter, and will not have to consider other potential issues arising from web scraping such as data privacy concerns, breach of contractual terms, or even violations of other state and federal laws. Optimistically, it can be inferred that because LinkedIn decided to pursue the case on this ground instead of through other causes of action, they are less likely to be potential issues for web scrapers. But the reality is that due to web scraping being a relatively new phenomenon, the law surrounding it remains underdeveloped and there is little legal clarity in the there is still a grey area regarding the legality of web scraping, we can say for certain that web scraping in itself remains legal. This is big news for both individuals and companies alike. With the large amount of data presented online, there is a tumultuous amount of information available that is difficult to obtain any useful insights from on its own. Thankfully, there are many web scrapers made available that are able to tidy up the necessary data and eliminate any white noises. Scraping popular platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and especially LinkedIn can be extremely beneficial to companies, detailed in this individualsThe average Joe interested in exploring web scraping can probably get by with free web scraping APIs that can obtain small amounts of data. Some side projects to consider if you are interested in picking up web scraping would be scraping food review websites such as Yelp or Burpple and find the best fried chicken in your country or by scraping social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter and conduct the necessary analysis to decide your next investment in the stock large-scale projects that require data of millions of individuals, it is definitely not feasible to rely on these free but slow web scraping APIs and wait weeks, if not months, for the data to be collected (if your computer does not overheat and crash by then) companiesApart from food review sites and social media platforms, LinkedIn seems to be the most relevant platform to scrape from for B2B companies. Depending on the magnitude of data you require, there are many paid LinkedIn scraping services that satisfy different needs. A comprehensive list of the top 5 varying LinkedIn scraping services can be found here. This provides a better understanding of what these different companies offer and find the service best suited to your companies’ data provided by the scraping services, businesses are able to use it for many functions:Updating its current database: Enrich current database with up-to-date dataLeads Generation for B2B sales: LinkedIn URL/email discoveryResearch: Use company data to predict market and industry trendsHuman Resource: Improves hiring for ATS and recruitment platformsInvestment (Venture Capitalists): Chart out company performances and decide which companies are performing wellAlumni (Universities): Find out distribution of their alumni based on location, industry or companies with further transformation of dataHere at Mantheos we conduct LinkedIn scraping legally, scraping data that is freely and publicly available on LinkedIn. This means that we collect data that is accessible to the general public. Compared to manually searching LinkedIn for people and company profiles, we automate this process for you and aggregate this information into readable files such as excel and json. By engaging our services, you can rest assured that we will provide data that is both safe as well as useful in your the legality of web scraping becomes clearer, we can safely say that many forms of web scraping are not deemed illegal by the courts and are permissible. Web scraping is an integral part of the big data revolution and is empowering millions of businesses around the world to optimise their business strategies. With web scraping becoming ever more ubiquitous, the myriad of privacy and contractual issues surrounding web scraping is growing more complex. This forms a potential stumbling block for both web scraping companies and end laws become more rigid and penalties for violations increase, it is now more important than ever before to ensure that your business is not exposed to unnecessary legal risk by unknowingly flouting data laws. Mantheos prides itself on ensuring that its business practices are fully compliant with all laws and regulations, regardless of jurisdiction. Yada ferences:hiQ Labs, Inc. v. LinkedIn Corp., №17–16783 (9th Cir. 2019)LinkedIn’s appeal to the US Court of Appeals
Top 10 LinkedIn scraping tools in 2021 - Dropcontact

Top 10 LinkedIn scraping tools in 2021 – Dropcontact

Implementing a B2B Sales Automation strategy often starts with LinkedIn, the most comprehensive and, above all, the most up-to-date professional this top list, we have listed the best LinkedIn scraping tools that will allow you to launch your 100% automated and efficient lead machine. LinkedIn scraping is a growth hacking technique that automates the visiting, and copying and pasting of all the information available on a LinkedIn mmary of the TOP LinkedIn scraping toolsPhantombuster is the reference tool for LinkedIn scraping and creating workflows and automating B2B prospecting from the professional social nkedIn scraping, hyper-personalized message sending, connection requests…. Each phantom/workflow is pre-configured to allow focus on its content and copywriting Phantombuster: LinkedIn AutomationWhat do we like about Phantombuster? Phantombuster is probably the leading LinkedIn scraping and prospecting automation tool (but not only) and offers more than 50 LinkedIn automation/LinkedIn Sales is possible to scrape data from LinkedIn profiles:a Linkedin or LinkedIn Sales Navigator searchlikes of a postcomments on a posta simple LinkedIn URLa LinkedIn groupfollowers of their own company pageThe integration of the Email Finder, including Dropcontact , directly into the workflow is a real plus: saving time and we would like? Each automation is unique. That’s good. But each output file is different too (column order, column names, LinkedIn URL format… ). These formats become a bit tedious when you want to use several tegromat and Zapier integrations are still limited, and it’s a pity you can’t get the outputs of your LinkedIn scraping without going through a Google Sheet Phantombuster pricingFrom $28: 1 hour of execution / day and 5 automation workflows + 20 email enrichmentsDropcontact operates the Email Finder and enrichment offered by Phantombuster or you can choose to enter your Dropcontact API key if you already have an antombuster free planFree plan available: 15 minutes of execution / day and one automation workflow14-day free trial allowing 1 hour of execution per day and five automation workflows Discover the Phantombuster x Dropcontact integration‍Captain Data allows you to scrape LinkedIn and extract data from almost any website and especially LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales tool offers Sales and Marketing teams ready-to-use workflows to automate their prospecting: find leads, enrich them, address them in a hyper-personalized ptain Data: automation tool for LinkedIn prospectingWhat do we like about Captain Data? Connecting with a lot of other services (LinkedIn, Google Drive, Dropcontact, lemlist… ) is very simple and above all, it is possible to share your accounts with your whole team. This is a game-changing feature when using a Sales Automation tool with your entire you are a beginner in Sales Automation, scraping any website or LinkedIn scraping becomes child’s play with this tool: In a few minutes and a few clicks, it is possible to launch your multi-channel prospecting campaigns. Dropcontact is integrated with Captain Data. You only have to enter your Dropcontact API key to have your contacts enriched: verified and qualified nominative email, civility, normalization of the First / Last name, legal data of the we would like? The proposed workflows are “fixed” and cannot modify or adapt the pre-defined scenarios for the, you have to search for your target with a Boolean search: it is not the easiest and most visual way Captain Data pricingFrom €100: 20, 000 tasks / month and 3 automationsCaptain Data free planFree plan: 5, 000 execution tasks / monthNo free plan, but each plan starts with a 14-day free trialEmail enrichment requires a Dropcontact account Discover Captain Data x Dropcontact integration‍La Growth Machine is a multi-channel prospecting automation tool: LinkedIn, Email, Twitter… It is possible to program your prospecting scenario Growth Machine allows you to scrape LinkedIn, retrieve all the information of your prospects and then completely customize your entire prospecting process: Email, Invitation / LinkedIn message, Twitter, timing and erefore, La Growth Machine makes it possible to generate qualified leads and address them in an ultra-targeted manner in the message, at the time, according to the actions of each person… Sales Automation workflow example on La Growth MachineWhat do we like about Growth Machine? You cancustomize each of its scenarios: from scratch or by starting from an existing template. The possibilities for customizing your prospecting are almost Growth Machine is one of the few solutions that offer to bypass the 100 weekly LinkedIn invitation limit on the sole condition of not sending notes in the connection request. Dropcontact is natively integrated into La Growth Machine In each of your scenarios, you can find, verify and qualify your contacts’ pro email and enrich it with all the data you need for your last more? This tool is not a Chrome extension and therefore works with Safari What we would like? Integration with Salesforce is not yet available, although it will be Growth Machine pricingThe new pricing offers 3 plans starting at 80€/month to start your Sales Automation machineDropcontact operates the Email Finder and the enrichment offered by La Growth Machine. It is unlimited from the Pro plan (120€ / month)La Growth Machine free planNo free planA 14-day trial period after having followed the onboarding proposed by the Growth Machine team Discover La Growth Machine x Dropcontact integration‍Waalaxy, the revival of ProspectIn, is a multi-channel automation and prospecting platform available directly from a Chrome extension: Scrap LinkedIn, automate profile visits, message sending, or connection requests. Waalaxy: Automate your multichannel prospecting: LinkedIn and Cold EmailWhat do we like about Waalaxy. Waalaxy is one of the few solutions to get around LinkedIn’s 100 invites per week mass mailing without targeting is not recommended; it is always a plus not a limited in your LinkedIn actions, especially your connection requests. Waalaxy allows you to create multi-channel prospecting sequences via LinkedIn, email or Twitter, in an ultra-simple way: to optimize the contact points with your leads. Waalaxy natively integrates Dropcontact to find and enrich emails of all its prospects No need for a Dropcontact account: email enrichment is directly included in the Business we would like? It is currently impossible to create your own scenarios and custom automations or even modify an existing sequence. Waalaxy pricingFrom €13: unlimited task but restricted access to automatic prospecting sequencesEmail enrichment by Dropcontact is available from the 40€ / month planWaalaxy free planNo free plan but a 7-day trial, renewable on request to the support Discover Waalaxy x Dropcontact integration‍Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn automation tool that comes as a Chrome extension. It automatically connects to your Linkedin account and allows you to visit, scrape, send messages to your leads and prospects directly from Dux-Soup extension automatically acts for you on your LinkedIn What do we like about Dux-Soup? Dux-Soup mimics the “human” behavior on LinkedIn to limit the risk of being detected by the integration with Pipedrive makes Dux-Soup a MUST HAVE tool to turn your CRM into an automated lead machine. Discover how to integrate Dux-Soup to turn your CRM into a real prospecting machineWhat we would like? Direct integration with Dropcontact Dux-Soup pricingFrom €9. 92 to start prospecting, but to use the Dux-soup integrations and to be able to integrate the tool into your Sales Machine, you need to take out the Dux-Soup Turbo subscription from €36. 25 / monthDux-soup free planFree plan available and free trial for Dux-Soup Turbo to integrate targeted LinkedIn data directly into your CRM More about Dux-Soup‍lemlist is THE reference solution for Cold tool has become much more than a Cold Email solution. Now lemlist allows you to scrape your target’s data on LinkedIn and enrich it directly with Dropcontact The tool allows you to completely automate your multi-channel prospecting (email and LinkedIn message) from LinkedIn, your CRM or simply a eation of multi-channel prospecting sequences on lemlistWhat do we like about lemlist? lemlist makes it is easy to create HYPER-customized multi-channel Cold Email and LinkedIn sequences thanks to the Liquid language and customized image is at its best thanks to Dropcontact’s in-app integration directly into the sales automation sequence, which allows you to add the title, correct and normalize the first name, and add all the company’s we would like? Ergonomics and UX are probably the things we’d really like to see improved at lemlistlemlist pricingFrom 50€: LinkedIn scraping, enrichment, and sending of Cold-Email, invitations or LinkedIn messagesEmail enrichment requires a Dropcontact subscriptionlemlist free planNo free plan but a trial period Discover the lemlist x Dropcontact integration‍Pharow is a tool that allows you to build your Sales Automation strategy by targeting your leads and prospects according to the criteria of your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and obtain all the necessary data to address them by email, on LinkedIn, or even by post! The tool will scrape LinkedIn and the web to provide enriched contact lists that can easilybe integrated into its Cold Email or multi-channel prospecting Dashboard: Automated LinkedIn search and scrapingWhat do we like about Pharow? Pharow allows you to target your leads according to your company’s different criteria and especially according to the target functions in a very simple way. You can easily visualize the results before scraping and downloading best part? You can refine your search by company category: B2B / B2C (we love it! )What we would like? We expect this brand new tool to have an API and many new integrations;)Currently, only a beta connector with Hubspot is pricingFrom 49€ / user: 1 000 non-enriched contacts added to their lists + 250 emails enriched by Dropcontact added to their listsDropcontact operates the Email Finder and the enrichment offered by free planFree plan available for 20 un-enriched targeted contacts + 10 targeted contacts enriched by Dropcontact Discover the Pharow x Dropcontact integration‍ProspectWith is a marketing tool that allows you to find your Ideal Customer Profile contacts according to the technologies used, but also according to the industry, the company data, the contact is then enriched (by Dropcontact ) and ready to be prospected by email, LinkedIn, or any other way: You have all the information in ospectWith enhances the LinkedIn Sales Navigator search by scraping each profile and offering export to do we like about ProspectWith? The integration of Dropcontact into the ProspectWith process saves a considerable amount of time. It allows you to get real-time, verified, up-to-date, named business emails directly from a targeted LinkedIn integration with The Growth Machine is excellent and so easy to set we would like? For the time being, no direct integration with its CRM is ospectWith pricingFrom 79€: unlimited use of searches, exports, API. Dropcontact enriches your contacts by simply connecting your Dropcontact API key to ospectWtih free planFree plan available with a limit of 3 users and a restriction to the first 50 non-enriched results of your search Discover the ProspectWith x Dropcontact integration‍Evaboot scrapes LinkedIn, normalizes the data, and enriches the contacts with the verified personal email, particularly the civility….. Evaboot, therefore, allows you to find your target contacts directly from LinkedIn and then import the file received in csv directly into your Sales Automation solutions. Evaboot dashboardWhat do we like about Evaboot? Evaboot is easy to use. By clicking on the widget from a Sales Navigator search, Evaboot will scrape LinkedIn and output a “ready to use” csv file with cleaned data and even enriched with we would like to seeEvaboot is currently not integrated with any CRM or other Sales Automation platforms… maybe one day;)Evaboot pricingFrom 19€ / month: 5k leads extraction, and the possibility to connect Dropcontact to enrich its extracted contact dataEmail enrichment requires a Dropcontact subscription. Evaboot free planFree plan available: 150 credits / month14-day free trial: 1, 000 credits Discover the Evaboot x Dropcontact integration‍TexAu is an Indian solution that allows you to create your own prospecting workflows: LinkedIn scraping, enrichment, emailing… you can choose your modules and link them together according to the desired Automation workflow example with TexAuWhat do we like about TexAu? TexAu shares pre-configured templates and also makes available the most popular scenarios. It is possible to share your own, being able to customise 100% of your prospecting workflows by adding timing and conditions is a real plus. Dropcontact is integrated: you can therefore directly enrich your contacts with the verified personal email before personalizing emails and other messages What we would like? desktop version 3 times the price…. has been masalaTexAu pricingStarting at $24 Cloud / Desktop version: 1. 5h runtime / day / 5 automationsEmail enrichment requires a Dropcontact free planNo free plan but a 14-day trial version in the Cloud Discover TexAu x Dropcontact integration‍You want more, right? ‍Linked Helper is a LinkedIn-focused software: LinkedIn scraping and LinkedIn solution allows you to create your own prospecting scenarios on LinkedIn: visiting and scraping of profiles, auto-follow, automatic sending of messages, programming of nkedIn profile scraped by Linked Helper 2What do we like about Linked Helper 2? If your prospecting is focused on LinkedIn, Linked Helper will make you happy. The tool is easy to use, and offers many features: visiting and scraping of LinkedIn profiles, connection requests, sending messages, invitations to events, possibility to add several LinkedIn profiles on the same account is a real plus: Linked Helper 2 uses the connection with LinkedIn directly and not the cookies (which tend to “jump” regularly and therefore break your workflows) we would like? Objectively, it lacks native integration with Dropcontact Linked Helper 2 pricingA single plan starting at $8. 25 (for a 12-month commitment): all LinkedIn automation features are included in the subscriptionLinked Helper 2 free planNo free plan30-day free trial: A great way to test the LinkedIn scraping and automation tool More about Linked Helper 2‍Leadjet is a LinkedIn scraper tool that comes in the form of an extension. Leadjet automatically adds every profile you visit directly into your CRM. Leadjet in LinkedInWhat do we like about Leadjet? Leadjet is natively integrated into Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Copper. A click via the button directly integrated into LinkedIn creates a new contact record of the profile you are visiting: Leadjet adds the contact’s first name, last name, job title, company, and sociated with Dropcontact in your CRM, the contact is automatically enriched: personal and verified email address, business phone number, civility, all legal data of the company… This is enough to build a real automated lead you have not yet integrated Dropcontact into your CRM, the enrichment is automatically integrated into Leadjet. Enter your Dropcontact API key in the Leadjet settings to add the verified pro email, business phone number of each of your leads when creating their record in the we would like? Adding leads from a LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator search is not currently available. So adding leads is still entirely manual. Leadjet pricingFrom 17€ / month / user but with limited functions. To start the automatic addition, you have to upgrade to the next level as soon as the profile is visited. Leadjet free planNo free plan but a 14-day trial version Discover the Leadjet x Dropcontact integration‍Findcustomer is a scraping solution, extracting, and enriching (by Dropcontact) B2B data from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Findcustomer interface – Enrichment by DropcontactWhat do we like about Findcustomer? Findcustomer allows you to target, extract, enrich and engage your leads from LinkedIn directly on the online platform. Copy the link from your LinkedIn / LinkedIn Sales Navigator search into Findcustomer. The scraping is automatic. To enrich your data, one-click allows you to select the leads to be enriched and Dropcontact provides all the valuable data for prospecting: up-to-date and verified we would like? The search is done on LinkedIn and you have to copy and paste the link: doing the search directly on your dashboard would be a real ndcustomer pricingFrom 29€ / month: Dropcontact integration is included in the ndcustomer free planFree plan with limited functionality but 14-day trial including all options before upgrading to a paid plan Discover the Findcustomer x Dropcontact integration‍I need more Sales automation tips! To go further:The top 20 best B2B email finder and enrichment tools in 2021How to import your company lists on LinkedIn

Frequently Asked Questions about free linkedin scraper data extractor

How do I scrape my LinkedIn data for free?

How to scrape data and emails from LinkedIn profilesCreate a free Phantombuster account.Connect to LinkedIn using PhantomBuster’s browser extension.Give the URLs of the LinkedIn profiles you want to scrape data and emails from.Enrich your leads with verified professional email addresses.Set the Phantom on repeat.More items…

How do I scrape my LinkedIn data?

Moving forward with Mantheos. Here at Mantheos we conduct LinkedIn scraping legally, scraping data that is freely and publicly available on LinkedIn. This means that we collect data that is accessible to the general public.Jun 15, 2021

Does LinkedIn allow scraping?

Captain Data allows you to scrape LinkedIn and extract data from almost any website, but also and especially LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The tool offers Sales and Marketing teams ready-to-use workflows to automate their prospecting: find leads, enrich them, address them in a hyper-personalised manner.

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