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Elsword Korean Download

How to play on Elsword KR? - Reddit

How to play on Elsword KR? – Reddit

Hey guys, since KOG announced the new 4th path, I decided I wanted to download the KR patch to check the new classes as soon as they are out, I have an old KR account that I haven’t logged in since 2015. I was able to download the Nexon manager and am downloading the game but then I remembered someone told me that Els KR has IP block for foreigners now and that I might not be able to log in without using a VPN.. so I just wanted to know if there is anyone out here that has recently logged in to KR and that could maybe help me figuring this out? If I do need a VPN, which one are you guys using or recommend? Thank you~~
Play Elsword KR Server Outside Korea

Play Elsword KR Server Outside Korea

Many players who are playing EU or NA server of Elsword want to play Elsword Korea server. Because they can play new character and weapon in KR server. Some players have got verified Nexon korean account to play Elsword but unable to play for high ping. BTW if you login Nexon account from other countries’ IP, it is easy to ban. So I suggest you to play Elsword KR server with Korea VPN. Actually, there are two kinds of Korea VPN server in the market. One is Korea VPN with dynamic IP, another is with dedicated IP. If you want to get dedicated and static Korea IP, buy Korea dedicated VPN recommended. Anyway, let me show you how to play Elsword korea server with low ping.
Get Elsword Korea Nexon Account
Players must get verified KSSN or iPin Nexon account to play Elsword Korea server, otherwise, you can’t launch the game with the account just registered with Email. Search in Google, I think you can find the solution. If not, check here.
Play Elsword Korea Server With Low Ping
Many factors are affecting ping. But I think the main factor is physical distance and the game server feature. We can’t change the fact, so we can only try our best to improve other factors. Such as the preformance of computer and internet network.
Firstly, we should double check whether your computer have meet the mini system requirement as below:
CPU Intel/AMD 1Ghz Intel/AMD 2Ghz
Memory 1G RAM 2G RAM
Graphics Nvidia GeForce 5 Nvidia GeForce 7
DirectX Verision 9. 0C 9. 0C
Hard Drive 3G available space 4G available space
Secondly, access its official website to download Elsword KR client on
download Elsword KR client
Thirdly, once install successfully, then you must hit Game Start button from its officisi website to launch game.
Lanuch Elsword KR Client
Fourthly, Nexon KR doesn’t allow players who are living in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and to access its website and game. Constantly, pop up alert saying “unable to connect to nexon plug”. Once connected Korea VPN, it is able to play this game. I prefer to use FlyVPN for it is providing Korean VPN server in its trial account. Because many factors are affecting ping, I suggest players to test ping before purchasing. If you don’t have Korea VPN, follow me to use Korea VPN trial version.
Step #1 Download FlyVPN client from its official website.
Stpe #2 Input “vpnu” in the username box, obtain its latest password from Step #3 Read tutorial about how to use FlyVPN client on. Once connected on Korea proxy, check whether you have got Korean IP address.
Korea VPN Trial Account and Password
Korea VPN Server in trial account vpnu
Elsword – Free to Play Anime Action MMORPG

Elsword – Free to Play Anime Action MMORPG

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