• February 9, 2023

Dragon Nest Private Server Reddit

Any good private server? : r/DragonNest – Reddit

Project Duck for best experience (mostly NA, but we have players from SEA and EU). The server is located in NA. We have a great development team and responsive playerbase. We offers lots of custom content for PvE and PvP but with all awakening skillslevel 70 character upon creationfree class change scrollsinventory, storage, talisman, crest expansions are all for free (gold)party buffs are back from T4 (80cap) example: spirit boost, fast forward, slime shake, awakening, or instants in PvPno costume stats (p2w)conversion costumes with statscustom hair and eyes colors through websitecustom class balancing for PvE and PvPcustom class reverts/reworks (ex: ripper and bleed phantom, arch hereticcustom PvP stagesskill reversionsproject flow (skill edits to reduce lockout, camera lock, increase action speed for the smoothest and most fluid PvE experience)old, new, and custom content: bdn, ddn, rdn, vn, gn, mn, atnactive staff and communityweekly patchesAll updates are located in this document
The most active private server : r/DragonNest - Reddit

The most active private server : r/DragonNest – Reddit

I found many different private servers (PatemaDN, CelestialDN, Infinity Nest, Project Duck) and I want to hear from those people who recently played on these servers on which of them the most in or sign up to leave a comment
level 1 · 2yImpactorThe only active private I know, based on official rates and latest CN patch (upcoming latest KOR dream+red moon jades patch now at closed beta) is the New Dragon Nest. But it’s russian, heavily localized, so I doubdt it’s worth it for you. Can see some english speaking players though, but only also Infinity, Dragon Nest Reborn, Celestial, but they’re awkward and almost 2New Dragon Nest not almost dead? level 1okay private servers is shit. At Celestial, you immediately get level 80, and in Infinity Nest I can’t even download the client due to viewing restrictions. These idiots did not even guess to fill the client with something other than a crappy Google 2I played Celes DN (USA server), to get level 95 you need to level up at MCSB with a guild costume on. And there is a guide for newbies. I’ve also played Patema DN (chinese server), the devs are not active right now so, for now it’s still 2 · 2yNA IGN: SylvaeraJust gonna throw it out there that if you’re angry about the leveling process being effectively streamlined out with most private servers then you’re wasting your time – to my knowledge there aren’t any private servers out there that go for the true nostalgia experience (Infinity sort of does but they’ve since moved on from 70 cap when I played)(also if you’re having trouble with Infinity client download look in the discord there’s probably solutions there or an alternative download link)
Is there any dragon nest private server that is still stable to ...

Is there any dragon nest private server that is still stable to …

The reason being is that i got sick with all the pay to win and bad management in sea server so i’m looking for a private server to settle on for far i’ve tried Project Duck, Infinity and Celestial but:__Project Duck DN has great class tweaks and balancing that smoothen the gameplay by alot, and a very heartful staff team. But the population is really low, i have 300+ ping in their server as well since i’m playing from sea. __Celestial DN is awesome too with the way we can use DDJ and BMJ at the same time, and they have -50% cd and 100% action speed plates, and my ping are lower here too. but the contents here are so dry and so rough, it’s easily to feel discouraged to grind because the difficulty spike they put in the gearing phases, the roadblocks, to force party play. The thing is, it wouldn’t be all that bad if there were other people to play with often but the server is really dead as well. It took me days and hours within a day to search for a party just to enter a mid-game content nest. __Infinity DN offers old trip back to the past when DN was simple, they still have a handful of player base but dn’s old gameplay is really slow which i am not quite suited i’m wondering if there are any worth mentioning private servers out there, those which are still being updated and still have a fair amount of player base. If there is, please let those private server’s names be you for reading.

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