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Download Strong Proxy For Chrome

VPN extension for Chrome (Quick & easy) - Surfshark

VPN extension for Chrome (Quick & easy) – Surfshark

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A Chrome extension that protects your connection
Protect your sensitive data
Secure your browsing history
Bypass censorship
30-day money-back guarantee
Get a VPN on any platform
Secure your browser
Encrypt your connection
A VPN encrypts the traffic between your browser and the website. That way, if anyone (say, your internet service provider) tries to spy on your connection, they won’t get anything.
Hide your online address
Your IP (Internet Protocol) address is logged when you go places online, leading back to you. Install a VPN on Chrome to replace your IP with the VPN server’s.
Don’t worry about logs
A quality VPN like Surfshark operates under a strict no-logs policy and even maintains servers that would go blank if anyone tried to seize them.
Open your access to online content
Your government might not like you reading foreign news sources. Your workplace or school would like you to not access YouTube on their Wi-Fi. However, a VPN extension for Chrome can overcome those blocks.
Bypass local firewalls
When a school, dorm, workplace, or other similar internet supplier blocks your access, they use fairly simple methods. A VPN can bypass them – and many others.
Visit censored websites
Some countries block access to regular websites like Facebook and Instagram. However, a VPN – even a Chrome VPN – can bypass the restrictions.
Surfshark does not encourage using a VPN in any way that would potentially violate the Terms of Service of other service providers.
Enjoy the best VPN tech can offer
Utilize the best VPNprotocols
There are many VPN protocols out there, but the one everyone’s talking about right now is WireGuard. It’s fast, secure, sleek, and fits every occasion like a black t-shirt would.
Try to spot any drop in speed
A VPN protocol impacts your speed, but so does the distance to the server. With Surfshark’s 3200+ servers (1Gbps port or better) in 65+ countries, one will always be nearby.
Get the extra features
A good VPN for Chrome offers more than a secure connection to one of many servers worldwide, but also features like the ad-blocking CleanWeb and privacy-ensuring WebRTC blocks!
All servers
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I set up a VPN extension for Chrome?
The process of getting a VPN extension for Chrome is very simple:
Find a VPN app on the Google Play Store.
Click “Add to Chrome” to install it.
Log in.
Connect to a server.
For a more in-depth guide, read here.
Is there a free VPN extension for Chrome?
You can find a free VPN extension for Chrome, but it’s usually not worth it. Free VPNs offer a much lower quality of service in terms of speed, features, and server variety. They might even compromise your privacy and security.
For a more detailed explanation, take a look at our comparison of free and paid VPNs.
Does Chrome have a VPN extension?
Yes, VPN extensions for Chrome exist. Their main difference from a VPN app is that extensions only protect the browser traffic. If you’re also using the internet via other apps that traffic will remain unprotected.
How do I know if my VPN is working?
There are a few ways to check if your VPN is working, like running DNS and IP lookups. We have a more detailed guide here.
Get Surfshark VPN for Chrome
Enjoy easy privacy.
VPN for Chrome to Make Web Surfing 100% Safe - VeePN

VPN for Chrome to Make Web Surfing 100% Safe – VeePN

Frequently asked questions
How do I set up a VPN extension on Google Chrome?
Setting up VeePN is very simple and fast. You just need to download the VPN extension for Chrome on our website and turn on the extension in your browser setting. Then you should choose a suitable subscription and register. Finally, you can connect to the server and surf the Net safely and freely.
How do I enable a VPN on Chrome browser?
After downloading and installing the VPN server, it will be enabled automatically. In case you want to change some settings, then go to your browser and tap “Details”.
How can I use a browser VPN on Google?
With over 2500 servers in 50 locations worldwide, VeePN allows you to change your IP address and hide your current location. Also, it helps prevent scammers, providers, and advertisers from following your activities. VPN extension on Google Chrome protects your data, so you can feel safe while shopping online even while using public Wi-Fi.
How can I change my IP address in Chrome?
Follow these simple steps to mask your IP address in Chrome with VeePN:
Download and add the VeePN extension to Chrome. You can do it by visiting the Chrome Web Store.
Click on the VeePN icon in the upper right corner of your browser.
Create and log into your account.
Connect to one of 2500 servers in 50 locations and enjoy safe online browsing.
Is using a VPN safe?
Besides being very safe, VPN for Google Chrome helps protect your data. A virtual private network will mask your IP and make all your online activities completely invisible for spies, snoops, and cybercriminals. Hence it is recommended to use VPN.
How can I disable VPN in Google Chrome?
In case you are eager to disable VeePN for Google Chrome, click on the VeePN icon that is situated next to the search bar. Next, you will see a switcher on the lower-left corner of the VeePN app. Click on it to disable VPN.
Why do I need A VPN for Chrome?
Every device that uses public Wi-Fi connection can be monitored by hackers who can steal all your information or copy your data. VeePN from Chrome store VPN makes your online activities invisible and more secure. As a result, your privacy is completely protected.
Download Free Strong VPN For Chrome

Download Free Strong VPN For Chrome

How to download free StrongVPN for chrome? Free StrongVPN for Google Chrome:Free Strong VPN for chrome:Download Free Strong VPN For ChromeFree Download Strong VPN For Chrome: Browsing the web without borders, straight from your browser is never possible without a best Virtual Private Network (VPN) service like Strong VPN for chrome.
Amazing proxy of StrongVPN allows you to change your virtual location and access websites, videos, and more from any corner of the world with fast speeds ever.
More importantly, it does not restrict the user at home. You can enjoy wherever you are because it breaks geo-restriction.
Along with providing such awesome services it also protects you from hacker while you are checking sensitive and private data, especially while using publically shared connection.
Let for example a coffee shop internet connection of a public library Wi-Fi
So if you want to browse the internet anonymously you need to add StrongVPN chrome extension.
Silent Features of Strong VPN for Chrome:
Very light with lightning fast speed
Comes with advanced protocols and strong encryption method
Offer unlimited bandwidth
Has a huge network of servers
Hide actual location with a physical IP address
Unblocks all most every blocked site
Comes with a user-friendly interface
How to download free StrongVPN for chrome?
StrongVPN is best known ever Virtual Private Network software application. It is specially designed to military level security and anonymity while browsing your favorite content or streaming videos which otherwise are blocked.
Among many advantages it has over other VPN one best is that Strong VPN for Google Chrome allows you to change IP address directly from the browser. There is no need for manual reconfiguration.
You can download free VPN and install it by using steps which are:
Go to search “Strong VPN for Chrome”
Open chrome web store and click on “Add to Chrome”
A dialog box will appear on the screen click on “Add extension”
This automatically will download VPN free and install in your device
Once the process is completed click on StrongVPN icon present in Chrome’s menu bar
Now just log in using email and password and select server to enjoy the best services and complete anonymity.
Free StrongVPN for Google Chrome:
Strong VPN is compatible with all most every operating system and devices. You can not only enjoy best services of StrongVPN for chrome on PC but you can equally enjoy such services on Android, iOS and other operating systems.
What you need to do is just add an extension to Google Chrome and enjoy unlimited access to your favorite sites and share data privately without being traced.
Free Strong VPN for chrome:
StrongVPN for chrome is malware free software application, available on many sites. It offers the best security, privacy, and access to blocked sites for free.
It offers a premium like the admin control panel to manage VPN on apps you want along with easy to use interface.
More importantly, it takes no time to download free Strong VPN for chrome because it is much lighter than many other Virtual Private Networks.
If you want premium like Virtual Private Network (VPN) services for free on every device, you can have that all with StrongVPN free for chrome.
Download Free Strong VPN For Chrome
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