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Copbot Review

Read Customer Service Reviews of thecopbot.com - Trustpilot

Read Customer Service Reviews of thecopbot.com – Trustpilot

Avoid at all costs!
Accidentally purchased the laptop version (when I don’t have a computer) took ages to get back to me. Offered to change to iOS for the extra.. that’s fine. Only thing is this not is actually rubbish! I literally have more chance purchasing hype items manually. On the app you select what you want to checkout and press run bot when you are ready. Problem is copbot doesn’t bypass the captcha like it claims! So you are there manually clicking squares to prove you are human. Also customer service is non existent/ when they are about just fob you off. Purchasing cop bot is meant to be forever. But my one has run out and there’s no builds available to download. It’s been this way now since FW20 season. I’ve messaged cop bot several times with no response. They also refuse to refund. Even though it’s a useless bot. Avoid at all costs! If you are looking to waste money throwing it down the drain is even a better option than purchasing copbot.
SCAM, avoid at all cost, don’t waste your money on a bot which doesn’t work
Really wish I could give 0 stars
Really wish I could give 0 stars. This company spent so much money advertising on YouTube, got tons of kids to buy their bot because it was all they could afford, made it sound like a get rich quick bot and couldn’t deliver. Haven’t heard a single person say they have copped from this bot, 24 hour support is a lie, they don’t reply to anyone’s dm’s or emails. Please do not buy this bot, they have no intention of being a good bot, they are just living for the quick cash of “lifetime fees”. I bought a “lifetime subscription and completely lost access to the bot. No response from dms or email. Please do not waste your hard earned money so that these “developers” can buy iced out chains.
Paid for bot but can’t even access it!
So initially I was happy with the customer support. They quickly sent me the activation key. But now as I’ve tried to contact them through 1 Twitter 2 Instagram 3 email I don’t get a response on any for more than two months! All I need is a new réactivation key because the previous one they give me doesn’t work. So in simple terms I’ve paid for a product that I can’t even access and their support won’t help. Plus… the contact subpage on their website doesn’t even work…?!
I cant believe there is 5 star reviews
I cant believe there is 5 star reviews. It doesn’t work full stop. Don’t bother getting scammed. I am based in the UK
Only the latest review will count in the company’s TrustScore
Never worked
Constant issues on every drop. I’ve tried to use it at least a dozen times and it’s never made a purchase, even on non-hyped items. Save your money this bot is trash.
Don’t buy this
Don’t buy this. Never worked since I got it and their customer service is trash. You don’t get what you paid for and they say no refunds.
Absolute Scam
I had to uninstall due to some issues and I asked for a Windows Download since I already had my activation key. They never responded. Don’t bother getting they’re not even doing their job as they don’t care. $180 wasted as of right now, might make a claim.
Never buy this it doesn’t work I had to…
Never buy this it doesn’t work I had to escalate my claim just receive the product which took 2 week them for about 2 months never managed to get anything the bot always said searching for product but only stayed at that. Save your money and avoid this terrible product that just scams you. They get people to promote it and that how I noticed it and you would think it is great but it only works for People like that so you buy there product. Stay away from this it’s a waste of money
It’s a scam, don’t buy it.
simply don’t buy this god forsaken trash software. It doesn’t work and when I opened a dispute with PayPal, I never got my money back. Don’t fall into the trap of buying it because you won’t get your money back, they’re shifty and dodgy, they will scam you out of whatever version you’re trying to buy. PayPal is god damn useless and denied my claim when they “gave” me the software when I didn’t get it in the first place, until when the claim was escalated. Haven’t used it. You shouldn’t either even if you do get it.
Downloaded the cop bot and what a load…
Downloaded the cop bot and what a load of rubbish, don’t work you email them and don’t get anything back form them, this needs to be took down a lot of money to lose, DO NOT BUY
Had copbot for a couple months now and it hasn’t worked ONCE, NOT ONCE. £120 for software that can’t even cart items!!! The desktop version is a straight up scam. And then you go to message them to ask for a refund and they’re like “we’re really sorry bro we’re looking into this bro” absolutely criminal. Ignore all the fake reviews, this product is straight trash.
Terrible, DO NOT BUY! I did not get any link to the email and I be emailed and DM’ed these guys and nothing, even as of today! They are DUDU, do not buy, I repeat do not buy!!!!!
I purchased Copbot for my son as he was desperate to get his hands on the Covid-19 T presto – he got it! Thanks Copbot!!
Such a bad bot.
Such a bad it on release via pre-order back in 2018 or so. Don’t remember. Copped maybe 3 things back then. Mostly things which no-ones was really buying however. Very inconsistent. No the desktop version actually sucks, incredibly…. you get a java script error when you run the bot during release. I’ve read that loads of people are getting the same error. Don’t recommend this bot at all. Better copping manually.
[BEGINNER] Does CopBot really work for supreme and would ...

[BEGINNER] Does CopBot really work for supreme and would …

need help!! was thinking about getting copbot but don’t really know what i’m doing yet tbh.. send help! This thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast
level 1Project Destroyer is a decent AIO bot, it was my first bot. It’s a good beginner bot if you want to bot other sites than Supreme. It does extremely well on Supreme restocks, but the initial drop can be a hit or your looking for just a Supreme bot, you can purchase Hastey for about $300. It has been one of the most consistent Supreme you are looking to bot for personal items I would suggest a iOS bot like Plugged. It’s a lot cheaper & doesn’t require a desktop 2would you recommend getting proxies for Hastey or Project Destroyer?? level 1Don’t purchase any of those mainstream bots you see being advertised by Instagram people. A good bot doesn’t need to be advertised. A safe bot that I would recommend would be Taskbot or TaskbotIOS. It’s a Mac based bot that has moderate success and isn’t too expensive. I recommend you go on YouTube and type in “Supreme live cop” and try and find videos of people with their bots during a drop. The best bots for Supreme right now are Sieupreme, PluggedIOS, Cyber and a few others. I would start following these bot companies on Twitter and keep an eye out for restocks. I can refer you to someone that sells bots and isn’t a scammer. Send me your Discord name and I can hook you up with him and you can ask questions or whatever. It’s better to be in some sort of group or circle of people that you can 2alright thanks for your help man i’ll look into it.. sent you my disc name in a messagelevel 2Can I dm you about that friend who sells bots? I was going to get copbot until I read all these comments about it. Quick question before I dm: does it work on sites other than supremelevel 1ehhh not to my 2does the boy really work?? level 1Don’t buy that bot. If you can’t afford to spend $300+ on a decent Supreme bot. Then I suggest you rent 2which would you suggest for 300+?? I was looking into Project Destroyer but that’s a little more expensivelevel 1Can some one dm me a suggestion for a safe aio bot?
ForceCop | The Best Supreme Bot | Professional & Complete

ForceCop | The Best Supreme Bot | Professional & Complete

Worldwide Support
ForceCop supports every single Supreme store. This includes the United States, Europe, and Japan.
Instant Download
ForceCop is available immediately after purchase. You will be able to install the bot, access your personal dashboard, and prepare for the next drop within seconds.
Mac / Windows Support
ForceCop supports OSX, Windows, and Linux. You will simply need to use Google Chrome to be able to run the bot on any platform you desire.
Customer Support
ForceCop offers top-notch customer support, giving you the ability to contact our professionals at any time of day.
Smart Dashboard
Because all our software is engineered by committed professionals, everything looks and feels incredibly fluid. A central feature of our Supreme Bot is the personal dashboard which is assigned to each ForceCop user. It allows you to control the backend of your bot, and manage it intuitively and securely without having to rely on anyone else!
Proxy Integration (PRO)
A unique feature of our Supreme Bot is the multiple proxy integration option it provides. The implementation of this feature allows our users to increase the chances of securing their items, while simultaneously giving them an edge over the competition.
Advanced Keyword Search (PRO)
We have taken a lot of time to perfect the keyword search mechanism of our bot, and currently boast the most advanced tool of this kind. It’s lightning fast, intuitive to use, and extremely adaptable.
Quality Customer Care
You, the customer, are our #1 priority! We make sure to get every issue resolved in a timely manner! Easy contact, fast response.
Constant Updates
Our team constantly monitors Supreme’s website, and updates ForceCop whenever it notices a potential opportunity at improvement.
Trusted By The Community
ForceCop is the number one Supreme Bot. Programmed and managed by full-time professionals who care about the user.
By far the most professional bot on the market. A great product and the most helpful support team. If you are just starting out, or want to make sure that you succeed, this bot is for you!
The best investment I’ve ever made hands down. Since I began using it, I have yet to miss on a single drop, and made my money back in one Thursday.
A lot better than expected. Before this bot I spent hundreds of dollars on other programs but none had the same results as ForceCop.
Follow Us
If you have a Twitter account feel free to send us a direct message and one of our support agents will be able to assist you.
Email Support
Have a technical question? Require additional information? Contact us via email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Presale Question
Unsure of what features the bot has? Don’t know how to purchase? Our expert staff will be able to assist you momentarily.

Frequently Asked Questions about copbot review

What supreme Bot is best?

ForceCop is the number one Supreme Bot. Programmed and managed by full-time professionals who care about the user.

Is Forcecop a good bot?

Easy to use. Easy to use, affordable, and works great. Really don’t see why anyone would hate on this bot, especially considering they respond to any questions extremely quickly. Overall, feel like I got WAYYY more than I paid for.

What is the best Supreme Bot 2020?

BEST SUPREME BOTS IN 2020 FOR YOU TO GET STARTED….ANOTHER NIKE BOT. One of the products under this bot includes the Supreme bot as well. … KODAI AIO. This is a bot that is an all in one solution where it runs Supreme bots on a normal level. … PROJECT DESTROYER. … CYBERSOLE. … SUPERCOPBOT. … BETTER NIKE BOT. … PLUGGED. … FORCECOP.More items…•Sep 22, 2020

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