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Check Sock

Peek-A-Check Crew Sock | Shop Womens Socks At Vans

Peek-A-Check Crew Sock | Shop Womens Socks At Vans

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The Peek-A-Check Crew Sock is a 66% cotton, 31% nylon, 2% rubber, and 1% elastane jacquard crew sock with a wide rib and low height.
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Sockwell Women's Chick Check Socks - Amazon.com

Sockwell Women’s Chick Check Socks – Amazon.com

Product description
At Goodhew we are committed to crafting lifestyle inspired products with high performance technology and yarns. Our patterns and colors spin a fresh optimistic design aesthetic while our custom-crafted yarns provide unsurpassed natural performance. One pair of socks, one complete package. All of our products are made and crafted in the USA, using the finest quality raw materials including, Homegrown Superfine Merino wool (Cashmerino), Alpaca, and Bamboo Rayon. Superfine Merino wool and Alpaca, provide thermoregulation and moisture management so your feet stay dry and comfortable all-day, while the Bamboo Rayon adds softness, durability, and additional breathability. Don’t sacrifice beauty for performance. Goodhew; “give your feet the GOODLIFE”.
Sock Check - Urban Dictionary

Sock Check – Urban Dictionary

Sock CheckA test to determine how down you are.
“The higher the socks the downer the foo”- Juan Nye the Skante GuyFoo one: Saca la bolsita!
Foo two: Nah foo your not down
Foo one: I’m tryna get on a siiiick one
Foo two: Sock Check foo
Foo one: *Proceeds to show his knee high socks*
Foo two: Spensa foo im taking it out rnby indeiru April 23, 2021
FlagGet a Sock Check mug for your sister-in-law checkAlways wear your socks to stay safe from anti Sus people, once you are wearing socks then you are not sus and you are safe so always sock check your homies to make sure they are safeAye bro SOCK CHECK!! ✅by Dirty Damoan March 17, 2019
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