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C# Example Selenium Github

SeleniumExample - Using Selenium with C#.NET - GitHub

SeleniumExample – Using Selenium with C#.NET – GitHub

This solution demonstrates automated testing web pages with Selenium and It can also be used as a template for new Selenium test projects.
Three tests are included that run tests on the publically available demo website Altoro Mutual available at. The tests test logging onto the website and transferring an amount between two accounts.
The tests can be executed on three browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. The driver can be selected using
the appsetting DriverToUse in the file. To run the tests on Internet Explorer 11, the registry must be updated first so that the driver can maintain a connection to the browser. Import the registry file to achieve this.
To run the Selenium tests, download the solution and run the NUnit tests. All selenium dependencies are included in the solution. Run the NUnit tests using Resharper (), NUnit () or ContinuousTests ().
The tests are structured according to the Page Object Pattern.
Out of the box Selenium supports locating elements using the element id or an xpath selector. The extension method FindElementByJQuery has been added to SeleniumExample with which elements can be located using a more versatile JQuery selector. Example:
Alexander van Trijffel
sayems/csharp.webdriver: Browser test automation ... - GitHub

sayems/csharp.webdriver: Browser test automation … – GitHub

This repository contains Webdriver code examples, exercises and tutorials for developers.
Over time, more and more test example will be uploaded here.
All tests examples in this repository is to be considered public domain unless stated otherwise.
NOTE: Currently supports the chrome Driver, and Gecko (firefox) support is on the way.
Demo website to practice Webdriver:
Here is a list of websites where you can practice Selenium webdriver. You will find the list incredibly useful as these will cover many of your real-time web automation use case scenario. Some of the common examples includes are like testing of a login page, online registration forms, and automating flight booking.
Madison Island
The Internet by Elemental Selenium
jQuery UI Demos
Mercury Tours
Automation Practice
OrangeHRM Enterprise
Examples with:
Mouse hover
Drag & Drop
Radio Button
Windows OS
Visual Studio
Let’s get started
Clone the git repo
$ git clone
Install Visual Studio and Core
(1) Install Visual Studio
(2) Core
(3) Start Visual Studio.
(4) On the menu bar, choose File, Open, Project/Solution.
Navigate to the csharp. webdriver project folder and open it
Install NUnit Templates for Visual Studio
Go to Tools > Extensions and Update
Select > Online
Search for “NUnit Templates for Visual Studio”
Install NUnit 3 Test Adapter
Search for “NUnit 3 Test Adapter” and install it
Install Nuget package
Right-click on your project and click “Manage NuGet Packages”.
Search for “erSecrets” and install it
Search for “ntracts” and install it
Search for “NUnit” Framework and install it
Install Selenium
Currently, there is no official support for Core, But there is a Nuget package which provides Core support for those of us who can’t wait, please visit lenium. WebDriver to learn more about it.
Install Unofficial Selenium for Core
Search for “lenium. WebDriver” library and install it
Create NUnit test
Click on Create new project
Select Test and then Select NUnit 3 Test Project to create NUnit 3 project
Add NUnit test from Solution Explorer
Right-click on your project and click Add and then New Item
Select Test and then select NUnit Test Fixture or NUnit Setup Fixture
Congratulations! You have just created your first NUnit test!
Parallel execution of methods within a class is not yet implemented. More information is provided here: Run test methods within a fixture in parallel
If you have any code examples you would like to contribute to this repository, please feel free to open a pull request.
Contributors to this repo would be very grateful to receive feedback! If you would like to praise or comment on any test examples, or the repo as a whole, please do so in the issue tracker. I’d love to hear what you think, so please take a moment to let me know.
If you have any questions about this repo, or need some help to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact me.
ObjectivityLtd/Ocaramba: C# Framework to automate ... - GitHub

ObjectivityLtd/Ocaramba: C# Framework to automate … – GitHub

Cross-Platform C# Framework to automate tests using Selenium WebDriver
Test Framework was designed in Objectivity to propose a common way how people should create Selenium WebDriver tests.
Project API documentation can be found here: It provides the following features:
Frameworks 4. 5, 4. 7. 2 and Core 3. 1 supported
Cross-Platform Windows, Linux and macOS systems supported
Supports continuous integration tools like Azure DevOps, Teamcity, Jenkins and others.
Ready for parallel tests execution, more details here
Possibility to use MSTest, NUnit or xUNIT framework
Specflow ready
Written entirely in C#
Contains example projects how to use it
Allows using Chrome, Firefox, Edge Chromium, Safari or Internet Explorer
Overrides browser profile preferences, pass arguments to browsers, installs browser extensions, loading default firefox profile, Headless mode, more details here
Extends Webdriver by additional methods like JavaScriptClick, WaitForAjax, WaitForAngular, etc., more details here
Automatically waits when locating element for specified time and conditions, GetElement method instead of Selenium FindElement, more details here
Page Object Pattern
Support for SeleniumGrid, Cross browser parallel test execution with SauceLab, TestingBot and Browserstack more details here, Advanced Browser Capabilities and Options more details here
More common locators, e. g: “//*[@title='{0}’ and ‘{1}’]”, more details here
Verify – asserts without stop tests, more details here
Measures average and 90 Percentile action times, more details here
DataDriven tests from Xml, Csv and Excel files for NUnit and Xml, Csv for MSTest with examples, more details NUnit, MsTest
Possibility to take full desktop (only Framework), save page source, more details here
Visual Testing – browser screenshot of the element, more details here
Logging with NLog, EventFiringWebDriver logs, more details here
Files downloading (Firefox, Chrome), more details here
Possibility to send SQL or MDX queries (only Framework)
Possibility of debugging framework installed from nuget package with sourcelink, more details here.
AngularJS support, more details here.
Possibility to check for JavaScript errors from the browser, more details here.
Instruction on how to run Ocaramba tests with Docker container, more details here.
ExtentReports support, more details here.
For all documentation, visit the Ocaramba Wiki.
Projects examples of using Test Framework:
for AngularJS
for Specflow
for MsTest
for NUnit
for NUnit featuring test execution HTML report based on ExtentReports framework
for xUnit
for Page Object Pattern
fbproj for building API documentation
for cross browser parallel test execution with BrowserStackSauceLabsTestingBotSeleniumGrid
Ocaramba. UnitTests for unit test of framework
NUnit Example Test:
using amework;
public class JavaScriptAlertsTestsNUnit: ProjectTestBase
public void ClickJsAlertTest()
var internetPage = new InternetPage(rContext). OpenHomePage();
var jsAlertsPage = oJavaScriptAlerts();
eEqual(“You successfuly clicked an alert”, sultText);}}}
NUnit Example Page Object:
using System;
using obalization;
using NLog;
using Ocaramba;
using Ocaramba. Extensions;
public class InternetPage: ProjectPageBase
private static readonly Logger Logger = tCurrentClassLogger();

/// Locators for elements

private readonly ElementLocator
linkLocator = new ElementLocator(Locator. CssSelector, “a[href=’/{0}’]”);
public InternetPage(DriverContext driverContext): base(driverContext)
public JavaScriptAlertsPage GoToJavaScriptAlerts()
return new JavaScriptAlertsPage(rContext);}}}
Where to start?
See Getting started.
Checkout the code or get it from
or download Ocaramba Visual Studio templates

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