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Two great providers of fast exclusive proxies are and These providers all support ScrapeBox and are highly recommend. They offer “Exclusive” proxies, which are a little more expensive but far more reliable and faster than shared proxies because you are the only person using the proxies you are given. They make a huge difference in terms of speed and success rates compared to free proxies.
This means with less proxies, you can typically harvest more URL’s from Google, perform more PageRank lookups or Indexed Page Checks than you can with shared. Also the proxies will generally be a lot faster with all tool operations including commenting due to less users accessing the server.
Some of the providers also offer “Shared” proxies, which are like Exclusive proxies except they are shared between a limited number of other users.
These are a lot cheaper and offer the same sort of speed and uptime as exclusive proxies, however other users sharing your proxies may block the proxies from scraping. So these are more suited towards posting, and scraping data from sites with no strict query limits.
Also have offered us an exclusive discount, use the coupon code SCRAPEBOX to receive a 20% recurring discount, plus for orders above 10 private proxies you also receive a bonus 10% in proxies. So for example purchase 20 proxies, and receive 2 extra proxies at no additional cost along with 20% off the purchase price.
NOTE: When ordering under the “Usage of private proxies” drop down, you need to select “ScrapeBox” for the coupon to work.
Proxy Pricing - Know What You're Buying | GeoSurf

Proxy Pricing – Know What You’re Buying | GeoSurf

01 May
Considering the fact that each new day more and more people are using proxies, it is easy to conclude why there is such high demand on the proxy market.
Proxies are extremely useful and we are sure most of you know this by now. For those who are still new to this topic, you can read our article on why you need residential proxies.
However, you need to be aware that there is no actual regulation on the quality of proxies that providers offer. That is why we want to inform you about some essential aspects of the proxy market.
In this article, we want to discuss how to choose proxies and providers, as well as what to expect when it comes to proxy prices.
What to Look for in a Proxy?
Since there is such high demand on the proxy market, it is only natural that the number of proxy providers is steadily increasing.
But beware, for not all of them have reliable proxies to offer to their clients. There are swarms of providers who just want to sell you proxies and make money without actually developing and maintaining them in a proper way.
For this reason, what you need to know first is how to choose proxies wisely. There are three main features you should look for in a proxy.
You don’t want a proxy server that can offer the same speed as your own server.
The faster the proxy, the less time you need to complete your task. That is why you should pay attention to the speed of proxies before you purchase them.
If you use a proxy server, you definitely want it to be secure. This means that it will stop malicious activities directed at your server. Also, it will hide your IP and make you invisible to the server of your target website.
When you use a secure server, there is no need to worry about having your IP detected, catching a virus or getting your data stolen.
You probably want to complete your tasks quickly, but reliability is definitely not something you should leave to chance.
A reliable server means a reliable connection. This is absolutely one of the most important features of a server.
If you get a reliable proxy, your online activities will be executed smoothly from the start to the end.
Proxy Providers
As we have already mentioned, the market is growing and developing at a fast pace, so be sure that you will run into the providers that want to sell you just about anything.
Luckily, there are reliable providers who offer high-quality proxies to their customers. To them, it is much more important to have a satisfied customer than just to make money.
Our advice is to shop around and compare prices as well as the quality of service you are getting before you definitely decide which provider you want to trust.
We strongly recommend you not to buy products from shady providers since this can cost you much more money in the long run and, more importantly, more nerves.
On the other hand, there is a number of reliable proxy providers such as Luminati, Microleaves and GeoSurf. When you get proxies from such providers, rest assured that you will enjoy first-rate service and customer support.
Proxy Price
Now we come to the real thing ‒ proxy price. It is only natural that you want to know how much money you should invest in proxies, but we had to share all the aforementioned information with you. So, thanks for being patient.
Long story short, the price depends on the proxy program you choose. Logically, a starter plan will cost you much less than an enterprise one.
But if you want to hear an actual price, plan to spend anywhere from $5 a month for basic plans (and very unreliable ones too! ) to several thousand dollars for enterprise plans.
However, the proxy plan is not the only factor that determines the price. Apart from the proxy program, the price also depends on the quality of proxies and the provider you are getting the proxies from.
GeoSurf is among the best proxy providers you will find online.
We have more than 2 million residential IPs in more than 130 countries worldwide.
Our proxies are reliable, secure and fast. They will make your browsing experience smooth and enjoyable.
If you need proxies for business tasks like SEO, data mining, web crawling, ad verification, etc., we have solutions for you too.
We know how important it is to be able to rely on technology when performing complex business tasks. Therefore, we have great plans (pun intended) for all of you who need to use residential IPs at work.
We are happy to offer you various proxy plans. Have a look at them and let us know which one suits you best. We will be happy to help you get the best bang for the buck.
The 10 Best Residential, Backconnect & Rotating Proxies for Web Scraping

The 10 Best Residential, Backconnect & Rotating Proxies for Web Scraping

Web scraping without residential, backconnect or rotating proxies can be difficult, particularly when most popular sites put heavy restrictions on access from certain IP addresses.
In order to properly scrape most popular sites, developers need to use residential proxies, backconnect proxies, rotating proxies, or other IP rotation methods in order to avoid having their web scrapers blocked or shut down. This is particularly true when running scrapers in data centers, where IP addresses are often blacklisted from visiting popular sites on the consumer internet.
It’s difficult to pick the best rotating proxies, as choosing the correct proxy service for scraping is a balancing act between speed, price, and reliability. It can be hard to tell which proxy service providers provide a quality service, so we’ve collected the 10 best rotating residential proxies and backconnect proxy services for web scraping developers into a single list!
The 10 Best Residential, Backconnect & Rotating Proxies for Web Scraping:
Scraper API
Bright Data (Formerly Luminati)
Shifter (Formerly Microleaves)
Zyte (Formerly Crawlera)
Blazing Proxies
Honorable Mention: HomeIP
1. Scraper API
Website: Scraper API is a tool for developers building web scrapers. It handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs so developers can get the raw HTML from any website with a simple API call.
Scraper API doesn’t burden you with managing your own proxies. It automatically manages rotating IP addresses using its pool of hundreds of thousands of datacenter proxies, residential proxies, and mobile proxies from over a dozen of the best proxy providers with proxy servers in over 50 countries.
Scraper API has smart routing logic that routes requests through different subnets, automatically throttling some requests in order to avoid IP bans and CAPTCHAs. As one of the only services that offer free rotating proxies, it’s an excellent Crawlera alternative or Luminati alternative. Scraper API has special rotating residential proxy IP pools, eCommerce proxies, search engine proxies, social media proxies, sneaker proxies, ticket proxies, and more! If you need to scrape millions of pages a month, you can use this form to ask for a volume discount.
2. Bright Data (formerly Luminati)
Website: Bright Data
Bright Data has over 70 million rotating residential IPs in every country and city in the world. Whether you need datacenter proxies, residential proxies or mobile proxies, they offer some of the best proxy servers around, and you can connect to them using their chrome extension, proxy manager or API.
With features such as preset configurations for proxy manipulations, random header generator, and built-in captcha solving, they are a one-stop shop for all your proxy needs.
As one of the earliest and best paid proxy server providers, they offer maybe the largest variety of products and payment methods, with bandwidth-based pricing starting at $0. 40 per datacenter proxy or $3. 00/GB for residential proxies. At this price point their offerings primarily target enterprise-level customers.
3. Smartproxy
Website: SmartproxySmartproxySmartproxySmartproxy has over 40 million rotating residential proxies with location targeting and flexible pricing. In addition to some of the best proxies, they also offer all sorts of niceties like rotating sessions, random residential IP proxy pools, geo-targeting, sticky sessions, an automatic proxy rotator, and more. They allow for unlimited connections and threads, charging monthly by traffic (rotating residential proxies range from $75 for 5GB to $400 for 50GB of traffic).
They also offer a 99% SLA with low failure rates and 24/7 technical support with a 5 minute response time. As a raw proxy solution, you will need to do a lot of the heavy lifting yourself on the developer side with logic to retry failed requests, crawling logic, etc. One of the nice things about this service is that they are pretty good about overage pricing, once you exceed the limits of your plan, you can use them on a pay-as-you-go basis for every GB that you go over, instead of having to upgrade to the next plan.
4. Shifter (Formerly Microleaves)
Website: Shifter, formerly known as Microleaves, boasts the world’s largest pool of fairly cheap residential proxies, with over 26 million in its pool at any given time. Better yet, they have no limits on bandwidth like many residential proxy providers.
They allow rotating proxies every 5 minutes, which is faster than many other backconnect proxy providers. For the specific use case where you are looking for rotating or dedicated residential proxies, but don’t want to get charged for bandwidth, these might be the best paid proxy servers around.
However, this service comes with quite a hefty price tag at $2499. 99 for 10 special backconnect proxies or $124. 99 for 10 basic backconnect proxies. The biggest draw for Shifter is the lack of bandwidth charge which is pretty rare for residential proxy providers.
If you’re looking to buy backconnect proxies and you have a pretty steady stream of requests that you can spread over a number of unmetered ports, this may be a residential proxy service that’s worth looking at.
5. Geosurf
Website: Geosurf offers premium residential proxies at premium prices. With plans starting at $450/month for 38GB of traffic and $12 per additional GB, Geosurf truly is a premium service.
Not all IPs associated with residential proxies are the same, and this may be the best proxy service for finding US residential IPs that are not available through other services (unfortunately they don’t currently offer mobile proxy sites). Geosurf also offers residential IP’s in over 130 countries, so if you’re looking for international residential proxies they are a good bet.
While this may not be the best residential proxy provider for those on a tight budget, this is one of the instances where you get what you pay for, these are some of the best residential proxies around. They offer special pools of proxies for certain use cases, such as Instagram proxies, Craigslist proxies, ad verification proxies and more.
Another cool thing about their service is that they offer IP addresses in a few countries that many other services don’t like China and Iran, so if you need residential proxies from those countries you may want to check them out.
6. Oxylabs
Website: Oxylabs provides datacenter proxies and US residential proxies for large-scale data extraction. They offer a wide variety of proxies, with a proxy IP pool of over 100 million IPs from dozens of countries.
While they are a bit on the expensive side, they are a top-notch private proxy service, with some of the best dedicated private residential proxies for scraping tough sites. They are willing to work with you to find clean proxies for the particular site you are trying to scrape, and their support is always quite responsive.
They also have a few additional services like a random IP address proxy, a rotating proxy API, and a real-time proxy crawl service. Their UI is fast and user-friendly, but one potentially annoying part of this service is that they require you to fill out a form before trying out their proxies instead of letting you go through a self-service portal.
For customers with very specialized needs, this may not be a bad thing as they are able to give you residential proxy pools that are best suited for certain use cases (for example you can tell them what site you want to scrape and they will give you a set of proxies that are guaranteed to work on that site).
7. NetNut
Website: NetNut boasts an impressive pool of residential proxies, allowing for country-level geotargeting and sticky sessions.
They offer US residential proxies, UK proxies, Canada proxies, France proxies, Germany proxies, India proxies, Brazil proxies, and more. They also offer complementary proxy rotation and load balancing, as well as a 7-day free trial. They charge between $300/month for 20GB and $4, 000/month for 1TB of traffic, and with their excellent variety, they are a great Oxylabs alternative.
One of the nice things about NetNut is that all of your usage stats are available via API as well, meaning you can easily track usage in real-time without having to log in to the dashboard. You can also automatically throttle usage or send alerts when you get near your limits.
NetNut is run directly through DiViNetwork which runs hundreds of ISPs around the world, which makes it a bit different and more reliable than many other residential proxy provider services, who rely on P2P solutions or VPN users to get their IP addresses.
8. Intoli
Website: Intoli is a smart proxy service boasting a large pool of residential proxies. It automatically rotates proxies on each HTTP request, but also allows you to reuse the same proxy if you desire, and can also use a headless browser to render dynamic javascript pages for you.
Pricing starts at $200 per GB with a minimum of 5GB/month, with additional data available for $200 per GB. Failed requests are automatically retried, and they use intelligent routing algorithms to avoid detection. While this is by far the most expensive solution on the list, this service is almost like having web scraping freelancers on your team, as they fix any issues you may have with scrapers being blocked.
The service is run by two friends, one with a PhD in Math and one with a PhD in high energy physics, who are also willing to provide you with a free consultation for any web scraping needs you might have.
9. Zyte (Formerly Crawlera)
Website: Zyte, formerly known as Crawlera, uses their network proxy servers to route requests through IPs in a way to avoid IP bans. It’s one of the oldest web scraping IP rotation services, and also one of the few that offers a rotating proxies free trial.
Their smart proxy manager automatically routes proxy scraping requests through a different IP with every request, and they also offer additional services such as custom-built scrapers and JavaScript rendering. Starting at $29/month for 50, 000 requests per month, and going all the way to an Enterprise Plan that starts at $999/month and includes dedicated account management, Zyte can fit almost any need.
Zyte was also formerly known as ScrapingHub, and they offer a full suite of solutions known under different names including Scrapy (an open-source web scraping framework) hosting, Splash (a scriptable web browser) hosting, and consulting services for people who want an IP proxy scraper built for them.
10. Blazing Proxies
Website: Blazing Proxies lives up to its name with super fast US proxies including cheap rotating proxies at only $0. 60 per proxy IP per month.
Blazing proxies allows for rotation once every 10 minutes, and provides unmetered bandwidth with speeds up to 1 Gb/s. Their proxy pool is a little smaller than other providers, but it includes over 300, 000 IPs, and they are some of the top proxies in terms of speed and price!
This is a great choice for price sensitive developers who are scraping fairly easy to scrape sites. They offer a pretty smooth self service experience, and you can get all sorts of proxies from different countries, shared proxies, dedicated proxies, rotating proxies, etc.
For their rotating proxy service, they don’t offer username and password authentication, so you’ll need to have a static IP address for them to whitelist.
Website: Home IP is one of the newer residential proxy services for scraping, and they allow you to send unlimited parallel requests through their system. One of the nice things about them is that they integrate with many services like Multiloginapp, Jarvee, and BNB right out of the box so if you use one of those you may want to check them out. They also offer city-level targeting for over 2500 cities/states on their Pro Plan starting from $300/month, which is a pretty useful feature for those with extremely granular targeting needs.
These are the most popular residential and backconnect rotating proxy services out there for web scraping in 2021. While choosing a proxy for scraping is always a tradeoff between ease of use, reliability, speed, and price, you should be able to find one or two from this list that suits your needs.
Hopefully one of these top proxy providers is a fit for your web scraping needs, but if you still have questions and would like to discuss your particular use case with us, you can contact us here. Happy scraping!

Frequently Asked Questions about buy proxies for scrapebox

Do I need proxies for ScrapeBox?

And the best part – the whole suite is a single-payment deal. Still, there is one part of Scrapebox that isn’t included in that payment. That part is a good proxy network. You see, everyone has to buy proxies for ScrapeBox to work with it properly and unlock its true potential.May 28, 2021

How do you add a proxy to a ScrapeBox?

ScrapeBox integration:Open the ScrapeBox application.Check the Use Proxies checkbox in Select Harvester and Proxies settings.Click the Edit button found in the same settings menu in order to start setting up your proxies.More items…

How much does it cost to buy proxies?

Long story short, the price depends on the proxy program you choose. Logically, a starter plan will cost you much less than an enterprise one. But if you want to hear an actual price, plan to spend anywhere from $5 a month for basic plans (and very unreliable ones too!) to several thousand dollars for enterprise plans.Jun 19, 2019

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