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RotatingProxies - Premium HTTP Backconnect USA Proxies

RotatingProxies – Premium HTTP Backconnect USA Proxies

RotatingProxies gives you virtually unbannable proxies that you’ll never have to replace.
Buy proxies with business-grade features
RotatingProxies offers a highly diverse backconnect proxy network that is robust by design. Unlike other proxy providers, we offer limitless bandwidth and zero connection throttling.
Unmetered Bandwidth
Free yourself from bandwidth fees and send unlimited requests without per-gigabyte charges. We’re proud to offer high connection limits and zero bandwidth fees.
RotatingProxies protects your connection with privacy features like unretained URL access logs and secure HTTP message headers. Avoid blocks and bans and be seen as a regular visitor.
Evergreen Proxy Peer Pool
Our proxy network is ever-growing. Our proxies feature a wide-variety of IP addresses, subnets and broadband ISPs.
Built-In Proxy Rotation
Our industry-leading proxy rotation gives you freedom to have new identities on websites you visit every 5 minutes. If you have 500 RotatingProxies, that means 500 fresh IPs every 5 minutes.
Multiple Locations
All proxy plans listed on our site are USA-filtered by default. Geo-target backconnect proxies from Tier 1 countries like USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany and more upon request.
Surf the web without site restrictions or connection throttling. Through testing, RotatingProxies found over 90% of proxy providers block major websites and throttle speeds.
Daily Network Refresh
We review and refresh our pool of backconnect proxies at least once per day to maintain the premium quality of our network.
Curated IPs
Our proxy IPs are specially chosen by proxy industry experts and allow HTTP and HTTPS requests.
Hundreds of Uses
Our proxies are built for businesses that need complete freedom for their application. Whether it’s URL scraping, account creation or brand protection; our proxies can handle the task.
Backconnect proxies for every purpose
Our backconnect proxies are compatible with any software that supports proxies. RotatingProxies’ premium proxy network features zero blocked sites. See some of the most popular uses for our proxies below.
Scrapebox Proxies
GSA SER Proxies
SEnuke Proxies
Long Tail Pro Proxies
RankerX Proxies
XRumer Proxies
Ticketmaster Proxies
Craigslist Proxies
Pokemon GO Proxies
Webmail Proxies
Shopify Proxies
Nike Proxies
Supreme Proxies
Adidas Proxies
OVO Proxies
Footsite Proxies
LinkedIn Proxies
Twitter Proxies
Facebook Proxies
Instagram Proxies
YouTube Proxies
Firefox Proxies
Chrome Proxies
Safari Proxies
Opera Proxies
IE Proxies
Our backconnect proxies are the perfect solution for demanding software in niches like SEO, ad verification, account creation, scraping and more. IP-filtering across the internet identifies and flags normal datacenter proxies; our highly diversied backconnect proxies are ideal for remaining undetected and anonymous within your software. Keep your connections on the whitelist with proxies that rotate every 5 minutes.
Buy Rotating Proxies
Gain access to our constantly growing private network of proxy peers. Leverage our rotating proxy network and upgrade your application’s power. See a few of our full-featured backconnect proxy plans below.
10 Proxies
50 Proxies
100 Proxies
300 Proxies
500 Proxies
1000 Proxies
$39 $70
$149 $249
$284 $454
$734 $1, 174
$969 $1, 550
$1, 683 $2, 692
5 Minute Rotation
USA Locations
Ultimate Anonymity
24 Hour Setup
UnmeteredBandwidthAbsolutely unlimited bandwidth with no hidden fees.
5 MinuteRotationGet a fresh new USA IP every 5 minutes with every proxy.
USALocationsOur backconnect USA proxies feature a wide variety of IPs.
UltimateAnonymitySuccessive connections ensure ultimate anonymity.
24 HourSetupYour proxies will be delivered in one neat package within 24 hours.
$70 $39
$249 $149
$454 $284
$1, 174 $734
$1, 550 $969
$2, 692 $1, 683
What is a backconnect proxy? - Blog | Oxylabs

What is a backconnect proxy? – Blog | Oxylabs

Web scraping allows you to collect public information from websites for price comparison, carrying out market research, performing ad verification, etc. The required public data is usually extracted in large quantities, but the extraction can prove problematic when you encounter blockades. The blockade can either be IP blocking (the request’s IP address is blocked because it is from a forbidden location, forbidden type of IP, etc. ) or a rate-blocking (the IP address is blocked because it has made multiple requests).
This article explains how backconnect proxies can be a great solution to deal with these issues.
Navigation:Backconnect proxies: what are they? How do backconnect proxies work? Pros and cons of backconnect proxiesConclusion
Backconnect proxies: what are they?
A backconnect proxy is defined as a server containing a set of regular proxies that are engaged every time a request is made. Proxies are regularly and automatically shuffled so that on each request, a different IP address is sent to the website to collect the public information requested. Your masked IP address passes through a different proxy on every request. In this case, it is harder for a target website to detect your web scraping activity.
How do backconnect proxies work?
Simply put, a backconnect proxy works by removing most of the difficulties encountered when browsing the web. This occurs via a process that can be described as follows:
You send a request via a masked IP addressThe request goes through one of the many proxies in the pool of proxiesThe request gets to the target website The website provides the requested public information which returns to you via the same proxyThen you make another requestThe new request is passed through a new and different proxy, so it also gets to the website Again, the website provides the requested public information.
This process above is repeated every time a request to the target website is made. Backconnect proxies can help you make millions of successful requests every day.
Backconnect proxies can help you make a huge amount of successful requests daily
Pros and cons of backconnect proxies
To fully understand what a backconnect proxy is, you need to know what its advantages and disadvantages are as well.
They save time
This could be the number one reason why backconnect proxies are a very popular solution for web scraping. The backconnect proxy network uses a rotation system that rotates proxies and assigns them different requests. The fact that you can make multiple requests per minute goes a long way to save you time. You also do not need to maintain proxy rotation as it is done automatically.
They eliminate limits on requests
Backconnect proxies are used for web scraping because they eliminate rate limits. Rate limits are limits on how many requests can be made to a target website. Websites limit how many times a proxy can access their information and bans that proxy once that limit is exceeded. Backconnect proxies help to overcome this challenge by rotating your IP address to different proxies on each request made.
They increase anonymity
You would need to maintain a significantly high anonymity level when scraping the web if you intend to do it successfully. Many websites are usually designed to ban unmasked IP addresses, so anonymity is necessary to prevent getting banned. A backconnect proxy can do all that while still maintaining the overall power of your scraping software.
They increase the security of IP addresses
The security risk is a significant concern while scraping the web. There is always a risk of being targeted with malicious content. If your IP address is targeted and infiltrated successfully, the consequences can range from a major but temporary setback to a complete end of your web scraping career. Since the backconnect proxy stands between you and the website server, one of its functions is to ensure that information containing malicious content does not get to you. It protects you and your IP address from malicious activities.
It is important to understand the pros and cons of backconnect proxies
They increase overall cost
Backconnect proxies offer better security and anonymity, multiple requests with no limits, and reduced extraction time. Of course, all of these benefits come with an extra cost, so this is the reason why backconnect proxies are usually more expensive than other proxy types. However, if you search for a reliable and effective solution for web scraping, residential backconnect proxies are one of the best choices you can make.
They can sometimes have speed challenges
You may notice that the proxy does not deliver the request or return information to your server fast enough. This can be problematic and affect your overall productivity. However, this disadvantage only arises when you use a backconnect proxy network that is far enough from your scraping server or target server. For example, imagine that your scraping server is in Germany, the backconnect proxy server is in the USA, and your target server is in Russia. Your request goes from Germany to the USA, then to Russia, then back to the USA, and finally reaches your scraping server in Germany. Because of this long and challenging process, speed issues are not that surprising. The way to fix it – choose the backconnect proxy server as nearest as possible to you or your target location.
Web scraping is useful for several reasons and can be very successful and lucrative when done correctly. You can improve your web scraping process with a backconnect proxy. In this case, you will not need to deal with IP blocks, rate limits, and other issues. Choosing a reliable proxy service provider is essential because only then you can take full advantage of proxies without any problems.
If you are interested in other types of proxies, such as Next-Gen Residential Proxies or how to build a web scraper, we suggest you check our other blog posts.
Iveta Vistorskyte is a Content Manager at Oxylabs. Growing up as a writer and a challenge seeker, she decided to welcome herself to the tech-side, and instantly became interested in this field. When she is not at work, you’ll probably find her just chillin’ while listening to her favorite music or playing board games with friends.
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Proxy Pricing - Know What You're Buying | GeoSurf

Proxy Pricing – Know What You’re Buying | GeoSurf

01 May
Considering the fact that each new day more and more people are using proxies, it is easy to conclude why there is such high demand on the proxy market.
Proxies are extremely useful and we are sure most of you know this by now. For those who are still new to this topic, you can read our article on why you need residential proxies.
However, you need to be aware that there is no actual regulation on the quality of proxies that providers offer. That is why we want to inform you about some essential aspects of the proxy market.
In this article, we want to discuss how to choose proxies and providers, as well as what to expect when it comes to proxy prices.
What to Look for in a Proxy?
Since there is such high demand on the proxy market, it is only natural that the number of proxy providers is steadily increasing.
But beware, for not all of them have reliable proxies to offer to their clients. There are swarms of providers who just want to sell you proxies and make money without actually developing and maintaining them in a proper way.
For this reason, what you need to know first is how to choose proxies wisely. There are three main features you should look for in a proxy.
You don’t want a proxy server that can offer the same speed as your own server.
The faster the proxy, the less time you need to complete your task. That is why you should pay attention to the speed of proxies before you purchase them.
If you use a proxy server, you definitely want it to be secure. This means that it will stop malicious activities directed at your server. Also, it will hide your IP and make you invisible to the server of your target website.
When you use a secure server, there is no need to worry about having your IP detected, catching a virus or getting your data stolen.
You probably want to complete your tasks quickly, but reliability is definitely not something you should leave to chance.
A reliable server means a reliable connection. This is absolutely one of the most important features of a server.
If you get a reliable proxy, your online activities will be executed smoothly from the start to the end.
Proxy Providers
As we have already mentioned, the market is growing and developing at a fast pace, so be sure that you will run into the providers that want to sell you just about anything.
Luckily, there are reliable providers who offer high-quality proxies to their customers. To them, it is much more important to have a satisfied customer than just to make money.
Our advice is to shop around and compare prices as well as the quality of service you are getting before you definitely decide which provider you want to trust.
We strongly recommend you not to buy products from shady providers since this can cost you much more money in the long run and, more importantly, more nerves.
On the other hand, there is a number of reliable proxy providers such as Luminati, Microleaves and GeoSurf. When you get proxies from such providers, rest assured that you will enjoy first-rate service and customer support.
Proxy Price
Now we come to the real thing ‒ proxy price. It is only natural that you want to know how much money you should invest in proxies, but we had to share all the aforementioned information with you. So, thanks for being patient.
Long story short, the price depends on the proxy program you choose. Logically, a starter plan will cost you much less than an enterprise one.
But if you want to hear an actual price, plan to spend anywhere from $5 a month for basic plans (and very unreliable ones too! ) to several thousand dollars for enterprise plans.
However, the proxy plan is not the only factor that determines the price. Apart from the proxy program, the price also depends on the quality of proxies and the provider you are getting the proxies from.
GeoSurf is among the best proxy providers you will find online.
We have more than 2 million residential IPs in more than 130 countries worldwide.
Our proxies are reliable, secure and fast. They will make your browsing experience smooth and enjoyable.
If you need proxies for business tasks like SEO, data mining, web crawling, ad verification, etc., we have solutions for you too.
We know how important it is to be able to rely on technology when performing complex business tasks. Therefore, we have great plans (pun intended) for all of you who need to use residential IPs at work.
We are happy to offer you various proxy plans. Have a look at them and let us know which one suits you best. We will be happy to help you get the best bang for the buck.

Frequently Asked Questions about buy backconnect proxies

What is Backconnect proxy?

A backconnect proxy is defined as a server containing a set of regular proxies that are engaged every time a request is made. … Your masked IP address passes through a different proxy on every request. In this case, it is harder for a target website to detect your web scraping activity.Jan 28, 2021

How much does it cost to buy proxies?

Long story short, the price depends on the proxy program you choose. Logically, a starter plan will cost you much less than an enterprise one. But if you want to hear an actual price, plan to spend anywhere from $5 a month for basic plans (and very unreliable ones too!) to several thousand dollars for enterprise plans.Jun 19, 2019

Are residential proxies legal?

Informed consent is the only legal way for a proxy provider to obtain residential and/or mobile IP addresses for the purposes of website testing, ad verification and anything else you use a proxy network for. Your proxy provider’s network should only encompass actively and willingly opted-in peers.Feb 20, 2020

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