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Bittorrent Red Arrow

Red down arrow in UTorrent: torrents - Reddit

Red down arrow in UTorrent: torrents – Reddit

any file i try to download doesn’t, it comes up with a red downloading arrow and constantly says its downloading in or sign up to leave a comment
level 1That usually means it cannot connect to there are no 1Sounds like it can’t connect. Your ISP may not allow torrents, or the port you’re on may be don’t use uTorrent. It’s not the cause of your problem, probably, but it is a shit torrent client. Use 1Version? Also, you should see about getting rid of uTorrent (unless you’re using 2. 2. 1) and get qBittorrent, Vuze, Tixati or Deluge, to name a 2I don’t get how people don’t end up with 2. 1. It’s one of the most suggested things when utorrent is mentioned. I’ve been using that version for years now and haven’t had any 1not having issues with utorrent
Red arrow on ALL torrents - Troubleshooting - the uTorrent ...

Red arrow on ALL torrents – Troubleshooting – the uTorrent …

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ive just been scanning through different threads and found out the red arrow means there is an error with the tracker or the tracker down… anyway a few days ago, all my torrents have a red arrow. It cant be the tracker cause ive tried lots of sites, private and public trackers and they all seem to be down… any suggestions on why this is happening, im using 1. 8. 1 and xp 64bit… everything was working fine a few days ago and nothing has been changed to my pcthanks
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1> Current is 1. 22> Tracker tab has a tracker status that would be useful for troubleshooting.
hi thanks for your reply… i upgraded to 1. 2 and yet i still have red arrows on all my download torrents, in the status it says “downloading” even though the arrow is red… any help please?
What is the message in tracker announce (tab Tracker)?
Hey, sorry for this but im also having the same exact issue, no matter what torrent, i get a Downward Red arrow, and availability is always at 0. 000. Any help for the 2 of us is great. >Windows XP>Norton Antivirus>Utorrent 1. 2>TRACKER: -Invalid URL -No Connection Could be Made ThanksKris142
I am also having the same issue. Windows XP, Trend Micro, uTorrent 1. 2Tracker error “no connection could be made because the traget machine actively refused it”I have read the FAQ, checked the speed and port forwarding… read the Azurus wiki and still am unable to resolve… Any suggestions are appreciated.. very low tech
I am having this same problem. it is with ALL trackers and i’ve tried many different sites, but its all the same. It was fine a few days ago and have made no changes. Under the tracker tab, it says nothing is allowed and then it says No connection can be made because the target machine is actively refusing it. I am VERY new to all this, so please if you can help me, then thank you, but dont reply if your going to just put me down. Thank you.
I’m having the same problem. Every torrent I try has a red arrow and fails to start. I also changed none of my settings; one day it was fine and the next it was not.
hmm this seems to be a weird problem as a few others are havin… in the tracker tab.. there is just a list of trackers…. as someone else said one day mine was good and the next is was dud… any help?
What is the list of trackers?
i have this problem too. my uTorrent version is 1. 2 (build 14458)… i got all kind tracker messages from “offline (timed out)” to “connection closed by peer” or “no connection could be made because the target actively refused it”. i have this with all the trackers i am downloading from… about 20. from private to public. i used all kinds of older versions of uTorrent, but this only started happening after i installed the version i mention earlier. i have NAT, but the ports are ok and forwarded. the network indicator is lit green and says “network OK”. i tried to install older versions to undo this, but somehow it stayed the same. what’s the deal here?
Sounds like hostile (commercial? ) software on your a misbehaving software firewall possibly in your AV/ a file/media indexer gone there’s the more sinister possibilities of viruses, trojans, and spyware.
I solved my problem by uninstalling and reinstalling and then followed the port forwarding instructions once again. Nothing else seemed to work.
ok, thanks Switeck. i will look into it. unfortunately i don’t have any antivirus installed so it might be it. still it seems little wierd that it started right after i installed the new version.
I use Avira. I disabled it and I still get red arrows on any torrent I try. I will try reinstalling uTorrent.
Does Avira have a firewall?
Ok ive got an update here…. when i download from private trackers under ‘trackers’ tab… i get:[DHT] Not allowed[local peer exchange] Not allowed[Peer exchange] Not allowed then under the tracker status it says ‘Proxy connect error: no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it’Now on public trackers i get… [DHT] Working[local peer exchange] Working[Peer exchange] Workingthen under status it says ‘Proxy connect error: no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it’ for every single tracker in a list of 20
Why are you using proxy settings?
i have just been through my settings and it turns out my little brother tried changing the settings from one of them crap ‘boost download speed’ videos on youtube and he messed up all the settings… i just turned all the proxy crap off and its working fine =D for those who are still having problems go Preferences > connection > Proxy server none…. hopefully it works like it did for me, thanks guys
Youtube setup guides make us not support you until you reset your settings to default. Slap him for us.
hm okay i tried even formatting my hdd and installing a new antivirus (avast! ) and i still get the connection errors. what could it be? edit:okay so i’ve just found out about the possibility that my ISP might be blocking peer-to-peer applications. as a last solution entered it in the search engine and actualy quite a lot of blogs and disscussions about it poped up. then again those people also posted statements from the company denying it and it just might be the common internet paranoia in the end. i am from Czech Republic and it just doesn’t seem like a viable theory that one of the internet provider companies would take this “piracy and copyright” issues that seriously… or at least that there hasn’t been any pressure from outside, any that i know of that is. does anyone have similar experience with his provider? btw is it possible to determine whether they are blocking it or not? besides phoning them of course.
Know anyone else who uses uTorrent? eferably on the same you test on another computer or even network or ISP? Testing your computer on a different network + ISP could possibly rule them out as the cause of your problems.
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how to fix red arrows when uploading and downloading on ...

how to fix red arrows when uploading and downloading on …

PinkChik: how to fix red arrows when uploading and downloading on utorrent?
I am trying to use utorrent, but every time I try to download anything, I get red arrows and nothing happens. I have run through all the FAQs and advice pages and followed all the instructions but nothing works. I am completely new to it and don’t really know what I’m doing. Can anyone help please?
why can’t I upload though?
the proxy server says it cannot connect as the target machine actively refused it – what does that mean?
MercuriRed arrows mean that there’s no one to download from. It’s not something you can fix.
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