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Best Sneaker Bot Reddit

2021 Sneaker Bots : r/shoebots – Reddit

Hello guys I’m interested in buying a sneaker bot fed up of taking L I’ve seen some people say you should rent a couple before you buy one but where do you rent and where do you buy a lot of them are sold out I’ve got about a 1000 to be able to use on a good bot help? This thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast
level 1$1, 000 won’t get you a good bot, good bots are like $4k+ (Ganesh, Cyber, Qbot are the ones I have experience with). For $1, 000 you could rent Cyber for a drop and after proxies you’d have like $900 left over to cop shoes tting is honestly difficult if you don’t have like $6k+ 2Atm I’ve got about 3k but I can’t spend all that on a bot if I rented one for a drop is it worth it will I even make profit? level 2I have a bot that is only $120/ Month. Let me know if anyone is intrestedlevel 1 · 8mFor similar price you can get Sole renewal (around 1. 3k). Best bot in this range 2Gotta agree, Velox is only supreme, great supreme bot tholevel 1Manage your expectations. Spending 1k on a bot does not guarantee you 100% 2I have a bot that is only $120/ Month. Let me know if anyone is intrestedlevel 1Join a cook group and do a group buy. My cook group is doing a group buy of Nike Shoe Bot and it’ll be $300 instead of 2k. The cook group I belong to is shockdrops iolevel 22k????? u can literally buy nsb off botmart for like 250 tf u talkin about lollevel 2I have a bot that is only $120/ Month. Let me know if anyone is intrestedlevel 1 · 8mJumpin on beta bots work toolevel 2I have a bot that is only $120/ Month. Let me know if anyone is intrestedlevel 1I don’t recommend Nike Shoe Bot. I’ve had it almost a year and have only hit on one pair of bricks. Definitely not gonna 2I have a bot that is only $120/ Month. Let me know if anyone is intrestedlevel 1i have Balkobot, Cyber, TSB, Eve, NSB, Osiris Raffle Bot, and DragonAIO. do more research but i recommend NSB is a great beginners botlevel 2I don’t understand. Isn’t a not just software on a server? Can’t it be copied? Why are these sold as if they’re in limited quantities?
Sneaker Botting MEGA GUIDE : r/shoebots - Reddit

Sneaker Botting MEGA GUIDE : r/shoebots – Reddit

Table of Contents:FAQBasic vocabulary and botting termsWhere to buy bots and how to avoid being scammedDifferent types of botsBot RentalsCook groupsProxiesServersCaptchas, harvesters and GmailsBot restocksPrivacy and virtual credit cards (VCCs)Jigging1. Frequently Asked QuestionsAre sneaker bots illegal? – Bots are legal but they do break the terms of service of many websites and online retailers. As a result, they have the right to cancel botted orders or ban/blacklist any of your information from making future I need a paid Cook Group? – A good, paid Cook Group is a must for reselling and botting. It is your #1 resource for everything. Free groups aren’t collecting any money to provide paid services so you can’t expect nearly as much from a free group as any paid are the costs of botting? – You’ll most likely have to pay the resell price for any bot due to nearly every bot being out of stock. You’ll also have to pay for a Cook Group each month. Datacenter and Residential proxies would be recommended and a server would also be recommended for the most success. Bot subscriptions and renewal fees may also botting difficult? – Botting is certainly not as easy as many would expect. There are thousands of people who purchase the best bots and continue to experience failure for months. Botting requires time, patience and investment. 2. Terms And VocabularyAIO or AIO Bot – “All in one”, a type of bot that usually supports many sites. For example, Cybersole is an AIO bot that supports many different site types such as Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, and – “Amazon Web Services”, a virtual server provider. See – A shoe or another item that will not be ptcha – Anti-bot measure that many sites utilize. Usually “I am not a robot” and selecting pictures out of a 3×3 Group – Discord or Slack group with botting, sneaker and reselling info and – To buy or purchase center (DC) Proxies – Faster than residential proxies but easier to be banned by sites. Usually purchased in packs of 10, 25, 50, etc for intervals of 1-30 days of – Millisecond intervals used on bots. See Monitor Delay and Retry DelayEarly Link (EL) – Links usually provided by Cook Groups that are scraped from the back ends of sites, hand made or given by stores to increase your bots checkout speed. Also helpful for manual users without otsites – Footlocker (FTL), Footaction (FTA), Eastbay, Champs. These are all owned by the same company and all the sites function in the same – Google Cloud, a virtual server provider. See Buy (GB) – Exclusive opportunities provided by bots and Cook Groups to purchase out of stock bots, proxies, tools or programs for their retail price or a discount. These are usually limited similar to bot restocks but only people in that Cook Group can go for the ywords (KWs) – A way that bots can monitor for products on a website, usually used with + and – symbols. For example, “+air, +jordan, -3, -5″Monitor Delay – How often your bot refreshes a page or website to monitor for a new – “Out of Stock”Proxies – Virtual IP addresses used to mask mass amounts of requests coming from your bot on one IP address, needed to avoid IP bans. See Datacenter (DC) Proxies and Residential (Resi) sidential (Resi) Proxies – Slower than DC proxies but more reliable on sites with high bot protection. Usually purchased by the gigabyte and function similar to a phone’s data plan. More usage uses more data quickly and you will run out. For example, 1gb, 2gb, 4gb plans and they usually expire after 30-60 days depending on the Delay – How often your bot retries to complete a task after encountering an – A virtual computer with good specs and a good connection used to run bots. Usually located in the same location as a websites server that you are botting and the same location as your telist – A list provided by a Cook Group for each release which mentions every site dropping a certain product with details about each – A service provided by a trustworthy, experienced botter which involves them using your payment information and shipping info to purchase limited items for you, you are usually charged a set Pay After Success (PAS) by – Want to – Want to – Want to trade. 3. Where To Buy Bots And How To Avoid Being ScammedMarketplaces:TidalThe ProcessIn Tidal and any marketplace, be sure to always use a buyer or seller opens a ticket using the “-new” command in the “ticket-submission” channel for Tidal for other person is added into the ticket by the seller sends the bot’s key and info to the middleman so he can verify it is middleman verifies the bot and tells the buyer to pay the the seller notifies the middleman that he was paid, the middleman will send the key to the buyer. Whoever agreed to pay the middleman fees, pays the fees. Usually around $ ticket is To Avoid Being ScammedAlways use a middleman no matter do a deal in the if the seller/buyer has any legit checks on how many deals they’ve done.. In Tidal, the number in parenthesis, for example (15), is how many successful deals they’ve done. 4. Types Of BotsAIO – All in one bots. Support many site types but may not do amazing on each one they support. Project Destroyer (PD) is an AIO bot that supports Shopify, Mesh, Footsites, Supreme and Demandware. It’s Shopify and Mesh is not very good at the moment but they excel at Footsites and opify – Shopify is an eCommerce platform that many retailers use. Most notably, Kith, Undefeated, Palace, Bodega. Concepts and more. This is arguably the most difficult type of site to bot and the bots that do well are the most preme – Supreme bots have been around for a long time and the site is relatively easy to bot. There are several popular Supreme only bots such as F3ather, Mek and Velox but some AIO bots also do incredibly well on – Mesh is an EU site type and features sites like Footpatrol and Size?. A very limited amount of bots support Mesh and many that do, don’t otsites – Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay and Champs. There aren’t any footsite only bots and the module is featured in many AIO bots. Payment verification cancels are very heavy on these mandware – Demandware sites include YeezySupply and Adidas. These sites are queue based and randomly choose people to get the chance to Bots – Raffle bots are bots used to enter mass amounts of accounts or emails into raffles. Sites like Naked or Footpatrol do raffles for each release and they’re nearly impossible to win with one entry. Raffle bots are quite saturated and will require many unique emails, proxies and gmails for captchas. Raffle botting is certainly not for everyone. 5. Bot RentalsMany bots can be rented out for a fraction of their price for specified intervals. These are usually daily, weekly or monthly rentals. You can find the rental channels for a bot in nting a BotIf you don’t have a bot or want to try a new bot, you can rent it out. Renting usually doesn’t use a middleman and you don’t gain access to the bot’s Discord server so your renter has to supply you with any information about updates or guides. The buyer usually pays first and then the renter will send the bot’s download link, license key and any guides needed. After your rental period is up, the renter will “reset” the key and you will lose it’s activation on your computer and he can rebind it to his own. Always make sure your renter is reputable because it’s very easy to get scammed renting a nting Out Your BotsDepending on the bot, the process is relatively simple. You find a reputable, legit renter, they pay, then you send them the guides, key and download link. Firstly, you should make sure that your bot is capable of being rented and is allowed to be rented. You should also be careful that the buyer is legit because they can chargeback the payment or they could possibly crack your key which would get it banned and you lose your key. Renting out your bots for drops you aren’t interested in or buying bots for the purpose of renting is a great way to make some passive income each month. 6. Cook GroupsCook Groups are your number one resource for reselling, botting and being able to purchase limited items ranging from shoes and clothes to toys and memorabilia. Most groups will cost you around $40-$60 per month. Unfortunately, like almost everything in this community, almost all groups are limited or out of stock and you’ll have to pay resell to join. r/Shoebots is partnered with House of Carts, a reputable group that’s been around for over four years. You can use code ‘hocreddit’ to secure your spot for a discount of 30% off here. The most common features of cook groups are support, release information, sitelists, groupbuys, backdoor plugs, restock monitors, social media monitors, early info for releases, local information, and so much more. These are vital to your success. 7. ProxiesProxies are also vital to success and needed for your bots to function. It’s recommended to have a plan for Datacenter proxies and Residential proxies each month so you’re able to bot any site. Proxies are pasted into your bot’s proxy section then they apply to each task that you run. You always want to be running at least a 1:1 task to proxy ratio to minimize bans. It’s also recommended to test your proxies speeds and whether they’re banned within your bot’s tester or a program like FOGLDN. 8. ServersServers are not necessary but are recommended due to their incredibly fast ping speeds to websites. Running a virtual server in the same location as the website you’re botting and the same location as your proxies will yield the highest speeds. Providers like AWS and GCS charge an hourly fee for your server while they are running and can be costly especially if you’re running for restocks so dedicated server providers like 10xServers may be ideal for many people. These providers charge a flat rate monthly and you can run your server 24/ quality of servers generally goes GCS < AWS < Dedicated can also utilize the promo code 'REDDIT' for 15% off 10xServers each month. 9. Captchas, Harvesters And GmailsCaptchas are apart of many sites protections against bots. Most bots will have built-in "Captcha Harvesters" where you can solve the captchas required to checkout a product. Within these solvers, you can log in to a gmail and apply a proxy as, trustworthy Gmails are extremely important because the more "trustworthy" a Gmail is, the easier the captchas are and on some sites, you can even receive a "one-click captcha" where you don't even have to click any images. Trustworthiness is based on the activity of your Google accounts. These captchas are known as ReCaptcha YeezySupply for example, they have ReCaptcha V3, these are captchas that don't have images but are harvested in the background. Because of this, YeezySupply botting requires many high level V3 score like AYCD toolbox provide Gmail activity generators which can also be run with proxies to maximize your Gmail scores and gain the best captchas. 10. Bot RestocksThroughout your research, you'll discover that nearly every bot is out of stock and you're forced to pay resell for them. When bots restock, they often sell out faster than the items they're used to bot, there are thousands of people racing to purchase bots with only 100 or even 1 copy available. Most bots restock via Twitter so it is essential that you have fast Twitter monitors and these are provided through your Cook Group(s). With these monitors you'll have the speed to see the tweet the instant it's posted but you'll also want an autofill or autocheckout extension or software to keep up with everyone else and beat everyone who doesn't have one. The most common are Flow, Fattye and Zenyscripts which can all be found in Tidal or other markets for less than $100. These autofills are also useful for manually purchasing items on Shopify, Supreme and other sites as most people aren't able to fully automate the checkout like you will be able to. 11. Privacy Cards And Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs)Having multiple payment methods and addresses is extremely important. Many sites only allow a one per person policy and having different information can help bypass this. Privacy is a service that allows you to link your bank and create virtual credit cards with spending limits easily. Privacy is US only but an alternative is Revolut. Some banks such as Capital One also allow you to create VCCs. 12. JiggingIf you don't have multiple addresses and names at your disposal, a trick called jigging is what most people use. This is making slight changes to your address that make it seem different but having your items still ship to your address. Some methods are changing "road" to "rd" or "lane" to "ln". You can also use the 2nd line to your advantage by adding "floor 1" if you live in a house or just adding "1". You can even go as far as adding a few random letters or numbers to the beginning of your address, for example, AAAA 123 Southwest mmaryAlways read your bot's manual, guides and Discord free to ask for help when you have a question or need anything. My DM's are always use a middleman for all must put in time and effort to be a cook our Discord server here if you have any questions! Sneaker botting in 2020/2021 : r/shoebots - Reddit

Sneaker botting in 2020/2021 : r/shoebots – Reddit

Shopify- its hard now and there’s very little sites that drop big ticket items fcfs avoid until you know what your doingFootsites – Easier sites to bot only problem is cancellations, I would focus here though as a beginner due to stock levelsAdidas, Yeezy supply- adidas only does raffles, but Yeezy supply is another good site with a lot of stock and pretty much is one of the sites you should focus onFinishline, JD- A little bit harder than Footsites because less stock and they do cancel and hold money as well, Not as many bots support this as footsites but I would still bot it if the bot you buy supports itSupreme- right now the best supreme bots are kind of expensive and didn’t really perform well so for right now I would probably avoid investing money into supreme only bots if your a beginner because this week was so weird, wait till we get some clear cut cookouts then buy a supreme botShoepalace- Site has a lot of stock but most good sp bots are hard to attain and your gonna spend a good amount of money on proxies also rumor is that it’s switching to Shopify, avoidHibbett- Good site decent amount of stock and not as much cancellations as footsites or Finishline best bot for Hibbett is probably soleLet me know though what your budget and what sites you wanna target are and I’ll give you recommendations

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