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Best Bots 2021

11 Best Sneaker Bots of 2021 - Good, Bad & Where To Buy

11 Best Sneaker Bots of 2021 – Good, Bad & Where To Buy

Sneaker bots, a new concept to the world of fashion, are taking the industry by storm.
Simply put, sneaker bots are behind almost everything sneakers-related right now.
Sneaker bots have become critical tools to hardcore sneakerheads, sneaker spotters, resellers, and collectors.
These tools are also paired with residential proxies to avoid any blocks on sneaker online storefronts – check out this Smartproxy blog to learn more.
Sneaker bots are used to find the latest releases, buy, sell, boost online advertising and sales, and even copy sneaker designs.
With hundreds of exclusive sneaker releases dropping every year, accounting for hundreds of millions of dollars in profit, the sneaker bot business is growing fast.
In this article, I’ll detail the sneaker bot business, and introduce you to the best sneaker bots of 2021.
I’ll also share with you what we like and what we don’t like about each sneaker bot in this list.
Finally, at the end of the article, I’ll answer some of the most asked questions right now, such as: are sneaker bots illegal, how do sneaker bots work, and so on.
Top 11 sneaker bots of 2021
What is a sneaker bot?
How do sneaker bots work?
Are sneaker bots illegal?
Do sneaker bots actually work?
How much does a sneaker bot cost?
What are the best sneaker bots?
Top 11 Sneaker Bots Of 2021
New sneaker bots join the market every year, but there’s no way to tell how they’ll perform.
Thus, rather than making a risky investment in unknown bots, it is better to focus on trialed and tested bots.
History shows that a bot that’s been performing well in the past, does well in the next years too.
In this guide, I’ve picked each sneaker bot based on past performance, features, and price.
I have also checked each sneaker bot’s Twitter account, discussions on Reddit, and lots of users’ reviews, to ensure each sneakerbot legitimacy and performance proof.
Without further ado, these are the best 11 sneaker bots of 2021 you can buy right now:
Overall Score 7
From $500
Very easy to use with a fast return on investment, if you use it right.
Reselling price is very high, around 5k USD.
SUPPORT | 8/10
EASE OF USE | 7. 5/10
SUCCESS RATE | 8. 5/10
Ganesh is one of the best sneaker bots to perform on EU-based sites.
Catering for a part of the community that’s long been overlooked.
In terms of websites, Ganesh supports Footlocker EU, Footsites, Finishline, Solebox, Offspring, and many more.
With an applaudable performance on Footlocker EU and Footsites US.
Of course, that’s all great news for EU fam, but if you’re located in the US and want to run Ganesh.
Well, you can always resort to reshipping services. Even if they’re gonna add to your running costs.
Generally speaking, 2020 was a successful year for Ganesh users who copped the Mochas, Jordan 5 Oregon, AJ5 “What The”, Nike Sacai Vaporwaffle, AJ1 Lucky Green, and a lot more.
The retail price of Ganesh falls more into the higher range of prices at £550.
In addition to the renewal fees of $80/ 6 months. But, that’s nothing compared to its aftermarket price.
If you’re looking to buy Ganesh and can’t waste time waiting for a restock, it’ll cost you anywhere between $4500 and $5000.
Pretty pricey, but as with all great sneaker bots, copping the right pairs will pay you back very soon.
From $300
Good retail price and fairly available, if you know where to look.
Support can be a total letdown at times, so rely on Reddit groups if you need help.
SUPPORT | 6. 5/10
Cybersole is one of the most in-demand sneaker bots at the moment, at least on the secondary market.
Part of this goes to the excellent success rate it delivers.
Flipping a key of Cybersole, which is Out-of-Stock, could make you as much as selling 3 or 4 pairs of new Yeezys sneakers
Why does it cost so much? Well, because of the reselling bots.
So, if you want to get your hands on the Cybersole bot, before the next drop, you’ll need to pay a good sum.
Now, even if you’re short on cash, you can still cop Jordans and Yeezys, using Cybersole.
After all, the bot sneaker community is one of the most helpful you’ll ever join.
You can rent a good sneaker bot for a period as short as one day, or as long as a month and the bot renting business also applies to Cybersole.
Cybersole bot has earned this reputation by having a consistent and strong performance throughout 2020.
People using this bot have been successfully copping Supreme, Yeezys, Jordans, Off-whites, and streetwear items from Shopify, and Footsites.
Moreover, the bot’s success rate with Supreme merch is what made some critics call it ‘the best supreme bot of 2021‘.
Overall Score 6. 8
From $250
Decent success rate and renting option is relatively cheap for those new to sneaker bots
Balko does not support Footsites.
SUPPORT | 7. 5/10
EASE OF USE | 7/10
Another top sneaker bot in the business, Balko supports Shopify, Adidas, and Supreme.
Balko has a decent success rate, you gotta wait for a restock or buy it for the resale price of $1500 to $2000.
However, with Balko, renting is the cheaper and less time-consuming option.
Renting Balko bot isn’t that hard. First, check Twitter and Discord to find plenty of renting keys for a short period of time.
However, one negative point is that Balko does not support Footsites.
As you may know, most air Jordan sneakers drop on Footsites.
Running a bot that doesn’t cop off these sites means a major decrease in your ability to get some of the most coveted pairs of sneakers.
Along with all the cash you’re spending, and the cash you could’ve made flipping them.
Overall Score 7. 8
From $499
One of the easiest to use sneaker bots out there with a good success rate.
Higher priced bots for shoes than some competitor bots.
EASE OF USE | 8/10
SUCCESS RATE | 7. 5/10
NSB (Nikeshoebot) is another highly-performing All-in-one Bot in the sneaker industry.
And just like AIO bot, it supports Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, and many more sneaker shops.
In 2020, NSB’s name was mentioned among the top-scoring bots on most releases.
Among NSB’s best cops this year were the Jordan 1 Satin Snakeskin, Yeezy Carbon & Zyon, Travis Scott’s Cactus Trails, and thousands of Supreme pieces.
Nike snkrs bot NSB has been maintaining a consistent rate of success, so far.
Plus, being always-in-stock is what makes NSB one of the most sought-after bots.
Moreover, if you were to compare its retail price of $499/year with the resale value of OOS bots, NSB might actually win.
From $325
One of the oldest sneaker bots in the business, great availability, trust, and success rate.
The support can get better, especially for the operating age of the team behind the bot.
SUPPORT | 6/10
SUCCESS RATE | 6. 5/10
AIO Bot is the OG sneaker bot and a major sneaker bot.
It is the first name that comes to your mind when you think about copping, collecting, and reselling rare sneakers.
Right now, AIO Bot is one of the best sneaker bots in the business.
Not only in 2020 but ever since it launched back in 2014.
The bot supports Shopify, Adidas, Yeezysupply, and Footsites.
AIO Bot is also one of the easiest bots to run if you’re just getting started.
The price of $325 and the availability factor, make it one of the best sneaker bots ever.
In terms of numbers, AIO Bot users cooked on every single Air Jordan Release, including the AJ1 Royal Toe, Satin Snakeskin, Jordan 1 Smoke Grey, and a lot more.
And Yeezy-wise, The Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Carbon, and Zyon were 2 of the best releases of 2020 and some of the best cops for AIO bot.
AIO Bot would cost you $325 with $69 renewal fees every 6 Months.
From $175
Cheap sneaker bot (if rented) with a simple user interface.
Very high resale price with slow return on investment, at least for beginners.
Kodai might not have always been under your radar, but it’s been one of the best sneaker bots in the industry so far.
As an all-in-one bot, Kodai supports Adidas, Yeezysupply, Supreme, and Footlocker EU, and Shopify.
However, Kodai’s biggest strength is the Footsites US.
Since the bulk of sneaker stock drops there, running Kodai can increase your chances of copping, flipping, and cashing in.
Unless you buy it for the resale price, which falls between $6000 and $7000, then you’ll go short on money for a long time.
For that, it’ll take some time for Kodai to start paying you back.
Some of Kodai’s biggest moments of 2020 were:
The Jordan 1 Mochas, Yeezy Carbon, AJ1 Satin, and Jordan 12 Gold.
Check out their Twitter feed, for proof of success.
As for the usage, Kodai’s interface is smooth and relatively easy to use.
So if you’re still new to the sneaker bot business but can afford it, go for it; you shouldn’t have a hard time running and benefiting from Kodai.
Overall Score 6. 4
From $350
Easy of use, with good results.
High retail price and a further subscription model that charges you every month.
Launching back in February 2018, Wrath bot is not new to the sneaker bot wars.
However, 2020 seems to be doing the bot justice.
The retail price of Wrath starts at $350 plus a monthly subscription.
But as cupcakes and rainbows as this price sounds, Wrath also follows the very trendy “Out-of-stock” model.
Making it impossible for you to get a key unless you pay the resale price for it.
Which, in the case of Wrath bot, is about $5000 to $6000!
Or you could stay glued to their Twitter account hoping for a restock.
Quite frustrating when you got a whole bunch of Yeezys lined up to drop soon.
Wrath cops sneakers from Footsites, Shopify, and Yeezysupply.
And for your weekly dose of pricey streetwear, Wrath also supports Supreme.
However, to continue on this copping journey, you must pay $125 every 6 months to keep sneakers coming through your windows PC or Mac.
So far in 2020, we’ve seen Wrath cop on almost all hyped releases with checkout numbers ranging from good to impressive!
Some of the biggest successes of Wrath bot would be the Yeezy Linens, Jordan 1 Royals, New Balance Casablanca, and of course Supreme.
Overall Score 6. 5
Good price, easy to use, and good support.
Sold as an AIO sneaker bot, but it lags updates with certain sites.
SUPPORT | 7/10
Designed $300 for a decent all-in-one bot is not much to pay if we’re being honest.
And Phantom, the AIO Bot by Ghost is one that’s worth your cash.
However, when such a sneaker bot opts for an OOS business model, things get pricey.
So, if you’re aching to cop sneakers or Supreme using Phantom, brace yourself to shed anything from $1500 to $2000.
But even that is not a lot considering how much you can make when you play your cards right and cop smart.
Some of the latest successful drops for Phantom include the Yeezy Quantum Barium, Jordan 1 Royal Toes, Jordan 13 Flints, and Yeezy 700 MNVN Black.
And though its performance on Supreme wasn’t a match to its competitors’, Phantom still counts as an AIO bot.
One that’s actually compatible with Windows and Mac.
Great success rate, with an increasing number of verified checkouts.
Just out of beta testing, little things need ironing here and there, before it goes wrong.
EASE OF USE | 6. 5/10
Easycopbots best sneaker botsOne of the promising sneaker bots that joined the industry recently is Easycop Bot.
Known to be a Footsites only bot, Easycop is slowly getting the attention of sneakerheads on big releases.
In terms of performance, this sneaker bot has been getting an increased number of checkouts regularly.
With their recent success scored on the Yeezy Asriel release where they claim to have copped thousands of pairs.
And we can’t help but notice the big hype over this new bot.
The number of shoutouts and rate of engagement on Twitter is remarkable for a bot just out of beta testing.
As for the sites, Easycop supports Footsites only.
And it’s still not clear whether or not it will add more sites anytime soon. However, for a relatively new bot, Easycop’s performance on Footsites is quite remarkable.
Among its recent wins, we can mention the Black NMD HUs, the Yeezy 380 Natural and Carbon, and the Kobe “Bruce Lee” on which ECB scored a success rate of 95%.
At the price point of $600, Easycop is not so easy on the pocket.
But again compared to the crazy resell prices of OOS bots, it’s not a lot to pay for such performance.
However, if you’re into all-in-one bots and streetwear, ECB is not your bot.
Overall Score 7. 5
High-performance dedicated sneaker bot to Nike releases.
The price keeps changing which can be very confusing for starters.
We’ve focused more before on AIO bots and those specialized in wiping shelves of Footsites and Shopify.
But unless we talk about Nike bots, we’d be overlooking one major subsection of the sneaker industry.
Nike bots have always been a major part of the industry.
In fact, the whole sneaker botting scene kicked off with Nike bots back when Kanye was part of Nike and Nike Yeezys were the real deal.
Five or six years later, Nike bots are back in the spotlight, with Nike dropping most of the stock on hyped Dunk and Jordan releases.
And although BetterNikeBot is one of the oldest Nike bots around, it seems like The Shit Bot is taking the limelight lately.
With a unique character, one-of-a-kind UI, and lately great performance on SNKRS, The Shit Bot (No really, that’s its name! ) is considered one of the best Nike bots out there.
Scrolling through TSB Twitter, you can tell it performs very well and cops sneakers that aren’t accessible by other bots.
And well, when you add up the number of the Jordan 1 Mochas, AJ5 Off white sail and Nike Dunks copped, TSB’s users seem to be making some good cash!
According to their website, using TSB you can cop Nike sneakers from more than 45 different regions.
As for the retail price, the 10 Grand on the website might look freaky, but the actual retail/ restock price of this Nike bot is $299.
So it’s on the lower side of the price range.
Overall Score 6. 6
Good sneaker bot, once found! Great success rate and good support.
Very hard to get hold of, even the website requires an invitation of password access.
After a very successful year in 2019, TKS has had a rough time getting that same level of success in 2020.
So, if you’re looking to invest in a top-notch sneaker copping tool, TKS might not be the bot for you.
Best bots TKSTheKickStation, aka TKS, was one of the best sneaker bots in 2019.
With its power points being Footsites and Shopify-based websites.
TKS UI is considered a bit tricky to work with so it might not be the best bot for beginners.
However, at the price of $360, it is a fair investment if you consider the potential ROI if you cop.
The biggest downfall would be that it’s out of stock.
So you can’t just buy these shoe bots when you’ve saved up enough.
In fact, you’re probably doomed to pay the resale price which can go up to over $800.
But just in case you really need this bot, in particular, you can always rent it or buy it second-hand off Discord servers.
And that’s where most sneaker bot trading happens.
You just need to find a sneakerhead that’s not interested in whatever drop you’re copping.
Ultimate Beginner Guide To Sneaker Bots
This is the ultimate guide to everything sneaker bots right now!
I’ll show you how to use sneaker bots to increase your money-making chances exponentially, with minimal effort.
Right now, there are many bot services around and endless YouTube tutorials on how to use them.
But, before you start, you have to understand the business where sneaker bots are most used: reselling sneakers.
Rare, expensive, limited-edition sneakers, a good sneaker bot will help you find and sell them very, very fast.
The easiest way to explain how the reselling of sneakers works is via a parallel to concert tickets.
Most concert tickets re-sell for more than their retail price.
However, it is hard to know when someone decides to resell the ticket. For that, some clever buyers use automated bots to spot and buy them.
Just like the ticketing industry, the footwear industry is also run by bots.
Retailers, brands, and designers often speak out about the use of bots are a potential problem, attempting to stop them or to fight back.
More recently, KAWS announced that they were canceling and blocking orders made by bots.
Similarly, Berrics tricked one bot user into spending $11, 000 on a sneaker, while Kith used a similar bait-and-switch tactic to dupe someone into buying 21 pairs, or $1, 700 worth of “Wheat” Jordan 1s.
The sneaker bots war is ongoing, with both sides consistently re-positioning to gain new ground.
What Is A Sneaker Bot?
A sneaker bot is an application, or an automated script, designed and used to speed up the checkout process when buying products online.
Any computer can run a sneaker bot. However, large servers are preferred, given their extra processing speed.
Sneaker bots facilitate the purchasing of extremely rare or limited edition shoes that make their way to the aftermarket to be sold for profit.
Most Valuable Sneakers – adapted from ‘The Korea Economic Daily’.
Many of these shoes are nearly impossible to find and buy without using bots.
Why? Because there are hundreds like you, simultaneously “botting” the same sneakers, so there’s crazy competition right from the start.
The most usually botted sites are Supreme, Dover Street Market, Shopify stores like YeezySupply, and Footsites (Foot Locker, Champs, Eastbay, and Footaction), given that they regularly drop covetable pieces.
For more sneaker stores, check out our full list of best sneaker websites.
How Do Sneaker Bots Work?
In a nutshell, you type your information and purchasing details into the bot interface, such as your credit card, name, delivery address.
Then you instruct the bot on what to buy.
This part can be done in two main ways:
1. Just enter the URL (web address) of the product into the bot.
2. Provide the bot with the product name and other related keywords.
Buyers often search for early information (like the product URL) from so-called ‘cook groups’ which provide support to botters.
Once the bot is launched, it will automate the checkout process and purchase items quicker than is humanly possible.
In fact, a good sneaker bot can check out products in as little as 0. 2 seconds.
Without bots, shopping limited-edition releases would prioritize those with fast internet or close to the manufacturer’s server.
“In order for any release to be fair, everyone has to be using the same speed of internet. Moreover, everybody must be at the same physical distance from the servers, as that also affects the amount of time it takes to be first in line, ” said Erik Fagerlind from Sneakersnstuff.
Although it sounds simple, using sneaker bots can become quite complicated.
That is because you have to set up and use proxies, alongside a dedicated server and the bot.
Servers are preferred with bots because they increase the speed to which you are connecting to the site that sells rare sneakers.
Proxies are unique IP addresses that can be used to make you seem like you are multiple buyers, from different parts of the world.
For instance, if you want to enter into an online queue to buy the latest YEEZYs, the more entries you have, the higher the chances of completing your purchase.
If you don’t use proxies, the site will identify all your entries as one source, resulting in an IP ban.
After procuring a sneaker bot, a server, and proxies, it comes the training time.
You’ll have to get used to your sneaker bot, know the delays, how the targeted site works, and if it has bot protection.
The bot and user training part sometimes takes months as it is not something you pick up once you get the bot.
Also, buying an expensive bot won’t assure you to get sneakers.
There are sneaker bot users, usually, the people copping and cooking shoes, that have been in the sneaker-reselling game for a long time.
They know this business from the back of their head, so remember that in your early days. It might take some time.
1. Sneaker Bot Proxy
There are Unknown proxies, Oculus proxies, Shadow and Leaf proxies.
But, the most popular types of proxies are ISP and residential.
Residential proxies are needed for sites with very high bot protection.
Most residential proxies are rotating the provided IP addresses while, on the other hand, a data center doesn’t rotate IP addresses.
So if the IP gets banned, it’s banned and you have to wait until you’re unbanned.
2. Sneaker Bot Proxy
There are Unknown proxies, Oculus proxies, Shadow, and Leaf proxies.
3. Gmail Accounts For Sneaker Bots
Gmail accounts are needed for four different sites: Supreme, Yeezy Supply, Footsites, and Shopify.
When a CAPTCHA message pops up, Gmails make it easier for you to solve the CAPTCHA, and thus, it gives you fast access time.
Ideally, you’ll use an aged Gmail account.
Aged Gmail accounts are from 2010 and even older.
There’s a black market for Gmail accounts, but the most wanted are old Gmail accounts.
Another way to get an aged Gmail account is from people that farm Gmail.
Gmail farms put a lot of activity on these accounts so they don’t look fake.
4. Virtual Credit Card Profiles
There are many ways to get credit cards for sneaker bots.
For once, there are virtual credit cards. Here’s how it works.
Most modern credit card providers have a feature called virtual cards that allows you to make unlimited cards.
Always use these virtual cards so your card does not get flagged and canceled.
As a form of bot protection, most sneaker sites no longer allow buyers to save profile checkouts anymore.
For that, use different credit cards, names, numbers, and addresses.
But, how do you use a different address on your card? It’s simple, you just jig on your virtual credit cards.
5. How To Jig On Credit Cards
Let’s say your address is 123 Apple St. It is a house, and it is just you living at that address.
But, by jigging, you’ll add a ‘Room 1’ to your address.
Then, on the next profile, you put ‘Room 2. ’
The third profile you put ‘Room 3 and so on, up to 500, if needed.
You can change room to an apartment (in the same house, 123 Apple St. ) and can go up to 10, 000 apartments.
In this way, jigging shows the company or the site that’s dropping the sneakers that this guy is not getting multiple pairs of shoes.
To them, these are all different addresses.
In reality, you’re just changing the room number, in your own house.
6. Sneaker Bots Updates
The developer of the bot pushes frequent updates.
Most sneaker bot developers tend to push updates every day.
Software updates are needed because the sites fight to ban the bots, and developers create patches or updates that allow them to fight back.
Usually, developers inform users on Discord when there’s an update available.
If you don’t update, your sneaker bot might not work as expected or, you might get a bunch of errors during the drop.
Are Sneaker Bots Illegal?
Sneaker bots are not illegal.
However, the use of sneaker bots goes against the terms and conditions of most websites.
Supreme, Shopify, Nike, and Adidas are aware of sneaker bots, and they all update their online protection against them on a regular basis.
However, sneaker bot developers are also quick to update their operating software in order to bypass any new protective measures.
These bot updates entail changes in coding that aim to tell the difference between a bot and a human user.
Although sneaker bots are legal, do not confuse them with ticketing bots, illegal in the USA.
Is Botting A Pyramid Scheme?
No, sneaker botting is not a pyramid scheme.
Sneaker manufacturers, sellers, and resellers are legit businesses run by legitimate people.
What sneaker botting does is the selective acceleration of the sneaker trade.
– What Are Retailers Doing To Combat Sneaker Bots?
Sneaker bots are something they “focus very much on“, said Simon Lister, marketing director at End Clothing.
“We’ve implemented a number of solutions designed to make life more difficult for bots. When we release limited products, we do so through our new Launches Platform. Instead of having a ‘first come, first served (FCFS) operational system in place, where bots triumph, we enter the customers in a raffle. Only the lucky winners will be able to purchase the limited items, ” added Simon.
Simon asserts that releasing limited products in this way is the only way of “ensuring fairness for customers”.
A lot of other retailers have since followed suit.
Chris Bone, general manager of Livestock, shares a critical outlook on sneaker bots, referring to bot users as “vampires” who “suck the life out of whatever it is they’re trying to make a buck off. ”
Bone also mentions that in-store releases and raffles are the way forward to combat the issue, stating that Livestock is constantly “working to get these releases into the right hands”.
Some retailers are now also implementing CAPTCHAs onto their site to try and stop bots.
Supreme has also tried this tactic, though it wasn’t successful – bots now allow you to log in to Gmail accounts, and if enough activity is monitored on the email account, the site will not ask you to solve a captcha.
Similarly, Simon Bus from SNIPES, mentioned that the brand “uses a market-leading system to successfully block bots, ” and that “suspicious orders, classified technically flawless by the system, are hand-checked by the staff”.
It means that even if you manage to get past their anti-bot protection, your order is still at risk of being canceled.
Do Sneaker Bots Actually Work?
Botters are now increasingly competing with other botters.
Some site, such as Adidas, YeezySupply, and Nike, release their products with a raffle-based system.
Each buyer enters a queue and then a small number of people are randomly selected to purchase the item.
While this might sound like it could eliminate the success of bots, this isn’t the case, as they are also used to put mass entries into queues and raffles.
So, while bots do not guarantee success, they drastically increase your chances of success.
How Much Does A Sneaker Bot Cost?
The average sneaker bot cost is $50-$60 a month.
However, you might not be able to get your hands on a bot, despite paying for it, because they barely restock for retail.
So if you can catch a sneaker bot for retail, it’s going to cost you from $300-$500 a year.
A good sneaker bot retail for £300 and even more. However, some of the most popular and successful bots are very hard to get.
There are cases when a sneaker bot user has paid £4, 000 to buy one of these top bots from a reseller.
`Ironically, it is actually harder to purchase the sneaker best bots at retail value than it is to get an average pair of collectible sneakers like YEEZYs.
If you’re going to pay resale, you could pay from $1, 000-$8, 000.
There’s a bot called Sole AIO, which goes for $2K, and Balko, which goes for $3K.
Cyber bot, for example, goes for seven grand or more, while Wraith bot sells for eight grand and up.
There are so many more sneaker bots we could keep naming but the main problem is finding one to buy.
Then, the costs add up as some people don’t have computers powerful enough, so they have to get a server.
A good server can cost you almost $80 to $100 a month.
Add to the cost proxies, which depends on how many tasks you run and how secure you want to be.
The average person runs 50 to 100 tasks on every release.
Proxies will help you hide your identity and the IP address from websites so they can’t block you from being a reseller.
A good proxy provider will charge you about $100-$150 a month.
Then, each aged Gmail account is about a dollar.
So you could end up paying $30 a month for Gmail accounts, used to help bypass CAPTCHAs on retailers’ websites.
And then you have extra expenses, such as Nike’s SNKRS accounts.
You can get them for about $1. 50 per account. However, SNKRS accounts get banned very quickly, so you could end up paying more.
I personally know people that pay $100 a month for SNKRS accounts, just because they keep getting reset.
Overall, you’re looking at an expense of $800-$1, 000 per month to be successful.
Based on my calculations, the cheapest way to use a bot and resell sneakers will cost you at least $600 per month.
What Are The Best Sneaker Bots?
There are a couple of bot types and bots names you must know about when going into the sneaker reselling market.
There are going to be Shopify bots, Nike bots, Adidas bots, Footsites bots, Supreme bots, and Yeezy Supply bots.
The best bots for these sites are going to be Cybersole AIO, Balkobot, Splashforce, Polaris, MEKPreme, VeloxPreme, Wraith, and Nike Shoe Bot.
The best and most popular sneaker bots occasionally restock, and due to the unprecedented demand, they sell out in seconds.
We tapped a UK-based sneaker bot developer who chose to remain anonymous, to ask what he’s doing to stay ahead of retailers and brands.
“I don’t think that retailers can win this cat and mouse game of anti-bot protection. I put it down to 2 main factors:
Firstly, it is expensive and time-intensive for retailers and brands to attempt “patching” the plethora of sneaker bots out there.
Secondly, where there is demand, there’s money… and a way around.
Right now, there’s crazy money to be made in the botting industry. See for example the developers of ‘Cyber bot’, boasting that their users collectively spent over 30 million dollars in the last year. “
Personally, I don’t recommend buying all-in-one (AIO) bots. That’s because they don’t really work.
Why? Well, there’s no bot that supports every site.
The sellers will market these bots as fully compatible with all sites but, because all sites change so much so fast, the developers can’t keep up.
To get your own sneaker bots, you have to follow the developers on Twitter.
There you can be the first to know if they do restocks, when, where, and how.
The most interesting part of the sneaker bots business is that there are bots designed to let you know when to get the restocks.
Simply put, people use bots to buy bots.
However, most people are getting their bots from resale or restocks.
Usually, you can get a bot from $1, 000-$8, 000.
The most popular top 3 resale markets for bots are BotBroker, Bot Mart, and Tidal.
Above all, don’t get scammed.
Often, when people buy bots, they go through middlemen.
There are people that join those bot marketplaces and impersonate real middlemen with fake names and accounts.
Final Words
If you want to buy a sneaker bot just to get yourself a pair of rare sneakers, I wouldn’t recommend it.
That’s because you might not succeed for the first time and things will become increasingly expensive, soon.
There is another important to know; not everyone in the sneaker bot business is getting rich.
You should know that this is not an easy business and it’s not like you’re going to be making instant money.
It’ll take you six months to a year to get the ball rolling as nothing happens overnight.
Finally, if you’re serious about using a sneaker bot, this article should give you a headstart over the competition.
You know what you’re dealing with, where to start, and who to trust.
Also, keep in mind that the sneaker industry is ever-growing.
The industry’s growth calls for new sneaker bots to join every season.
And, while some new bots might not have (yet) the reputation of OG sneaker bots, there’s a chance they’re going to be even better.
So, keep an open mind, heart, and an eye on this article for future sneaker bots updates!
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Now it’s your turn…
What is your favorite sneaker bot in 2021 and why?
Do you think online stores will be able to stop sneaker bots from working in the future? If yes, how?
Do you think AI will play a role in the market of sneaker bots? If yes, how?
Would love to hear your thought below!
The Best Sneaker Bots That Dominate 2021 | Proxyway

The Best Sneaker Bots That Dominate 2021 | Proxyway

So, you’ve read about copping shoes and found yourself looking for a sneaker bot. You’ve probably googled ‘best sneaker bots’ and stumbled upon some article from 2019 which pretends to be relevant. You’ve then asked around Reddit and received dozens of contradicting opinions. And now you’re here. I won’t pretend my word is law, or that an indisputably best sneaker bot even exists. In fact, with so many of them around, that’s hardly possible. (The industry is changing too fast! ) But I do know a thing or two about botting, and I always keep a pulse on the market. What you’ll find here are some great shoe bots – with a strong reputation and consistent success cooking the hottest drops. Let’s get started! By the way, if you’re not a fan of Windows, here are the best sneaker bots for Mac. The Best Sneaker Bots of 20211. Cybersole (CyberAIO)One of the best Shopify, Footsites, and Supreme bersole is a highly valued and very exclusive all-in-one bot. It supports most shoe websites – including Mesh, which isn’t easy to find. CyberAIO is renowned for its speed and consistent dominance during releases, which continues in 2021. If you manage to get your hands on it, you’ll have good chances at copping even the most hyped kicks. Cybersole’s features include unlimited tasks, multi-tab CAPTCHA solver, proxy support, release monitors, restock mode, account import, preloading shipping rates, and more. You can hook it up to a Discord server to log events and automatically launch your tasks once the release starts. Cybersole is also one of the rare bots to have a dedicated mobile app for controlling the bot on the go. CyberAIO costs £300 with a £100 renewal fee every six months. That doesn’t sound too much, but: Cybersole is almost never in stock, and it doesn’t do group buys. So, you’ll probably have to get it from a reseller. This will cost you up to $6, 000 – ouch. Supported sites: Footsites, Shopify, Supreme, MeshOperating systems: WindowsProxy support: YesPrice: £300 + £100 every six monthsRead our full Cybersole review to learn more about the bot. 2. SplashforceOne of the best Demandware bots (that supports more sites as well). As its name suggests (Splash? Splash page? Adidas? Eh, nevermind), Splashforce is primarily a Demandware bot. It supports Shopify, Supreme, and a few other sneaker retailers as well, but Adidas was what got this bot famous. And for good reasons – it works great there. Splashforce has all the main features you could expect from any self-respecting bot: multiple tasks, Discord notifications, CAPTCHA solving, proxies, and so on. Nothing out of the ordinary. What is extraordinary, however, is how user-friendly Splashforce is. It’s very straightforward to set up and even generates cookies for you automatically. It has localized Discord support, too. So, Splashforce makes a great bot for beginners. Splashforce’s licence costs $300 if you manage to get it from the official website. The renewal fee is $60 every six months. On BotBroker (the only reseller Splashforce endorses), the bot will leave your wallet around $1, 500 lighter. Supported sites: Demandware (Adidas & YeezySupply) Shopify, Supreme, individual sitesOperating systems: Windows, macOSProxy support: YesPrice: $300 + $60 every six months3. Project DestroyerOne of the most versatile AIO bots for experienced users. While Project Destroyer has had its ups and downs, it’s regarded as one of the better bots in the market. Project Destroyer supports hundreds of Shopify sites, Footsites, Supreme, Mesh, Demandware, and a bunch of individual shoe retailers. Maintaining such a variety of sites is hard, but the bot’s creators assure they are constantly working to keep up with the times. Project Destroyer is also known for its customizability. Aside from the usual features, it includes custom functionality, such as waterfall monitoring (to save your proxies), custom shipping rates, Shopify queue bypass, and mass task editing. So, you can min-max the bot to achieve the best performance – if you know how. If you don’t, there are plenty of guides in the knowledge base. Still, ProjectDestroyer is not an easy bot to use. Project Destroyer doesn’t cost much upfront ($200), but it has a monthly renewal fee ($35). So, the bot’s maintenance for half a year will drain you $210. Have it for a year and you’re looking at $420. Like most coveted bots, Project Destroyer is often out of stock; it’s around $1, 300 in the aftermarket. Supported sites: Demandware, Shopify, Supreme, individual sitesOperating systems: Windows, macOSProxy support: YesPrice: $200 + $35 every month4. AIO BotOne of the best all-in-one bots that’s always in stock. Another Nike Bot’s AIO Bot calls itself the original all-in-one bot – and it might as well be so. But we’re not looking for relics; we want to cop now. The good thing is that AIO Bot has held up surprisingly well. It’s still probably one of the most popular sneaker bots in the market. AIO Bot will let you cop over 200 websites, including Shopify, Footsites, and Demandware. No Supreme or Nike though – the creators have separate bots for that. AIO Bot’s features include multiple tasks and billing profiles, proxy support, notifications, CAPTCHA harvester, site monitor, queue bypass, and more. It also supports auto-checkout retries in case the website crashes during a release. The bot has a user-friendly interface and is pretty straightforward to use. AIO Bot costs $325 with six months of free updates; afterwards, it’s $30-80 to extend the licence. (Note that you can’t use the bot without updating it! ). Perhaps the most amazing thing about this bot is that it’s very frequently in stock and still manages to maintain decent success rates. So, it’s a pretty safe bet if you don’t want to pay pported sites: Demandware, Shopify, Footsites, individual sitesOperating systems: WindowsProxy support: YesPrice: $325 + $30-80 every six monthsRead our full AIO Bot review to learn more. 5. Nike Shoe BotA respectable all-in-one bot for (almost) all the main shoe Shoe Bot is another oldie – in fact, it might be the oldest sneaker bot still in business. But that didn’t stop NSB Bot from being able to consistently win in 2020. Hopefully, the streak will carry on throughout 2021. It supports Shopify, Footsites, Demandware, and Shoe Bot’s distinguishing features revolve around Shopify, which is why it’s so sought after for the platform. They include the ability to add custom Shopify stores, queue-bypass, and even measures against the infamous bot protection. Otherwise, it’s a stellar bot with proxy support, multiple monitors and tasks, CAPTCHA solver, cookie generator, and so on. NikeShoeBot is pretty easy to use thanks to its approachable user, Nike Shoe Bot is pretty expensive: it’s $499 upfront and then after every year of use. On the bright side, it’s always available, so you don’t need to pay exorbitant amounts to resellers. So, the bot can work well for beginners, if they’re willing to pported sites: Demandware, Shopify, Footsites, SupremeOperating systems: Windows, macOSProxy support: YesPrice: $499 every yearRead our full Nike Shoe Bot review to learn more. 6. The Shit BotPerhaps the best Nike SNKRS bot that still works. With Nike being so ruthless against botting, there aren’t many bots that can still cook its releases. I can think of AIO’s Nike SNKRS Bot, BetterNikeBot (though not really), Ghost (wait, it’s dead) and… TheShitBot? As it turns out, TheShitBot might not be so shit after all. On the opposite: it’s probably the hottest Nike SNKRS bot right now. TheShitBot supports Nike only: you can choose from dozens of regions, but not other platforms or brands. It includes proxy support, mass creation and editing of tasks, cookie harvesting, and more. There are also features to work specifically with Nike accounts, such as an account checker, exclusive access checker, and ability to import multiple accounts at once. Oh, and an in-built address jigger. The bot’s interface is simple to use, even though the copping process isn’t. TheShitBot’s retail price is $299. Technically, it’s often available, but at an exorbitant price of $9, 999, making the bot effectively out of stock. You can get it from group buys or the aftermarket for much pported sites: NikeOperating systems: WindowsProxy support: YesPrice: $2997. DasheOne of the best cheap sneaker bots for Mac (and Windows) to cook you don’t have much money – and want to cop from Shopify or Supreme – consider Dashe. It’s an okay bot with no-nonsense features and native support for multiple operating systems. Some say that Dashe is hit-or-miss, but quite a few sneakerheads have found success with it. So, it’s not the best bot, but also far from the worst. Dashe allows creating multiple tasks and profiles, hooking up a Discord group, adding proxies, and solving CAPTCHAs through Gmail accounts. It has an approachable interface and well-written documentation to help you set things up. Dashe’s most attractive aspect is price: the bot costs $50/month. That’s quite a bit less compared to other sneaker bots, bot mostly in the short run. Long-term the price adds up. Dashe is often out of stock (sigh) and may cost around $150 for resale. Overall, it’s a good bot to try your hand at sneaker copping without going all pported sites: Shopify, SupremeOperating systems: Windows, macOSProxy support: YesPrice: $50/monthThat was our list. It’s not exhaustive, meaning there are some other great sneaker bots we fail to mention. For example, it doesn’t include Kodai and Balko – both very powerful bots that have been trending lately; or a host of Supreme bots. There simply isn’t enough space, and giving you more options would actually make your choice harder. The best sneaker bots that did make the list are well-balanced, and you should find a tool for any sneaker release. What’s next? Pick a bot. Read our articles about sneaker servers, cook groups, and sneaker proxies. Then go cop those kicks!
10 Best Bots Available On The Internet Right Now - Blog de Bismart

10 Best Bots Available On The Internet Right Now – Blog de Bismart

Bots – web bots, chatbots, AI bots, robots, or whatever you want to call them – are fast becoming the future of the internet, and the future of business. Many business pundits are already discussing how the best bots shaped by machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data will form cornerstones of the businesses of tomorrow. Today bots can greatly improve your customer services lines, but tomorrow they could even be writing code instead of humans.
They are fantastically simple to use and interact with, and the best bots are already available on a range of chat platforms. Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, and Slack are just five of the giants that you can speak with bots on today. Facebook has even already added analytics support for messenger bots, giving developers a huge new range of tools to employ.
You might be interested in: Bismart’s Intelligent City Bot
There are a huge amount of bots available to use today, and here we cherry pick ten of the best bots for you to enjoy.
1. Wall Street Journal
Get breaking news straight to your phone, the instant the story breaks. The Wall Street Journal has opened a chatbot on Facebook Messenger giving users a very easy way to receive breaking news notifications. This bot is extremely easy to use with only the following instructions:
1. Go to. Send the bot a message, like ‘news’3. Subscribe to news alerts
2. CNN Bot
News agency CNN also has a similar bot available to use. You just have to begin a conversation with the bot much in the same way you would with the Wall Street Journal above, and you’ve got the world’s most important news stories in your pocket in an instance. The Wall Street Journal and CNN are two of the absolute best bots for news on the market today.
3. Fify
The world’s first fashion botfriend! Looking for someone to chat about the latest fashion trends with? Need new style inspiration for Saturday night? Have some orders in the mail you want to track? Fify is all you’ll need for anything fashion related.
Fify is the creation of the online fashion retailer Fynd, meaning the bot has a phenomenal database of fashion styles and selections to begin with.
4. OrderNow Chatbot
Hungry? We are too. Quick, get on OrderNow!
This brilliant robot works on kik, and lets you choose between different cuisines and restaurants in your area. It lets you browse what’s on offer, decide what you want to have for dinner, and pick whether you want to collect your food from the restaurant or have it delivered to your door. All you have to worry about is what TV series you’re going to enjoy your food with!
5. Dinner Ideas
Perhaps you’d prefer to use the contents of your fridge for dinner tonight instead of heading straight for OrderNow. No problem at all, Dinner Ideas has you covered!
One of the most creative bots I’ve come across, Dinner Ideas suggests recipes that you could make for dinner entirely based on the ingredients that you have ready to go. Simply send it what you have, and it replies with a varied range of dishes that you could work with.
6. Necrobot for Pokémon Go
This one could be edging toward an ethical gray area, as this bot is basically a cheat for the hugely popular worldwide Pokémon GO game. In essence, Necrobot plays the game for you, all the while catching new Pokémon, evolving them when possible, transferring if needed, and plenty more.
The game’s developers are keen to stamp out as many of these bots as they can, but Necrobot is cleverly designed to give it human-like walking, doing as much as possible to stay under the radar of the game’s authorities.
7. Health Tap
Welcome to the upgrade of “Dr. Google” – Health Tap. This ingenious bot gives users instant access to the knowledge of 100, 000 doctors, meaning whatever health question you have you can bring it here.
The bot has a broad scope of issues it can give answers on, helping users with almost any health query they may have. Staying true to the ‘two heads is better than one’ philosophy, they also have a Health Tap Cloud available, giving developers a platform to “build interoperable, more engaging, and smarter health apps faster. ”
8. DuoLingo Language Bot
DuoLingo is an extremely helpful app to learn the basics of foreign languages – free and fun! With a huge set of 30 different courses for varying source and target languages, it’s a great tool for anybody looking to learn a new language. Their new bot features lets you chat conversationally with a robot that teaches you your new language through real life scenarios.
DuoLingo says of its bot feature: “From grabbing a slice of pizza to hailing a taxi, Bots prepare you for real-life conversations — minus the awkwardness and anxiety. The hardest part of learning a new language just became easy. ”
9. Smokey
Smokey is an incredible bot that brings real-time air pollution data to your screen at the touch of a button. 6. 5 million people worldwide die each year due to poor air conditions, and Smokey’s goal is to bring awareness to these alarming figures and allow the nearly one billion Facebook users to prepare themselves appropriately for the conditions in advance.
Air pollution used to be a metric almost impossible to check at any given moment, which is a serious problem given the dangers of breathing dirty air. Thanks to Smokey, checking the air status is now as easy as checking the weather, something that will let us all breathe a little easier.
10. Bly
Bly is an extremely useful tool to connect people using its powerful search engine tool. It’s designed to connect individuals and professionals who want to sell, buy, rent, or offer services.
With Bly you can type in simple terms exactly what you’re looking for or what you’re offering, and the bot does the rest. So you can say “I’m selling my Playstation 4 for €300” or “I’m offering a lift from Philadelphia to New York on Friday at 7” and your ads will be added to its list of classifieds.
Bismart’s Intelligent City Bot
Intelligent City Bot
Here at Bismart we have also designed our own bot designed for use in retail stores. The Intelligent Shopping Bot works as a personal shopper and gives recommendations to the user based on their style and preferences through our clever algorithms. The Bot works as an intelligent data analyst who knows your customers better than themselves!

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What’s the best bot?

10 Best Bots Available On The Internet Right NowFify. … OrderNow Chatbot. … Dinner Ideas. … Necrobot for Pokémon Go. … Health Tap. … DuoLingo Language Bot. … Smokey. … Bly. Bly is an extremely useful tool to connect people using its powerful search engine tool.More items…

Are sneaker bots legit?

Do sneaker bots guarantee you success? No, they don’t, as botters are now competing with other botters. Some site, such as adidas, YeezySupply and Nike, release their products with a raffle-based system. Each buyer enters a queue and then a small amount of people are randomly selected to purchase the item.Jan 10, 2020

How do you beat sneaker bots 2020?

AIO bot is made by the same people who created Another Nike Bot (ANB), and it has excellent customer support. It comes with a Discord server and has some good features like multiple task modes and the Harvester, which lets you automatically generate Captcha tokens.May 26, 2021

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