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Anonymous Proxies Net Blackhatworld

anonymous proxies | BlackHatWorld

anonymous proxies | BlackHatWorld
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Anonymous proxies
104. 155. 23. 237:80
168. 63. 24. 174:8123
104. 60. 231:80
36. 231. 21. 190:80
137. 135. 166. 225:8146
23. 236. 56. 43:80
185. 51. 59:80
178. 65. 112. 166:3128
84. 38. 206. 195:80
77. 50. 250. 66:3128
168. 174:8118
190. 111. 88. 194:8080
103. 239:8080
51. 254. 122. 253:80
196. 26. 121. 107:9999
188. 233. 124. 182:8080…
Dec 7, 2015
anonymous proxies
Replies: 2, 543
Forum: Proxy Lists
[GET] 200 High Anonymous/Regular Anonymous Status – UNITED STATES LIST – JUNE 29, 2013
Just Scraped and Tested.
100. 45. 131:8080
198. 154. 114. 100:3128
66. 35. 68. 145:3128
66. 146:3128
108. 61. 89. 152:3128
173. 213. 113. 111:3128
173. 219. 189. 95:3128
174. 137. 184. 37:8080
192. 110. 163. 22:3128
198. 30. 10. 85:80
199. 167. 228. 36:80
199. 9. 180:80
205. 204. 36. 10:3128
206. 251. 255. 140:80…
Jun 29, 2013
high anonymous proxies
proxy lists
Replies: 6
How are are providers like useful if public proxies are not anonymous?
Signed up for “” and a few other providers of public proxies.
I expected the public proxies to often fail, which is ok. What I did not expect was for them to not be anonymous. I found that when I used the proxies in the lists provided, my IP address was being forwarded on…
Feb 10, 2013
public proxies
Replies: 2
Forum: Proxies
01/29 – 513x Google Passed Anonymous HTTP Proxies
Checked with Scrapebox
Location: Netherlands
200 Threads, 30 timeout
1. 34. 29. 89:8080
101. 99. 3. 164:3128
103. 139. 97:8080
103. 246. 145. 184:8080
103. 4. 146. 142:8080
106. 187. 41. 248:53
106. 42. 69:8182
106. 44. 53:49548
109. 197. 92. 60:8080
109. 198. 126. 112:8080
109. 224. 84:80…
Jan 28, 2013
scrapbebox proxies
Replies: 1
[LONG TERM] Need Good Proxies Daily
Hi, I need highly anonymous OR Elite Proxies daily.. lets say around 500-1000 of them!! They must not reveal server’s IP.. 🙂 for those interested PM me your rates!!
Oct 22, 2012
elite proxies
Replies: 13
OCT 08 | 300 Fresh HTTP/HTTPS Anonymous Proxies
78. 208. 158:54321
61. 55. 141. 10:80
66. 193. 31:8118
60. 218. 227:8080
222. 132. 133:8080
202. 116. 161. 11:808
200. 239. 66. 22:443
193. 157. 195:80
124. 226. 179:3128
121. 11. 149. 250:8081
222. 242:80
61. 158. 2:8080
50. 78. 103. 253:80
46. 143. 210:80
207. 241. 164. 68:80
206. 17. 82. 114:80…
Oct 8, 2012
proxies list
Unr3al shared & dedicated proxies by
Thank you for taking the time to review our thread and services. All our proxies are highly secure and anonymous with unmetered bandwidth.
We’re also featuring some of the best prices in the market for such service. Please take a look at a short list containing our key features:
– Pick your…
Apr 24, 2012
private proxies
shared proxies
Replies: 2, 201
Forum: Proxies For Sale
125 Anonymous HTTP/HTTPS Proxies
119. 46. 13:8080
118. 97. 104. 178:8080
110. 138. 20. 67:8080
190. 178:8080
91. 207. 142. 194:3128
202. 85:3124
143. 248. 171:3124
175. 106. 150:8080
61. 55:8909
118. 96. 123. 8:8080
85. 214. 52. 27:3128
119. 247. 217. 3:80
122. 39. 228:8909
202. 129. 133:8080
124. 164:8080…
majin buu
Sep 17, 2011
anonymous proxy
proxy list
What are the best types of proxies?
This might be a newbie type question but what are the best types of proxies to use with things like Alexa Booster, FatBoy’s Traffic Generator, FastVisits, harvesting urls etc? I have gathered over 200, 000 proxies and am running them through ProxyFire and it is outputting the proxies and…
socks proxies
Replies: 4
[GET] FREE 100+ Elite And 750+ Anonymous Proxies Every Hour!
I have some stuffs in pipeline and this is the first one among them.
Currently I am setting up a system for providing proxies for a charge. I have tested this and need some friends who can TEST this service before it goes live.
I will send 100+ Elite And 750+ Anonymous Proxies Every Hour…
Apr 9, 2011
Replies: 47
High Anonymous, Anonymous and Transparent Proxies – Daily Updates
Here are the fresh proxies 04-05-2011.
101. 16. 30:8080
109. 13:8080
109. 70. 47:80
109. 182. 143:8008
109. 185. 223. 47:3128
109. 191. 69. 127:808
109. 25:3128
109. 230. 128. 179:8080
109. 40:3128
109. 14:3128
109. 140:3128
109. 235. 19. 237:8080
109. 241:8080…
Apr 4, 2011
free proxies
free scrapebox proxies
proxies daily updates
scrapebox proxies
Replies: 303
03-04-2011 High Anonymous, Anonymous and Transparent Proxies
Here are the fresh proxies.
141. 76. 34:3128
68. 126:8088
85. 74:3128
46. 154:3128
202. 28. 115:8080
202. 108. 5. 35:8080
68. 62. 95. 62:8088
91. 74:3128
98. 220. 51:8080
91. 151. 238. 162:3128
222. 53:8000
188. 32. 156:3124
221. 203. 79. 101:443
68. 166:8088…
Apr 3, 2011
free public proxies
IpFreelyProxies formerly known as **Texacola Proxies** is back!
I have decided to get back into selling US proxies because yet again I’ve noticed others selling crap services and not being as client and service oriented as I’ve always been
The new site is at
Prices as follows:
Available at
Oct 8, 2010
fast proxies
Replies: 188
Forum: SEO – Link building
How Do You Cover Your Tracks?
I need to find a free way to cover my tracks while making social bookmarking accounts etc.
How do you guys do it?
Jan 10, 2010
cover up
Forum: Black Hat SEO
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Description HTTP proxies - AWMPROXY

Description HTTP proxies – AWMPROXY

All NewsNews
21. 06. 2021
Increase in proxy prices
We are forced to increase the prices for our services! Hurry up and buy the non-refundable rate for the old price!
All proxyFree proxies
109. 238. 222. 5:40387 Czechia195. 248. 241. 191:8088 Germany31. 199. 170. 90:8080 Italy101. 94. 5. 176:7890 Japan89. 40. 48. 186:8080 Kazakhstan195. 123. 212. 191:41080 Latvia91. 198. 137. 31:3508 Luxembourg45. 148. 122. 182:8080 Netherlands188. 133. 152. 25:1256 Russia51. 77. 10. 128:3128 Spain185. 235. 43. 191:9050 Switzerland
AWM Proxy HTTP Private – is our internal unique development, which provides private HTTP proxies with flexible setting system. With paid subscription, you can use static IP addresses or dynamic change of your output IP
You can easily choose static proxy from the needed country if it is in the base
Our developers spent much time to obtain the required quality and they claim the proxies always respond. You can see it for yourself by trying free test
Our advantages:fully anonymous proxy service with logs disabled
you can choose a static IP from the country you need
you can quickly change to IP address for which access is open
extensive and continuously updated base of final IP addresses
free test!!!
The service is perfect for mailing friendly resources and parsing
Why us?
If you don’t want to lose any message when mailing, it is very important to have not only fast but also reliable proxies. During parsing, when the response from proxy is lost, you can request the page once more, it’s nothing at all serious. However, when mailing messages, you are not always able to check immediately how successful it was, therefore, it is important that all messages reach the target, and we try that it is so
The proxies were tested with the following software: xkovator, Ń…rumer, Semonitor, Yazzle etc.
130+ Ubot Studio Resources You Should Check Out - Elite ...

130+ Ubot Studio Resources You Should Check Out – Elite …

While I have personally used many of these services and tools I have not used all of them. Do your own research and use each at your own risk.
Ubot Studio Resources
Private Proxies
Shared Proxies
Backconnect Proxies
Free Proxies
VPS Providers
Youtube Channels
Ubot Groups
Regular Expressions
Ubot Tools
GUI Tools
Code Generators
Other Ubot Tools
Plugin Development
Free Plugins
Premium Plugins
Ubot Studio Bug Tracker – The Bug Tracker is where you can submit bug reports and feature requests.
Ubot Studio Wiki – The Wiki is where you can find a wealth of information about specific commands and functions, FAQ, plugin development, and more.
Ubot Studio Forum – The Forum is a great place to interact with other Ubotters. Here you can find questions and answers, tutorials, plugins for sale and more.
Ubot Studio Playground (Old) – The Playground has a couple of forms that you can use for playing around with Ubot and is a great resource for absolute beginners.
Ubot Studio Playground V2 – The Playground (V2) is a test site that you can play around with. This has more features than the original playground and is a great resource for anybody looking to get their feet wet with Ubot.
Ubot Studio Tutorials – The Tutorials by Ubot Studio are listed here and are a great resource for beginners.
Ubot Studio Blog – The Blog is where some announcements, sneak peeks, and tutorials are posted.
Ubot Studio Store – The Store is where you can find 3rd party apps and plugins created by the Ubot community.
Ubot Studio Freelance – The Freelance area is where you can find freelance work, or hire a freelancer to create Ubot scripts/bots for you.
Proxies are used to mask your IP address. By masking your IP address you can appear as a different “person” to a website. Using multiple proxies can make you appear as multiple different people, and therefore allow you to create separate accounts, or perform other actions.
A private proxy (aka Dedicated Proxy) is a proxy that you rent which nobody else has access to. These are often the highest quality proxy a provider will have, and as such are typically the most expensive.
Private proxies will have the best connection and anonymity since you are the only one using them.
Private proxies should be used for things like Account creation and management, consistently appearing as the same person over a period of time, Google scraping, and anything else that requires a fast and reliable connection.
Private proxies are bad if you need a lot of different IP addresses for a short period of time (e. g., traffic generation, upvoting polls).
What To Look Out For
Lots of private proxy providers either oversell (they are not truly private), or have poor connections. After you get your proxy use it in a browser and perform a Speed Test (keep in mind your connection may affect the test as well).
Be sure to get HTTP proxies, not SOCKS.
List of Private Proxy Providers
Bywex Private Proxies
SSL Private Proxy
Change My IP
Blazing SEO LLC Proxies
Instant Proxies
Slim Proxies
Proxy Blaze
Find more here: Shared Proxies
Shared proxies are proxies that you share with a small group of people (typically 2 others). These are also called semi-dedicated proxies and are the second-best solution.
Shared proxies are a great choice because they are cheaper. However, the downside is that the people you share the proxies with may be using the same services as you, abusing the proxies, or taking all the bandwidth.
Use shared proxies when you need more IP addresses with less concern for quality; e. g., burner accounts.
List of Shared Proxy Providers
Bywex Shared Proxies
Backconnect (aka “rotating”) proxies are large pools of semi-private proxies. Backconnect proxies may have tens of thousands of proxies (or more) in rotation but all customers share the same pool.
A backconnect proxy will change the external IP address for that proxy every so often. Typically it’s based on time, such as every 10 minutes. But sometimes it’s based on requests (such as every request).
Because of the large pool of proxies you have access to, and the short duration of your access to any one particular proxy; backconnect proxies are great for things such as traffic generation, upvoting polls, and any other time you need to appear as a different person for a brief amount of time.
List of Backconnect Proxy Providers
At this time I don’t feel comfortable recommending any backconnect services. If you have found a reliable one that works with Ubot feel free to let me know and I’ll add it!
That being said you can find some here (use at your own risk): Free Proxies
Free proxies are proxies that are found through port scanning (I don’t recommend this, legally it’s in a grey area) or via scraping. Most free proxies are awful and come with a litany of problems.
While you should generally stay away from free proxies whenever possible they can be used for some things such as traffic inflation, poll upvotes, etc. Basically anywhere you would use a backconnect proxy you could use a free one.
Free proxies are notorious for having untrustworthy levels of anonymity, bad or dead connections, redirects, honeypots, and more.
Some services sell access to free proxies, these services are likely better than scraping them yourself, just be aware that they will likely die fairly quickly.
Free Proxy Sources
You can find lots of Blogspot proxy sources using this Google search: + +proxy
Then, append this to the homepage to get a ton of proxies: /feeds/posts/default
Example: VPS
Virtual Private Servers are virtual machines that are (*should be) always online and ready to run your bots.
Here is what you need to keep in mind when purchasing a VPS:
Must be a Windows VPS in order to run Ubot bots
The VPS will likely use 1 GB RAM to run the operating system
Each Ubot bot can use up to 2 GB RAM
With that in mind if you want to run 1 bot on your VPS then you only need 3GB RAM max. If you want to run your bot(s) and have 2 instances total running then the max amount of RAM you can use is 5GB.
Bywex Dedicated Servers
Find more here:
Elite Botters
Ubot Buddy
Ubot Studio Expert
Skype Group
Ubot Studio Elite Private Facebook Group
Ubot Thinktank
Ubot Studio Regex Forum – You can find Ubot related regex stuff here and ask any regex questions you may have.
– Everything you could ever want to know about regular expressions.
Derek Banas Regex Tutorials – If you want to learn regex via videos, this is a good place to start.
Regex Storm – An online Regex tester.
RegExr – An online regex tester that has a cheat sheet as well as community built regex patterns that you can quickly copy.
Rubular – An online regex tester with a simple interface and quick reference.
Regex Builder – Helps you build regular expressions by clicking buttons instead of remembering what to type.
UbotLocker – Web-based licensing that prevents decompiling and cracking.
Ubotlocker Unleashed – A mod that adds many features to UbotLocker.
Ubotter Unleashed – A feature-rich licensing system ready for Ubot bots and more.
GUI Hero
UI Editor Genie
BotScriptFast – build bots in seconds, adds multithreading, and basic UI as well.
Socket Code Generator – Generates code for HTTP Post Plugin bots, as well as C# code.
Ubot Studio Code Generator – Helps you generate javascript code to create accounts, log in, and more.
Ubot Studio Project Accelerator – Generates code for loading and saving data, UI code and more.
JSON Path Builder – Helps you create JSON expressions with just a few mouse clicks.
Make Ubot Install – An installer for Ubot.
Thread Docta – A threading framework for Ubot.
Ubot Launcher 2 – Choose your plugins and launch Ubot. Auto selects plugins in a script for you.
Xpath Builder – Create XPath expressions quickly and easily.
Plugin Development on Ubot Wiki
Plugin Development Forum
Web Bot Tutorials
How To Make A Plugin Video
Complete Ubot Plugin Development Course
Note that some of the links are tagged (possible dead link) – this means that the download link in the forum thread may not be working. However, you may still be able to find that plugin later in the thread or by sending the developer a PM on the forums.
21 Free Plugins
Advanced Captcha V3
Advanced File (& Clipboard)
Advanced Shell
Auto Update Plugin
Bulk Reset Plugin (lists and variables)
Captcha Breaking Plugin (possible dead link)
Close Bot
Command Line Arguments
Create Table From Excel (Lite)
CSS Selector Plugin
Datetime Manipulation
Diagnostic Functions (stopwatch)
Fer’s Plugin (Sound, Clipboard, PC, HMA & More) (possible dead link)
File Management (possible dead link)
Heopas Plugin (HTTP, Thread Lock, Sqlite, Thread Variables, Email, Ini, Clipboard)
HMAC SHA1 Encryption
INI File Reader (possible dead link)
JSON Path Parser (possible dead link)
Large Data Plugin
List/CSV Editable Grids and Extended Features
Local Dictionary (possible dead link)
MD5 Hash Generator
String Management Plugin
Text Encryption/Decryption
Threads Counter (note: only need this if using Ubot v4)
Time Plugin (scheduler)
TinyMCE Integration (Database, Encryption, Thread Safety, Files, And more.. ) (possible dead link)
Twilio SMS Plugin
URI Encode/Decode Plugin
Xpath Plugin
XtremeProxies API Plugin
Advanced Connection
Advanced Data Text File
Advanced Database
Advanced Date Time
Advanced Dialog
Advanced Document
Advanced Email
Advanced Facebook
Advanced Google Blogger V3
Advanced Google Drive
Advanced Google Youtube V3
Advanced Image
Advanced PowerPoint
Advanced Screen And Windows
Advanced Systems
Advanced Twitter
Advanced Ubot 1
Advanced Ubot 2
Advanced Video
Advanced WordPress
C# Compiler Plugin
DataGrid UI Plugin
Elite Ubot Plugin
ExBrowser Plugin
HTTP Post Plugin
Link Indexing Plugin
NoCaptcha reCaptcha Plugin
PDF Creator
SEO Plugin
Skype Control Plugin
Smart Thread Plugin
Super Fancy Dialogs Plugin
SQLite Database Plugin
Ubot Email Plugin
Ubot FTP Buddy
Ubot FTP Plugin
Ubot XML Plugin
Ubot Zip/Unzip Plugin
Ultimate Ubot Plugin – All-In-One
WordPress Login Checker
XAML Native UI

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