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Anonymity Level

Proxy Anonymity Levels - ProxyMesh Knowledge Base

Proxy Anonymity Levels – ProxyMesh Knowledge Base

Many important use cases are best supported by high levels of proxy anonymity. This article describes three generally accepted categories of proxy anonymity. The main criterion is the degree of exclusion of certain header information from requests over the Internet to a web-server.
As detailed below, the ProxyMesh rotating proxies and our static-IP world proxy provide the highest type of anonymity, called Level 1 Elite, while our open proxy is in the Level 2 Anonymous category.
Elite Proxies (Level 1)
Elite Level 1 Proxies, also called High Anonymity Proxies, provide the very highest level of anonymity. With this type of proxy, the server you connect to receives no information about your actual IP address. In fact, it cannot even detect that the connection was made through a proxy.
ProxyMesh’s Elite Level 1 proxies enable this degree of anonymity in part by stripping out all identifying headers so that they’re not passed along in requests. The following headers are removed to prevent proxy identification by the remote site:
Both the ProxyMesh rotating proxies and the world proxy are Elite Level 1 High Anonymity proxy servers.
Anonymous Proxies (Level 2)
Level 2 Anonymous Proxies, also called Distorting proxies, provide a degree of anonymity acceptable for many purposes. Like Level 1, this Anonymous proxy hides your IP address from a target server; but the server will recognize that a proxy is making the connection. That’s because a Level 2 proxy sends through some information – such as the Via header – omitted by Level 1 proxies.
A proxy is anonymous as long as the headers do not include your actual IP address. Keep in mind that some server administrators restrict proxy requests. But restriction is based primarily on log analysis, and it can be offset by rapid proxy rotation, with a new IP chosen at random for each request.
ProxyMesh’s rotating open proxy provides Level 2 anonymity.
Transparent Proxies (Level 3)
Level 3 Transparent proxies do not hide your IP address from a server you are connecting to, so it does not provide anonymity. Although your address may not be immediately obvious, it’s easy to find it out. Requests from transparent proxies pass in the proxy’s IP address in the Via header and your IP address in the X-Forwarded-For header.
These proxies, also known as Caching proxies, can be useful for caching data and for speeding access to a list of frequently visited websites.
Since anonymity is a primary goal of our customers, ProxyMesh does not offer transparent proxy services.
Read about proxy server types that work well with different use cases in
Types of Proxy Servers.
For more general information, see our blog articles
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Last updated on September 30, 2021
Anonymity check / PROXY6.net

Anonymity check / PROXY6.net

With this service, you can check how anonymous you are on the network, how much data provided by your computer/browser, the same data provided by your ip-address.
64. 235. 38. 185
United States (US)
CitySanta Clara
37. 353, -121. 9543Show map
BrowserChrome 94. 0. 4606. 61
Time zone IPAmerica/Los_Angeles
Time IP05-10-2021, 08:16
Time system
UserAgentMozilla/5. 0 (Windows NT 10. 0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537. 36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/94. 61 Safari/537. 36
UserAgent JS
My anonymity:
transparent vs anonymous vs elite proxies - ProxyScrape

transparent vs anonymous vs elite proxies – ProxyScrape

There are three different proxies: transparent, anonymous, and proxies are communicating with websites, they can send two different headers. These are X-Forwarded-For and Via. The information in these headers is different for each of the three types of proxies and is how you tell them proxies offer more privacy by not sending your real IP address to the target website, and others will cache the websites to speed up your browsing. Below, you’ll find all the information on what data is transmitted in each of these headers for the different proxy types and what benefits they can offer a Transparent Proxy WorksTransparent proxies do not hide your IP Address and don’t alter any user information. They can help you browse the internet faster and get around some restrictions, or enforce restrictions. Your real IP address is sent in the X-Forwarded-For header. Your Via header is also sent. This shows the proxy software that is used. The benefit of using a transparent proxy is obviously not in privacy but in that these proxies make it so websites load faster. This is because they cache content on websites you visit, which speeds things up and the upstream bandwidth usage is reduced. Companies will use transparent proxies to keep their employees from being able to access specific websites, like social networks. A user could use a transparent proxy themselves to get past restrictions at work or school. They are also used for blocking local firewalls and downloading files from hosting services. The key thing to remember with transparent proxies is they aren’t much good if you are looking for anonymity while browsing the web. Example request using a transparent proxy:
User-Agent: Mozilla/5. 0 (Windows NT 10. 0; Win64; x64; rv:66. 0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/66. 0…
Host: 147. 71. 73. 41
Via: 1. 1 ubuntu-s-1vcpu-1gb-fra1-01-1562023622664-s-1vcpu-1gb-fra1-09 (squid/3. 5. 27)
X-Forwarded-For: 5. 157. 248. 142
Cache-Control: max-age=0
Connection: keep-aliveHow an Anonymous Proxy WorksAn anonymous proxy does not reveal your IP address but it does reveal that you are using a proxy server. So your IP address is not sent in the X-Forwarded-For header. Instead, this header is not forwarded or the proxy’s IP address is submitted in this space. The Via header is the same as with a transparent proxy, where it is shown that you are using a proxy server. This offers some level of privacy because even though they can see you are using a proxy, they don’t have your real IP. An anonymous proxy may still be blocked on a web page where someone really wants to restrict page access. In most cases, this won’t be an issue. Anonymous proxies can also perform caching like with transparent proxies to help speed up websites you’ve visited previously. Anonymous proxies are used by people who want some protection from their original IP address from being leaked to the target website. Example request using a anonymous proxy:
Host: 35. 96. 34. 11…
Via: HTTP/1. 1
Connection: keep-aliveHow an Elite Proxy WorksElite proxy servers hide both your IP address and the fact that you are using a proxy server at all. These are the most advanced proxies that offer the most security. The X-Forwarded-For and Via headers are not forwarded. This makes it look like you aren’t using a proxy and are just a regular internet user. It only communicates the IP address of the proxy server. The elite proxies will give you the most security, privacy, and protection as you browse the internet. Example request using a elite proxy:
Host: 5. 51. 12. 41
User-Agent: Mozilla/5. 0
Accept: text/html, application/xhtml+xml, application/xml;q=0. 9, */*;q=0. 8
Accept-Language: en-US, en;q=0. 5
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Connection: Keep-Alive
Upgrade-Insecure-Requests: 1
Cache-Control:max-age=0As you can see there is nothing here that indicates that we are using a judgesMost proxy judges use the AZ Environment variables system but this judge does not display the headers in a correct manner. All headers get capitalized, and the hypen gets replaced with an underscore, and the header gets an HTTP_ prefix. Example request using azenv:
HTTP_USER_AGENT =S Mozilla/5. 0…
HTTP_HOST = 147. 41
HTTP_VIA = 1. 27)
HTTP_CACHE_CONTROL = max-age=259200
HTTP_CONNECTION = keep-alive
REMOTE_ADDR = 65. 122. 93. 115…
REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT = 1562180063. 141
REQUEST_TIME = 1562180063
This request is done with a transparent proxy
PHP Code to get the headers:
$value) {
if (strpos($header, ‘REMOTE’)! == false || strpos($header, ‘HTTP’)! == false || strpos($header, ‘REQUEST’)! == false) {
echo $header. ‘ = ‘. $value. “n”;}}? >
Or download it from github:
Example request with original headers:
Connection: keep-alive
foreach (getallheaders() as $name => $value) {
echo “$name: $valuen”;}
When your PHP does not support getallheaders() add the following code to your script:
When your PHP does not support getallheaders() add the following code to your script: does not matter what system you use but it is worth mentioning and you should make sure that your proxy checkers are configured correctly when checking the anonymity of a HTTP nclusion; The key Differences Between Transparent, Anonymous, and Elite ProxiesThe main difference that separates these three proxy types is the level of security and privacy they ansparent proxies do not hide your IP Address and they don’t alter any user anonymous proxy does not reveal your IP address but does reveal that you are using a proxy proxy servers hide both your IP address and the fact that you are using a proxy server at the most protection, while browsing the internet, an elite proxy is the best choice. That doesn’t mean transparent and anonymous don’t have their uses. Public elite proxies are more overloaded than transparent servers, so if you were looking for something that loads pages faster but aren’t concerned about privacy, then a transparent proxy would be the best choice. The best proxy option is determined by your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about anonymity level

What is transparent anonymity?

Transparent proxies do not hide your IP Address and don’t alter any user information. They can help you browse the internet faster and get around some restrictions, or enforce restrictions. Your real IP address is sent in the X-Forwarded-For header.Feb 18, 2021

How do I know if my proxy is anonymous?

If you are using proxy, you can check your anonymity. http://www.ip-privacy.com/ – shows (for specified IP) country and a city. Also shows your browser and operating system versions. N/A – shows real location of your computer (country and city), and also your Latitude (on site writed “Latitue”) and Longitude.

Is VPN anonymous?

Let’s be clear from the start: a VPN offers better privacy. Privacy isn’t interchangeable with anonymity and VPNs don’t make you anonymous. … The connection between the VPN server and website (or web service) isn’t encrypted but your identity is protected because the server changes your IP address.Dec 2, 2020

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