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Aiobot Review

Cop Limited Sneakers using All In One Bot – AIO Bot

Over 300, 000 Yeezy Reflectives, Offwhites, Jordans, NMDs and much more copped with the AIO Bot V2. Instead of waiting around for a release and risk missing out on an item that sells out in minutes, why not use AIO Bot’s cutting edge automation technology to increase your chances by a thousand times more!
AIO Bot also helps bypass a retailer’s “one item per customer” policy just in case you were looking to cop multiple pairs from the same site to resell and make a profit.
Success Proof
AIO Bot V2 supports 200+ websites including
Kith, Undefeated, Shoe Palace, Shop Nice Kicks, DTLR, DSM EFlash, Bape, Stussy, Social Status, Concepts, Funko Shop, Deadstock, NRML, Haven Shop
Yeezy Supply, Adidas US, Adidas CA, Adidas EU, Adidas UK, Adidas PH, Adidas SG, Adidas MY, Adidas TH, Adidas AU, Adidas NZ, Adidas RU,
Adidas BR
Footlocker US,
Footlocker CA,
Champs Sports,
Kids Footlocker
Finishline & JD Sports
Super fast, Using Multi threading technology
Supports 100 tasks
Site monitor to catch restocks or sudden drops
Product keywords Search
Auto checkout support
Auto checkout retry
Retry on failure or *Site* crash
Proxy Support
Works on windows and Mac ( Using a virtual machine, tutorial provided)
Updates are free for the first 6 months
24/7 support available
Simple setup
Multi-Captcha solver
Shopify Bypass Queue
Footsites Bypass Captcha
Free Discord server
Release setup guide
Direct support
Shopify monitor
Our product is a software that helps users increase their chances of buying limited shoes from retailer sites. The purchase price of the software DOES NOT include the price of the shoes. Payment for shoes is SEPARATE. Buying and using the software DOES NOT guarantee you will get the shoes you want because of other factors, such as limited stock. The purpose of the software is to INCREASE YOUR CHANCES.
With our software, you are MORE LIKELY to become one of our successful users. Check our SUCCESS STORIES.
Questions and answers of the customers
Yes you can do that if you use more than 1 payment method and address.
No, but it’s always safer to use proxies to avoid any possible ban.
It can be used on a one pc at a time, of course you can move it to another one or buy an extra license if you want to run it on two pcs at the same time.
You won’t be able to cop from the updated sites successfully.
warte schon vergeblich….. 25 std. sind vergangen und immer noch nichts erhalten.
Please email us: [email protected]
Sure, you will receive the bot immediately
Our bot is easy to use, we provide full tutorials with the purchase email and you can ALWAYS email us if you are having any troubles, we also provide detailed instructions on how to set the bot for hyped releases.
yes we provide them for hyped releases.
Sorry we don’t have monthly payments.
Yes, we provide detailed instructions on how to do that.
If the site accept your card and ships to Canada, yes you can as long as it’s not 3d secured
No, we are a different bot.
You can still use it, but you will need proxies.
No not a scam, you can check success tweets from our customers here and
You will need different addresses and cards as well.
It works with windows 10.
What if you have 2 or 3 different credit card but same address?
No, you can assign multi tasks to each billing info.
Yes, but of course we don’t guarantee the results.
Yes we have a manual captcha solver in the bot.
It works for apparel as well.
You cannot use the bot without updates.
You need to install windows on mac under virtual box.
You will receive the download link by email.
It will run better with higher specs yes.
The bot will go through the queue page.
If you want to cop from the same site the same pair more than once, you will need different cards and addresses.
Yes you can move the bot from one pc to another.
We don’t have a success rate, but you can scroll back through our Twitter and check a collection of our users’ success on and
click on settings; check for updates.
You will put your email when checking out.
Yes our bots work on Mac OS X under parallels, virtual box or bootcamp.
Sorry but Nike isn’t included in the AIO bot.
You can deactivate the bot from your old one, download it on the new one and use your key to activate it.
Yup, we have plenty of sites that do Jordans releases.
You can only buy one pair using the same credit card and address from the same site.
yeah sure, the bot is desgined to add to cart the shoe and auto checkout for you.
Yes, but make sure to use proxies.
They ban you for a long time.
Minimum specs are 4gb ram, core i3.
Yeah sure! we provide detailed instructions on how to do so and of course you can email us at anytime asking us for help.
You can do so, but it’s better to be next to your PC in case we launch an update.
Please email us so we can help you.
Please email us so we can check your order and email you the bot.
We email back really quick.
You should receive the bot immediately, if not please email us.
The you will send you the confirmation to the email you used in the billing info in the bot.
Yes, we don’t guarantee the results, but the bot will raise your chances.
You move it from one PC to another, but you can’t use it on 2 PCs at the same time.
It’s better to use it on your personal PC.
We have a captcha solver in the bot where you solve the captcha manually.
We don’t guarantee the results, but we always do our best to make sure that the bot is ready.
We have a feature in the bot called ”checkout once per site”. So you can assign different tasks to a billing profile and one of your tasks will check out.
Purchasing the bot off someone is against our terms and conditions.
You only pay it once, updates are free for the first 6 months, after that it will cost you 69$ for another 6 months of updates
If the site accept the card, you can use it in the bot.
Sure! paying 325$ and copping multiple limited shoe worth more than that actually. you can scroll back through our Twitter and check a collection of our users’ success on and
If you want to cop the same pair from the same site then yes, you will need to use different emails, cards addresses, etc…
Hey, yes you can move the bot from one PC to another.
Proxies are used to hide your IP to prevent the site from banning it.
Sorry, the bot is a PC app only.
Updates are free for the first 6 months, after that it will cost you 69$ for another 6 months of updates.
You can simply deactivate the bot from your current device, and activate it on the new one using your own activation key.
You can buy our supreme bot from here: And yes it does work on Adidas JP.
You can buy an extra license that will cost you 200$, more info here:
The AIO Bot work for all the footsites including footlocker! Nike is currently unavailable. Servers are needed if you have a slow internet connection and want to increase your chances!
Yes we have Adidas IT included in the bot. Sorry, but at the moment you can’t use PayPal to auto checkout using the bot, we are working on adding it tho.
You can add supreme bot from here:
Please contact us on [email protected] and we will help you to activate it on your mac easily!
No, The AIO bot doesn’t work on raffles!
You can’t use PayPal for Auto checkout but you can add to cart automatically and checkout manually using PayPal!
Sorry, but we don’t have it included yet, you can use the bot for sites that ships internationally.
Yes, you can use the bot to cop from Adidas IT!
It depends on the proxy providers! please contact them to check the validity of your proxies! from our side if the proxies are not banned you can use them again!
Yes! You can use our bot to cop from Adidas uk!
Email us with your order number please at [email protected]
Yes, Adidas FR is included in the bot.
Yes, but you will need to download windows under a virtual machine.
Sorry but Adidas JP isn’t included in the bot. Proxies are used to prevent your IP from getting banned by the site.
Currently no! But a lot of AIO websites support Nike releases, for more info please contact [email protected]
No need for a virtual machine if you are using windows.
Adidas DE is included in the bot.
Sure! we have a step by step guide and our support team is always available.
There is no percentage because it varies between users, for more info about how to increase your chances to a higher percentage please contact our support team! [email protected]
Yes, Adidas AU is included in the bot.
IP Proxy is a different IP through which internet requests are processed, Using proxy help to save your IP and avoid getting banned! For more info please contact [email protected]
Yea! You need a different billing address and payment method for every pair if your copping from the same site!
You can always contact our support team and share all the dislikes that you have so they can help you!
Yes, our support team will help you figure out how! Please contact them via email [email protected]
Sorry, we do not support Nike yet!
You can use it normally on a server just deactivate it on your computer and reactivate it on your server! For more info please contact [email protected]
Yes! is supported!
No, You can contact [email protected] for more info on how you can cop from Singapore!
No, You can contact [email protected] for more info on how you can cop from AE
Yes! Please contact [email protected] for more info!
You can use a single CC! We provided such info for all of our customers before the release!
Currently no, for more info please contact [email protected]
No, you can contact [email protected] for more info on how to cop from the cn!
Bodega is supported in the bot! Please contact our support team [email protected] and they will help you finding it and using it!
There is a way to cop from DSM please contact [email protected] to know how!
Yes! For more info please contact [email protected]
The Bot comes with a free full 6 months of updates! For more info please contact [email protected]
A task is a thread that tries to cop one pair for you on the website, i. g. if you ran 10 tasks you are trying to cop 10 times on the website with different or same information and at a much higher speed than the normal. For more info please contact [email protected]
You can download this bot on as many computers you like, but you can only use it simultaneously per how many activations you have. It start with 1 activation at a time, but you can always purchase an extra license so you can run it on more PCs
Definitely! We always strive in making sure our bot supports the latest releases and is able to EAT STOCK.
The bot is for a lifetime indeed but you have to continue purchasing updates in order to retain the ability to use it! The updates are 69$ per 6 months only! (Without Discounts)
Yea! You can run the bot on a MAC using a Virtual Machine with Windows such as Parallels or VirtualBox! And we provide a full tutorial and remote assistance to help you with any issues you encounter on the way!
You can check customers success on:
The AIO bot can be merged with our Supreme bot so you can use both together under 1 interface! and you would then be able to purchase updates for both for the price of 1!
Yes definitely! You can use the same proxies you have on different sites if the release is happening on variety of them!
Inside the booming and controversial world of sneaker bots - Glossy.co

Inside the booming and controversial world of sneaker bots – Glossy.co

Last week, visitors to the Apple App Store looking at the top-trending paid apps saw a surprising sight: In the No. 3 spot was a $20 app called Supbot, an app that purports to help consumers grab the latest-hyped drop from Supreme faster than any human would be able to check eaker bots, programs that automate the process of buying a new product the instant it becomes available online, have been the scourge of the sneaker world for years. Non-bot-using customers hate them because it is practically impossible to check out faster than a bot can, so they often cause disappointment. Whenever hyped sneakers sell out in minutes, sneaker forums are filled with people lamenting that they “took the L, ” meaning “loss, ” on a new sneaker release because of bots.
On the other hand, brands and retailers hate them because they perceive the bot-user to not be valuable long-term customers but instead vultures who seek to buy up large quantities of limited product to resell at a markup. Nike even went as far as to cancel two online drops back in 2015 due to the concern that there were too many bots attempting to purchase the sneakers.
“If one person buys up 40% of the product just to resell it, it’s not a good customer experience for anyone, ” said Chris Bossola, founder and CEO of Need Supply Co., which has dealt with bots when hosting sneaker drops. “And it’s not helpful for us since those people are not reliable customers who provide long-term value. ”
But the providers of these bots see themselves as providing a valuable service to the larger sneaker community.
“Copping hyped sneakers was near impossible, and to get anything worthwhile at resale prices is also out of the question, ” said Alex Kabbara, vp and co-creator of, a sneaker bot with hundreds of positive testimonials online in various sneaker forums and on social media. “You’d be looking at paying a $300 to $1, 500 markup, generally. Everyone who was big had a source, someone who’d back-door stock at the local Foot Locker or Nike, so it was unfair. My partner was a very impressive developer, so we thought, why not even the playing field? Give the average sneakerhead a chance? ”
The rise of bots
Kabbara co-created AIOBot five years ago. Now, it is a full-fledged company with 35 employees operating mainly in Lebanon and Sydney, with a smaller contingent of remote specialists. Kabbara sees sneaker bots as a way to help give people a chance at obtaining the shoes they want.
The creator of CookLab, who requested to remain anonymous for this story, operates a pay-to-access group that offers a variety of sneaker-copping tools. He has a similar philosophy: “Basically, I just wanted to help people, ” he said.
The AIOBotsoftware costs $300, which is on-par in terms of price of bots on the market. Kabbara attributes the price to the high costs of maintaining the bot. At the same time, he stressed the bot’s role in helping a certain type of consumer: the customer who uses the constant buying and selling of sneakers as a revenue source.
“In just one day, you can make back all the money you spent to purchase the bot, ” said Kabbara. “Obviously, sometimes you may miss, but there are releases every day, and extremely profitable releases every week. We have a lot of clients who use our bot as their primary source of income and others who use it on the side to pay off their college. ”
Gray area
A recurring question in the world of bots is whether or not they break any laws. Is it legal for customers to use a program that gives them an unfair advantage over other consumers? The answer is a resounding “it depends. ”
“Bots have been around for a long time, ” said Jennifer Beckage, a lawyer focused on technology and privacy at Buffalo-based Beckage Law Firm. “There are a lot of purposes for bots, and they’re used in different industries to get ahead of the competition. It really comes down to a few factors: What is the particular bot doing, what is the company doing, what rules have the company set forth about bots, and what are the terms and conditions of shopping there? Those are all factors that are important and dictate whether it violates any rules. ”
There have been previous legal actions against bots in general, such as the Bots Act of 2016, which made it illegal to use bots to buy tickets online, and the proposed Stopping Grinch Bots Act in 2018 that was meant to curb the use of bots to buy coveted gifts around the Black Friday season. But no specific laws have been proposed to curb the onslaught of sneaker bots.
Kabbara confidently said that bots are 100% legal and that AIOBot has had no issues or legal pushback. The creator of CookLab also said they have never had an issue with the law.
However, most sneaker brands and retailers have a clause against bots in their terms of service. Nike’s Terms of Use states that the company will cancel or refuse any order it determines was placed using a bot. Using one to buy shoes would technically be a breach of contract and would probably stand up in court, if it were pressed by the brands, according to an analysis from Wired. But none have actually done so.
“It all depends on the details of the terms of service, ” said Dan Greene, another lawyer at Beckage Law Firm. “If the user is breaking the terms of use, they’d be violating the contract with the seller. You can’t prevent everything, so how do you put yourself in a defensible position? A lot of brands are trying to make it harder for bots, adding more steps and using multifactor authentication to weed out bots. ”
Fighting back
Instead of legal action, many brands and retailers have resorted to other tactics to curb bots, like augmented reality, as exemplified by Nike when it required buyers of a collaboration with Momofuku to scan a menu from the restaurant to complete the purchase. But by far, the most common sneaker bot deterrent is the raffle.
“Now, we avoid all of this by using a raffle system, where people can sign up on our site, and we have a really intricate system that weeds out a lot of the bots so we can get real people, ” said Wil Whitney, a longtime streetwear veteran who now manages U. S. brand relations for sneaker retailer Sneakersnstuff. “After that, it goes to a third party for the names to get drawn, and those winners are contacted via email and they get a guaranteed chance to buy the shoes. ”
Raffle systems have been implemented by major brands like Nike and Adidas, along with retailers like Need Supply and Sneakersnstuff.
And while Need Supply reported some success with raffles — Bossola called them a “low-tech, but effective” solution — many of the bot makers are undeterred. When asked whether raffles have had an impact on AIOBot’s revenue, Kabbara responded, “We botted that, too, ” adding that anything humans can do, bots can simulate.
Neither AIOBot nor CookLab would disclose their revenue, but the growth that both have experienced — from two employees to 35 for AIOBot, and a few members to 150 for CookLab since launching last year — suggests that, at the very least, the demand for sneaker bots is not slowing down.
“A lot of bots are springing up every month in this space, thinking it’s easy money but, what most don’t realize is it takes a massive amount of resources to have a sneaker bot that works, ” Kabbara said. “From what I see, there’s an uptrend in bots, and it’s becoming more popular. Bots will always be there because if you want actual humans to be able to interact, then you’ll need to leave space for bots to work their magic, as well. ”
The Sneaker Bot War: Who is on the Front Lines? - Highsnobiety

The Sneaker Bot War: Who is on the Front Lines? – Highsnobiety

The easiest analogy to explain the reselling of sneakers is concert tickets; they often sell for more then their retail price, and some people use automated bots to buy them. The ticketing industry and the footwear industry are both plagued by the issue of tailers, brands, and designers often speak out about the issue, including KAWS who recently posted saying he was cancelling and blocking orders made by bots. Berrics tricked one bot user into spending $11, 000 on one shoe, while Kith used a similar bait-and-switch tactic to dupe someone into buying 21 pairs, or $1, 700 worth of “Wheat” Jordan the while, bot services abound, as well as YouTube tutorials on how to use them. It’s an ongoing grapple, with both sides consistently re-positioning to gain new who is on the front lines of the sneaker bot war? What are sneaker bots? A sneaker bot is an application, or an automated script, which is used to speed up the checkout process when buying products online. While any computer can run a bot, servers are commonly used for eaker bots facilitate the purchasing of extremely limited items; in some cases these products make their way to the aftermarket where they are sold for profit. Many of these items are nearly impossible to buy without using bots, given that others are simultaneously “botting” the same items, so they sell out very most commonly botted sites are Supreme, Footsites (Foot Locker, Champs, Eastbay and Footaction), and Shopify stores like YeezySupply and Dover Street Market, given that they regularly drop covetable do sneaker bots work? In a nutshell, you enter your information into the bot (like your credit card details, name, delivery address etc) and then instruct the bot what to buy – this can be done in multiple ways, but the most common is to enter a URL link or keywords into the bot. Buyers will often search for early information (like the product URL) from so-called “cook groups, ” which provide support to the bot is initiated, it will automate the checkout process and purchase items quicker than is humanly possible – bots can checkout items in as little as 0. 2 Erik Fagerlind from Sneakersnstuff previously pointed out to Highsnobiety: “In order for any release to actually be fair, everyone has to be using the same speed of internet. Moreover, everybody must be the same physical distance away from the servers, as that also effects the amount of time it takes to be first in line. “Although it sounds fairly simple, using sneaker bots can actually become quite complicated, as you usually have to use proxies and a server alongside the bot. A server is a virtual PC that you can use to run bots on, increasing their speeds and connection to the site. Proxies are unique IP addresses that can be used to make you seem like you are multiple people. If you wanted to mass-enter into an online queue to buy YEEZYs, for instance, more entries result in higher chances of completing your purchase. If you don’t use proxies to appear as multiple buyers, the site is able to identify all entries are coming from one source, resulting in an IP sneaker bots guarantee you success? No, they don’t, as botters are now competing with other botters. Some site, such as adidas, YeezySupply and Nike, release their products with a raffle-based system. Each buyer enters a queue and then a small amount of people are randomly selected to purchase the item. While this might sound like it could eliminate the success of bots, this isn’t the case, as they are also used to put mass entries into queues and raffles. So, while bots do not guarantee success, they drastically increase your chances of sneaker bots illegal? Bots aren’t illegal, but they do go against a lot of sites’ terms and conditions. Most sites actively make changes to try and combat sneaker bots. Supreme, Shopify, Nike, and adidas are very aware of bots, and regularly update their online protection against them. However, bots are usually quick to update their operating software, too, in order to bypass any new protective measures. These updates usually entail changes in coding that aim to tell the difference between a bot and a human user. Although sneaker bots are legal, this must not be confused with ticketing bots, which are illegal in the are retailers doing to combat sneaker bots? We spoke to Simon Lister, the marketing director at End Clothing, who says that sneaker bots are a “big focus” and that they’ve “implemented a number of solutions designed to make life more difficult for bots. ” When End release limited products, they do so through their new Launches Platform. Instead of having manic FCFS (first come, first served) online releases where bots will triumph, End have decided to let their customers enter a raffle – the lucky winners will be able to purchase the limited item. Simon asserts that releasing limited products like this is a way of “ensuring fairness for customers. ” A lot of other retailers have since followed Bone, general manager of Livestock, shares a critical outlook on sneaker bots, referring to bot users as “vampires” who “suck the life out of whatever it is they’re trying to make a buck off. ” Bone mentions that in-store releases and raffles are the way forward to combat the issue, stating that Livestock is constantly “working to get these releases into the right hands. ”Some retailers are now also implementing CAPTCHAs onto their site to try and stop bots. Supreme recently tried this tactic, though it wasn’t successful – bots now allow you to login to Gmail accounts, and if enough activity is monitored on the email account, the site will not ask you to solve a also spoke to Simon Bus from SNIPES, who mentions that the brand “uses a market-leading system to successfully block bots, ” and that “suspicious orders, which were classified technically flawless, are edited by our staff. ” This means that even if you manage to get passed their anti-bot protection, your order is still at risk of being cancelled. Highsnobiety also reached out to JD Sports, Dover Street Market, and Foot Locker, who all declined to comment on what measures they are taking to combat sneaker are bots staying ahead of retailers? The best sneaker bots are sold out. One well-known example retails for £300 and is one of the most popular and successful bots; it is so hard to get that you will probably end up paying at least £4, 000 to buy the bot from a reseller. Ironically, all of the best performing bots are extremely hard to get at retail – it is actually harder to purchase the best bots at retail value than it is to get an average pair of collectible sneakers like YEEZYs. Though the bots occasionally restock, due to the unprecedented demand for them, they sell out in tapped a UK-based bot developer who chose to remain anonymous, to ask what steps bot services are taking to stay ahead of retailers and brands. “I don’t think that retailers will ever truly win this cat and mouse game of anti-bot protection. I put it down to 2 main factors. The first being that it is difficult and time-intensive for retailers and brands to tackle “patching” the plethora of bot methods out there. People working on bypassing bot protection systems will all have their own unique take on how to get about cracking it. This is the biggest pain point for anyone providing security against bots. Secondly, where there is money… there will be a way. There is so much money to be made in the botting industry, and with bots like Cyber boasting the fact that their users collectively spent over 30 million dollars in the last year, the money is definitely there. ”

Frequently Asked Questions about aiobot review

Is AIO V2 a good bot?

AIO Bot V2 is the best sneaker bot to cop limited-edition sneakers automatically. It’s fast, efficient and user-friendly. You can use it to increase your chances on 200+ retail websites.

Does AIO bot work for Snkrs?

You can use BNB AIO bot on many sites, including Bape, Footsites, Supreme, Adidas, Size? BUT, you can only use Better Nike Bot (not AIO) for Nike sites and SNKRS. Both versions of the bot are very versatile, and developers are constantly adding new sites to cop from with BNB.May 26, 2021

Is AIO bot legal?

Kabbara confidently said that bots are 100% legal and that AIOBot has had no issues or legal pushback. The creator of CookLab also said they have never had an issue with the law.Apr 5, 2019

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