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3Proxy Windows

HTTP & SOCKS Rotating & Static Proxies

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3proxy – tiny free proxy server – GitHub

# 3APA3A 3proxy tiny proxy server
(c) 2002-2021 by Vladimir ‘3APA3A’ Dubrovin <>
Master (stable) branch – 3proxy 0. 9
Devel branch – 3proxy 10
Binaries for released (master) versions (Windows, Linux):
Binaries for devel version (Windows, Linux):
Docker images:
Archive of old versions:
Windows installation:
3proxy –install
installs and starts proxy as Windows service
(config file should be located in the same directory)
3proxy –remove
removes the service (should be stopped before via
‘net stop 3proxy’).
To build in Linux install git and build-essential packages, use
git clone cd 3proxy
ln -s Makefile
sudo make install
Default configuration (for Linux/Unix):
3proxy uses 2 configuration files:
/etc/3proxy/ (before-chroot). This configuration file is executed before chroot and should not be modified.
/usr/local/3proxy/conf/ symlinked from /etc/3proxy/conf/ (after-chroot) is a main configuration file. Modify this file, if required.
All paths in /usr/local/3proxy/conf/ are relative to chroot directory (/usr/local/3proxy). For future versions it’s planned to move
3proxy chroot direcory to /var.
Log files are created in /usr/local/3proxy/logs symlinked from /var/log/3proxy.
By default, socks is started on 0. 0. 0:1080 and proxy on 0. 0:3128 with basic auth, no users are added by default.
use /etc/3proxy/conf/ script to add users.
usage: /etc/3proxy/conf/ username password [day_limit] [bandwidth]
day_limit – traffic limit in MB per day
bandwidth – bandwith in bits per second 1048576 = 1Mbps
or modify /etc/3proxy/conf/ files directly.
Please read doc/html/ and man pages.
1. General
+ IPv6 support for incoming and outgoing connection,
can be used as a proxy between IPv4 and IPv6 networks
in either direction.
+ HTTP/1. 1 Proxy with keep-alive client and server support,
transparent proxy support.
+ HTTPS (CONNECT) proxy (compatible with HTTP/2 / SPDY)
+ Anonymous and random client IP emulation for HTTP proxy mode
+ FTP over HTTP support.
+ DNS caching with built-in resolver
+ DNS proxy
+ DNS over TCP support, redirecting DNS traffic via parent
+ SOCKSv4/4. 5 Proxy
+ SOCKSv5 Proxy
+ SOCKSv5 UDP and BIND support (fully compatible with
SocksCAP/FreeCAP for UDP)
+ Transparent SOCKS redirection for HTTP, POP3, FTP, SMTP
+ POP3 Proxy
+ FTP proxy
+ TCP port mapper (port forwarding)
+ UDP port mapper (port forwarding)
+ SMTP proxy
+ Threaded application (no child process).
+ Web administration and statistics
+ Plugins for functionality extension
+ Native 32/64 bit application
2. Proxy chaining and network connections
+ Can be used as a bridge between client and different proxy type
(e. g. convert incoming HTTP proxy request from client to SOCKSv5
request to parent server).
+ Connect back proxy support to bypass firewalls
+ Parent proxy support for any type of incoming connection
+ Username/password authentication for parent proxy(s).
+ HTTPS/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 and ip/port redirection parent support
+ Random parent selection
+ Chain building (multihop proxing)
+ Load balancing between few network connections by choosing network
3. Logging
+ tuneable log format compatible with any log parser
+ stdout logging
+ file logging
+ syslog logging (Unix)
+ ODBC logging
+ RADIUS accounting
+ log file rotation
+ automatic log file processing with external archiver (for files)
+ Character filtering for log files
+ different log files for different servces are supported
4. Access control
+ ACL-driven Access control by username, source IP,
destination IP/hostname, destination port and destination action
(POST, PUT, GET, etc), weekday and daytime.
+ ACL-driven (user/source/destination/protocol/weekday/daytime or
combined) bandwith limitation for incoming and (! )outgoing trafic.
+ ACL-driven traffic limitation per day, week or month for incoming and
outgoing traffic
+ Connection limitation and ratelimting
+ User authentication by username / password
+ RADIUS Authentication and Authorization
+ User authentication by DNS hostname
+ Authentication cache with possibility to limit user to single IP address
+ Access control by username/password for SOCKSv5 and HTTP/HTTPS/FTP
+ Cleartext or encrypted (crypt/MD5 or NT) passwords.
+ Connection redirection
+ Access control by requested action (CONNECT/BIND,
+ All access control entries now support weekday and time limitations
+ Hostnames and * templates are supported instead of IP address
5. Extensions
+ Regular expression filtering (with PCRE) via PCREPlugin
+ Authentication with Windows username/password (cleartext only)
+ SSL/TLS decryptions with certificate spoofing
+ Transparent redirection support for Linux and *BSD
6. Configuration
+ support for configuration files
+ support for includes in configuration files
+ interface binding
+ socket options
+ running as daemon process
+ utility for automated networks list building
+ configuration reload on any file change
+ support for chroot
+ support for setgid
+ support for setuid
+ support for signals (SIGUSR1 to reload configuration)
+ support –install as service
+ support –remove as service
+ support for service START, STOP, PAUSE and CONTINUE commands (on
PAUSE no new connection accepted, but active connections still in
progress, on CONTINUE configuration is reloaded)
Windows 95/98/ME
6. Compilation
+ MSVC (static)
+ OpenWatcom (static)
+ Intel Windows Compiler ()
+ Windows/gcc ()
+ Cygwin/gcc ()
+ Unix/gcc
+ Unix/ccc
+ Solaris
+ Mac OS X, iPhone OS
+ Linux and derivered systems
+ Lite version for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003
+ 32 bit and 64 bit versions for Windows Vista and above, Windows 2008 server and above
3proxy Combined proxy server may be used as
executable or service (supports installation and removal).
It uses config file to read it’s configuration (see
for details).
is all-in-one, it doesn’t require all others
to work.
See for examples, see man
proxy HTTP proxy server, binds to port 3128
ftppr FTP proxy server, binds to port 21
socks SOCKS 4/5 proxy server, binds to port 1080
ftppr FTP proxy server, please do not mess it with FTP over HTTP
proxy used in browsers
pop3p POP3 proxy server, binds to port 110. You must specify
POP3 username as [:port]
port is 110 by default.
Exmple: in Username configuration for you e-mail reader
set, to obtains mail for someuser
from via proxy.
smtpp SMTP proxy server, binds to port 25. You must specify
SMTP username as [:port]
port is 25 by default.
set, to send mail as someuser
via via proxy.
tcppm TCP port mapping. Maps some TCP port on local machine to
TCP port on remote host.
udppm UDP port mapping. Maps some UDP port on local machine to
UDP port on remote machine. Only one user simulationeously
can use UDP mapping, so it cann’t be used for public service
in large networks. It’s OK to use it to map to DNS server
in small network or to map Counter-Strike server for single
client (you can use few mappings on different ports for
different clients in last case).
mycrypt Program to obtain crypted password fro cleartext. Supports
both MD5/crypt and NT password.
mycrypt password
produces NT password
mycrypt salt password
produces MD5/crypt password with salt “salt”.
Run utility with –help option for command line reference.
Latest version is available from
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3proxy tiny free proxy server for Windows, Linux, Unix: SOCKS ...


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3proxy tiny free proxy server for Windows, Linux, Unix: SOCKS …

Few antiviral products inadequately detect 3proxy as Trojan. Daemonize,
Backdoor. Daemonize, etc and many detect 3proxy as a PUA (potentially unwanted program).
It may cause browser warning on download page.
3proxy is not trojan or backdoor and contains
no functionality except described in documentation. Clear explanation of this
fact is given, for example, in
3proxy tiny free proxy server
Hot news:
3proxy 0. 9. 3 released December, 03 2020.
0. 3
Fixed: systemd description file (proxy may fail to start after reboot or via systemctl)
Fixed: group/account creation in installation scripts
Fixed: countall/nocounall do not work in some configurations
Fixed: counters do not work if counter file is not specified
Fixed: counters without rotation (type N) are incorrectly shown in web admin interface
Fixed:%n may be incomplete or missed in long log records
Fixed: connect back functionality does not work
+ Docker builds
0. 2
Fixed: bandwidth limiters (once again)
Fixed: data filtering plugins (PCREPlugin, SSLPlugin). SSLPlugin use on Linux requires to disable splice (-s0)
FIxed: standalone proxies do not react on HUP (Ctrl+C) in Linux/Unix
Fixed: few minor bugs
+ deb for arm platforms (experimental)
+ Openssl 1. 1 support for SSLPlugin
0. 1 – bugfix release
Fixed: socket may be closed before all data received/sent
Fixed: bandlimin non-working
Fixed: countall/nocountall
Fixed: few race conditions
0. 9 intoduces socket options including interface binding for Linux, connection limits and connection ratelimits, user session binding to IP,
zero-copy mode for Linux, multiple IPv6 improvements, preliminary RADIUS support, ARM support for Windows.
It’s recommended to update to 0. 9 branch from any older versions.
0. 9 now is a stable branch, 10 is a development branch, security-related fixes will be backported to 0. 8 branch.
3Proxy tiny free proxy server is really tiny cross-platform
(Win32/Win64&Unix) freeware proxy servers set. It includes HTTP proxy with HTTPS
and FTP support, SOCKSv4/SOCKSv4. 5/SOCKSv5 proxy (socks/), POP3 proxy,
SMTP proxy, AIM/ICQ proxy (icqpr/), MSN messenger / Live messenger
proxy (msnpr/),
FTP proxy, caching DNS proxy, TCP and UDP portmappers.
You can use every proxy as a standalone program (socks, proxy, tcppm,
udppm, pop3p) or use combined program (3proxy). Combined proxy
additionally supports features like access control, bandwidth limiting,
limiting daily/weekly/monthly traffic amount,
proxy chaining, log rotation, syslog and ODBC logging, etc.
It’s created to be small, simple and yet very functional.
It may be compiled with Visual C or gcc. Native Win32/Win64 versions included
in archive and supports installation as a service. Currently
3proxy is tested to work under Windows since 98 (Windows before Vista reqires lite version) and up to latest version both i386 and x64,
FreeBSD/i386/x64, NetBSD/i386/x64, OpenBSD/i386/x64, Linux/i386/x64/PPC/Alpha/arm, Mac OS X, Solaris/i386/x64.
3proxy is absolutely free (FreeWare) and open source. It can be used
under terms of GNU/GPL. Starting from 0. 6 version BSD-style license is used and
any compatible license (Apache license, GPL, LGPL) may be used instead.
For licensing or commercial support questions please e-mail to
[email protected].
3APA3A, 3APA3A at, code developer
Vladimir Dubrovin, vlad at, code developer
3proxy(8) - Linux man page

3proxy(8) – Linux man page

3proxy – 3[APA3A] tiny proxy server, or trivial proxy server, or free proxy server
3proxy [config_file]
3proxy [–install]
3proxy [–remove]
3proxy is universal proxy server. It can be used to provide internal users wuth fully
controllable access to external resources or to provide external users with access to internal resources. 3proxy is not developed to replace
squid(8), but it can extend functionality of existing cashing proxy. It can be used to route requests between different types of clients and
proxy servers. Think about it as application level gateway with configuration like hardware router has for network layer. It can establish multiple gateways
with HTTP and HTTPS proxy with FTP over HTTP support, SOCKS v4, v4. 5 and v5, POP3 proxy, UDP and TCP portmappers. Each gateway is started from configuration
file like independant service proxy(8) socks(8) pop3p(8) tcppm(8) udppm(8)
ftppr(8) dnspr but 3proxy is not a kind of wrapper or superserver for this daemons. It just has same code compiled in, but provides
much more functionality. SOCKSv5 implementatation allows to use 3proxy with any UDP or TCP based client applications designed without proxy support (with
SocksCAP, FreeCAP or another client-side redirector under Windows of with socksification library under Unix). So you can play your favourite
games, listen music, exchange files and messages and even accept incoming connections behind proxy server.
dnspr does not exist as independant service. It’ DNS caching proxy (it requires nscache and nserver to be set in configuration. Only
A-records are cached. Please note, the this caching is mostly a ‘hack’ and has nothing to do with real DNS server, but it works perfectly for SOHO networks.
3proxy supports access control lists (ACL) like network router. Source and destination networks and destination port can be specified. In addition,
usernames and gateway action (for example GET or POST) can be used in ACLs. In order to filter request on username basis user must be authenticated somehow.
There are few authentication types including password authentication and authentication by NetBIOS name for Windows clients (it’s very like ident
authentication). Depending on ACL action request can be allowed, denied or redirected to another host or to another proxy server or even to a chain of proxy
It supports different types of logging: to logfiles, syslog(3) (only under Unix) or to ODBC database. Logging format is turnable to provide
compatibility with existing log file parsers. It makes it possible to use 3proxy with IIS, ISA, Apache or Squid log parsers.
Name of config file. See (3) for configuration file format. Under Windows, if config_file is not specified, 3proxy looks for file
named in the default location (in same directory with executable file and in current directory). Under Unix, if no config file is specified,
3proxy reads configuration from stdin. It makes it possible to use file as executable script just by setting +x mode and adding
#! /etc/3proxy
as a first line in
(Windows NT family only) install 3proxy as a system service
(Windows NT family only) remove 3proxy from system services
Under Unix there are few signals 3proxy catches. See kill(1).
cleanup connections and exit
stop to accept new connections, on second signal – start and re-read configuration
start to accept new conenctions
reload configuration
Under Windows, if 3proxy is installed as service you can standard service management to start, stop, pause and continue 3proxy service, for
net start 3proxy
net stop 3proxy
net pause 3proxy
net continue 3proxy
Web admin service can also be used to reload configuration. Use wget to automate this task.
/etc/ ()
3proxy configuration file
Report all bugs to Also
(3), proxy(8), ftppr(8), socks(8), pop3p(8),
tcppm(8), udppm(8), kill(1), syslogd(8),
3APA3A is pronounced as ”zaraza”.
3proxy is designed by 3APA3A (), Vladimir Dubrovin
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Frequently Asked Questions about 3proxy windows

What does 3proxy do?

3proxy is universal proxy server. It can be used to provide internal users wuth fully controllable access to external resources or to provide external users with access to internal resources. … It can be used to route requests between different types of clients and proxy servers.

How do I set up 3proxy?

The following steps will show you how to install 3Proxy on your BIP media server.Installation A Proxy Server. yum -y install 3proxy.Add To autorun. chkconfig 3proxy on.Edit Configuration File. Create file /etc/3proxy.cfg with text: … Run It: service 3proxy start.Last Steps:

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