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The Pirate Bays Reddit

ThePirateBay - Reddit

ThePirateBay – Reddit

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the pirate bay was accessible in my state but from 3-4 days, it just keep on shutting down TPB alternative available for now? Or should I use a VPN for torrenting?
Which torrent site do you guys use the most?
Fellows, I have found a great mirror. It’s 100% working but just use a VPN for ‘s the URL -!
There are many shows that I would want to watch but they don’t air in my country anyone suggest a good reliable VPN for Netflix? I don’t want to get caught. 🙂
is thepiratebay3 real alternative of thepiratebay? I am checking a lot of TPB mirror but nothing seem to be someone sub reddit is everything or the pirate bay torrenting site. However, you can also use this sub reddit to discuss about any related torrenting sites as well like RARBG, Torrentz2, kickass torrents, limetorrents and so nologyNecessities to access anywhere from the world. Do not ignore these tools before torrenting! Do not Advertise or Spam! Be Civil. Respect Every NSFW links must be politics/agenda/religious pushingReddit Inc © 2021. All rights reserved
List of Pirate Bay Proxies: thepiratebay - Reddit

List of Pirate Bay Proxies: thepiratebay – Reddit

This thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castlevel 1Comment removed by moderator · 3ylevel 2Great job! All proxy works great! level 2tyvm maan!!! great proxy list you gave!!! <3level 2Only #3 is working for me. #1 and #2 are pop-up nord vpn fakes and #4 and #5 are 1They all show "offline" to was gives a pop-up scam you can't close:{level 1I'm seeing that two proxies are online but very slow. Keep checking back because the status of each proxy changes throughout the 1Dude, you are amazing. Thank you!!! Been trying to get to piratebay for almost 24 hours, and your first link worked immediately. Already downloading. <3 you long timelevel 2you should know, these are not 'proxies' they are old mirror copies.. notice it doesnt show new 1dumb people will never learn will you?? If the main site is down, so will all the proxies!! Mirror sites might be up, but they are useless! level 2Urine Idiot. You have no clue what you're talking 1Comment deleted by user · 3ylevel 2That is awesome! Thank you so 1Comment deleted by user · 3ylevel 2I keep getting "the connections has timed out" when trying to connect to the tor site. My internet is working fine though. Any ideas? Is the pirate bay the best torrent site? Is it safe? - Reddit

Is the pirate bay the best torrent site? Is it safe? – Reddit

When using piratebay, is it a must I use a torrent vpn for security? Log in or sign up to leave a comment
level 1It is the worst and last choice of sites for torrents. I suggest the sidebar Wiki and Tools on r/piracy for a much better 1Haven’t used it i years. 1337x and rarbg are the ones I 2why do you have to use vpn? Like is it to avoid legal trouble or is there any other reason. I come from a country that doesn’t really enforce laws against things like this and i have been using local sites all my lifelevel 1Don’t even try it. There is no pirate bay anymore. It’s diedlevel 2use the past participle deathlevel 2Was just there a few days ago. It’s very much 1As previously mentioned, there is no true pirate bay anymore, just copies. Although I will say that it is still useful in some cases and you can still find what you are looking for. Just practice good security and always check what you are downloading (should be doing this anyway). Personally I have never had a problem but I am also extremely 1I’m pretty sure Pirate Bay is run by feds 1Lmao no. 1337x, rarbg, torrent galaxy etc

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