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How To Block Pornhub

Block PornHub and other Pornography Websites | Net Nanny

Block PornHub and other Pornography Websites | Net Nanny

The #1 and most Complete Parental Control Solution for all your devicesBlock unwanted and inappropriate web contentManage Screen Time and mobile AppsCreate schedules and curfewsAnd much MoreMar 25, 2020The need for Content Filters to block porn has never been greater! As an example, PornHub, the world’s most popular porn site announced March 24 that they are making all their premium content available worldwide for free for a month. This comes on the heels of providing free subscriptions in Italy, Spain and France. With all of the media buzz around this announcement, parents are more concerned than ever and looking for help to block PornHub and block porn course, the problem isn’t just PornHub. During this time of crisis while kids are at home and online doing schoolwork, watching movies, playing games, or just entertaining themselves, the risk of exposure to porn both accidental and due to curiosity, has greatly increased. Adding to this concern, pornographic distributors see this increase in time online and hope to capitalize on the potential for new audiences. One of the primary questions the Net Nanny support team gets is focused on protecting kids and blocking porn. Parents want to know things like, how to block Porn Hub, block porn, limit search engine results, and stop exposure to unwanted and inappropriate Porn with Net NannyRight now kids are online more than ever. The risk of exposure to inappropriate content increases exponentially when measured against kids’ time online. The need to block PornHub and other pornography websites has never been there are hundreds of solutions that claim to block pornography, Net Nanny® is the only solution that uses advanced technology to evaluate the content of a webpage each time kids visit and in real-time. Why does this matter? Websites are constantly updating and changing, with hundreds of thousands of new user-generated pages added to the Internet every day. The ever-changing nature of the Internet demands a porn filter that can analyze new content and block porn around the clock, the moment you request a Net Nanny® parental control software installed on your family’s devices, you have the best porn blocker available. You can easily block pornhub and other porn websites, while inappropriate searches are detected and parents will instantly receive a warning of their child’s online is a list of how this porn blocker can help:Block access to known and new pornographic and mature websitesDetect and block pornography in real-time in any webpageFilter pornography in many Social Medial webpagesBlock pornographic content in web searchesAllow access to approved websites or category content typesInstantly allow or block websites based on your preferencesSend alerts when inappropriate activity is detectedBlack list websites and any content you feel is inappropriatePorn can be found in Internet SearchesOnline markets spend thousands of dollars to have their content appear from an Internet search. This tactic is also used by pornography distributors. Simple Internet searches can expose kids to porn and other unwanted content. To help block porn and keep kids safe. Net Nanny blocks porn in search engines and enforces Safe Search technology to protect kids from accidental Nanny also sends instant alerts when kids search inappropriate content. Alerts let parents know when a kid’s curiosity gets the best of ckgroundWith more than half of all children being accidentally exposed to pornography each year. Porn blocking software is important to prevent accidental exposure. Porn blocking is important for families because your kids can easily stumble upon or search for mature, offensive or dangerous content online. With increased time online the risk is constantly Nanny recognizes this need and is using their powerful Artificial Intelligence in Custom Content Filters to empower parents and protect kids. Net Nanny is the only parental control solution with Artificial Intelligence to let parents detect, block and monitor any topic, subject or content type. You can learn more about Net Nanny at of Potential ConcernsKids are online more than ever and the risk of exposure is constantly growing. The need for content filters to block porn and other unwanted content has never been more distributors are trying to increase their audience by making their content easier to access or even stumble upon rents know that websites change all the time and blocking porn requires smart content filters with Artificial Intelligence like Net Engines can be a source of porn. To fully protect kids from dangers, they need a solution to block porn in search engine nclusionPornographers keep up-to-date on the latest technology and are developing new and subtle methods to take an innocent click of the mouse to the darkest places online. Parents need tools to protect kids from pornography and other unwanted websites are added to the Internet every hour and Internet users are posting unmonitored content on blogs, Wikis, Social Media, and other websites all day and every keep kids safe, smart content filtering with porn blocking technology that reviews all components of every web page is critical. Only Net Nanny includes Artificial Intelligence to detect and block porn. Net Nanny makes it safe for kids to use the Nanny’s #1-rated porn blocking software in the world! Get peace of mind and protection, allow Net Nanny’s parental control software to help you win the battle against ayton OstlerClayton is passionate about how Net Nanny’s AI-driven filtering solution can help parents protect their kids from inappropriate content, while still letting kids experience the positive benefits of the online #1 and most Complete Parental Control Solution for all your devicesBlock unwanted and inappropriate web contentManage Screen Time and mobile AppsCreate schedules and curfewsAnd much More
Learn How to Block Pornhub Site on Your Child's Device

Learn How to Block Pornhub Site on Your Child’s Device

You may have handed a cell phone or computer to your child and given them access to the internet but there’s one thing you will always be worried about – your children watching porn on the internet. Pornhub and many other porn sites can be easily accessed by children just with a single click of a button.
Porn is all over the internet and there’s no one denying that. If you are constantly worrying about your child stumbling upon porn while browsing the internet, then you need to take some steps to get rid of it. In this post, we will let you know how to block Pornhub and other popular sites on the internet.
Every parent would want to know what could be done to prevent their kids from watching inappropriate and explicit content on the internet. There’s a lot that could be done to stop your kids from accessing porn sites. You can set porn blockers, internet filters, and parental control solution.
While setting up blockers and filters may prevent your child from viewing porn, chances are they will still try to get access to such content. It is better if you talk to them about what porn is, why it exists on the internet and why they should not be watching it. Communication really helps.
In fact, using tech methods to block porn sites on your child’s devices work best when combined with talks and conversations that help your child understand the real meaning of love, sexuality, and relationships. Your child needs to distinguish between the desire for love and lust. This can only be done if you have a proper conversation with your child.
How to Block Pornhub and Other Adult Sites
Pornhub is an infamous porn site on the internet, featuring sexually explicit content. This site is known as the world’s leading porn site that offers free videos. Users can stream porn videos quickly and in high quality. While the site is strictly made for adults, some children also find their way towards it.
Parents need to prevent their kids from watching porn at an impressionable age because exposure to pornography can have severe effects on their mental health and development. Kids who start watching porn at a young age tend to become addicted to it and make it a habit to view porn whenever they get a chance.
They rarely spend their time doing anything on the internet except to view porn videos. Therefore, parents should block sites like Pornhub on their child’s device and restrict them from accessing adult content on the internet.
Below, we will discuss some ways to block Pornhub and other porn sites on the internet.
Enable Google SafeSearch
Enabling Google SafeSearch setting on your kid’s web browser will prevent them from watching porn on the internet. By turning on this setting, your kids won’t be able to search porn or adult sites on their browser.
This setting is really easy to enable. However, the only downside to it is that your kids can easily turn it off. Make sure that doesn’t happen.
Use Screen Time on iOS Devices
Screen Time is a privacy setting which is built right into the OS of iOS devices. If your child is using an iPhone or iPad, you can enable Screen Time on their device and prevent them from watching porn online.
You can decide how you want to turn on these settings. You can either put restrictions on your child’s iPhone or iPad and lock them with a passcode so they can’t change the password. Or, you can also manage your child’s device remotely through Apple’s Family Sharing feature. This feature is similar to the other parental control solutions.
By using Screen Time, you can cut down on porn and stop your child from accessing any porn site. You just need to fine-tune the settings frequently for this feature to work properly.
Get Help from Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
You can ask your internet service provider (ISP) to block all the adult sites. ISP also offers parental controls, screen-time management features, or content filters to limit your child’s exposure to pornography.
For example, Xfinity offers parental controls, device limits, and website blocking through its customer online portal and app. On the other hand, Verizon also offers a feature known as Smart Family that provides you parental controls for a monthly fee. Depending on your service, you can apply the settings to the TV channels as well as the internet. You just need to pay an extra fee to get these settings.
Install Parental Controls
You can also prevent your child from watching porn on the internet by installing parental controls on their device. SecureTeen is known to be the best porn blocker software that lets you control and manage what your child sees on the internet.
Using this parental control solution, you can effectively limit their exposure to porn sites, block them, and also filter out the adult sites. You can also set limits on internet usage and specify the time your kids spend on any site or application. This will help your kids stay on the right path with their education and other obligations.
With the help of an effective parental control solution, you can also monitor their incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, social media accounts, real-time location, and social media accounts.
All of the above-mentioned methods can be used to block porn sites on your child’s device but in our opinion, parental control apps like SecureTeen work best. This porn blocker app puts an end to unsafe and inappropriate content for your children.
Its incredible web filtering technology helps you block and filter all the websites that seem unsuitable for your children. This app helps you keep your children far away from the reach of online threats including pornography, sexting, and other damaging media online.
You just need to download and install the app on your child’s device, customize the app’s settings, and begin monitoring your child’s online activity remotely.
2 Ways to Block Porn Sites (Like Pornhub) on Mac, Windows ...

2 Ways to Block Porn Sites (Like Pornhub) on Mac, Windows …

Porn sites are always the biggest concern for parents when they allow their kids to surf online. They bring so much adverse influence even do harm to their kids. What’s worse, teenagers can easily access to porn sites on different devices. How to block porn sites, such as Pornhub, on Mac, Windows PC, Android phone, or iPhone? Here we introduce 2 ways, with or without porn blocker app, to dispel such a concern.
2 strategies to block porn
Strategy 1. Block porn sites with app
Strategy 2. Block porn sites without app
Other tips to block porn from your kids
2 strategies to block porn sites
Generally speaking, there are 2 strategies to block porn sites, no matter which device you are using. Block porn sites with app or block porn sites without app. Your pick on either of these 2 strategies will depend on your personal needs.
In the following parts, we will give a complete guide to prohibit porn sites on computer, Android or iPhone, but personally, you are recommended to block porn sites with app or software.
Here are some reasons why you are encouraged to block porn sites with app or software.
It is a bit complicate to configure the setting on Android, iPhone or computers when trying to block porn sites without app.
Others can bypass by modifying the porn blocking settings you have configured. Blocking porn sites without app cannot kill the problem effectively.
It is quite easy to block porn sites with app or software, whether you are tech-savvy or not.
Porn blocker apps or software always offer extended features to control access to websites or applications.
So, here we will start with the strategy of blocking porn sites with porn blocker app. You can skip the following part if you choose to block porn sites on computer, Android or iPhone without app.
Since there are needs to block porn sites with app on different device, here we list the solutions for different users.
For Mac users
The porn blocker we recommend to block porn sites on Mac is Cisdem AppCrypt.
AppCrypt is a Mac app to help you block porn sites, inappropriate sites and any other unwanted sites. With it, you can prevent your kids or yourself from browsing porn websites and other harmful online content. You can also use it to block distracting websites, which helps improve focus at work or study.
In addition, AppCrypt can lock any apps with password, which helps guard your privacy or block access to distracting apps.
Cisdem AppCrypt main features:
Block any websites and webpages with password
Let you block categories (porn, video, etc. ) of websites with a click
Also let you allow only certain websites with a whitelist
Lock apps with password
Offer a schedule feature to block websites and apps during certain hours
Help block Pornhub and other porn sites
Help break porn addiction
Hard to bypass
Can be used for parental control, productivity, etc.
How to block Pornhub and other porn step by step
1. Download this porn blocker for Mac and install it.
Free Download
2. When you first open it, set a password.
3. In the menu bar at the top of the screen, click its icon and choose Open Main Window. Enter the password.
4. In the main window, click Web Block.
5. Enter a porn site like and click the Add button. Add more porn sites to block if needed. Alternatively, import the Porn Sites list to block.
Now, Pornhub and other adults websites are blocked on Chrome, Safari and more with password.
Tip: Here’s a tip to help completely get rid of porn. Switch from the default Block list mode to the Allow list mode. Add the specific websites that are needed or age-appropriate to the Allow list. This blocks all websites (including all porn) except the allowed ones.
For Windows users
Net Nanny is absolutely the best software to block porn sites on Windows. It has won wide recognition and numerous users due to its expertise and functionality on parental control jobs. It helps purify the Internet by filtering out all harmful content such as adult content. It’s a bit expensive and doesn’t offer a free trial before purchase.
Net Nanny main features:
Detect mature or adult content in real time
Block porn sites and other inappropriate content
Block applications
Mask profanity before it shows up on your Windows screen
Set time limit on Internet usage
Send alerts and create reports
Manage different users and create user profiles
Coming with a learning curve, Net Nanny is super powerful to block porn sites or other unwanted sites on Windows. It takes time and efforts to be an advanced Net Nanny user and fully utilize the software. But once you have configured all the settings, it will become much easier and efficient to block porn sites on your Windows PC.
1. Download and install Net Nanny on your Windows PC.
2. Log into the Net Nanny Admin Tools. Go to User Login Type > Users and create an individual user account for each user.
3. Select the user that you want to block porn sites for. Click Filter Settings.
4. In Modify Filter Settings, set the software to block websites falling into the Pornography category, which will automatically block access to Pornhub and others alike.
5. Continue restricting other inappropriate categories of sites, such as Adult and Nudity.
6. Click OK to start blocking porn sites on your Windows PC.
For Android users
SPIN Safe Browser, a highly rated Android application in Google Play, is indeed a good choice to block porn sites on Android phone. What’s more, it is free to use.
It works as a free website blocker to block porn and inappropriate content online, not only limited to filter millions of porn or inappropriate sites. It also enforces safe searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.
SPIN Safe Browser is recommended based on our test and experience and the high evaluations from its users.
1. Download and install SPIN Safe Browser.
2. Make this porn-free browser the default browser on your Android phone or tablet.
Requiring no configuration, it just starts automatically detecting and blocking porn sites or other harmful content online. With the intuitive interface, you can also easily customize porn blocking. SPIN Safe Browser is also available for iPhone or iPad.
For iPhone users
Besides SPIN Safe Browser for iOS, BlockerX is another great option to block porn sites on iPhone.
The BlockerX Pornhub blocker is a highly ranked app on the App Store to block and filter porn sites or adult content. It includes the following features.
Block porn sites in iOS Safari browser
Filter pornographic and explicit images, or other inappropriate sources from social media
Allow add more websites to blacklist if it is porn site
Prevent others from disabling or deleting BlockerX porn blocker with a password
Similar to blocking porn sites on Android with app, it is also extremely easy to block porn sites on iPhone with BlockerX porn blocker.
1. Download and install BlockerX.
2. Choose to install it for your child or yourself.
3. Choose to apply porn blocking on specific supported web browsers.
4. Optionally, you can add an accountability partner.
5. Add specific porn-related keywords and websites (e. g. ) for blocking.
6. Enable the uninstall protection option.
For users who want to block porn sites on Android, or iPhone or computer without app and quite sure that the settings cannot be easily altered by others, here are 2 ways to block inappropriate sites without any software.
Method 1. Enable SafeSearch
On Mac or Windows PC
1. Open Google Chrome.
2. Open in Google Chrome.
3. Check the box before Turn on SafeSearch.
4. Click Save.
On Android phone or iPhone
1. Launch the Google Chrome app.
2. Go to Settings.
3. Choose Search settings > SafeSearch Filters > Strict (images and text).
4. Click Save to enable SafeSearch.
Method 2. Configure DNS
On Android phone
1. Go to Settings and turn on Wi-Fi.
2. Tap and hold on the current Wi-Fi, then select Modify Network > Show Advanced Options, and change the IP settings to Static.
3. Find DNS 1 and DNS 2 in the list and change them into “208. 67. 222. 123” and “208. 220. 123” respectively.
On iPhone
1. Go to Settings and choose Wi-Fi.
2. Tap the information icon of the current Wi-Fi and tap Configure DNS.
3. Tap Manual and record the original DNS server for further use.
4. Delete the current DNS and add a new DNS server using “208. 123” or “208. 123”.
On Windows PC
1. Go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center.
2. Choose Adapter Settings and double click to bring up the Network Connection.
3. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 and choose Properties.
4. Under General, select Use the following DNS server addresses.
5. Fill “208. 123” in the Preferred DNS server and fill “208. 123” in the Alternate DNS server.
6. Click OK to save the settings.
On Mac
1. Open System Preferences.
2. Go to Network and choose Ethernet.
3. Go to Advanced > DNS. Add the DNS servers “199. 85. 126. 20” and “199. 127. 20” as following.
4. Click OK to save the DNS settings.
Method 3. Block Pornhub and other porn on router
If your Wi-Fi router has parental controls, you can take advantage of that. Here we use a TP-Link router to show you how to configure.
1. Open the web browser on your computer or phone. Enter the IP address of your router.
2. Log into it.
3. Go to Advanced settings and choose HomeCare > Parental Controls.
4. Create a profile for your child and click the modify icon.
5. Go to the Filter Level tab and choose a level. The profile of a child under the age of 17 will automatically block websites containing adult content.
6. If necessary, you can also block inappropriate online content by adding certain keywords.
7. Click Save.
Now adults websites such as will be blocked on the network of your son’s device.
In addition to the technical solutions to enforce porn blocking, there are some other small tips can help to block porn sites and other porn contents from your kids.
Talk to your kids Have a conversation with your kids and talk them about the harm of porn sites. But don’t be too strong and tough. Get to know their true feelings and work together to overcome step by step.
Set the time limit online Always set a time limit to be online. This will not only help to boost efficiency, but also protect your kids from being addicted to surf online. Even, it kills the chance for your kids to watch porn or inappropriate sites.
Be a good companion Accompany your kids and enrich his spare time. Try to schedule some activities with your kids from time to time, for one hand, you can get to know your kids well, for the other hand, it gives more opportunities for your kids to cultivate hobbies, which will distract them from inappropriate sites.
As above, there are 2 general strategies to block porn sites, with or without app/software. If you are the one who want to do the job once for all and permanently block porn sites, such as Pornhub to build a healthy Internet for your kids, you are recommended to block porn sites on Android, iPhone or computers with a porn blocker app.

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