• February 25, 2023

Yeezy 350 Bot

Yeezy Success - AIO bot

Yeezy Success – AIO bot

AIO Bot is another add to cart software done by ANB Team that has helped sneakerheads cop 60, 000+ limited edition Yeezys, Jordans and more. You can check more info about our AIO Bot or Yeezy Bot on our website: The All In One bot works for more than 100 online retailers, a lot of them release the Yeezys online. Our bot auto adds to cart then auto checkouts which means it will keep retrying even if the website is down until it buys the shoe.
Our users successfully copped Yeezys on different Yeezy releases:
Yeezy Boost 350 Grey
Yeezy Boost 350 Pirate Black
Yeezy Boost 350 Moonrock
Yeezy Boost 750 Triple Black
Yeezy Boost 350 Oxford Tan
Yeezy Boost 350 Pirate Black 2. 0
Yeezy Boost 750 Light Grey/Gum
Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Beluga
Yeezy Boost 750 Light Brown/Gum “Chocolate”
Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Green, Red, Copper
Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Black/White
Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Core Black/Red
Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Zebra (White/Black) + re-release
Yeezy Boost 350 v2 White Cream
Yeezy Calabasas Powerphase
Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Frozen Yellow ( Yebra)
Yeezy Boost v2 350 Beluga 2. 0
Yeezy Boost v2 350 Butter
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Below are some of the screenshots by our Incredibly successful fam, which you can be a part of too if you get AIO Bot today! Check the features and more success here.
Follow our Twitter accounts @ANB_bot and @ANB_AIO to get the latest Bot success, sneaker news, and release guides.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Visit our homepage or ANBbot website today.
Card went into the negative for a few hours ended up with 16 pairs online and 5 local also filled 6 slots Thank You @ANB_AIO @PiranhaHQ @TheGoldenChefs @famousproxies @DsSneaks_ @KicksByChris @Gman0819
— DiivineRight (@Diivineright) July 1, 2018
I’ll say it again @ANB_AIO the Yeezy GOAT. Checked out 7 and another 2 manually. Shout out to @cookpassio @PiranhaHQ @dropclub_io
— vu tang (@vutang9) June 30, 2018
Final Count 7x Size 12. 5, 1x Size 4. 5 THANKS!! @ANB_AIO @cookpassio @blazingseo @ProxyStrike
— Andrew Rowen (@andrew_istanbul) June 30, 2018
Shoutout to Anb!! Pretty easy day more cook outs!! Bot: @ANB_AIO Proxies: @tclicK_
— redajanah (@redajanah) June 30, 2018
@akchefs @JonesUnk @ChiCooked @ANB_AIO Thanks for the heads up on the restock. Didn’t check out on all of em but it’s butter than nothing. (Sorry for the lame joke)
— Kung Fu Kicks (@kung_fu_kicks) July 1, 2018
Shout out to @e_Proxies and @ANB_AIO ya’ll came clutch when i woke up late.???
— nspect0r_gadg3t (@SomDr0id) June 30, 2018
Just a few from todayProxies: @dropclub_io Bot: @ANB_AIO @SplashforcebotGroup: @PiranhaHQ @DsSneaks_ @KicksByChris
— evan (@surprised) June 30, 2018
Shout outs to @snkrtalkgroup @ANB_AIO @Splashforcebot @e_Proxies @coppedproxies copped 22 bricks today
— Winder (@wdrino86) June 30, 2018
S/O to @OculusProxies @ANB_AIO
— Dre322 (@dreelias81) June 30, 2018
S/O to @ANB_AIO and @e_Proxies??
— Maniky Unlaced (@maniky_unlaced) June 30, 2018
Most under-rated bot & proxies in the game. Everyone told me not to do it many times but no regrets. 13 easy cops on Adidas. Doesn’t include the cook from the AM on Yeezy Supply otsites were down, only 3 on footsites & bunch of manual25+ pairs. @ANB_AIO @IcedOutProxies
— Singh (@sandeep_soorma) June 30, 2018
Bot- @ANB_AIO, @PazAIO Proxies- @Proxy_Locker #success
— Jose Salas (@JBkickzzz) June 30, 2018
Bot – @ANB_AIO Proxies – @coppedproxies COOKGROUP – @BigBoysGroup This release was shit but got 6 pairs
— Roffu (@Roffu_) June 30, 2018
thanks @ANB_AIO #adidas #yeezy #butter
— Iggy (@iggyskicks) June 30, 2018
@coppedproxies @SecureProxies @boostedcorp @Boosted_Proxies @BackdoorIO @ANB_AIO @CookSupplyGot a few
— julius dubose (@nashkicks720) June 30, 2018
@ANB_AIO @AnotherNikeBot last call lol
— briant04 (@vitalsoles) June 30, 2018
Thanks @ANB_AIO, @boostedcorp, & @Boosted_Proxies??????
— Richy (@RichyMendez) June 30, 2018
S/O to @AnotherNikeBot @ANB_AIO for the feast. This was just one of 5 ANB’s. The team had 60+ checkouts. Proxies courtesy of @Boosted_Proxies @fogldn
— Nate (@natelaced) June 30, 2018
Shoutout to @ANB_AIO & @Boosted_Proxies I could have cop even more but 5 pairs are enough for me?
— Ciakkuzi (@ciakkuzi) June 30, 2018
Cooking on a plane. High Life. S/O @ANB_AIO. No proxies
— Andre | ablm (@_arcampbell) June 30, 2018
You guys never fail me.. I love you!? @ANB_AIO @AnotherNikeBot
— SatanM (@MIKEYMAKL) June 30, 2018
@ANB_AIO and @NitroProxies ate today
— Big Hutu (@BigHutu) June 30, 2018
auto checkout worked today A++? @AnotherNikeBot @ANB_AIO
— Pls Cook BB (@LetMeCookBB) June 30, 2018
Shout out to @ShreddedProxies for coming thru like usual, I had to stop tasks because I didn’t want any more. First time I had to say that about Yeezy’s. Thanks @ANB_AIO @AnotherNikeBot for always staying solid!
— Red (@SamBones99) June 30, 2018
S/o to @FSProxies. And @ANB_AIO For the cook out
— Thomas (@Last_kingz89) June 30, 2018
I only took the good [email protected] @StrikeShoesHQ
— Atlas305 (@Atlas305) June 30, 2018
Quick checkout thanks to @blazingseo @ANB_AIO @e_Proxies
— Cory Lee (@Colee315) June 30, 2018
Thanks! Just manual checked out on adidas flawless. @ANB_AIO @AnotherNikeBot @blazingseo @e_Proxies
Only wanted 3 pairs of specific sizes, YS carted 39 out of 39 tasks, have to stop all tasks after 3mins, S/O to @ANB_AIO and @Soleproxy
— julescson (@julescson1) June 30, 2018
@ANB_AIO always consistent on adidas drops! Thanks @MikeProxies for proxies
— Ashley Johnson (@zankorunaeji) June 30, 2018
Too Easy!! 8 total. Size 12. 5 @ANB_AIO @ProxyStrike @cookpassio
Thanks to @ANB_AIO and @ProxyStrike
— ㅤ (@rcmarquez40) December 18, 2017
Just wanted to thank @ANB_AIO @AIObot_News @AnotherNikeBot @ANB_AIO_Success if anyone needs help with the bot dm me! I’ll help out??!!
— chef adel (@adel_gtj) December 18, 2017
Great season @ANB_AIO @AnotherNikeBot?????
— Scoe (@RogerThat828) December 18, 2017
Thanks?? @ANB_AIO @coppedproxies @hypeproxiesio @blazingseo
— Shahat?? (@ShahatC) December 18, 2017
I want to thank these companies for consistent success on big releases and amazing customer support. They do not crash or flop like other providers. @e_Proxies @GuruProxies @ALPHVSUPPLY @AnotherNikeBot
— Neil Mirch (@NeilMirch) December 17, 2017
i know im late as hell, but thanks too @BOOSTLINKS and ofc @ANB_AIO for the ez copp!!,, i also added 14 pairs to cart, success i had bank problems or else i wouldve cooked big time, anyways thanks alot!!
— Dany (@dubbstezx3) December 18, 2017
Just 2, But Thanks To @ANB_AIO, @ChiCooked & @ProxyStrike!! ♦#yeezy #adidas #rubythereseller #shinelikearuby
— Ruby (@rubythereseller) December 17, 2017
@ANB_AIO @ANB_AIO_Success big shout out to you guys! Everything was on point and even some updates were done during the release, it’s dope! I copped 6 pairs thx! Can’t add all the pictures …
— cyprien (@cypri99) December 17, 2017
thanks @AnotherNikeBot @ANB_AIO @BlitzProxies
— aintgottime (@ayaari11) December 17, 2017
Shout out to @ChiCooked @Boosted_Proxies for the best proxies out! And @ANB_AIO for overall carting 50+ pairs for me yesterday??
— Yeezy (@YeezyYeezy__) December 18, 2017
— boostfeed2 (@boostfeed2) December 18, 2017
Copped 6 pairs off Adidas and gave away loads of carts in my cook groups. AIO plus smashed it this release thanks to the ANB AIO and proxies from @ChiCooked @Boosted_Proxies @BackDoorProxies plus 2 raffles, one solebox and one YS!
— Joe (@Virgil0001) December 18, 2017
@ANB_AIO @AnotherNikeBot hands down the best bot fucking cooked this release?
— Bibster (@Lemmedrivdaboat) December 16, 2017
@AnotherNikeBot than you. I cud not have done it without. Auto checkout was a bitch today
— Ronny (@Pozewila) December 16, 2017
Bam! Thx AIO X! @ANB_AIO
— Tony Gaddi (@t2xsmd) November 25, 2017
Copped 3 Pairs with AIO X @ANB_AIO (without Proxies)
— Ville (@Reiswaffell) December 16, 2017
8. 5 and 9. 5 Left$370 SHIPPED DM [email protected]_AIO @AnotherNikeBot @RetailTuesday @SCOOP208
— KINGPIN???? ‍?????? (@Utopia_Kicks) December 17, 2017
Fun lil cook this morning. 11 was my lucky number! s. o @Jus_Osborne for the Fs proxys @CookedProxies for adidas proxys @ANB_AIO for footsite @ycopp_com for adidas carts
— Curt (@Curt2turnt) December 17, 2017
Thanks @Proxy4Sure and @ANB_AIO for the amazing proxies and bot! 18 pairs carted and checked out!
— Sklizer (@Sklizer) December 17, 2017
Thanks once again @ANB_AIO!! S/O @rotatingproxies for the cook!!
— MAO HADAD (@maohadad) December 16, 2017
@ANB_AIO cooked 9 carted 90+ best cooked I ever done ty for the service this year and can’t wait to cook next year
— Zachariah Ferrell (@kingferrell27) December 17, 2017
@ANB_AIO @AnotherNikeBot No hard feelings ❤️???. SO: To the? proxies @CookieProxies @Boosted_Proxies @Brazy_Kicks
— X (@OovooThug) December 17, 2017
Update. Thanks @anb_aio & @ChiCooked coming in clutch
— Steadycookz (@steadycookzz) December 17, 2017
Left @ANB_AIO running while I went to get my pairs at the mall. Sorry I doubted you earlier. 16 pairs on footsites just from the restock.
— TheSneakerDon (@The_sneakerdon) December 17, 2017
— Han Lee (@Batmanlee1357) December 17, 2017
Old skool does it! S/O @ANB_AIO @AnotherNikeBot @Brazy_Kicks @Soleproxy
— ◤◢◤? ◢◤◢ (@dezng) December 17, 2017
S/o to the guys @grandstreetsup @ANB_AIO for securing the bags today and also to @tclicK_ @Boosted_Proxies @ChiCooked @CookieProxies??
— Big Gucci (@CardDecline) December 17, 2017
Have a wonderful Holiday to everyone. 2018 is going to be??? Special thanks to the Master Chef @Ds_Sneaks for always answering my questions helping me with back to back multiple cops! Folks @ANB_AIO for the bot and baller proxies by @ChiCooked!
— The Big W (@RealReidOlson) December 17, 2017
s/o @ANB_AIO!! 1 manual 3 auto?? couldve copped more but @IcedOutProxies was ass.
— Vert (@HypedEvert) December 17, 2017
@ANB_AIO is back!
(we need auto checkout back on adidas though)
— Kevin Culala  (@kevculala) December 17, 2017
Forgot to deactivate my old machine but @ANB_AIO had amazing customer service and rest my code just in time for the drop! Proxies:@coppedproxies
— mert (@mattrech95) December 17, 2017
Thank you! Bless up! @ANB_AIOCopped two today. 370 Shipped. DM me for more info!
— Jin Woo Kim (@jinwookimhi) December 17, 2017
Another week in which we eat couldn’t have done it without 2. 0-5. 5 10. 5 14 Tint-7 7. 5 9 10 wo. 5 11 @ANB_AIO @AnotherNikeBot @Boosted_Proxies
— Emmo (@Sneakdon) December 17, 2017
success with anb aio today 2pairs? zero with slayer?
— SneekerJoy (@HotSneeker) December 17, 2017? to @ANB_AIO @Proxy4Sure @myprivateproxy @Ds_Sneaks No hourly proxy for the next, Adidas learn? missed 3 pairs
— Nicholas Capellupo (@Capperinhos) December 16, 2017
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Yeezy Fans Face Sneaker-Bot Armies for Hot Kicks Releases

Yeezy Fans Face Sneaker-Bot Armies for Hot Kicks Releases

Sneaker bots are scooping up the new Yeezy “Ash Blue” and “Quantum” shoes to resell at a huge markup.
Shopping bots are likely to make it tough for everyday sneakerheads to get their hands on a pair of new Adidas Yeezy shoes from Kanye West as more styles become available through retailers in the next few months.
Researchers at Cequence Security track bots across the internet, and the company’s hacker-in-residence, Jason Kent, told Threatpost that sneaker bots are plaguing new shoe releases, like the Adidas Yeezy “Ash Blues” released in late February, and creating legions of frustrated customers who can’t get new products.
While regular shoppers are stuck working through a retailer’s web interface, Kent said these sneaker bots get in through the site’s API, a much more efficient route to scoop up product. The sheer numbers of these bots, which can be deployed by the thousands and automated to buy the shoes, also make them formidable opponents.
Sneaker Bots Are Cheap, Easy to Get
And the technology is easy to get. Sneaker-bot software provider KodaiAIO currently shows it’s “sold out” but is priced at $175 for two months and $59. 99 per month after that.
These Yeezys are listed on eBay for more than double their retail price.
KodaiAOI comes with an online dashboard for easy use and promises to “restock” its offering once a month. The software said it’s goal is to keep the user from ever missing another sneaker release, and will even organize sneaker shoppers into teams for maximum impact.
There are many other versions of sneaker-bot software out there for sale, like CopSupply, and a whole Copping Sneakers Starter Kit to get started that costs $499 per year.
That might seem a little steep, but reselling these limited release shoes is big business, which Kent said totals in the billions of dollars every year. He added that the resell price on sought-after sneakers is usually about twice the retail price.
“There are 15-year-old kids making $200, 000 out of their garage selling sneakers, ” Kent said.
Yeezys Already Marked Up for Resale
The Yeezy 700 “Suns” released in January retail for $240 but resellers still have listings on eBay priced at $670 and up.
But Kent has good news for sneakerheads: He predicts by this time next year, retailers will have to get sneaker bots under control if they want big brands to continue working with them.
And it’s not just shoes — the recent releases of the PS5 and Xbox last fall were marred by armies of bots scooping up all the consoles and reselling at astronomical markups. And Nvidia has tried to thwart some of the bot-buying and resale market for its GPUs: This week’s launch of the GeForce RTX 3060 — a ray-tracing-friendly, advanced gaming graphics chip — also throttles Ethereum mining. It’s a move meant to be a disincentive those catering to cryptomining enthusiasts who are willing to pay astronomical resale prices for the elite processing chips online.
Building consumer frustration is forcing companies to get serious about bot mitigation, Kent explained. “We have made tremendous strides in this space, ” he said.
Sneakerhead Tip for Battling Bots
Kent also offered a couple of tips for real live shoppers trying to get their own pair of Yeezy 700 “Sun” sneakers. First, the race is on to get the shoes in an online cart, but if at first they’re not available, just hang out and wait a few minutes, he suggested.
If the bot accounts have trouble with their credit cards and can’t complete the “checkout” phase of the transaction, the inventory is swept out of the carts and made available again.
“Your competition is thousands of fake accounts, ” Kent said.
What's the best Yeezy Bot?

What’s the best Yeezy Bot?

All In One bot is the cream of the crop, having been around for years and risen to dominate the bot market. Its superior customer support team and coping skills made it an unbeatable force on the sneakers battlefield.
With so many successes on Yeezy releases, AIO Bot rightfully claimed the best Yeezy bot title from its competitors. However, all this success comes with a big price tag. But all the sneakers you’d get are definitely worth your money.
Ever since it launched, CyberSole seemed to have some major ups and downs on releases. Making it hard to trust and rely on. But it looks like some major updates were implemented, and though the performance is still below average, the future looks a bit more hopeful.
So now, CyberSole has become an exceptional copping bot to use. Despite its faulty past. Thanks to updates and changes, CyberSole is a good bot for average users. However, it is a bit expensive for its current modest offerings.
Major updates took place for NikeShoeBot which brought it back into the sneaker copping game with full force. The new and improved interface is alive and breathing and doing better than expected on the scoreboard.
Dashe is a Shopify bot that provides an average copping power at a reasonable price. Dashe Bot still has to prove its abilities in upcoming releases, but it seems like a bright future awaits.
EVE Robotics offers an affordable copping software and is very lowkey about it. Its devoted members don’t regret investing in the bot and say good things about its customer service and humble team. EVE Robotics has been around for some time now, however it become active on Twitter quite recently in the face of large competition.
HeatedSneaks is a well-performing Yeezy bot, or in fact, an extension. After succeeding on some Yeezy releases, Heated Sneaks managed to prove itself to be more than Just a Supreme Bot. And with those eye-catching prices, it is getting the attention of many sneakerheads.
Their support team is the second best in the business and they have an easy extension to install that has a user-friendly interface.
But beware the fake success tweets that Heated Sneaks is claimed to have
Ghost aio
Ghost AIO is a Nike-only bot, which is why we’ve reduced its ranking. However, focusing on Nike has really lead it to finding the key to success when it comes to SNKRS releases.
AIOX, a Chrome extension by AIO Bot, includes the copping capabilities of a full-fledged All in One bot. The X is easy to use, compatible on both Mac and Windows and supports Supreme and many other sneaker sites. It is a one-time buy with free updates.
From the makers of the AIO Bot, AIO Bot Plus stepped into the battlefield and made quite a scene. After a real controversy regarding its release, AIO Bot Plus launched and is on its way up the top Yeezy bot list.
It’s often unusual that a new Yeezy bot and in Beta version to perform this well. That’s why it’s gaining an increased attention from many sneakerheads. So for a new sneaker bot which featuring some revolutionary technologies and a new copping engine, AIO Bot Plus is on the right track.
One of the priciest Bots in the market right now. Still fairly new to the game and has copped a decent amount of times. But for a price tag that big, the performance of this Yeezy Bot must improve a lot in a short time.
Splash Force only Joined the Sneaker game not too long ago. And for a new player, it was doing just fine, but apparently, this performance isn’t always good enough. But at least it managed to cop on several releases where some the veterans completely failed.
Splash Force seems to be getting better with time. However, the pace at which it’s improving seems to be slow.
After ending 2017 in a bad way, OneStopCop seems to be making a good comeback. This improved performance helped the fairly old bot, to increase its ranking after it almost hit rock bottom.
The Bot seems to be a little overpriced for its current performance, but if it keeps doing well, it will be worth it.
the TaskBot which is a Mac-only Yeezy Bot managed to prove that it’s a strong contender in a short time. Being a Mac Bot gives AIOMac Bot an advantage over its still needs more time to prove its worth, but it sure is on the rise. From being nonexistent to ranking #4, Taskbot has shown some real power.
NikeSlayer has taken a different approach to bots. It hasn’t tried to provide support for all different kinds of cop sites and instead chose to stick to the top 5 sites. Its interface is a bit more user-friendly than others and it has fair enough some success lately.
Buy NikeSlayer if you want something that’s right in the middle. Though with this ordinary copping power you can find a Yeezy bot that will do the job better.
EasyCop Bot is another new Yeezy Bot on the scene that’s doing surprisingly well. Their interface is a bit easier to use and their features are basic. Also pretty pricey for a product so new to the market. While it seems to have a promising future it’s still too early in the game and hasn’t copped enough Yeezys to rank higher.
Buy EasyCop Bots if you’re someone new and need a shot.
BetterNikeBot was another one of the top bots. Usually, it was like if you’re not buying AIO Bot or Heated Sneaks, then you’re buying BNB.
However, the situation has changed and things aren’t looking very good for this Yeezy bot. Its reputation was severely damaged by its very bad performance lately, and it’s hard to tell if it’s making a come-back anytime soon.
SuperCop Bot takes a different approach to copping, it’s not so much a standalone bot as it is a browser plugin. It’s much slower with very low coping power and if you’re serious about copping we don’t recommend it. It does, however, have a much lower price point than its competitors, and for that rea, on we will still include it.
Get SuperCop Bot if you just wanna give things a try and don’t mind losing $90.

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