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Why Can’T I Find My Craigslist Post

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If you cannot locate your posting, please note:
Posts made without logging in to an account must be completed using a link sent to you by email.
Index pages and search results are updated periodically. You may need to refresh/reload the index page.
Make sure to look in the correct category (e. g. skilled trade services vs. skilled trade jobs, general for sale vs. general community).
Postings are ordered chronologically. Make sure to look under the correct date and appropriate time.
For help using our search feature, try the help page for searching craigslist
If unable to locate a post using search, make sure the keyword used actually appears in the post.
Posts may be removed or omitted from index pages and search results by automated systems, CL staff, or community moderation—for non-compliance with terms of use, site guidelines, and/or community norms.
Postings eventually expire.
Why is my posting not showing up on Craigslist? - GetHuman

Why is my posting not showing up on Craigslist? – GetHuman

Often times when you try to post something on Craigslist you can run into problems. Here’s how to solve some of the most common problems.
Craigslist is one of the most popular tools for finding jobs and posting stuff. The simplicity of its algorithm makes it easy to make millions of transaction. It can, therefore, be frustrating when your postings don’t show up. There are plenty of reasons why your posting may not be showing. They include the following;
Posting Free Ads
Even though free ads on Craigslist can be very effective, the site does not want you to post them. If they allowed everyone to post all their ads, the site would soon be filled with commercial ads. If Craigslist bots find something that they do not like on your ad, it won’t show up. Another reason why your ad may not show up is if you post too many ads too fast.
Posting Similar Ads
If the ad you post appears too similar to the one you posted earlier, it may not show up. If you want to post a new ad, try to make different from the previous one. You should also consider changing the IP address often. Being blocked for posting similar ads is known as being green ghosted. Some factors may cause you to be green ghosted include;
1. Posting too often with the same IP
2. Using the same title
3. Using the same ad body
4. Using the same email address too many times
5. Using image ads in categories that are disallowed
6. Using public proxies
If you still cannot understand why your postings do not show up, consider the following;
1. If you made a post without logging in to an account, you will receive a link in your email. Use the link to complete the login.
2. Postings expire at some point. Paid postings usually expire in 30 days while free postings expire in seven to 45 days.
3. Automated systems may remove your postings if they do not comply with community norms, site guidelines, or terms of use
4. In your search, you may be using a password that does not appear in the actual post
5. Posts appear in chronological order. When searching, ensure that you look under the correct time and date.
6. Ensure that you are searching in the right category
7. Refresh or reload your page as index pages and search results are periodically updated.
How to Check If Your Ad Is Ghosted
If you cannot find an ad that you posted, it is probably ghosted. Fortunately, it is possible to check whether your ad is live or ghosted. You can do it by following these steps;
1. Copy your post ID from the bottom of your ad
2. Paste the 10-digit ID in the search box on the exact category of your ad. If you cannot find it, it is definitely ghosted.
Another indication that your ad is ghosted is if you do not receive any feedback for it. For a live ad, you should get responses including phone calls and emails.
Fortunately, it is possible to avoid ghosting on Craigslist in a few simple steps. You can avoid being ghosted for using a blocked IP by taking the following precautions.
1. Avoid posting too many ads at the same time
2. Don’t use any auto-posting software
3. Don’t post ads from a public place
To avoid ghosting because of issues with your phone number, take the following steps.
1. Ensure that the phone number you are using has not been blocked
2. The phone number in your Craigslist account should be similar to the one in your Craigslist description.
If you still have trouble finding your posts, contact Craigslist support team for help.
Help from Real PeopleWe partner with a US-based company with live tech support experts available 24/7. Take advantage of a $1 one-week trial membership and chat with an expert With A Help ExpertWhy Did GetHuman Write “Why is my posting not showing up on Craigslist? “? After thousands of Craigslist customers came to GetHuman in search of an answer to this problem (and many others), we decided it was time to publish instructions. So we put together Why is my posting not showing up on Craigslist? to try to help. It takes time to get through these steps according to other users, including time spent working through each step and contacting Craigslist if necessary. Best of luck and please let us know if you successfully resolve your issue with guidance from this does GetHuman Write How-to Guides for Craigslist Problems? GetHuman has been working for over 10 years on sourcing information about big organizations like Craigslist in order to help customers resolve customer service issues faster. We started with contact information and fastest ways to reach a human at big companies. Particularly ones with slow or complicated IVR or phone menu systems. Or companies that have self-serve help forums instead of a customer service department. From there, we realized that consumers still needed more detailed help solving the most common problems, so we expanded to this set of guides, which grows every day. And if you spot any issues with our Why is my posting not showing up on Craigslist? guide, please let us know by sending us feedback. We want to be as helpful as possible. If you appreciated this guide, please share it with your favorite people. Our free information and tools is powered by you, the customer. The more people that use it, the better it gets.
Why Don't I See My Ad in a Craigslist Listing? - Small ...

Why Don’t I See My Ad in a Craigslist Listing? – Small …

The Internet is changing the way we buy, sell and advertise goods and services. One site that is making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for and advertise things they wish to get rid of is Craigslist, the online classified ad site. But users who post to Craigslist hoping to sell something might encounter some problems, namely having their ad removed by the site without notification. What is Craigslist? Craigslist is a free online classified advertisement website that allows users to advertise goods, services or meetups in the city in which they live. Craigslist pages are localized, meaning that when users post an advertisement, it shows up only for Craigslist users in a specific city that the advertiser chooses. This can sometimes motivate advertisers hoping to reach a variety of clients to advertise frequently in multiple cities. When you do this, you are more likely to have your ad not show up on the site, even if you publish it. This process is called “ghosting. ” What is Ad Ghosting? Craigslist allows anyone to post advertisements and does not verify any transactions that take place through the website. With little regulation, a lot of spammers and con artists using the site to bombard people with spam advertisements or scams. What Craigslist will do if your advertisement is flagged as spam is remove the ad after you publish it and not notify you. A “ghosted” ad like this cannot be seen by other users. How to Address Ghosting When your ad is ghosted, Craigslist does not provide a reason why it was ghosted, except to say on its help pages that advertisements identified by Craigslist as spam will be taken down. Craigslist also does not provide information on specific elements in an ad that may have gotten it flagged as spam. The best bet to address a ghosted ad is to start from scratch and reconstitute the ad. A couple ways to increase your chances of publishing the ad is to use pictures that are hosted on trusted domain names, such as popular photo-sharing sites, and to limit your use of links to outside websites. Getting More Information If your ad has been removed from Craigslist, you may not be able to get an official response from Craigslist about why it was removed, but you can go the Flag Help forums on Craigslist’s help pages. These forums allow users to discuss a variety of ad removals and why they may have been removed. They also provide tips on what sorts of content will be flagged. References Resources Writer Bio Michael Batton Kaput began writing professionally in 2009. He is an editor at two magazines and a freelance writer. He has been published in “Egypt Today, ” Egypt’s leading current affairs magazine, and “Business Today Egypt, ” Egypt’s number one English-language business magazine. He attended Denison University where he earned a degree in political science and English literature.

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Why can I not find my Craigslist post?

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