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What Is Reddit’S Ip Address

Allow Reddit to be accessed directly through IP address, not …

It’s possible for a website (domain name) to have multiple IP addresses. It’s also possible for multiple websites to be hosted at the same IP. IIRC that’s why the Host header is non-optional in HTTP/1. output of host has address 198. 41. 209. 141
has address 198. 139
has address 198. 137
has address 198. 138
has address 198. 140
has address 198. 208. 136
has address 198. 142
has address 198. 143
has address 198. 142
You can also find numerous reverse IP lookup tools on Google that show lots of other websites at the same;DR: this suggestion is not technically possible.
View YouTube Videos With YouTube's IP Address - Lifewire

View YouTube Videos With YouTube’s IP Address – Lifewire

What to Know
You can use an IP address to reach the URL, but it doesn’t always work.
The most common YouTube IP addresses are 208. 65. 153. 238, 208. 251, 208. 253, and 208. 117. 236. 69.
Using a website’s IP address could violate your host network’s acceptable use policy (AUP) if it’s blocking that site.
This article explains how to use an IP address to reach the URL. Like many popular websites, YouTube uses multiple servers to handle incoming requests. This means the YouTube domain has more than one IP address available depending on when and where you connect.
YouTube IP Addresses
These are the most common IP addresses for YouTube:
208. 238208. 251208. 253208. 69
Just as you can visit the YouTube homepage by entering in a web browser, so also can you add to any YouTube IP address, for example,
If you open YouTube from its IP address because it’s blocked where you are, use an anonymous web proxy server or VPN service to open YouTube.
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If you can’t open YouTube with its IP address, see the section at the bottom of this page for more information.
YouTube IP Address Ranges
To support a large and growing network of web servers, YouTube owns a number of IP addresses in ranges called blocks.
These IP address blocks belong to YouTube:
199. 223. 232. 0 – 199. 239. 255207. 160. 0 – 207. 175. 255208. 152. 0 – 208. 155. 224. 255. 255209. 85. 128. 0 – 209. 255216. 58. 192. 0 – 216. 32. 63. 255
Administrators who want to block access to YouTube from their network should block these IP address ranges if their router allows.
In a famous incident in 2008, the Pakistan national internet service provider Pakistani Telecom implemented a block on YouTube that was broadcast to other parts of the internet, effectively making YouTube unreachable anywhere for a few hours.
Acceptable Uses of YouTube IP Addresses
If you cannot reach, your web host might be blocking access to it. In this case, using an IP address-based URL can succeed yet violate your host network’s acceptable use policy (AUP). Check your AUP or contact your local network administrator before using an IP address to connect to YouTube.
Some countries have banned access to YouTube. Whether using its name or IP address, people in these countries should expect their connections to fail. This is a prime reason to use an HTTP proxy or VPN service.
It’s difficult for a website like YouTube to ban individual users by their public IP address because most internet providers allocate these to customers dynamically (these IP addresses often change). For the same reason, YouTube does not strictly limit voting on videos to one vote per each IP address, although it does keep other restrictions in place to prevent vote stuffing.
Find the IP Addresses of YouTube Users
Users who vote on videos or post comments to the site have their IP addresses recorded by YouTube. Like other large websites, YouTube might be requested to share its server logs with legal agencies under court order.
You, as a regular user, however, cannot access these private IP addresses.
This Doesn’t Always Work
Some IP addresses that are marked as belonging to YouTube point to another Google product like Google Search at This is due to shared hosting. Google uses some of the same servers to deliver its products, including YouTube.
Sometimes a general IP address used by a Google product isn’t enough information to explain which web page it is that you’re trying to visit, and so you might not get anywhere useful and could see a blank page or some sort of error.
This concept applies to any web page. If you can’t open a website using its IP address, then there’s a chance that the address is to a server that hosts more than one website, and the server, therefore, doesn’t know which website to load upon your request.
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can discord admins see your ip address? - Swipe Tips

can discord admins see your ip address? – Swipe Tips

Last Updated: January 26, 2020 There are plenty of different social platforms where people can communicate. These platforms offer plenty of different features. They are ideal for texting, voice chatting, sending images, videos, etc. They are the best place for people to communicate. Such platforms are Discord, Skype, and many others. Social MediaWhen you want to talk about the IP Address, the first thing you should do is understand it. The IP or Internal Protocol Address is a number that every computer connected to a computer network has. It has two roles. One is for identifying or hosting network interface and the second is for locating addresses. Can Admins See my IP Address? Social platforms like Skype are IM platforms. These are peer-to-peer platforms. In other words, when you call a certain user, your connection will go directly to their PC. That means that Skype’s servers have no connection with your call. Not a necessary connection. While Discord, an IM platform similar to Skype, is not, in fact, a peer-to-peer platform. When you do anything on Discord, call someone, or send them a text, the moment you connect to that message, Discord servers will receive it. After they receive the connection, the message or the call will be relayed to the person intended to receive it. For IM platforms such as Discord, it is impossible to find someone’s IP address just because they called someone, texted them, or sent them a picture. To answer the question if admins can see your IP address, we will delve into this problem a bit deeper. Discord admins have plenty of privileges. They own the server you are in and also have other stuff they can do. However, these people are not employed by Discord. So, to answer your question is no! Discord server admins can’t see your IP address. The only ones who can are the people who work at Discord. However, they will never share that information with anyone. Your IP address is safe in their hands. Who Else Can See My IP Address? There is something else we should mention as well. This is an important thing when it comes to people knowing your IP address. You see, if you receive a link from someone on your Discord chat, as an external site, they will see your IP address. Let’s say, you have a friend that sent you a google link. The moment you press that link and go to the Google website, Google will have access to your IP address. This is not Discord’s fault. The moment you leave Discord to visit an external site, people can see your IP address. ConclusionIf you are thinking about admins getting access to your IP address, there is nothing to worry about. They will not obtain your IP address no matter how hard they try. The only people on Discord who can obtain that IP is Discord themselves. Your IP is safe with them. They will not make that information public. It will remain within Discord. But, if you press on an external site, and you leave Discord, that site will have your IP address.

Frequently Asked Questions about what is reddit’s ip address

What is the IP of YouTube?

The most common YouTube IP addresses are 208.65. 153.238, 208.65. 153.251, 208.65. 153.253, and 208.117.Dec 10, 2020

Can you see IP address on discord?

Discord server admins can’t see your IP address. The only ones who can are the people who work at Discord. However, they will never share that information with anyone. Your IP address is safe in their hands.Jan 26, 2020

Does Reddit have an IP address?

On mobile, Reddit shares your mobile unique advertising identifier, IP address, and a list of subreddits with advertisers, so they can send out targeted advertising. But, now Reddit gives users to option to opt out. The company details how to opt out for Android and iOS users in a detailed post here.Jan 15, 2015

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