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Web Crawler Software Mac

Best Web Scraper for Mac: Scrape Data from Any Website

When looking for a web scraping solution, Mac users may run into a situation where an excellent web scraper only supports Windows or Linux system, but it cannot be installed on Mac OS.
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Web scraping on mac for FREE
What is a good Mac web scraper?
How to scrape ANY websites on your apple device
Closing Thoughts
This would no longer be a problem with Octoparse, an industry-leading web scraping software for mac. With its fast extraction speed, robust compatibility, smooth workflow and refreshing design, it stands out as a perfect and free web scraping solution on apple devices. You can download Octoparse Mac version here.
A good Mac web scraper, needless to say, allows you to pull data from any website easily without coding. Octoparse makes web scraping on Mac easier than ever. They provide hundreds of ready-to-use web scraping templates, which allows you to
scrape e-commerce & retail platforms including Amazon, eBay, BestBuy, Walmart…
scrape social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube…
scrape directories like Yellowpages, Yelp, Crunchbase…
scrape online travel agency sites such as Booking, TripAdvisor, Airbnb…
scrape real estate listings from Kijiji, Gumtree…
With these prebuilt crawlers, you can extract data from other big sites, such as Google Maps, Google Search, Google Play, Yahoo Finance and Indeed within clicks.
To scrape any websites, there is a more flexible solution-you can build a crawler from scratch with the “Advanced Mode” in Octoparse.
It is very easy to create a crawler to pull data off any website. There is zero learning curve even for a layman. Octoparse auto-detects all the data fields on the webpage, generates a crawler within minutes and extracts the data within seconds. Below is a screenshot of the data I got using the auto-detection feature:
(data extracted in excel)
Take Yelp as an example. Let’s say you are trying to scrape all the general information about Auto repair shops in Houston, TX. This is the website URL you’d like to extract:
Step 1: Input the target URL to start detecting the webpage
First, you need to install Octoparse on your Mac device. If you have experienced the Windows version before, you will notice the Mac version looks very similar.
Paste the URL above into Octoparse to let it auto-detect the page. As you scroll down the page inside the built-in browser, you will notice that the listing data, as well as the “Next page” button, are highlighted in red. This means that Octoparse is going to extract all the highlighted data on all pages.
Step 2: Save the detection settings to build a crawler
The second step is very simple. Click “save settings” and Octoparse will build a scraping workflow on your left-hand side. You can easily preview all the data that is going to be extracted on the “data preview” section.
Step 3: Run the crawler
And the last step is even more simple: save the crawler and run it. As you can see, within seconds, your target data is extracted from the webpage. When the extraction is completed, you can export the collected data into formats of your choice, including Excel sheets, CSV, HTML, SqlServer, MySql, etc. You can also stream live data into your database with Octoparse APIs.
Closing thoughts
And that’s a quick demo of extracting data with web scraping software for mac. As a Mac web scraper with rich features, Octoparse provides a Cloud platform for you to run your scraping projects in the cloud 24/7 with your laptop shut down. You can check out the video below to know more about how to scrape data from any website with Octoparse auto-detect algorithm.
Introduction to Octoparse on Mac
(Click infographic to enlarge)
Author: Milly
Video: Web Scraping on Mac for FREE
Best Web Scraper for Mac: Scrape Data from Any Website with your Apple Device
Download, Installation & Login(Mac)
Use Octoparse on a non-Windows machine (Mac/Linux)
How to clear cache for Mac?
Website Crawlers / Spiders - PeacockMedia

Website Crawlers / Spiders – PeacockMedia

A curated list of web crawling software for Mac OSX
A number of apps, free and paid which will scan your website and perform various functions such as create sitemaps, check markup, make SEO checks, archive the site or convert the format.
A1 Website Analyzer
from: Microsysprice: $69demo: free and unrestricted for 30 days, after that, free version has 500-url limitplatform(s): Windows / Mac OSX (10. 10+)Crawls a website, reports broken links, analyse SEO parameters, on-page keyword analysis, spell-check, html and css validation, site search, file sizes and download times. More information
BLT (Better Link Tester)
from: Before Dawn Solutionsprice: $19. 99demo: free and unrestricted for 14 daysplatform(s): native Mac OSXCrawls a website, reports broken links, extensible. More information
from: Colorizeprice: $24. 99demo: trial for 30 daysplatform(s): Java (Windows, OS X, Linux, Android)Finds links to other pages (in testing I’ve found that it tests pages linked from the starting page, couldn’t persuade it to crawl further than that). Performs a number of checks, browser compatibility, html validation, presence of, missing alt text information
from: PeacockMediaprice: Freeplatform(s): native Mac OSXCrawls a website, sucks / archives the content after converting to MarkdownMore information
from: PeacockMediaprice: Freeplatform(s): native Mac OSXCrawls a website, reports broken links, broken images. Integrity Plus adds xml sitemap, search boxes, manage multiple sites ($15).
More information
Screaming Frog SEO Spider
from: Screaming Frogprice: £149 per yeardemo: free restricted to 500 link crawl limitplatform(s): Java (windows/mac/ubuntu)Crawls a website, reports broken links, broken images, broken CSS, script. Lists pages and provides xml sitemap, reports seo information
from: PeacockMediaprice: $115demo: free and unrestricted for 30 daysplatform(s): native Mac OSXCrawls a website, reports broken links, broken images, lists pages and provides xml sitemap, reports seo information, spell-check, site search.
Sitemap Automator
from: Rage softwareprice: $21. 95platform(s): native Mac OSX, native WindowsCrawls a website, reports broken links, creates xml information
from: Richard Craniskyprice: £4. 99platform(s): native Mac OSXCrawls a website, sucks / archives the information
Webbee web spider
from: mprice: subscription, ranging from $15 per month to $129 per yearplatform(s): Java (Windows, OS X, Linux)Crawls a website, reports response codes, descriptions, titles, headings etc. Some SEO factors such as images without alt tag, duplicate titles, descriptions. More information
from: Illumitprice: $33demo: free and unrestricted for 30 daysplatform(s): Java (Mac OSX, Windows, Unix)Crawls a website, reports broken links, broken images, lists pages and provides xml sitemap, reports seo information, reports html validity. Website not currently responding
Download, Installation & Login(Mac) – Octoparse

Download, Installation & Login(Mac) – Octoparse

Octoparse is a powerful scraping tool working on both Windows and Mac. In this article, we will show you how to download, install, and log in to Octoparse on a Mac and solutions on some installation issues.
(If you are using a Windows-based machine, please check here. )
1) Download Octoparse 8. 1
2) Install Octoparse 8. 1
3) Sign up for an account
4) Installation issues
1. System Requirements
macOS Yosemite 10. 10 to macOS Catalina 10. 15. 7(x64)
Our current version is not fully compatible with macOS Big Sur 11 or above. If after installation, you can log-in to the app then it is compatible with your device. This issue is expected to fully resolve in the next update.
How to check the system information?
Click, choose “About This Mac ” and you will see the system info:
2. Download
Go to Octoparse download page to download the Octoparse App. If you have any questions or issues with your download, please contact us.
Please follow the steps below to install Octoparse:
1. Double click the file
2. Wait for the system to complete verifying the file
3. Drag to the “Application” file to complete installation
4. Find in Application and double click it to launch
5. Click “Open” on the pop-up
6. Log in with your username and password. If you do not have an existing account, you can sign up for a free one.
Once you’ve downloaded and opened Octoparse, click on “Sign up for FREE” to visit the Octoparse sign up page.
Alternatively, you can also visit our website to sign up for a Free Account or get a 14-day Free Trial to try out premium features such as 10x speed extraction, cloud extraction, task scheduling, task templates and more.
Notes: If you have any problems getting your account activated, check this FAQ: Why haven’t I received an activation email? or let us help.
You might have the following issues when trying to install Octoparse on your device.
1. “Octoparse ” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.
2. “Octoparse ” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.
Go to “System Preferences” and open “Security & Privacy”
Choose “General” and click “Open Anyway” to install Octoparse.
What if there is no “Open Anyway” option?
Open the “Terminal”
You can go to the “Finder” to search for “Terminal”.
Or, click the icon of the “Terminal” on the sidebar directly.
Input sudo spctl –master-disable and press Enter on your keyboard
Input the password of your Mac and press Enter again
Go to the “Security & Privacy”, and select “Anywhere”
Install Octoparse again
To get onboarded with Octoparse, check out the new series of Introductory Lessons for version 8. 1.
Artículo en español: Descarga, Instalación & Inicio de Sesión (Mac)
También puede leer artículos de web scraping en el sitio web oficial.
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Frequently Asked Questions about web crawler software mac

Does Octoparse work on Mac?

Octoparse is a powerful scraping tool working on both Windows and Mac.Mar 25, 2021

How do I use Octoparse on Mac?

Double click the .dmg file.Wait for the system to complete verifying the file.Drag Octoparse.app to the “Application” file to complete installation.Find Octoparse.app in Application and double click it to launch.Click “Open” on the pop-up.More items…

Which Web crawler is best?

Top 20 web crawler tools to scrape the websitesCyotek WebCopy. WebCopy is a free website crawler that allows you to copy partial or full websites locally into your hard disk for offline reading. … HTTrack. … Octoparse. … Getleft. … Scraper. … OutWit Hub. … ParseHub. … Visual Scraper.More items…•Jun 3, 2017

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