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Ticket Buying Sites

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Best Concert Ticket Sites – Top10.com

The Best Websites for Buying Concert Tickets
Your favorite band is in town—it’s time to buy concert tickets! But where should you buy from? Here are a few factors to consider.
Do you remember your first concert?
The excitement, the thrill, the perspiration—all from seeing your favorite band up on the stage, live before your very eyes, belting out the tunes you know and love.
Most people remember their first concert so fondly that they want more and more of the same experience. Because, unlike sports, theater, or other live events, music is on a different plane altogether; it reaches emotional depths that no other form of entertainment can.
So, how often do you go to concerts?
Are you one of those people who take concert-going very seriously and make sure to see their favorite bands every time they’re in town? Or are you less religious about it, simply enjoying the infrequent concert every now and then?
No matter which kind of person you are, you’ll want to buy your concert tickets from a reliable source and get the best deal possible—this will contribute to the overall good vibes you get from the experience.
Fortunately today, there are more options than ever for buying concert tickets. When deciding which website to buy tickets from, here are some factors to consider:
The reliability and trustworthiness of the site
The site’s specialty—does it sell only concert tickets or tickets to all kinds of live events?
The prices
Can you sell tickets on the site too?
The site’s general ease-of-use
When you consider which factors are most important to you, it can help narrow down your options and zero in on the best website to get you those sought-after concert tickets.
You’ve probably heard stories from friends who bought concert tickets from someone on Facebook or a local Whatsapp group, and ended up being duped. Buying tickets from reputed, respected websites is a great way to avoid this.
TicketMaster is probably the most famous and well-respected ticket-seller (it’s existed for ages), but there are many others. Vivid Seats, StubHub, Viagogo, TicketsNow, and Ticket Network are just a few examples of sites that offer some sort of buyer guarantee, which means that you won’t end up paying a lot of money and then getting bupkis.
Concert Specialty
Diehard music fans may prefer getting their concert tickets from a site that focuses solely on concerts, as opposed to sites that sell concert tickets in addition to tickets for sporting events, theater, comedy, and other live performances. Live Nation is one site that focuses only on concerts, and could be a good option for serious music fans.
Buying Tickets That Don’t Break the Bank
As everyone knows, concert tickets aren’t cheap, and frequent attendance may leave you with a bank balance that you’re less than happy with. Which is why it’s especially important for frequent concert-goers to get the best prices on tickets.
While some concert tickets will be expensive no matter what, you’d be surprised at the prices you can find for headliners like Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, U2, and others.
Where can you get the best prices or great deals?
TicketMaster always has some sort of tickets on sale; though they might not be what you’re looking for. SeatGeek combs the internet for concert tickets and then shows you which ones are the best bargains. TicketIQ is yet another site that offers deals; in fact, the site guarantees that tickets listed as “Low Price Guarantee” are the cheapest on the market—if you find tickets for cheaper, the company will beat the difference by 200%.
Selling Tickets
Let’s say you buy concert tickets online, and right after you get your confirmation email, you remember that you have your great-aunt’s grandson’s engagement party that same night, and even Aerosmith can’t help you get out of it.
What can you do with the tickets you just bought?
Log right back onto the site you bought them from, post them for sale, and make your money back once someone buys them. In fact, selling tickets online is so popular that most online sites offer this option; specifically StubHub, which you might expect, as it is owned by eBay.
The only sites that don’t offer individual selling options are TicketMaster, TicketLine, and TicketIQ.
General Comfort and Ease-of-Use
While comfort is the last thing you look for in an actual concert, when it comes to buying concert tickets, comfort is an advantage.
You may like the look and feel of one site more than another. Or a specific site might be more intuitive to you, or might be easier to use on your smartphone. You may need a site that has an app, which will rule out sites like TicketsNow and Ticket Network.
With so many sites and apps offering similar options, your make-or-break factor might just be your general comfort and ease-of-use—what feels best to you.
Experiences Beat Material Objects
If you love going to concerts but find it hard to justify shelling out your hard-earned cash on an event that only lasts a few hours, here’s some food for thought:
The old way of thinking went, “The more material objects I buy, the happier I’ll be. ” But current research actually shows the opposite—people who spend money on experiences end up feeling happier than those who spend their money on material objects.
There are many reasons for this, including the idea that experiences contain a social component, which humans thrive on; that experiences define our purpose and passions; that experiences create great memories, which we cherish, and more.
So if you’re feeling guilty about the money you spend on concert tickets, just remember that the experience you’re giving yourself won’t only last a few hours; it will last a lifetime. Moreover, it can contribute to your overall happiness—and that’s priceless, right?
Best Ticket Sites - Legit Concert Ticket Brokers - Google Sites

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Best Ticket Sites – Legit Concert Ticket Brokers – Google Sites

Updated on 09. 07. 2021Whether it comes to a hot concert in your area or the football game of the year, long gone are the days when you had to queue three days before ticket houses even opened up. Sure, some people still do it, but browsing the best ticket sites out there would be the modern way to sort things out, whether you are after sporting events, featured artists or live music. Now, what are the best websites to buy your favorite tickets? We finally found a ticket provider with NO SERVICE FEES and FREE SHIPPING! If you are like us and hate overpaying different fees charged for no reason then check out! And with promo code LEGITTICKET you will get 10% OFF any ticket to any event! NO Service feesFREE shipping100% money back guaranteeHaven’t seen any yetCheck and let us know what you think. TicketNetwork is one of the underrated sites in this industry. You can find the best ticket if you perform the right search. It sells tickets for live concerts, music performances, sports events, theater shows, plays and conferences – you name it and it is probably there. Tickets come from multiple sources – agencies, sponsors, venues and even other people. TicketNetwork can be used over desktop platforms, as well as mobile phones – it has its proprietary app too. Regardless of what you use, you can find a list of cheap tickets without too much hassle. The portal is easy to navigate, while the checkout process takes minutes only. People can both buy and sell tickets – unfortunately, only those in the USA can sell over TicketNetwork for are no refunds, unless the show has been canceled – reasons are irrelevant. Tickets are delivered electronically, but you can print them for your peace of mind. In certain circumstances, tickets can be sent physically over FedEx. To sell a ticket, you will need to pay 20% off its selling price if it goes. Moreover, buying more tickets will inevitably give you adjacent seats if possible – by to use and intuitiveInstant ticket delivery by email100% money back guaranteeKnowledgeable customer service No live chat support for emergenciesTicketNetwork is the hidden gem of this industry – underrated, but fully featured and ready to put you in the perfect tablished in 2009, Seatgeek is a mobile based platform that puts users and events together. Fans can buy tickets for all kinds of events – theater plays, live concerts, music events and sports. They purchase tickets from other fans trying to get rid of theirs. When shopping, there are plenty of features available, such as interactive seating maps, the possibility to use electronic tickets or event Seatgeek is mostly aimed at mobile users, it has its own application – easy to use and intuitive. You will notice that all deals have their own scores – a low score implies the seat is somewhere behind a pole or too far from the stage. You can get results from other third party sites too, providing even more is one major minus though – you cannot search for the best possible deal, but you will have to browse yourself. The good news is doing it is not that bad – quite straightforward. Buying and selling could be a matter of minutes. It is not among the best ticket sites when it comes to selling though – 20% commission. Tickets are delivered electronically, but you can also print them to use and intuitiveInteractive seating mapDisplays third party website resultsSuitable for both mobile and desktop users Selling commission higher than on other platforms Seatgeek might be more expensive than other top players, but its features make it ubHub is one of the best ticket sites in terms of diversity – you can find tickets to top events from all over the world. Most of them are related to live performances – national tours and international acts. However, fans will be thrilled to find tickets to small local concerts, shows and venues as well. Tickets seem to never sell out on ubHub is easy to use and intuitive. It is one of the few sites that put all the fees together – somewhere around 28 percent. Some other websites list two to five different fees, which can cause confusion. When it comes to the selling fee, sellers will pay 10% out of the price. Buyers will love the feature to find the best available tickets too. Just like you have probably guessed already, there are no ubHub has its own application too. When searching, you get suggestions based on your location. The FanProtect guarantee offered by StubHub ensures you get your tickets before the event. If you do not, you get a full refund or even better tickets – up to you. The app allows you to follow your favorite artists too, so you can get notifications whenever there is an event in your area. FanProtect guaranteeCan search for the best availableGood local suggestionsEasy to buy or sell Users have to provide card details in order to see the final priceStubHub is a top player because of its diversified features, which ensure the perfect seats. Ticketmaster is probably the most reputable website in the concerting industry. More and more people do not even attempt to buy tickets locally, but they go straight to Ticketmaster – widely advertised on radio and television as well. Apart from musical performances, the portal has tickets to live sports events as ticket fee depends on the venue and artist – generally speaking, prices seem to be lower than on other sites. It is worth mentioning that it is a primary broker, which means that each ticket is negotiated with the venue. There are more delivery options – electronically or physically. The physical solution is more expensive can find the best tickets over the actual website or through the app – whatever is more convenient for you. You can transfer tickets, resell them or even return them within three days – with some restrictions, of course. Both the website and app are easy to use, while buying takes a minute. The average service fee is just under 20%. Excellent pricesPlenty of eventsReturn policyThe possibility to transfer tickets to friendsNo possibility to sell tickets, yet there are a few options to resell tickets you have just purchasedWhile not the cheapest or most advanced website, Ticketmaster is probably the most reputable one, which gives it some extra credibility. TicketLiquidator is not among the top players on the market, but some of its deals can certainly match the leading online brokers. The broker is specialized in concert tickets, yet you can also find sports events or live performances – mostly over reputable venues, rather than local places. It does a pretty good job at recommending shows in your area too – you will need the location on. TicketLiquidator tries to compete with the leading ticket sites by upgrading on a regular basis. For example, it has recently launched its own app too. While the website is easy to navigate and straightforward, the app is a bit clunky and may waste a bit of time. You can get your tickets delivered in more ways – electronically and physically. There is a money back guarantee should they fail to arrive on selling tickets can be done for a 10% fee if they go. Other than that, the average fee is 25%. It is a bit high when compared to better rated website, but at least it is flat and it does not depend on the venue or artist. The interactive seating map is one of its main pluses – you can determine whether or not the price is right based on the for selling and reselling ticketsInteractive seating mapGood for music concertsMultiple delivery options Not the best for other types of events – ideal for music concerts thoughTicketLiquidator is a top choice for music concerts – even the less known events from local Nation is one of the primary choices when it comes to finding a ticket for a concert. It is specialized in live concerts, yet you can find events from other industries too. Unlike other websites, Live Nation has a relatively low database, meaning tickets sell out pretty fast – you need to keep an eye on such sites as soon as your favorite artists announce a tour or a Nation can be accessed over its official website, as well as an app. The website has everything you might need though – fun and professional standards. It is easy to use and search, while buying and paying for a ticket should take you less than a few minutes. You can find the best tickets listed over other websites too, including the cannot sell a ticket over Live Nation, but it is easy to buy and compare the market. You have interactive seating maps, as well as venue maps, parking passes and a full disclosure of all potential entrances. Deliveries are electronic, yet you can also get physical deliveries if you buy from another website advertised on Live Venue. Fees vary from one source to professional websiteEasy to useLists tickets from multiple sourcesInteractive seating mapConsTickets sell out quite fastLive Nation can be seen as a niche portal – specialized in concerts, including less popular artists or venues. In the business for over 30 years, TicketCity has always been a secondary broker. It may not be the leading name in this industry, but it is among the top sites to find a ticket or at least to compare deals. It is safer than most of its competition, as it offers a money back guarantee if your tickets are not authentic or they are not delivered before the actual event. It is mostly specialized in music concerts and live performances. The website is simple to use, yet it comes with a basic search function – not too many criteria to search for. Just like other ticket sites, it provides an interactive seating map. When buying a ticket, you can also opt for a parking pass. Not all tickets are electronic – some of them must be sent physically. You will know upfront whether you can buy an emergency electronic ticket or you have to wait for your ticket to be shipped can buy and sell tickets. Fees for sellers are smaller than on other websites, but they depend on the venue or artist. Whether it comes to buying or selling, the website is user friendly and intuitive. The checkout process should take a few minutes only. It is worth mentioning the fact that TicketCity has its own application too. In fact, the app might seem easier to use than the website, as the location access is more efficient when looking for back guaranteeCan buy or sell ticketsEasy to use applicationLow fees for sellersNot a primary ticket brokerTicketCity provides safety and a good return policy, while costs are quite low due to being a secondary vidSeats is one of the best options when looking for a ticket, mostly because of its rewards program – one of the leading programs in the industry. For example, you can buy seven tickets throughout a year and the eighth ticket will be free. Seeing the same artist for a second time in a year? Your ticket comes with a 5% discount. You will also get various discounts if you buy more tickets, so feel free to bring your best friends are a bit higher than on other websites – around 27%, but the best part about it is that ticket prices are quite low, so it pays off taking a look. You can buy tickets for music events, sports events, theater shows and so on. The website is straightforward and has a good search function, yet you can also use the app for smartphones – easier to use and more efficient location access to find events in your arching for an event and buying a ticket should take a few minutes if you know what you want. Got questions regarding a ticket or a show? VividSeats has a knowledgeable customer service – more importantly, you have a live chat feature, which is the best option for ticket emergencies. There are no returns, while finding the best available price is not an option – you will have to browse through results to use – both the website and the applicationThe possibility to live chat to a customer service representativeGood value for moneySeating map No possibility to search for the best pricesVividSeats dominates the market when it comes to rewards and bonuses, despite lacking a few agogo is one of the best sites on the ticket marketplace. Expanded in 2006, it was among the first players to meet international success over the Internet. It has expanded in more than 160 countries and it has set some partnerships with top vendors all over the world. It is no longer a website, but a platform bringing together over 60 sites tailored to particular parts of the world. When it comes to event types, you can find sports, music, live shows and agogo is among the best stocked websites out there, whether you want to reach a Champions League final or an Ariana Grande concert. Finding and buying tickets is a painless process – a matter of minutes. The checkout is straightforward too. What really makes the difference is the search function, which allows you to change the region or currency, among others. Many options are available in search results, while others are available in the bottom of the can also pay by PayPal, while registration is optional – best feature if you do not want to use it too often. Fees are relatively small, yet the website is mostly designed for buyers, rather than sellers. There are, of course, some selling opportunities too. You can get electronic or physical tickets. There is a money back guarantee should something go to useLots of eventsGood searching functionIntuitive applicationConsStrange queuing system once you find a ticket – may take up to 10 minutesViagogo might seem a little old fashioned by lacking a few good features, but its costs make it worth your launched independently as one of the best sites to purchase tickets, TicketsNow is actually part of the large Ticketmaster family – it represents one of its best subsidiaries on the market. When compared to other websites, it becomes a secondary broker without too many extras, but it is still a good place to compare prices and find deals that you may not be able to find somewhere Now has some of the best fees out there – lower than most of its competition. You can also find tickets that sold out on other primary portals, without the price to go high. People can both buy and sell on TicketsNow – the selling fee is 15%. The website is secure and easy to use, while the return policy is different from the one on TicketMaster. There is no app nding and buying the best ticket should take a few minutes only. Questions? The customer service is quite prompt. There is no live chat though, but the FAQ section will give you answers to most questions. Finding the best seats could be a little tricky without an interactive map, but it is worth digging deeper if you find a top notch website and painless experienceDetailed FAQ sectionInexpensive service feesCan buy and sell ticketsUnable to search for the best deal While under Ticketmaster’s umbrella, TicketsNow has built an identity for itself based on a simple experience and low line, these are by far the best ticket sites on the market and each of them comes with its own particularities. Overall, their final goal is the same – finding the best tickets and the best seats. It might be wise to simply browse through them when interested in a particular event, only to compare deals before spending your money. ​
SeatGeek | Your Ticket to Sports, Concerts & More

SeatGeek | Your Ticket to Sports, Concerts & More

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