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stealthFox : Firefox with Vertical Tabs and minimal chrome

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level 1I have been unable to go back to regular tabs ever since I used FlyingFox. However the problem I was facing was that the theme was broken on Proton which I had to fix and it kept braking frequently after Firefox updates (I am on the beta branch). Since the code for FlyingFox was pretty extensive and I’m not exactly familiar with FirefoxCss, I started building this theme with an aim ofEasy Maintainability: Minimize the code base to reduce things breaking down with updatesMinimal ChromeVertical Tabs with Tree Style TabsYou can find the end result herelevel 1Really like having the container name in the address 2I think that’s there by default, right? level 1Will update the Theme with few minor changes to clean up the url barlevel 15. ) Import from Tree Style Tabs tf is the import json at in the menus, I cannot find I found it in the addons manager under “options” tab, i missed it earlierlevel 1The only time I like seeing Windows in a screenshot is when it’s got TaskbarX. Looks nice btw, thanks for sharing:)level 2TaskbarX is the first thing I always notice whenever I see a windows screenshot level 1Updated the code to clean up and pretty up a few thingsCleaner URL barPage Options auto hide / show on hoverCleaner ScrollbarsNavbar Icons aligned with Vertical TabbarYou can find the code as well as the steps herelevel 1How do you make the tab bar expand? level 1 · 3m · edited 3mLooks amazing! I have one question: what does this file do? It seems like it is unrelated to the CSSEDIT: doesn’t seem to work on my computer though:( oh welllevel 2Just going off of the title, it must be an export of the add-on configuration for Tree Style Tabs. I just keep my TST-specific CSS in it’s own file, which you can import into the addon in it’s “advanced” settings, and don’t know exactly how these sorts of exports work- they must cover every 2I didn’t know if anyone would use it, so I did a pretty lazy job of sharing it publicly. Json file is settings for Tree Style Tabs extension as shown in the you could pm me whats going wrong on your computer maybe I can fix it. I basically just tested it on my laptoplevel 1100th upvote, yay! Seriously, this looks really good.. Will try it in a few 1Nice work! Would it be hard to move the tab bar to the right side of the window? level 2Shouldn’t be too hard. Will try to see if they layout could be changed dynamicallylevel 1Comment removed by moderator · 3mlevel 2I get what you mean. I wanted to implement the tree structure exactly like FlyingFox, but I couldn’t figure it out from their code in what little time I spent looking at up trying this layout which worked pretty well. Maybe I’ll spend more time to see if I can figure out how they do it in FlyingFoxlevel 2You will have to import Tree Style Tabs settings using, that will theme the side bar correctly
rstacruz/firefox-stealthfox - GitHub

rstacruz/firefox-stealthfox – GitHub

Firefox customization
Automatic installation (Mac or Linux): Type. / to install this to your Firefox profiles.
Manual installation: Copy to your Firefox profile folder’s chrome/ subfolder (you may need to create it first).
Alternatively, has less features, and is perfect for incorporating it into your own customizations. (Thanks @ronjouch in #2! )
How do you use it?
Ctrl+L (or Cmd+L) will bring focus to the navbar. This lets you interact with the navbar buttons, or type in a URL.
You can also right-click on a page to bring the popup menu to navigate back, forward, and so on.
Further reading
For information on how this works, see customization on MozillaZine.
customization ()
/r/firefoxcss ()
firefox-stealthfox © 2019, Rico Sta. Cruz. Released under the MIT License.
Authored and maintained by Rico Sta. Cruz with help from contributors (list).
GitHub @rstacruz ·
Twitter @rstacruz
Moving forward from old technology browsers - Multilogin

Moving forward from old technology browsers – Multilogin

Back in 2016, our Chromium and Firefox browsers rigged with a special fingerprint management extension were ground-breaking products. However, the world changes, technologies evolve and we follow along. Newly emerged user identification technologies exploited vulnerabilities in Chromium and Firefox browsers that were impossible to patch on a browser extension level. This is why we started directly modifying browser source code building new privacy browsers – Stealthfox and Mimic.
Now the gap between our new and old browsers became too big. Likewise, old browsers accumulated a whole set of issues that is impossible to fix due to architectural limitations. The only fix can be made through source code modification which brings us back to Stealthfox and Mimic.
Well, seems like it’s time to say “Good bye! ” to Chromium and Firefox in Multilogin. We won’t further develop them for the sole reason: it’s impossible.
However, we know that a lot of you still rely on those browsers and we don’t want to hurt your work processes in any way. This is why we took a great care to prepare a migration plan which you can find here below. To save up your time, please find a category you belong to and read how the migration will affect you specifically.
You won’t be able to create new Chromium/Firefox browser profiles after May 23rd
You will be able to use Chromium/Firefox browser profiles created before May 23rd
You will be able to create Mimic and Stealthfox browser profiles with limitations of the Free plan (read below)
These new rules will activate starting from version 2. 1. 3
Stealthfox and Mimic are our premium browser profile that so far were only available to paid users. Now we add it to the free plan with the following limitations:
Resource-intensive features Local Storage and Extension Storage won’t be available. This means browser extensions cannot be installed.
Free and Paid users receive browser fingerprints from separate databases. Free database has less fingerprints and is being updated with a delay
Free users won’t be able to adjust the number of media devices in the browser profile configuration (Media devices hash altering will still work)
Free users won’t be able to manually edit some fields related to Navigator and WebGL configuration
Free users won’t be able to share or transfer browser profiles to other users (still can receive a browser profile from a paid account through sharing)
Besides, we add two additional premium features to the Free plan:
Proxy over SSH plugin
Multiproxy plugin (domain-based proxy utilization within a single session)
You will be able to create new Chromium/Firefox browser profiles after May 23rd
You will be able to use Chromium/Firefox browser profiles created before and after May 23rd
You will see a notification with a link to this announcement when creating new Chromium/Firefox browser profiles
We honor the right of users with Basic subscription to continue using what they paid for. However, we strongly advise upgrading to one of our plans that include Mimic and Stealthfox browsers.
If you purchased a paid plan BEFORE May 23rd…
We strongly advise migrating your work processes to either Stealthfox or Mimic browser.
If you purchased a paid plan AFTER May 23rd…
Congratulations, there’s nothing to worry about! Start experiencing Multilogin from using our modern browsers Stealthfox and Mimic that provide the best level of protection from browser fingerprinting
What will happen to existing Chromium/Firefox browser profiles?
We will continue supporting all existing and newly created Chromium/Firefox browser profiles as long as they are being used. They won’t be further developed but will continue working in their existing state. We will continue recommending everyone to convert Chromium/Firefox browser profiles to Mimic/Stealthfox.
Can I transfer Mimic/Stealthfox browser profiles from a paid to the Free plan?
Free and paid subscriptions receive browser fingerprints from separate databases and have a different data model. A Mimic/Stealthfox profile once created on a paid plan is impossible to launch on the Free plan. If we allowed that, it would require reducing the amount of stored data which may have lead to unwanted consequences.
However, a profile created on the Free plan can be opened on a paid plan since paid plans are backward compatible with the data model used in the Free plan.
What happened to Startup Regular and Business Regular plans?
We deprecated them. If you already purchased one, you may continue using it. However, we do not offer them anymore. Our new vision is that every subscription plan should include both privacy browsers: Mimic and Stealthfox. If you wish to upgrade from your Regular to any of Premium plans that include Mimic browser, let us know.
If you still have questions left, please contact customer support. We will be happy to clarify everything for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about stealthfox

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