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Ruten Proxy

LetsGoBuy! Taiwan shopping agent, buy/bid service

LetsGoBuy! Taiwan shopping agent, buy/bid service

We for act as an intermediary / translator / shopping assistant.
We help to consolidate your parcels and send to you at one go.
We offer prompt, personalised, and reliable service at the most reasonable price in the market.
Start shopping at these popular sites now!
and not just these, we buy for you simply anything you need and ship from Taiwan to you directly.
If you have any questions, please drop us an email ().
If you need a quotation, you can get it here.
If you have something to buy, you can send your order here. Your of shopping agent. noticeWith effect from October 1st 2020, return and exchange is not possible once the items are shipped. This new rule applies to all current processing and new orders.
The reason for this new rule is that we take unboxing videos for all orders. You are able to see the conditions of your items and have the right to request to check for more details. Such requests must be made within 3 days from the date the item arrived at our facility. This is the only chance you can do a return / refund / exchange. The return / refund / exchange are subjected to each seller’s own policy. Please read the seller’s description carefully and raise questions whenever you have doubt. Once the items are shipped out of Taiwan, return / refund / exchange are not possible. Shipping Schedule Our shipping schedule is fixed at 12pm, Mondays to Fridays, except Taiwan National Holidays. The cut-off time is 11am. Which means if you have made final payment for shipping before 11am, your package will be shipped the same day, otherwise it will be the next working day.

List of Taiwan National Holidays:
– Jan 23rd to Jan 29th 2020
– Feb 28th to Mar 1st 2020
– Apr. 2nd to Apr. 5th 2020
– May. 1st 2020
– Jun. 25th to Jun. 28th 2020
– Oct 1st to Oct 4th 2020
– Oct. 9th 2020
Taiwan Shopping Agent Service | Two Tree Team

Taiwan Shopping Agent Service | Two Tree Team

Are you looking for a shopping agent, proxy bidding agent or parcel forwarder for Taiwanese shops and brands? We can buy from any Taiwanese online shop, e. handle all the logistics from creating an estimate, communicating with the seller, buying and storing your purchases, as well as repackaging and shipping them to you. For this, we charge a Service Fee:TWD 700 (approx. US$ 25)if the total purchase value* is smaller than TWD 3, 500 (US$ 125)» To celebrate our reopening, the minimum fee will beTWD 550 (approx. US$ 20) for the whole of October 2021! «or20% of total purchase value*if total purchase value is larger than TWD 3, 500 (US$ 125)Total purchase value = Cost of products + cost of shipping from shop to usAdditional cost to consider» Shipping cost – depends on the shipping method you choose» Paypal fee – 4. 6% of the final amount (this is charged to us by Paypal)» Other irregular cost – while the above usually includes everything, some products might make it necessary to use additional/special packaging, be picked up in person, etc. We make sure to communicate such cost to you as soon as we know about it works, step by step:1. You create an free account in our User Portal. 2. Within your account, create a Quote Request, then add products to it and submit your request. 3. We create a free cost estimate (quote) including shipping cost options and send it to you by email. 4. You check our offer and decide which shipping option you prefer. 5. We send you a payment link (credit card/Paypal accepted). 6. We proceed with the purchase and keep you updated about the process. 7. Once your item(s) are shipped, you will receive a tracking code from us. Then it’s just a few more days until you hold your items in your hands! How to request a free estimate (Quote)Simply:⇒ Create a free account in our user portal⇒ Create a quote request⇒ Add products (link, URL, etc. ) to your request⇒ Submit
Need a reliable proxy to buy from Taiwan Ruten? Here I am!

Need a reliable proxy to buy from Taiwan Ruten? Here I am!

Helping people to order items online from Taiwan is one of my favourite full-time job. That’s why I’ve been doing it for many international buyers from worldwide for about 8 years. So, some of them called me as Taiwan Ruten Auction Agent, Bidding Yahoo Auction Proxy Service, Taiwan Online Shopping Agent, or Taiwan Proxy Bid Purchase, Ruten or Yahoo Auction Proxy Bidder.
It’s always been my joy to help you to get product from Taiwan Ruten auction. I also can help to bid auctions including Taiwan Yahoo Auctions as the trustable proxy. At the same time, I’m offering online shopping services for Taiwan Pchome, Unimall, Rakuten, and others!
By using my reliable service, you’ll get item from Taiwan in a faster and safer way! I can buy for you, pay your supplier on your behalf, and ship items to your home! All transactions will be used with private emails to protect their privacy and their convenience.
【Please Read My Rules】
~ I’m unable to take any responsibility for any inaccuracy descriptions of products including non-official products, damage, fraud, and loss caused by a seller and courier as they’re out of my control.
~ So, it’s very important to read product descriptions (what’s included) and
see their photos to check the conditions of products especially used and old ones.
~ Please carefully assess the credibility of sellers before ordering item(s) from them.
~ Fortunately, there is one exception to the rule above. That is getting the wrong item from a seller. Then, I’ll gladly help you to handle this case.
~ It’s not allowed to change your order once you pay, unless you want to add item(s).
~ Thus, please think very carefully before you send the link(s) that you really want to buy.
~ All orders are final (no exchanges, no returns, no refunds).
~ International Shipping Fee from me to you is not included in all products.
~ It’s better to pay as soon as you can since some items can be sold out quickly. ~ Once you pay, it doesn’t mean that I’ll buy it right away as I don’t online all the time.
~ Of course, I’ve been always doing my best to order it within 1~2 business days.
【Payment Method】
~ PayPal (PayPal Balance, Bank Account, Debit Card, Credit Card)
【Minimum Order Requirement】
~ No minimum order requirements: you can order 1 item or 2 items only.
~ But, I recommend you to buy 4 or more items in order to save shipping cost.
~ It’s because you may get the same shipping cost if you buy more than 2 items.
【Contact Me】
~ If you want to order from Taiwan, please contact me [miakyouathotmaildotcom]~
~ I usually reply you within 1~2 working days after receiving your email.
~ Please re-send email if you still don’t get my response after 2 working days.
~ Please put “Miakyou Taiwan Online Services” in your email subject for faster reply.
~ Please include the link(s) that you’re interested to purchase.
~ Then, I’ll be able to help you to calculate total cost.
~ Please let me know the country where you’ll receive your parcel.
Thank you for your interest in my services! ^__^

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