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Yeah, its come to this, folks: online dating. I always professed to being the type that gets the attention from the gal, but can’t seem to” close the deal”. Have any of you been on OkCupid with any success?
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Why Teddy, you are brilliant! But no woman would want to date me(this is where all of you gorgeous women give me your phone numbers because you want to console me and stroke my hair and things)!
I just cameback from an online cupid date. Cool guy, nice time, not the guy for me but a nice afternoon.
I like okcupid. The last time I used it though, I’d signed up because my bf and I broke up for a bit… I went on a couple dates and then we worked through our shit and got back together. One of the dudes I met was really awesome, definitely someone I could’ve seen myself getting closer too. But unfortunately I kind of jumped into the dating pool and bit quicker than I should’ve. Oh well
Oh shush. You people act like dating sites are bad. You’re in 2012, get with the program. It’s like not wanting to use wi-fi because you’ll be considered odd. I’ve met a lot of people on Okcupid. Some of them were strange and I wanted to run away from them fast. Some were cool and we hit it off for whatever it was. And some I still keep in touch with as very close friends. It’s not just dating, it’s social interaction. Something that with the way technology is going, is just another outlet to meet people. Here’s my old gutted out …Not like it matters as I’ve lost the password to it a long time ago. But it goes to show you, people can meet anyone on there. Especially if I did with whatever is left on that.
Now that I think about it, you can thank OKCupid for me being on yelp talk. I dated someone on there that was a big yelper. I had only used yelp as a reader but then they suggested I review places and sign up and here I am today. Blame OKCupid…
why not? it’s virtually the same as meeting at a bar. Only you can actually bypass all the stupid small talk questions if their profile has general tidbits about them. It also puts you one browser click away from googling them and seeing if they’re a serial killer.
psstt. Just to let you in on a little secret. Fully ALL of chicks every where are truly topnotch psychos. They just are able to hide it for more than a few dates before they let you know. Just sayin.
*glares at the hatch you keep in your trunk*
I both like and dislike online dating.
well that was suppose to be hatchet. whoops!
I’ve thought about online dating but have never done it. Is OK Cupid Free? Has anyone tried
POF is just for people looking for hooking up. OKC at least has the factor that you can potentially date the person and it’s something more than a quick fling.
I have an okcupid date tomorrow.
This is why I welcome our emotionless robot overlords.
Has anyone here gone out with other Yelpers? And I’m not talking about an event.
No. No one has ever in the history of yelp gone out with a fellow one personNo sir,
Jordan “Burn Notice” S. says:Okcupid is for people looking to get laid. You might strike it rich and just get a half-crazy bitch, but that’s about as good as you can hope for. Unlikely though because it’s a huge numbers game. Lots of fatties and uggos on Okcupid. Also, there are 10 billion men on Okcupid. If you are looking for a serious relationship you have to shell out the big bucks for eharmony or match where there are way more women than men. ______________________Agreed but not on the eHarmony and Match being better as I’ve never tried them.
Jordan I guess you are saying that match and eharmony are for people that want to get married most likely? And okcupid is for the adventurous type of people that are looking for one night stands flings etc
Eh, I would say that Eharmony is for religious types. Since I don’t believe in god it doesn’t work for me. At its core, online dating is basically going to work when you find like minded people that share similar interest with you. Okcupid at least allows you to read their profile and get a sense of them. Also their statistics and graphs are amazingly well put together. I expect nothing less than MIT students. So it succeeds on that level – Matching up like minded people together. You see how much you would match in a relationship or just as friends based on your honest answers. Which is also why Yelp is often considered just that. Because you’re here with like minded people. We all are opinionated enough to want to voice ourselves about were we eat. You’ll find people you can relate to on here based on similar interest. What you do after that is on you because YELP IS NOT A DATING SITE.
Has eHarmony finally allowed gays on there?
Eh, any website can be a dating site. On the various message boards I frequent, be them internet humor, dvds, beer, yelp, bittorrent, etc. There is always people getting together. Why? Because you have similar interest and you come together through it. This is why I always say if you’re looking for a relationship, you just won’t find it. But if you live your life and do the things you like to do, you will find someone organically and without realizing it. Because you aren’t forcing it and most of all, because the two of you share those interest. eHarmony or Match generally aren’t any better than the free ones. And I’d wager to say that you’re better off not dating someone who actually shelled out the amount to go on those dating websitesYeah, I said it..
Tati “Retired Evil Genius” R. says:I just cameback from an online cupid date. Cool guy, nice time, not the guy for me but a nice afternoon. ===Details!
Check out this funny eHarmony profile videoHopefully when you guys do your profile video they will also be as enthusiastic and …
I did randomly run into a guy that kept messaging me on okcupid Friday! He eventually walked over, said he ‘knows’ me and just stood there a d stared at was weird! Yelp is a dating site??? Read this a lot on yelp… But not sure I get I’m just unlucky…
Oh okcupid was acquired by match for 50 million last year…
I’ve thought about joining Anyone with success with that site? Ponies +9 against the Steelers.
I knew a girl who found out her bf was on adultfriendfinder… apparently he was REAL successful… but I think he was targeting the hefties…
I have been on several dating sites (because of my patheticness), and like okcupid the best. Match has men that are my age but look 50. E-harmony says I am unmatchable and wouldnt let me join–How dare you!
I did E Harmony a while back and it was scary. That site is FAR TOO serious for me. It was like they were trying to get me hitched. Falcons +3 against the Giants.
Tati, there are no history professors on EH. Go to your local community college to find in the LSU-Alabama game tomorrow. World War 4.
I dont want a history professor, I need balance. I am thinking an engineer or something.
Wow Liz, you and I actually have a lot in common. I am not concerned about grammar since mine has become worse over time. I usually write to someone every day for about two weeks before meeting them. Really, I dont mind coffee after less communication. I am horrible on the phone and I feel like it takes less time just to meet them than keep making conversation. Also, I am all about the energy a person puts out, so an being face to face is vital. I have met guys that did have girlfriends but that is in real life as much as online. I just keep going. I have accomplished or am on the right path for most of my goals. So I really dont understand the concept of sitting back and letting things happen. I have to go after it. That includes cute boys online. I mean nice guys.
I honestly tried OkCupid just to make friends but all the girls have really high standards and want a real serious relationship which is most of them:/ I did made some great friends but too little ^^;
Tati.. You are matchable to any cool dude cause you are way too funny..
Ehh, I think the grammar nazi-ism is a bit lame. I know the difference between “their” “there” and “they’re” and “your” and “you’re”, but sometimes when I’m typing I revert to muscle memory without even realizing it… Especially when I’m interwebbing on my phone(Even right now when I started to type out “even” I typed “every” first.. muscle memory”… Don’t be so harshhhAlso, I’ve noticed that a lot of guys I’ve met that are more inclined to be good at science or math aren’t the best spellers. Sometimes they’re quite brilliant actually and still have an issue with spelling and grammar.
Thanks. Maybe today I will meet an amazing guy that can tolerate me. Fingers crossed!
I’m not against internet dating but I just don’t hear a lot of success stories from my friends. I’ve always stayed away from it. Maybe I’m lucky but I’ve never had a problem meeting guys the ol’school way. I met my man through a mutual friends’ party at a bar. We got drunk, dug each other and started dating. Besides attraction, it has a lot to do with timing. Both of us were dating around casually but after we met, it just clicked.
Anyone try one of those pro match makers or has anyone met and gone out with someone they met through friend got a girlfriend this way.
My friend got a girlfriend through a meeting through
I met my husband on there (but we went to the same school and I only talked to guys from my school).
It can be fun I suppose! Met a few cool people on there, but not what I’m looking for. I delete the thing every few weeks it seems! haha
I met my fiance on OKC and have told my friends about it. They’ve all had success. I give it a thumbs up!
To be honest, it’s no different than accidentally making friends on yelp or any other message board. Want to know the biggest appeal that OKCupid provided? The personality test. Those are always great and they were a way to see what kind of person you are and who you would be compatible with. It’s no different than two people meeting on a message board about Weezer and then getting together. All about common interest.
I went on my very first OkCupid date on was a really fun time with a very attractive and normal kept a lively conversation and soent over 5 hours together just getting to know one another over dinner and then definatwly will go out again. I get a few winks from woman was a bit trippy:she was upset that I didnt want to meet her in person! Yikes! I’m gonna hang in aigslist: no silly.
I tried OK Cupid. I liked that it was free but I didn’t have any success. I tried E-harmony but they got the results of my hour long multiple choice automated questions and told me they would not take my money because they would NOT be able to find anyone for me. very sad
oh, I should mention that my roomate met his girl friend on Ok cupid and they have been together for a few months now.
Everyone thought my profile was fake on OK-Cupid i got one successful date that turned into a 6month thing. Twas fun. No regrets
@Will–I thought you had a girlfriend who was super hot or something?
I met my now bf on okcupid. We met about 2 1/2 years ago, now we live with each other, and just drove cross country together. When I go out to bars with my friends, I want to spend time with my friends, not spend my whole night trying to weed out potentional bf’s. Eventually I just wanted to branch out to meet out people that I normally might have not met. I did it and I’m so glad I did. I met my now best friend, best cross country companion, partner in crime and all things dorky, as well as my awesome bf only 2 months into using okcupid. I definitely recommend it if you want to branch out but meet like minded people.
Tati; she and I broke up after doing the back and forth thang. I got tired of the games. I am happy so far with Okcupid. I tried Plentyoffish but I didnt get the right matches. I paid fir 3 months on Match and met my old gf seemed like a perfect match but over time our true issues came, i like okcupid and am dating again from it.
Okcupid seems to be more pro-active and they seem to update more do have gay and bi matches if you choose.
I used okc for a while. I got tired of having sex with hot young desperate chicks, so I got married. True story. Ask wifey. 2 months into dating my love and my life, she stumbled upon me checking in on my harem. Account deleted game over cheffy67
Interesting, Robert long were you dating the psycho enema nurse? Perhaps you were premature in asking the bitch for marriage? I’m being very careful myself nowadays:I already have been burned and don’t want to go through that emotional minefield. I hope the best for you.
Amen to all the online daters on Yelp! Who knew there were numerous others doing the same thing. True to many of the comments about it being 2012 and getting with the times, many now resort to online dating as a way to find the opposite sex. Speaking of which, who wants to go out on a date or just simply hang out! Lets go somewhere!!!!
@Liz—I have some of the same problems as you. My shyness is also often perceived as snobbery. Also sometimes being stupid or boring. It just takes me a minute to warm up to people.
Not shy, just when I first meet people. Once I feel comfortable, I am loud, rude and bossy.
I don’t think there’s any time that Tati isn’t loud, rude and bossy. Mainly the bossy aspect.
^From what I understand guys like, being a teacher in the ghetto, those are all good qualities.
^not even, that lady lasted 1 year in the classroom. Freedom Writers lady lasted 4 at a pretty nice high pussys.
Tati:do you have a sister more my age but only if she is cray like you?!
I just got matched with some guy that looks like Jack Osborne before the weight loss in a pair of bell bottoms.
Ok what are you going to do about that
um, nothing. it is an online dating match. you do nothing if you dont like someone.
Oh ok so if you like his pic you email him and request a meetup or something like that
Damn it, Tati! Your assignment:find me a woman like you within the 37-47 range that best matches me, with real pictures, recent no stupid doggies named Prescious!
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10 Things You Need to Know About OKCupid Before You Sign Up

10 Things You Need to Know About OKCupid Before You Sign Up

Free dating sites like OKCupid can seem like a no-lose proposition. After all, what do you have to lose in trying out a free dating site?
This is exactly what the folks at OKCupid are banking on. Since its founding in 2003, the dating site has grown to a relatively small but enthusiastic 1. 8 million members–a small fraction of the memberships on sites like eHarmony or and a tiny drop in the bucket compared to PlentyOfFish, which boasts upward of 80 million members.
Regardless of the number of members, the real question is whether or not signing up for OKCupid is a smart decision for you as a price is not the only factor. When it comes to online dating, you need to be ready to contend with not only scammers and sleazy people, but also shady companies.
To help you make an informed decision, here are ten things you absolutely need to know about dating site OKCupid before you sign up.
1. OKCupid is the most affordable of the top online dating sites.
All of the top online dating services offer free subscriptions, sometimes for a limited time and sometimes forever but with limited access. OKCupid is no different. In fact, their free subscription is one of the best among the top dating sites. For free, you can search and view complete profiles and communicate with other members, which is hard to find among free online dating you’re looking to get more attention on OKCupid, however, paid subscriptions are available. For anywhere from $4. 96 to $9. 95 per month, you can significantly increase the quality of your OKCupid experience, as the PCMag editors explain in their review of the site:
“Members who sign up for the… A-List premium service enjoy an ad-free experience, photo albums, read receipts for sent messages, additional filtering options (for example, you can only choose to see four- or five-star-rated people in your results), the ability to see who’s rated you highly, higher placements within search results, and more. ”
2. OKCupid lets you pay to supercharge your profile temporarily.
One unique feature about OKCupid is that any member, paying or not, can pay to get more eyeballs on their profile temporarily. PCMag explains:
“OkCupid lets users boost their profiles’ visibility by shelling out some extra coin. Boosts are available in single boost ($2), five boost ($1. 90), and ten boost ($1. 70) packages. In fact, OkCupid claims that you’ll see a whole day’s worth of activity within a few minutes. A boost puts you ahead of the non-boosting pack in results for a total of 15 minutes. ”
This is something that most of the top online dating service provide but not usually to free members. But does it really work in terms of getting you more attention?
After trying the feature, one editor at PCMag admits:
“Out of the 2, 601 times I was placed in front of someone, five people actually clicked through to my profile. I’m not sure if that’s great for two bucks, or horrible for thousands of impressions. ”
3. OKCupid’s matching system is hit or miss.
A significant number of complaints found on review sites like or Consumer Affairs make it clear that, for these members at least, the matches are less than magical. Said Melissa, one former OKCupid member, on her review:
“I tried several dating sites while I was single for about two years, and I thought there was definitely room for improvement on OKCupid. Even though I filled out my profile thoroughly and created detailed settings, the site seemed to match me with a lot of people who didn’t share similar interests or values. ”
Based on her experience, Melissa ended up giving OKCupid a lackluster 5. 0 out of 10 rating. PCMag’s editors seemed to back up Melissa’s review in their assessment of the site’s matching feature:
“There’s little difference when comparing users who were a 65 percent match and those who were an 85 percent match. Additionally, 90 percent matches were few and far between. ”
4. Many OKCupid members have used the site for years.
Despite whatever shortcomings OKCupid might have, it’s worth noting that large numbers of customers, even some of the unhappy ones, have used their services for years. Many have found dates. This should indicate that plenty of members are able to find a meaningful experience there.
Of course, for a good deal of customers, things do go wrong, and when they do…
5. OKCupid’s customer service leaves much to be desired.
If you check out OKCupid’s page on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website (which is always a good idea when checking out any company’s credibility), you’ll find that OKCupid has been slapped with a big, nasty ‘F’. The reason why? Out of 96 complaints filed by members against them, OKCupid completely ignored the BBB’s request to resolve the complaints 57 times. Only 14 complaints have ever been resolved. This should be a huge red flag to you, dear consumer, that OKCupid’s customer service is not their strong suit.
Their customer service is so poor that many of their members’ complaints and reviews describe it as “nonexistent. ” One OKCupid member, Kyler from London, Ontario, writes on Consumer Affairs:
“Emails have been sent to them weekly, there is no reply. I basically got told over the phone that they don’t even check them. They told me over the phone, in a very singsong voice, that OKC has no phone support of any kind, and so I asked if there was any way to reach them, I was told no. ”
In other words, if you choose to sign up with OKCupid and something goes wrong, don’t expect any help from their customer service team.
6. OKCupid members report that their profiles are suddenly deleted.
The vast majority of OKCupid reviews and complaints tell of members-some new and some long-time members, some free and some paying-trying to log into their profiles, only to receive what seems like a typical “our-site-is-currently-down” message, as described in this complaint:
“When I attempt to log in to my account, I get a message stating that ‘we are having technical difficulties, please try back later, ‘ which from what I understand from reading complaint forums regarding their site, is their way of saying ‘your account has been deleted. ‘”
No matter how many times the member comes back, their profile is just gone for good. Then, when they try to contact their “nonexistent” customer service, frustration ensues. The same customer says:
“Attempts to reach them via their customer contact form have all gone unanswered, like always. ”
Out of the dozens of reviews and complaints I read, I would estimate 80 percent of them mirrored this same scenario, but none of them hinted as to why. Many former members speculate that this is all part of a plot by InterActiveCorp, which owns both OKCupid and, to drive more members to Match, which costs much more. Nothing has been proven, of course.
7. OKCupid’s auto-renewal feature ticks members off.
Every dating site has this problem. When members get a paid subscription with OKCupid, they are also, in the fine print, signing up to have their subscription automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period and have money taken out of their bank account or credit card.
For example, if you signed up for a three-month subscription with OKCupid, at the end of that three months you would see a charge on your bank account for another three-month subscription. Because this is in the fine print, many members overlook it and are shocked when the second withdrawal happens.
The best way to avoid this is to first read the fine print before you sign up. Once you click ‘submit’ or ‘sign me up’, you are contractually obligated to abide by their terms and conditions, whether you read them or not. Second, keep an eye on your renewal dates. Create a reminder on your smartphone. Finally, when you see the date coming up and you don’t want to renew, go into your settings and cancel your A-List plan. If you wait until the last minute, you could find that OKCupid’s system takes too long to process your request and your subscription is renewed against your wishes.
8. OKCupid’s tests might make you think twice before answering.
OKCupid staff and members have created hundreds of tests. This means there are plenty to choose from and it gives members more creative things to do on the site. Unfortunately, this also means that some tests created by members go way over the awkward line, deep into creepy territory.
And there’s more at stake here than tests that make you feel like you need to disinfect yourself afterwards. Online dating expert Julia Spira cautions OKCupid members about tests that are too political or sexual in nature because your responses are accessible to anyone on the Internet:
“You need to think every time you push the send button… only pick the questions you would tell your mother [the answer to]. ”
If you have a test answer that you want someone to see, but not the whole world, you have the option to answer it privately. Even then, err on the side of caution.
9. OKCupid doesn’t do a great job of keeping scammers out.
According to member complaints, OKCupid suffers from a large number of scammers, the kind who pretend to be eligible but in-need bachelors or bachelorettes in order to get members to send them money or personal information. This is the dark side of the site’s free features; anyone can get into the site and gain access to thousands of people without paying a dime. Former member Diedre of Los Angeles complains on Consumer Affairs:
“OkCupid has scammers and very few legit people. After going to the FBI dating scam site and learning about what these Nigerian or Russian scammers do and say, I recognized about 95% of the men contacting me were frauds. I even checked out a site where they posted scammers’ fake photos and many of the men from OkCupid were there. OkCupid doesn’t even get rid of these guys from the site! ”
In other words, if you’re going to venture into OKCupid, make sure you brush up on the tell-tale signs of online dating scammers and how to protect yourself from them.
10. OKCupid members report that the quality of members has gone downhill.
Unfortunately, scammers aren’t the only people you’ll want to avoid on OKCupid. Maria of Oakland, California, a former OKCupid member, puts it succinctly:
“The free aspect of the site actually works against it. ”
It’s also worth noting here that OKCupid has very few features by way of keeping out unsavory people. When anyone can use the site without thinking about the investment they’re putting into it, and the sites provides no filter, the quality is naturally going to be lower than what you might find on a site like eHarmony or Maria goes on to list the types of people she encountered on the site:
“People who will never read a single word of your profile but will message you anyway regardless of the fact that your profile makes it very clear they are not what you are seeking. Profiles with no photos and/or information. Repulsive scumbags with no realistic sense of what losers they are… Fragile narcissists who will take time out of their useless lives to write you and inform you of their opinions about what they do not like about your profile… Married men cheating on their partners. After a while it just felt like digging through a very large pile of manure trying to find a pony. ”
In their defense, OKCupid does provide features to “hide” other members that you don’t want to associate with. Their help page reads:
“If you keep seeing a profile you don’t want to see anymore, you can hide it. That member will no longer appear in your sidebar matches, Welcome matches, Match Search results, your Visitors list, or anywhere else on the site. Hiding profiles works both ways, meaning that hiding a user will also hide your profile from them. ”
It’s unclear if the members who complained tried this trick or not. It’s also unclear if this feature actually works as described by OKCupid.
Should You Settle for ‘OK’?
For many online daters, “free” goes a long way. They will put up with bad customer service and very negative experiences when they don’t have to pay a subscription fee. That seems to be the case with OKCupid. The question you, online dater, must answer is if you are one of those people. If you are looking for a safer, more positive experience, and a site that will actually respond to your customer service issues, and you don’t mind paying upwards of $20 per month, you can probably do better with Match, eHarmony, or Zoosk.
Have you had a bad experience with an online dating service? Maybe you found the love of your life? Make your voice heard and leave your review today on ‘s online dating page!
OKCupid Reviews (2021) - Worth It? Not Worth It? - Healthy Framework

OKCupid Reviews (2021) – Worth It? Not Worth It? – Healthy Framework

OKCupid has gone through quite the rebranding over the years, and we were excited to see where it landed during our OKCupid reviews process. Initially, the app was pretty readily known as a place to meet people for some, you know, casual fun. It was more of a place to find a friend for the weekend than it was to find the love of your life.
However, people have been reporting having decent success with this app thanks to a focus on shifting into an environment that is more similar to serious dating apps like eHarmony and Elite Singles. If you want to see what we think about these changes and whether we think the app is worth it now, grab your popcorn and get ready to hear about our OKCupid reviews!
Overall OKCupid Rating
7. 75/10. 0
> Best Alternatives to OKCupid – Best Dating Apps of the Year for You
Pros and Cons of the OKCupid Dating App
A high level of inclusivity for singles of all genders and sexual orientationsUtilizes compatibility questions to enhance matchingA high amount of published recognition for leading to successful long-term relationships
The app has a history of serious data leaksModerators seem to overlook a pretty significant amount of fake profilesThere are still a lot of users that are looking for hookups instead of relationships
Is OKCupid Worth It? – The Bottom Line Upfront
You can certainly read our entire OKCupid reviews (and we encourage that! ) but the bottom line it’s going to come down to is whether or not it’s worth it for you. The site has some great perks and we definitely think that giving their platform a try is a good move for most singles. However, we haven’t been convinced that any of the paid features are much better than what you get for free. If you are interested in checking out the free version of OKCupid, check out our link below. Then, you can see for yourself how surprisingly useful their base membership is.
Who OKCupid Is Good For
Singles seeking a more affordable dating appThose who want their matches to be based on compatibilityThose who want access to modern and useful features
Who OKCupid Might Not Be Best For
Those who are looking for a hookup appOlder singles (45+)Those who want advanced search filtering and features
Fast Facts About OKCupid
The Majority of US OKCupid users are between the ages of 19 and 24Since 2016, less than 50% of users say they are seeking a committed relationship4. 3 star rating and over 190, 000 reviews on IOS4 star rating and over 400, 000 reviews on Android
OKCupid Review Information
Site Name: OKCupidPaid or Free: Paid site with a limited free trialAverage Sign-Up Time: About 10 minutesPaid Membership Pricing: Plans starting as low as $9. 95 per month
OKCupid Reviews – Table of Contents
OKCupid Features OverviewThe Quality of Singles at OKCupidHow to Sign Up at OKCupidPrice | How Much Does OKCupid Cost? Customer Support OptionsFAQ
OKCupid Features Overview
OKCupid isn’t well known for frequently updating their features, but most users agree that the standard features they offer get the job done. The app is filled with free features ranging from likes to standard search filters and communication methods. However, OKCupid does offer a selection of paid features. Here are a few of our favorites:
Incognito Mode
Incognito Mode is one of OKCupid’s paid subscriptions. Those who purchase this form of profile get the following benefits:
No adsYour profile is kept out of other people’s results unless you’ve liked their profile or sent them a message. Block accounts of anyone you don’t like and they can no longer see any of your can toggle incognito mode at any time to switch up your experience.
Visible Likes
The visible likes feature is available for premium members and allows you to see who has liked your profile before you like their profile. Without this feature, you only know if someone likes you if you coincidentally like their profile as well. So, with this feature you get a heads up on who is interested in you which may allow you to shift your interest to those who are more likely to interact with you.
Visible Public Answers
Similar to the visible likes feature, this is a perk to those with a premium subscription. There are prompt questions on OKCupid. The way they usually work is that you answer a question and then you can see how others answered the question. With this feature, you will see everyone’s answers without having to answer yourself.
The Quality of Singles at OKCupid
We are impressed with the quality of the singles on OKCupid. Not only is there a great selection of singles from all races, genders, and sexual orientations, but the majority of users are active and communicative. There is still an unfortunate portion of users who use OKCupid as a hookup app, but running into one of these people is far less likely than on sites like Tinder.
How to Sign Up at OKCupid
It really couldn’t be easier to sign up for the app which was certainly a shining moment during the OKCupid reviews process. Whether you begin by downloading the app or going to their website, the only thing you need to sign up is an email and a password. Once you’ve provided those, you will be asked to fill in some basic information for your profile including your:
First nameGender (and they offer more options than just male and female)BirthdateCountry and zip code
You will then be asked to answer questions about your dating preferences including information about the type of relationship you are looking for, which gender you are seeking, and how old your partner should be. given a step by step walkthrough of the base level of OKCupid and how their main features work.
Then, you will be asked some questions about your personality, which will help the app generate your profile. You’ll also be filling in your own bio info in this section, so be sure to take some time and think about how you want to introduce yourself to people.
Before seeing your matches, you will need to answer a few multiple-choice questions regarding your personality, the personality you seek in your partner, and similar bits of information. These questions even go into things like your opinion on astrology, politics, religion, and debt.
Finally, all that is left is to validate your phone number and email to prove you are a real person. The process takes about 10 minutes to get through from start to finish, and does a great job of helping you narrow your search down to the most appropriate matches.
Price | How Much Does OKCupid Cost?
Customer Support Options
An often overlooked area of OKCupid reviews is the customer service area. What happens if you end up needing some help with something? We’ve seen some dating apps with zero customer support options, which is why we focus so heavily on what each app we view has to offer.
We had high hopes for OKCupid due to their extensive FAQs, but unfortunately, that is the extent of their customer support. If you can’t find an answer to your questions in their FAQs you have the option to send an email, but there is no way to immediately talk to a real person about your concerns.
This means that users unable to use a service they may be paying for are left wondering if their issue is even being looked into. This doesn’t paint the best picture of OKCupid, since other dating apps have full-blown customer service teams and moderators who are available to help you any time of day.
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Do People Use The Paid Features to Lie About Their Interests?
It’s definitely possible. The paid features do allow users to look over the veil of the compatibility features, which means they can fake their way into conversations.
What Do I Get With a Free Subscription?
With a free account, you can see your compatible matches, send and receive likes, see which profile you’ve matched with on likes, and send and receive personal messages.
Do I Have to Link My Account to Facebook?
No. OKCupid can be linked to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, but it is not required.
Is OKCupid Available on Android?
Yes! The OKCupid app is available for Android devices, IOS devices, and through the web.
Is OKCupid Available on IOS?
Yes! The OKCupid app is available for IOS devices, Android devices, and through the web.
Does OKCupid Lead to Real Relationships?
It definitely can! Users from all over the web report satisfaction with their OKCupid-sparked relationships. In fact, OKCupid has even been mentioned on many marriage blogs, magazines, and other publications as being a place where many people met their significant other.
Can I Use OKCupid for Casual Friendships?
Technically. During signup, OKCupid does have an option to say you are seeking friendships. However, this part of the OKCupid platform is a lot less active than areas where members are seeking romance.

Frequently Asked Questions about okcupid reviews yelp

How reliable is OkCupid?

OKCupid doesn’t do a great job of keeping scammers out. “OkCupid has scammers and very few legit people. After going to the FBI dating scam site and learning about what these Nigerian or Russian scammers do and say, I recognized about 95% of the men contacting me were frauds.Nov 6, 2020

Is OkCupid good 2021?

We are impressed with the quality of the singles on OKCupid. Not only is there a great selection of singles from all races, genders, and sexual orientations, but the majority of users are active and communicative.

Are OkCupid likes fake?

Are OkCupid likes fake? They are probably bots. Hazel is paid by okcupid to give out fake likes. … Other sites do it, and okcupid keeps inching closer to a hookup site, if it isn’t one already.May 28, 2021

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