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Nike Snkrs Support

Nike's SNKRS app is fueling its digital business - Quartz

Nike’s SNKRS app is fueling its digital business – Quartz

When Nike’s SNKRS app trips up, rabid sneaker fans go crazy. The app is where many head for a chance to get Nike limited releases and special products. The outrage over technical glitches that kill those chances can spill over into complaints and memes on Twitter and elsewhere. It happened during last year’s launch of a shoe in collaboration with fashion label Off-White and again in May with the drop of a shoe with rapper Travis a funny way, it’s a sign of the success Nike has had drawing shoppers to the limited releases that happen through SNKRS are just a portion of Nike’s business—which also depends on selling giant volumes of mass-market shoes—the app has become an important part of the company’s thriving digital sales. (The brand’s other app, just called “Nike, ” is more like a general e-commerce portal. )Discussing earnings for the full fiscal year, CEO Mark Parker told investors yesterday that SNKRS acquired more new members than any other digital channel for Nike. He added, “SNKRS more than doubled its business, doubled its number of monthly active users, and now accounts for roughly 20% of our overall digital business. ” That business grew 35% overall in the year, the company ’s become Nike’s latest way to game supply and demand of hyped products. SNKRS keeps shoppers hungry by sending out regular push notifications about drops every week. When consumers inevitably flood the app for the release, many take an L, walking away empty handed. A share of those who do get the shoes never wear them. Instead, they immediately resell them for multiples of what they paid (Quartz member exclusive), fueling the burgeoning resale Nike could release more shoes and collect more money if it wanted, it generally chooses not to. That keeps demand high. On the investor call, one analyst asked if Nike believes it can keep the products released through SNKRS special as it continues to scale it. In reply, CFO Andy Campion said, “we still supply a very small percent of the demand that we’re seeing. ”Since the app launched in 2015, the volume of sales happening through it has exploded. Campion noted that SNKRS did less than $70 million in sales in fiscal 2016. Based on its performance in the past quarter, it’s on pace for annual sales of more than $750 ’s a fraction of the $39. 1 billion in sales Nike recorded in the fiscal year, but a vital one, reflecting Nike’s connection to a loyal, passionate fanbase. Parker pointed out that many users check SNKRS daily, saying it will continue to evolve to be a “have to check back in, day-to-day kind of experience. ” It also feeds Nike data. One shoe the brand launched this year was based on SNKRS data and analytics relative to New York’s Dominican community, Campion plans to increase SNKRS launches of apparel and items for women, and has already expanded it to 22 other countries in the past couple years—including China, where Nike said it helped fuel the company’s jump in digital sales this quarter.
Contact Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release

Contact Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release

By Brendan Oct 15 2021
I’ve had this app for 3 years and they have never allowed me to purchase their products. How can Nike not see how hypocritical they are? They push equality, yet they have limited your releases to where only the rich can buy their products via the resell market. Creating a social society where people feel superior to others, and where people feel inferior to others. You aren’t Balenciaga. You are supposed to sell shoes to the millions of athletes out there. Don’t waste your time with this atrocity.
By George McCray Oct 13 2021
I love Nike and Jordan products, but I have taken most of my business elsewhere because it is impossible to purchase the shoes I really want. The only sneakers I’ve been able to get were some kicks that everyone didn’t jump all over. I’ve even noticed that there were some second chances to buy some shoes, but I wasn’t notified at all. It’s been absolutely discouraging. I think customers should have a chance to preorder some shoes. Sometimes I would like 2 pair. A pair for myself and a pair for my daughter. I can never buy a pair for both of us. I think Nike has jumped into the a mindset ill-equipped with a short attention span. The limited amount of units per release are pushing customers like myself to other brands. I’m not interested in the after market. I’m rediscovering other companies that I loved in the past simply because I don’t have access to anything I love from Nike. I just bought 4 pair of shoes from a competitor. I’ve preferred Nike forever, but I’m feeling welcome elsewhere. If I have an exponentially greater chance to purchase the shoes I want I would recommend you email me. I must be clear though. Be truthful and don’t feed me false expectations. I don’t want this to go from me being an informing customer to a person who’s foaming at the mouth and raging about the Jordan’s I was told would be available. I seriously hope this was informative.
By Stan Mar 07 2021
Just like everyone else, I tried purchasing a pair of AJ 1’s, the second they were (supposed to be) available (to everyone around the world) online. Needless to say, my attempt was vain. But it doesn’t end here. Now, apparently, every buyer is entitled to purchase only 1 (one) pair of these “special/limited editions. So how come, on EBAY, you come across sellers that have a whole stock of them?? I guess all of the the disappointed “wannabe-buyers” are right when they talk about bots basically running the show. Saying it’s not fair, at this point, definitely sounds a bit naive, but it truly is. And unethical! If we’re here complaining, it’s because we love sneakers and we enjoy and take pride in WEARING them. Also, we pay top dollar for these gd shoes!! I say we boycott the system!
By Eric Knecht Feb 11 2021
I agree with everyone. I’ve won shoes but I do the same exact thing every time. Sit in same place, have a watch to count to the second, have my profile set up and like the others it takes me literally 3-5 seconds to get in line. And boom sold out. Yesterday you released the 85 aj1 and everything that usually works with no issues. Then it took forever for the size to pop up. It’s as if you move the size to have you look for then after that it took a while to get to purchase screen. One wrong move and it’s a wrap. Lets just make it fair get rid of the bots you do have real fans out here. Not just trying to sell thanks
By Darien Springfield Jan 23 2021
I can never verify my number it never send me a code and this is why I got rid of the app the first time it’s the dumbest thing ever forget the damn verification is if somebody wanna buy shoes let em you have to fix this problem
By Jim Jan 22 2021
By Thomas Brown Dec 15 2020
To whom it concerns, my name is Thomas Brown. I’ve been supporting Jordan shoes, since the beginning. I wear size 15. I’m in my early 50’s. I played college basketball. My issue here, is that every time you launch a shoe, I can never get it. Like I said, I’ve been supporting since the shoes that were banned in the NBA. Help me out. How can get my hands on the shoes, when they come out.
By Nbegs Nov 19 2020
I’m very disappointed with Nike app. I have been trying to get my hands on some shoes for the past 6 months and I have lost every time. I think they need to control all the bots that people are using to bypass the system. This is u ethical and unfair. It’s not like we are taking it for free, we want to pay good money for this. Unlike the bot users I’m not selling mine, I wear them with pride. Nike might as well become customers to solely not user at the rate they are going. They are out of control with these stupid bot users who seem to be winning all of these shoes on the app.
I wanted a pair and ended up paying some guy on eBay who said they won because they use a bot system which costed the £4000 to buy.
By Anthony Wrencher Oct 31 2020
I tried to purchase the Jordan 1 “mocha” soon as they were available, and for some reason I did not get them. How is this possible? I’m extremely angry about this. I’ve been waiting for these shoes and now it’s over for me. I FUCKING HATE SNKRS APP!! YAL SOME BITCHES!!!
By Justin valentin Oct 29 2020
Can you please fix an ongoing issue that’s happening I never get hit on any of the releases I want and I think sneaker bots are also part of it please make it fair for everyone not the same people that win all the time thank you.
By Dimitris Wiley Oct 10 2020
Why is it that you can never buy anything on this app that releases that has some kind of hype but can always buy things that are sitting with no problems. Nike is full of it because I️ think that most people’s IP address is blocked until the people that spend the most money gets done ordering what they want because it’s always the exact same people posting the got em screenshot with multiple pairs but Nike turns a blind eye to it all
By Ryan Sep 17 2020
This app is literally a freaking joke. Whwn these releases drop at whatever time they do, Im on it the second it drops. I have my information saved so basically it takes me 5 seconds after the drop to enter and have my order pending. Every drop I want, this happens. I pend an order no later than 5 seconds after the drops/releases and I always pend my order just to have in minutes that your Sold Out. How in the hell do I not win anything, ever?! I mean if this is first come first serve, I should have almost every drop I want. But unfortunately I feel Nike is bias and discriminate towards certain people, has to be. Also, they allow people with bots to steal the shoes from normal people like myself. So basically Nike is catering towards these certain individuals. Realize people Nike cares nothing about you as a person or individual, they only care about that MONEY! Period! I consider the Nike SNKERS App a window shopper app. Wish you could get these shoes but you really cant, ever. Im checking with the FCC to see if I can report them for discrimination. Whats the point of an app if you cant ever buy anything of what you want. Nike catering towards the resellers, not the collectors.
By Faysa Sep 04 2020
I woke up at 8:45 this morning to get the Air Jordan 1. I was waiting till 9:00 Am and as soon as I try buy the shoes it said sold out. I was supposed to be the first customer get them. I feel like the SNKRS app is messing with people.
By Bamba Jaye Aug 25 2020
I am just confused every time I enter myself to the ruffle. I can’t never win and I always do whatever is to participate on that but I don’t get it
By Mark Eskander Aug 24 2020
I placed 2 orders in 2 days at exactly the second the release dates were published. My Cc info was saved and I placed the order before even before a minute passed. It stated pending. Then all the sudden 5-7 mins later it says sold out do my size!! This app is horrible and the only way to get any shoes or jerseys is to get one that no one wants. I’m so pissed!!!
By Joretha Carodine Aug 19 2020
Everytime I try buying a pair of Air Jordan’s. It takes me all the way through the process and even says in line and pending then nothing happens past there. I never even get a notification stating whether or not I got the shoes. I have lost out on 4 pair of shoes. This needs to be fixed because I am on as soon as the shoe launches so I don’t understand how I never get my shoes I select.
Snkrs - About Nike Contact Nike, Inc. - CS-Directory

Snkrs – About Nike Contact Nike, Inc. – CS-Directory

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How can I contact Nike Snkrs?

CONTACT USPRODUCTS & ORDERS. 1-800-806-6453. 4 am – 11 pm PT. 7 days a week.NRC & NTC. 1-800-379-6453. 8 am – 5 pm PT. Mon – Fri.COMPANY INFO & INQUIRIES. 1-800-344-6453. 7 am – 4 pm PT. Mon – Fri.

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CONTACT USPRODUCTS & ORDERS. 1800 811 6453. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.COMPANY INFO & ENQUIRIES. 800 1831 001. 10:00 – 19:00. Monday – Friday.PRODUCTS & ORDERS. Chat with us. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

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While the limited releases that happen through SNKRS are just a portion of Nike’s business—which also depends on selling giant volumes of mass-market shoes—the app has become an important part of the company’s thriving digital sales.Jun 28, 2019

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