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Maplestory Terminal Free

[GMS v176.3] Terminal - Advance Automated Trainer (Grand ...

[GMS v176.3] Terminal – Advance Automated Trainer (Grand …

g proudly presents Terminal; an advanced VIP MapleStory trainer that aims to ease your botting experience. With Terminal you will be able to bot for extended periods of time without having to interact with MapleStory yourself. Everything, from changing maps when you reach certain levels, to buying your pots or pet food when you run out or even selling your equips are automated.
Terminal will remain a free trainer until further notice. All suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated
Feature list:
How to use:
Remove any bypass file from your MapleStory folder before using as this trainer has a built in bypass
Download the follow ZIP and extract it into your MapleStory folder –
Download GKGateway from the following thread – g
Read all the instructions then sign into the program with your GK account
Tick Terminal and click load cheat
You must wait until the cheat is fully loaded before opening MapleStory
Hacking guide:
This hacking guide focusses on the more advanced features included in Terminal.
Please post all your questions, sugggestions, and feedback below. Do not private message staff member for help.
Thank you
How to get to savage terminal / start detective raves' quest?

How to get to savage terminal / start detective raves’ quest?

It keeps throwing up the error “You must meet the special conditions of the quest to enter. ” I am Kaiser in reboot, thanks! This thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast
level 1 · 3yHello! If you are level 175+, the Detective Rave Theme Dungeon quest should appear in the lightbulb notifier on the left side of your out for “[Detective Rave’s Case Notes] Free Luxury Tour! ” quest. :)level 2AB and Kaiser can’t access savage terminal without doing a portion of their storyline (even using this lightbulb quest) 1 · 3yElysiumYou have to complete all Kaiser story quests up to “A World Apart! ” (level 35) in order to access Savage Terminal 1I am a Dark Knight 175+ and did not receive the light bulb sadly. Anyone else besides me?
How to Move Between Continents Easily - Maple Guide

How to Move Between Continents Easily – Maple Guide

You can directly move to the information you want by searching it with [Ctrl + F].
Table of Contents
Maple Guide → Move
Interdimensional Portal
NPC Karcasa
Link Skill → Elven Blessing
Magic Seed
Silent Crusade
Return Skill per Job
Hyper Teleport Rock
There are quick ways to move continents without taking a ship! Read on to learn of quick and convenient ways to race around Maple World!
Click on hotkey [U] to view the Maple Guide, select a piece of content from the guide and then select [Move] on following window to move to the corresponding content or town.
The Move button can only be used until a certain level above the corresponding piece of content’s recommended level range. However, if you’ve obtained the piece of content’s stamp, you can move there at any time!
‘Interdimensional Portal’ connects Maple World and Pantheon, and at the Six Path Crossway’s Pantheon Interdimensional Portal, you can select anywhere in Maple World to travel to.
Here are some of the fastest and easiest ways to get to the Six Path Crossway’s Pantheon Interdimensional Portal:
Victoria Island Town → Continent Transportation Station → Six Path Crossway → Pantheon Interdimensional Portal
You can move to Six Path Crossway using the portal all the way to the left from Sleepywood.
Gold Beach (Maple Guide) → Six Path Crossway → Pantheon Interdimensional Portal
If you’ve obtained the Maple Guide Gold Beach content stamp, you can move to Gold Beach from anywhere.
The Gold Beach content can be entered starting Lv. 30.
FriendStory → Henesys → Six Path Crossway → Pantheon Interdimensional Portal
FriendStory can be entered starting Lv. 100.
Once you complete FriendStory’s tutorial, you can move there at any time.
Root Abyss → Sleepywood → Six Path Crossway → Pantheon Interdimensional Portal
Root Abyss can be entered starting Lv. 125.
The Return Scroll to Sleepywood can be purchased from the Regular Sauna in Sleepywood.
Move to various towns through Promessa, an Interdimensional Portal in Veritas! You can find Promessa through Aquarium → Veritas.
How do you move from the Nihal Desert (Ariant, Magatia) to Victoria Island? Just pay some mesos to NPC Karcasa to move to a random town in Victoria Island.
NPC Karcasa is located at the Tent of the Entertainers in Burning Road.
If you’re in Magatia, you can move to Ariant using the Camel Cab (outside North Entrance of Ariant, Sahel 1)
If you have Mercedes’ link skill [Elven Blessing], you can move to Victoria Island at any time.
The Elven Blessing skill (move to Elluel) can be used once in every hour.
You can choose to move to Henesys, Ellinia, Perion, and Kerning City with the Mysterious Portal.
Magic Seeds connect Leafre and Ellinia! You can use a Magic Seed to use the portals near the two towns.
Talk to Chief Tatamo in Leafre, select “I would like to ask you something. ” and select “Buy the Magic Seed”.
You can search for a map’s name on the world map search window to find its location.
How can you move to another town straight from Kritias? Via Kerkaporta, located at the Ranheim Academy in Kritias!
You can use the Kerkaporta even during a Kritias Invasion.
You can use the Crusader Coin Shop’s “Silent Crusade TransTicket” to move to the Silent Crusade Safe House, and then enter the Exit Portal to move to Edelstein.
You can earn Crusader Coins through the Silent Crusade quests, or boss hunting.
You can set a hotkey for the Silent Crusade UI to open it.
There’s a Return skill for each job’s Beginner skill for them to return to their hideout. Use this skill to move to the character’s hideout!
The name of the Return Skill and the Hideout you travel to are different for each job.
Some jobs do not have a Return skill.
You can set a hotkey for this skill to use it more conveniently.
Use the Hyper Teleport Rock, which instantly teleports you to any town or hunting zone you can normally travel to just by double-clicking!
They can be purchased from the Cash Shop for NX or with Maple Reward Points (can cover 100% of the purchase price). In Reboot worlds, they can be purchased from the Cash Shop with mesos.
May be limited from moving to Mirror World and some other regions.
Can also be obtained from various events, Daily Gift, and MVP Daily Packs.
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