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Manage My Id Oxy

Your Oxy ID

Your photo ID card is the property of Occidental College. You should protect the card just like a credit card, driver’s license or other valuable piece of identification. You are expected to take reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized portant information:
The College may revoke your ID card and/or its privileges at any time
Your ID card must be surrendered to any College official upon request
You are responsible for all actions and obligations incurred by the use of the card
If an overdraw of funds occurs with the use of your card during an off-line or on-line transaction, the funds must be promptly repaid
Lost or Stolen Cards: Report a lost card immediately via OxyGET. In order to protect against unauthorized transactions as well as continue access to accounts and privileges, a replacement card must be purchased. Students may request a new card online. Faculty and staff members should visit the Card Office during business hours. The Card Office will not verify identification to other parties or Campus offices through any other means than the official College ID card.
Damaged Cards: Cards with no visible damage that deactivate within 90 days of production will be replaced free of charge. After 90 days, the cost of replacement is the responsibility of the cardholder. The chip imbedded in the card and its magnetic stripe are both easily damaged. Do not punch holes, wash, bend, expose to excessive heat or otherwise tamper with the card, as these actions may make the card unusable for some or all of its intended purposes. The card may be confiscated if it has been damaged or defaced. A replacement cost will apply under any of these circumstances. Students may request a new identification card online. Faculty and staff members please visit the Card Office. The purchase of a new card voids all past issued cards and prevents access to accounts or privileges with prior cards.
Replacement fees (your 1st ID card is free):
Card # 2-4 = $20
Card # 5-9 = $45
Card # 10+ = $55
There are additional charges for rush production and for a new photo.
Unauthorized Use: An ID card must be presented to access meal plans and other campus debit accounts. ID cards are for the use of the person pictured on the card and are not transferable. Violation of this policy, including loaning a card or using another person’s card will result in referral to the Conduct Office or Human Resources. Any card presented without consent of the authorized user is considered theft and will result in referral to the Conduct Office or Human Resources.
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ID Services - Manage My Account - East Tennessee State ...

ID Services – Manage My Account – East Tennessee State …

Campus ID Services
Division of Student Life and Enrollment
click image to go to GET site.
What is GET?
GET is the new site to load money onto your ID card, check your card balances, view
your transactions, and report your card lost!
What is special about GET?
Students, Faculty, and Staff can use GET to:
Deposit funds onto your ID BUC$ and Dining Dollars account!
Parents/Guardians/Guests can deposit to your account!
Mark your card “lost” and “found. ”
Download the GET app and manage your card on-the-go!
How do I log in?
Your GET account is linked to your ETSU login. Just log in and follow the prompts, enter your mobile
number, and click submit. Leave your email with the ETSU one already submitted.
I have other GET Questions:
Please look for your question in the below GET: FAQ form. If you do not see your question,
please email us
I am a new user and would like to use GET. How do I sign up?
Go to and log in using your ETSU email/D2l/Goldlink login information. You must use your
ETSU email.
I am a parent/guardian/guest, how do I deposit onto my student’s ID BUC$?
Go to and under “Parents, Guardians, and Other Relatives” click “Click Here to Deposit into a Student’s Account”. On the next screen, please fill out the entire form. You will need to know:
the student’s E#
Their First and Last Name as it appears on their student account.
Follow the prompts to complete the transaction to deposit funds immediately to your
student’s card.
I have forgotten my password. How do I reset it?
Contact ITS Help Desk to reset your ETSU Login or call (423) 439-4648.
How long does it take for the funds to be deposited to my card?
As soon as you click “submit” your funds will be added to your ID card immediately!
I want to deposit to my Dining Dollars, can I do that through GET?
Yes, you will need to select “Dining Dollars” from the drop down menu when you are
entering in your information on the deposit screen.
Is there a convenience fee?
There is a convenience fee of $3. 00. If you are depositing $10. 00, you will enter
$10. 00, and the system will automatically charge your card the $3. (The transaction
will come through as $13. 00).
I am a new student and need to upload my photo, now that I’ve registered for my GET
account, how do I add my photo?
Please visit this site to find out more about how to upload your photo. Please be sure to pay close attention
to photo requirements. You will be required to download the GET App to your phone
in order to upload your photo.
I tried depositing funds and received an error, and it looks like it’s taken out
of my bank account, but no funds are on my ID card. What do I do?
If you received an error when making the deposit, the transaction was canceled, and
the charge you see in your bank account is a pending charge that will reverse in 3-5
business days. You will need to contact your bank and verify that all information you enter on your credit card is accurate and make sure you only enter
your street address in the billing address line. If everything is correct, try depositing
I need to add funds to my ID Bucs to pay for my ID badge, how do I do that?
Once you’ve logged into the app or the website, click on “Add Funds” > “Credit Card”
> Enter the dollar amount for the badge/replacement you’re purchasing > ID Bucs >
Enter credit card info > Submit. The transaction will process immediately. Please
note there is a $3. 00 convenience fee.
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Information for Current Employees
Information on your Oxy benefits, OxyHealth, Human Resources programs and Oxy policies can be found on OxyNet by going to My HR. To view the HR Mega Menu once on the My HR home page, you can either hover over or click on the My HR tab located on the top menu bar. The Mega Menu will display the full contents of the My HR your Network ID and password to log on from outside the Oxy network.
Information for Retirees
​Information on Oxy’s retiree benefit programs can be found by clicking here.
Information for Former Employees
​Information on Oxy benefits available for non-retiree eligible participants can be found by clicking here.
Information for New Hires
Information on Oxy benefits for new hires can be found on the New to Oxy section of My HR.

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