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Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka: Economic Research

The Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (IPS) is an autonomous institution that aims to contribute to socio-economic development through high quality, policy-oriented economic research.
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Equipped with state of the art audio visual technology and a seating capacity of 100, it is located in the heart of Colombo
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Institute of Policy Studies (Sri Lanka) - Wikipedia

Institute of Policy Studies (Sri Lanka) – Wikipedia

Institute of Policy Studies of Sri LankaAbbreviationIPSFormation1988TypeEconomic Policy Think TankHeadquarters100/20, Independence Avenue, Colombo 07LocationColombo, Sri Lanka. Executive DirectorDushni WeerakoonWebsiteInstitute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (IPS) is the apex economic policy research institute in Sri Lanka. It is an autonomous institution that aims to contribute to socio-economic development through high quality, policy-oriented economic research. [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14]
IPS is established in 1988 and then formalized in 1990. It was supported in the initial stage by the governments of Netherlands and Sri Lanka. It has started its own fund and become independent later on. [1][2][3]
IPS provides an independent policy analysis support to the public and private sector institutions. [1][2][3]
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Economy of Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka | IPS Inter Press Service | News Agency

Sri Lanka | IPS Inter Press Service | News Agency

Can Conservation and Development Be Balanced in Sri Lanka?
The Sri Lankan government recently cancelled three circulars that protected 700, 000 hectares of forests, labelled Other State Forests (OSFs), which are not classified as protected areas but account for five percent of the island nation’s remaining 16. 5 percent of forest cover.
Report Shows Sri Lanka has Escalation of Violence During COVID-19 Lockdown
The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the escalation of violence against women and children in Sri Lanka.
Q&A: Learning Diplomacy From Flipping Burgers at McDonald’s
It’s a rainy February morning in New York, but inside the walls of her room, it might as well be summer — bright and warm, much in contrast to the drizzles reluctantly crawling on the window panes of Ambassador Kshenuka Senewiratne’s office overlooking Manhattan.
Disasters Bring Upheaval to Sri Lanka’s Rural Economy
Last year was an annus horribilis for 52-year-old Newton Gunathileka. A paddy smallholder from Sri Lanka’s northwestern Puttalam District, 2017 saw Gunathileka abandon his two acres of paddy for the first time in over three and half decades, leaving his family almost destitute.
IPS Journalists Who Perished in the Line of Duty
In the politically-risky world of professional journalism, news reporters are fast becoming an endangered species.
Sri Lanka’s Small Tea Farmers Turn Sustainable Land Managers
As the mercury rises higher, Kamakandalagi Leelavathi delves deeper into the lush green mass of the tea bushes. The past few afternoons there have been thunderstorms. So the 55-year-old tea picker in Uda Houpe tea garden of Sri Lanka’s Hatton region is rushing to complete her day’s task before the rain comes: harvesting 22 kgs of tea leaves.
Sri Lanka Shines Light on Public Sector Governance
Sri Lanka’s long-awaited and much-debated Right to Information (RTI) Act became law this month without much fanfare.
Drought Could Cost Sri Lanka Billions
The warnings are stark, the instructions, for a change, clear.
Sri Lanka is heading into one of its worst droughts in recent history, and according some estimates the worst in 30 years. The reservoirs are running on empty, at 30 percent or less capacity. Only 12 percent of the island’s power generation is currently from hydropower and 85 percent comes from thermal, with a staggering 41 percent from coal.
Populist Leaders Endanger Human Rights: Advocacy Organisation
Populist leaders pose a dangerous threat to human rights, fuelling and justifying intolerance and abuse across the world, said advocacy group Human Rights Watch during the launch of their annual global report.
China’s Billion-Dollar Re-entry in Sri Lanka Met with Public Protests
Beragama is a typical Sri Lankan rural village, with lush green paddy fields interspersed by small houses and the village temple standing at the highest location. Despite being close to the island’s second international harbour and its second international airport, Beragama appears untouched by modernity.
Right to Information Act to Redefine Sri Lanka’s Media Landscape
Sri Lanka’s upcoming 69th Independence Commemorations will be of special value to the island’s media – that is, if everything works as planned.
Peace Fails to Bring Prosperity in Eastern Sri Lanka
It is a Tuesday afternoon and only a handful of devotees have flocked to the Meera Grand Mosque in Katankuddi, about 300 kms east of the capital Colombo.
Tracing War Missing Still a Dangerous Quest in Sri Lanka
As Sri Lanka readies to begin the grim task of searching for thousands of war missing, those doing the tracing on the ground say that they still face intimidation and threats while doing their work.
Battered by Storms, Sri Lanka Rethinks Food Security
The picture could be straight out of a tourist postcard – a sleepy green mountain with misty clouds floating above the canopy – if not for one fatal flaw: the ugly gash running right through the middle.
UN Discovery of Secret Detention Centre Revives Nightmares
Details of a secret detention center, where serious human rights abuses took place, deep inside the sprawling Tricomalee Naval base in the east of Sri Lanka are slowly emerging.
El Nino Creates Topsy Turvy Weather in Sri Lanka
Residents in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo and outlying areas have been waking up to misty mornings of late. A decade ago, regular mist in this area just above the equator would have been a noteworthy event. These days, it is a regular occurrence in some parts north of the capital.
Sri Lanka: A Ray of Hope for those Looking for War Missing
Thavarasa Utharai’s most treasured belongings are stuck inside several plastic bags and tucked within old traveling bags.
Will New Sri Lankan Government Prioritize Resettlement of War-Displaced?
The new Sri Lankan government that was voted in on Aug. 17 certainly didn’t inherit as much baggage as its predecessors did during the nearly 30 years of conflict that gripped this South Asian island nation.
Ghosts Of War Give Way to Development in Sri Lanka
It is an oasis from the scorching heat outside. The three-storey, centrally air-conditioned Cargills Square, a major mall in Sri Lanka’s northern Jaffna town, is the latest hangout spot in the former warzone, where everyone from teenagers to families to off-duty military officers converge.
From Residents to Rangers: Local Communities Take Lead on Mangrove Conservation in Sri Lanka
Weekends and public holidays are deadly for one of Sri Lanka’s most delicate ecosystems – that is when the island’s 8, 815 hectares of mangroves come under threat.
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