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KENJI - The Best Instagram Bot - 10x more follows & likes

KENJI – The Best Instagram Bot – 10x more follows & likes

KENJI – The Best Instagram Bot – 10x more follows & likes
KENJI is an Instagram bot powered by A. I. that helps you get more Instagram followers, likes, and engagement. Get started in seconds!
60 Second Setup
Real Organic Results
Used by 110, 000+
Instagram AutomationA. Supercharged
You don’t need any technical knowledge to get set up, even with KENJI being supercharged with artificial intelligence. It’s really easy actually! Automate your follows, likes, story views, and more.
Start in 60 Seconds
MAIN FEATUREInstagram Follow Bot
Looking to grow your Instagram faster? KENJI is the most powerful Instagram follow bot that automates your following & unfollowing to grow faster. This is the number one way to grow accounts efficiently and is KENJI’s main
Efficient growth method
Targeted actions
Get real followers
Please note: the follow & unfollow method is a mandatory component to KENJI and cannot be turned off.
Instagram Auto Liker
Auto-like Instagram comments every day to get noticed by similar users in your own niche.
Live Reactions
Limitless Instagram live reactions are also a method KENJI uses to grow your account.
Insta Story Viewer
KENJI is also an Instagram Story Viewer that works at the right speed to help you grow!
A Smarter Instagram BotHandsfree automation
Get access to the smartest Instagram bot around and start automating your Instagram. KENJI uses real phones to perform actions on your account, mimicking human behavior throughout the day. Get more followers safely by putting your
Instagram on autopilot!
Easy to use
Safer automation
The easiest Instagram BotClassy, quick, simple
KENJI is feature packed and really easy to use. By auto-following other Instagram users in your niche and engaging with their stories, Instagram live broadcasts, and posts – your account is guaranteed to grow. Take the hard work out
of your routine and stay classy with KENJI.
Machine learning
Kenji has been trained to serve you well. Our bot predicts who is most likely to follow you based on similar interests.
Fast & optimized
Kenji works quickly throughout the day and night, picking up more followers for your Instagram accounts.
Easy setup
It’s incredibly easy to set up Kenji. Spend a minute setting up and we promise you months of results. It’s so simple!
Real followers
KENJI promises you real followers every day. Instagram automation means organic results, and KENJI is no exception!
Get more Instagram followersYour Instagram follow bot
Instagram Follow BotFollow & unfollow
Following & unfollowing users usually takes up a lot of people’s time. KENJI will do these actions for you, and so much more. KENJI programmatically optimizes who to follow over time. This will result in a flurry of followers coming
in faster – without you having to lift a finger.
Instagram AutomationTargeting done right
Instagram Automation has never been easier. Set up your targeting once and then KENJI automatically optimizes your own settings. We use machine learning technology named “TensorFlow” to maximize KENJI’s output as well as maximize your
TestimonialsLoved by thousands
KENJI is loved by thousands of people automating their accounts with the best Instagram bot on the market. See what some of our many customers have to say about using KENJI to grow their Instagram accounts!
Great for busy people! “Being a mom is pretty hard, but I swear growing your Instagram is harder! KENJI made everything much simpler. Now all I need to focus on is my posting schedule!
Helping me grow my agency quickly. “KENJI made it so easy for me to connect with businesses and people just starting out. Everyone needs a logo, so I ended up getting way more business than I would have expected. This was a no brainer, try it out at
Best tool for Instagram”I’ve tried a few others in the past but I’m glad to have found Kenji. I used both the free and paid version and yeah I’m pleased with the results. It definitely helps since I’m also doing well on Shoutcart. Thanks! ”
This Instagram bot is my favorite one yet”We’ve been growing good old Suji’s account with Kenji (so fitting!! ) and we couldn’t be happier. There aren’t many tools out there that can help us, but KENJI has certainly done itself justice. It’s an awesome way
to grow your Instagram account. Thanks! ”
PricingModestly affordable
We’ve adopted a pricing structure that’s affordable for all. KENJI is here to put a smile on your face – not burn a hole in your pocket. Get the right Instagram bot and for the right price, too.
An affordable entry point for anyone looking to grow their Instagram account. Get access to a simple, straightforward version of KENJI.
The Best Instagram Bot
Quick & Easy Setup
Get Organic Followers
Blacklist & Whitelist
Fastest Speed
Basic Hashtag & User Targeting
Basic Optimizations
Regular 24/5 Support
The best version of any Instagram bot, ever. Used by our most serious clients – unlock all features and priority support!
Setup in 60 seconds or less
Advanced Settings
All Targeting Types
Smart & Auto Optimizations
Skip-The-Queue Support
FAQQuestions & Answers
You’ve got questions and KENJI has all the answers. Everything you’re probably still wondering is covered right here – and if there’s still something on your mind, reach out to our support team or read our
FAQ page!
What happens when I sign up?
The latest version of KENJI works with real phones, meaning your account operates through a physical phone at one of our offices. We do light actions and plan your targeting in the first few days to warm up your account.
Once warmup completes, we follow & unfollow users.
What’s “warming up” mean?
Accounts need to be warmed up, otherwise they receive an “action block” when used on a new device. Warmups are done by copying “normal” Instagram browsing behavior, like viewing Instagram stories and scrolling on your feed.
This process takes 1-3 days depending on how old your account is.
Do I have to follow/unfollow?
After operating for 5 years, we say this with absolute certainty: the Follow/Unfollow method works and is the best way to grow accounts. As such, the follow unfollow feature is a core component to KENJI and cannot be turned off.
Other features are supplementary to your growth!
How do you grow accounts?
The best way to grow Instagram accounts is by story viewing and using the follow/unfollow method. We start following & unfollowing in batches as soon as we’ve finished your warm-up period.
Is this safe?
Yes, KENJI is safe to use. We use real phones that quite literally do exactly what you would usually do with your own two hands. KENJI is the most intelligent automation tool at the moment. Learn more on our FAQ page.
Is there a free trial?
We do not offer a free trial anymore as KENJI has moved away from being an app install. We now use physical phones (which costs us money the moment you sign up) to automate your Instagram account, which is both safer and more efficient.
Get GrowingLet’s get you started
KENJI is the only Instagram bot that offers you an intelligent way to automate your Instagram. If your account doesn’t pick up more followers by itself, KENJI is the solution for you.
KENJI is your new feature-packed Instagram followers app.
110, 000+ Users
I Tried Instagram Automation (So You Don't Have To)

I Tried Instagram Automation (So You Don’t Have To)

How do you imagine your life with Instagram automation?
Your phone’s blowing up with likes and follows, and you’re leaning back into your chaise longue, your hands behind your head, smiling the smug smile of the person whose social marketing efforts are scaling effortlessly. You sip your cucumber water. The infinity pool sparkles.
Well, hello from a blizzard in rural Finland, where I have spent a week tied to my keyboard trying to achieve that dream. And let me tell you, making an Instagram bot work—let alone work well—is not hands-off, reliable, or fun.
Depending on your standards, I’m not even sure it’s possible. Bonus: Download a free checklist that reveals the exact steps a lifestyle photographer used to grow from 0 to 600, 000 followers on Instagram with no budget and no expensive gear.
What is Instagram automation?
Instagram automation, the kind we’re talking about here, are bots that like posts, follow accounts, and comment on your behalf.
You define your target audience, and your trained pet bot crawls through accounts that might be interested in you, interacting with them in a pre-defined, hopefully natural-seeming way. In an ideal world, the bot does what you’d do yourself to earn Instagram engagement, if you only had the time.
If automatic Instagram likes sounds a little too good to be true, that’s because it is. It’s a black-hat social media trick, like engagement pods, which we tried out in 2018. Or buying Instagram followers—which results in an inflated follower count, zero engagement, and a long list of obviously fake followers.
But with automation, some self-described “growth hackers” argue that if it’s done right, and you pinpoint the “correct automation targets, ” automation is the most efficient way to build up a “real” audience of fans.
However, there are problems with Instagram automation:
People don’t like bots, and they can tell when a like, follow or comment is fake; and therefore
Instagram actively works against practices that degrade the user experience; and therefore
Automation services must try to evade detection, or else run the risk of getting shut down.
For instance, in 2017, Instagram shut down a bunch of automation services like the former go-to tool, Instagress. Ever since, it’s been a bit of a crapshoot as to where to even find a functioning Instagram comment bot.
While I was trying to choose which tool to use, I read up on the “safest most reliable” services, according to a few different experts. The problem is, even the people who swear by automation admit that many bot providers malfunction or just don’t provide results. Meanwhile, the providers themselves aren’t that convincing. For instance, InstaRocket’s FAQ:
How do I know if you’re legit?
You are free to try out our Trial for 3 days. Trial and Subscription are exactly the same.
Regardless, you have to pay for each tool you try. And don’t expect a bot to be upfront with you if it’s not working. As I found out, this can lead to a lot of wasted time, and money.
What is NOT Instagram automation?
To be clear, there are legitimate Instagram automation tools and software that take the grunt work out of your marketing efforts without crossing the line into behaviour that could get your account suspended:
Scheduling Instagram posts ahead of time so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute
Customized Instagram analytics reports delivered automatically with the data that matters to you
Social listening and hashtag monitoring tools that surface the conversations your brand wants to be a part of (or just keep on top of)
What happened when I tried Instagram automation
Ok, now that we’re clear on definitions, let’s take a look at the long, convoluted process of trying to get results from Instagram automation in 2020. (Please direct my Pulitzers and Nobels straight to the sauna. )
My accounts started with some uninspiring benchmarks.
@akaprincessrosebud (the Instagram creator account where I re-post my neighbour’s dog photos) started with:
26 interactions and 12 accounts reached in the previous week
37 following
@princessrosebud2thesequel (my non-business burner account, where I post even more photos of my neighbour’s dog) started with:
5 likes on my most recent post
2 following
Sidebar: My follower ratios for both of these accounts is so skewed because I bought 1000 “organic” followers back in October for a different experiment—interesting to note how that number has diminished over the last few months.
So, let’s trace the different steps I took to automate both of these accounts.
Step 1: Sign up for an Instagram automation bot and spend 3 days wondering if it works
First, I tried InstaRocket, which supposedly automates likes, comments, posts, direct messages, follows, and unfollows.
I signed up for a free 3-day trial, and entered my ideal audience parameters, so that Instarocket will find, like, and comment on accounts who like or post photos with certain hashtags, live in certain countries, or who follow big influencers or brand accounts that I think target a similar audience.
And then I made up some cool comments that Instarocket will automatically post for me, to earn attention for my account:
Nothing happened in the first day after I set it up. It was listed as “pending. ”
After two days, I had two choices: email support, or buy a monthly subscription. So I emailed the Instarocket support team to see if my account would be up and running before my 3-day promotion ends. I never got a response.
Step 2: Try to find a second automation bot (one that does work)
While I waited for a response, I thought maybe I’d try a higher-end Instagram automation service.
First, I tried Instamber— the “#1 most reliable and effective Instagram automation bot, ” according to more than one recent list. But the sign-up page gave me a 404 error. Yikes.
Step 3: Ok, try for Bot #3
I was ready to jump up my budget significantly, and shell out the €79 wants for its software, which boasts that it uses “facial recognition AI” (um, okay) and is “100% undetectable by Instagram” (I doubt this is true).
Perhaps foolishly, I was even willing to download its desktop software, in the name of our exciting experiment. Alas, when it became clear that I would need to “download Python” (isn’t Python a language? ) just to install it, I decided to search for another route.
Step 4: Ok, go back to Bot #2 and run a campaign
Instamber’s sign-up page was loading at this point. So I decided to try another 3-day trial. This time I signed up using my burner account, @princessrosebud2thesequel.
Instamber is not as nice-looking or clear as InstaRocket. On the plus side, their support team does email you back (more on that later. ) Mostly the dashboard was comprised of buttons urging me to pay more money.
First, I ran a 24-hour “promotion” targeting fans of @andrewknapp’s page. He has a huge audience based almost entirely on photos of his border collie Momo’s gorgeous face.
Source: @andrewknapp
After 24 hours, Instamber’s bot had followed 69 accounts, liked 138 posts, watched 958 Stories and left 42 comments on my behalf.
The result? I’ve gained 8 new followers. Instamber tells me that’s a 0. 7% conversion rate, though the math is a little… opaque.
The new accounts the bot followed means my feed is now jammed full of cute dog photos, and I am not complaining. However, I can’t help but wonder what kind of cringey interactions my account is having.
I’m worried it’ll be as bad as the last time we ran this experiment, when Hootsuite writer Evan LePage used the now-defunct Instagress to get 250 followers in 3 days. He reported:
“I [automatically] commented “your pics > my pics” on a selfie of a boy who was clearly in middle school. In fact, his account was composed of only four pictures, three of them selfies. I felt uncomfortable. The teenage boy told me I was being modest. ”
When I check, it turns out that Instamber is mostly just leaving over-the-top emojis on people’s normal posts:
These don’t seem like believable comments to me, but they worked for my 8 new followers.
Step 5: Go back and check on Bot #1
Meanwhile, my InstaRocket account, after two of my three free days, is still “pending, ” with absolutely no activity to show. Except, actually, I have lost 8 followers.
So I bite the bullet, and pay the $7. 95 USD for the personal plan for one month. But now I must wait for admin to approve my order. (Still no response from customer service. )
Step 6: Try out a second campaign, with less spammy techniques
I’m very curious: is there a legitimate way to automate your Instagram interactions for growth? Using automation bots will never be lawful good, but maybe there’s a way to use them that hits at least chaotic neutral.
Some growth hackers believe it’s possible. So, I’m going to try one last experiment while doing my best to avoid being spammy and ruining the experience for myself and everyone who interacts with my dog-bot.
This means refining what I allow Instamber to do.
Under Settings > Actions I unclick boxes until my bot is only allowed to view Stories and like posts. I do not allow it to follow, or comment.
According to these settings, my Instagram bot will like between 1 and 3 of a user’s posts, and possibly watch their Stories.
That gives them four different opportunities to see my account, and it’s a softer touch because I’m not doing anything intrusive or obviously inauthentic, like leaving cringey emojis or following them out of the blue.
So, what happens after 24 hours of non-spammy automated liking?
Alas, I don’t know. Instamber asked me to pay for an additional month, so I paid the $15 USD. Then they asked me to download some desktop software. I did that. But my Macbook refused the sketchy software, and so I emailed support, who told me, repeatedly, that I need to “install bluestacks as the android emulator and run social bridge and Instagram via that. ”
Reader, I did not do that.
Step 7: Analyze the results
While I can’t confirm on Instamber, these are the overall results of my experiment.
24-hour likes + comments + follow promotion ($1 USD)
8 new followers
14 Story views
67 new accounts that my account followed
48-hour non-spammy likes-only promotion ($15 USD)
2 new followers
5 likes for my most recent photo
No promotion happened, because despite extending my payment for another month, my account is still pending. And still no word from the support team. But I:
Lost 6 followers
Got 10 likes from what looks to be a fellow dog-bot
Received 2 savage burns (from a burn bot? )
On the one hand, I’m surprised that my experiment was so shockingly ineffective.
On the other hand, Instagram has been at war with automation services for years. It makes sense that a company that pulled in $9 billion in ad revenue in 2019 has the resources to make bots effectively useless. Bonus: Download a free checklist that reveals the exact steps a lifestyle photographer used to grow from 0 to 600, 000 followers on Instagram with no budget and no expensive gear.
Get the free guide right now!
Lessons from Instagram automation
There’s no such thing as a legitimate, risk-free Instagram automation service
The websites will tell you they are safe, reliable and effective. The websites are lying.
Even if the bots work (doubtful), the service could get shut down at any moment. Even worse, your account could be limited or banned for violating Instagram’s platform policy.
For instance, the second I linked my account to Instamber, I was notified of a “suspicious login attempt. ” (Good job Instagram, because if I was in North Van I’d be eating Honey’s Donuts with Meghan and Harry. )
At no point did I feel confident, secure, or relaxed. I was uneasy about handing my credit card details over. I was uneasy about downloading desktop software. The services are arbitrarily priced, and many look like outright scams. Do they work? Many don’t, but there’s no knowing until you pay. At the end of the week, I just felt mildly ashamed for tarnishing my neighbour’s dog’s online reputation.
If you’re responsible for a professional account for a legitimate brand, I’m going to go ahead and say that you really do not want to risk a push notification that says “we’re removing inauthentic activity” or “your account information is compromised. ”
And even more importantly, you do not want to risk alienating your fans, customers, and audience with weird behaviour.
And on that note, a personal aside to the indie band that followed and unfollowed me three times over the course of the last six months: The first time I was flattered. The second time I unfollowed you on Spotify. The third time I looked up who runs your social media so that I can avoid working with them in the future.
The tech is clunky, and support isn’t supportive
Instamber wanted me to download desktop software, an android emulator, and its own app. Oh, plus Instagram itself, though “best practice” was to sign out and leave the app alone while my campaign ran, to prevent any more geographic discrepancies. I think there was something about a VPN in there, too.
It’s not that these extra steps—see Point #1, Instagram is watching—are impossible for a motivated social media manager, it’s that they’re a hassle. You have more important things to be doing.
Meanwhile, as far as I can tell, every time I emailed Instarocket’s customer service, they forwarded it straight into a sarlacc pit.
“Undetectable by Instagram” and “not spammy” actually means “so slow you may as well do it yourself”
The days of skyrocketing vanity metrics are over. Instagram doesn’t even display likes anymore, so in many ways the pressure is off for many brands to merely look popular.
Plus, now that Instagram monitors and limits pings to its API, no automation service can realistically provide the kind of volume I was imagining back at the beginning of this blog post.
For instance, back in 2017, the first time we ran this experiment, Evan LePage went from 338 to 1050 followers on his personal account using Instagress.
This time around I got 8 new followers, many of whom seem fairly fake themselves, a handful of Story views, and about 30 likes total. Weeks later, I also have a creeping suspicion that my accounts are now permanent bot-magnets, even if my credit card isn’t getting charged.
What would have happened if I’d spent this week devoting myself to genuine engagement, great content, and executing this list of tips for getting more Instagram likes? I’m going to go out on a limb and say I’d not only have more followers, I’d be relaxing with a cucumber water by the infinity pool, after a job well done.
Save time and your brand’s face by automating your Instagram activity the right way. With Hootsuite you can schedule Instagram posts in advance, engage with followers, and edit your images all from one, easy-to-use dashboard.
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Instagram Bot - How to Keep Your Account Protected in 2021 ...

Instagram Bot – How to Keep Your Account Protected in 2021 …

Instagram bots have had to get smart in recent years, with the social media platform doing even more to limit account activity and challenge the API requests being made from blatant bot are a number of security issues that bot developers have had to contend with over the years, and only the strongest can stagram bots in 2021 now have to emulate human behaviour, use a secured proxy network and there are several other tricks that Instagram has up its sleeve for catching out bot have tried most of the Instagram bot platforms out there, and we’ve even seen a few come and go, but there are a few bots we think deserve a stagram bots (IG bot) help to automate your account’s activity, for example, interactions, comments, direct messages, follow, unfollow and means you can speed up the engagement on your account and dramatically increase your profile visits, followers and even clicks to your 20-minute video below goes into great detail about how to set-up an Instagram bot helps grow your Instagram accounts.
Keeping Your Instagram Account SafeInstagram accounts with engaging content and the correct automation targeting will generate activity and interactions which are likely to be perceived as organic and translate into genuine profile visits. This is likely to stay under the radar of any reviews done by nversely, an Instagram account with boring, irrelevant content which has poorly automated targeting and set-up will interact with people who will find the activity to be fake or spammy. Everyone has had an experience of this in the past, from irrelevant automated DMs, to random followers in different 2017 Instagram requested to shut down several services, most notably Instagress, however, there are Main Instagram BotsWe’ve tried them all and the results are below:Instagram Bot Follower – Still the best Instagram bot we’ve found by far – #1Inflact– Solid automation experience – #2Instazood – Great customer service – #3Instamber – Quick set up and easy to use – #4Social Sensei – Expensive and complex – #5Combin – Great tool but only desktop download available – #6Instaboss- Easy to set up, simple to use and relatively cheap – #7Jarvee – Great Windows-based software but needs to run on a computer 24/7 – #8Instavast – Good automation service with basics automation functions – #9What’s the process for notifying you of fake followers? Instagram are trying to shut down bots using a few techniques:A push notification informing you that they are removing “inauthentic” likes and follows which were identified and generated by a third party application. Your account information is flagged as compromised because you shared it with a third stagram serve this notification to get customers to change their passwords, which in turn, will disconnect you from the third party (Instagram bot)Another notification states that you are using a service which “helps you get likes and followers” and blocks your account from activity during a specific time this, it’s often because you’re using an Instagram automation service which isn’t safe or because you’re automating your likes or comments in a spammy manner. Bot comments have invaded Instagram and sent a red flag to Instagram – so be careful you are not automating the IG bot the wrong any of the above 3 points do happen, then try not to worry. It’s recommended to stop trying to interact via your account, and either change your Instagram bot, or program your interactions at a much slower rate. The block will go away in the time specified in the notification (usually one week) and you’ll be able to continue stagram does not enforce any action other than sending you the above 3 eping Your Instagram Account SafeHaving your account hacked or compromised by an IG bot is not a common occurrence as these bots exist specifically to help their customers. These bots rely on keeping your data safe and your account you can doThere is only one way you can ensure you have the highest form of protection for your Instagram account, and that is to run proxy on your account. A proxy will change up the location that the bot is signing in from, so that it is not performing mass actions from one place, which will tend to be flagged as abusive favourite proxy service that we have found is FrogProxy. It is a mobile proxy service, meaning that the connection is the same as a smartphone, so it doesn’t look suspicious to out the FrogProxy features here and make sure if you are using any social media automation, you are protecting your account with a As you are always at risk of getting these specific notifications when you are automating the account, it’s recommended to always be safe and use the safest bot out functionality and features are included with Instagram bots? We manage various Instagram accounts – so we had to test the top contenders to see which Instagram bot works the best, and which is the safest! What’s the best Instagram Bots on the market?
#1 – Instagram Bot FollowerInstagram Bot: $11 per monthHyper from Instagram Bot Follower continues to be one of the top performers in the insta-bot field. The reason we prefer HyperVote over other bots is that it’s the second cheapest in the market and all the other available tools don’t offer a wide array of features for this price. Great security and they now offer a free proxy on user tomated Activity Speeds: Yes – there are automated activity speeds, meaning you can set your own speed. HyperVote (IBF) also offer a fantastic content scheduler, direct message automation and analytics which makes this Instagram bot the best choice as it has lots of functionality, is safe, easy to use and most important very affordable each & setup: Set-up your own VPN using this insta Hyper now has a proxy included as standard on all accounts. As far as we are aware, this is the only bot on the market offering iOS emulation when it accesses the Instagram API, which does wonders for your trust score and keeps your account milar bots: If you like the functionality of Instagram Bot Follower but need the help of customer service then check the rest of the list. #2 – InflactInstagram Bot: – previously IngramerPrice: $57 per monthAutomated Activity Speed: Yes – they have the required settings to keep you safe. They have detailed activity speeds replicating real-life human behaviour, statistics and & set-up: Included on set-up of accountSafety: Standard safety features that you would expect with an automation nners Up: Boostgram is a similar tool which grows your instagram account, although it’s not as good as Inflact. #3 – InstazoodInstagram Bot: $14. 99 per monthAutomated Activity Speeds: Automated speed settings are good on this – with the standard settings you won’t go over any limits set by InstagramVPN & setup: No VPN set-up or Instazood have been around for a while and are known in the marketplace for reliable customer service. Over the years, they have managed to adapt to Instagram updates and changes, which can only be a good thing for customers. You really need this type of experience and knowledge if you are looking at seriously growing your multi Instagram the best user experience or interface, but the customer service is perfect! Similar bots: Gramista is very similar to Instazood.
#4 – InstamberInstagram Bot: mPrice: $15 per monthAutomated Activity Speeds: Standard slow/medium/fast speed options, with advanced filtering for better & setup: No built-in proxy settings however service is considered Basic package gets you standard security but it should still be mentioned that there is no native proxy. You can pay for an account manager to keep your automation within the limits, which might be a good idea for beginners or those with important accounts that they can’t afford to bot, easy to use with some good targeting and filter options. We consider this bot to be one of the most reliable out there, especially if you opt for your own account milar bots: Kicksta#5 – Social SenseiInstagram Bot: $45 per monthAutomated Activity Speeds: There are automated speed activity settings with this tool and they manage every single step of the social media automation process for you. This includes a review to determine the most effective activity speeds which will stop you being & setup: You receive your own unique VPN and IP addressSafety: Expect to receive a dedicated account manager to help with every single step of the process. When kicking off a campaign you’ll need a list of the hashtags and accounts which you want to set as your automation targets and their team manage the rest. Results are generally based on the quality of content and settings you use, however, we have seen 500–1000 new followers per month with Social milar bots: Upleap provide a dedicated account manager to help grow your followers. #6 – CombinInstagram Bot: $15 per monthAutomated Activity Speeds: Single speed setting for automation lets the platform & setup: Add in your own proxy using the built-in proxy Very safe and consistent platform – you can manually select the accounts you wish to follow in advance then Combin will execute the requests with Instagram, giving you full milar bots: This bot is quite unique in how it works – no others use manual selection for specific actions. #7 – InstaBossInstagram Bot: Price: $14 per monthAutomated Activity Speeds: Tools in the form of artificial intelligence are used to limit your activities before Instagram blocks your account. It then automatically relaunches them & setup: The software allows you to set up a proxy and depending on your offer type you can get up to 10 They claim to be 100% secure as each of their offers includes dedicated proxies. In addition, your data is encrypted and you get premium support 24/7, which is quite milar bots: Jeffrey#8 – JarveeInstagram Bot: $35 per monthAutomated Activity Speeds: No mention of speed setting for automated & setup: Expect to have each Instagram account run with its own HTTP This bot was designed to mimic daily social activities across Instagram up to ten times faster than an average person could complete them individually. The bot can be risky, considering that it runs continuously for 24 hours each day, and users run the risk of repeatedly crossing the engagement limits set by milar bots: Grawthoid#9 – InstavastInstagram Bot: $15 per monthAutomated Activity Speeds: Instavast lets you adjust the automation speed. This feature can be helpful if you want to minimize the risk of Instagram detecting you. There are 3 speeds to choose from starting with slow, normal and fast. The advised setting for your activity speed should be on “Slow” when starting using their & setup: Local designed proxy applications are available to download and install on your Mobile or Standard safety features, however, they claim that their platform is fully compliant with Instagram’s Terms of milar bots: NitreoFAQsA. Out of all of the bots we’ve found we would recommend Instagram Bot Follower as it runs very fast, especially on hyper vote pro. A. You can protect your account by using a proxy service. This way your IP address will change automatically. IBF & Ingramer are the best instagram bots for security purposes. You can protect your account using a proxy service. It all depends on the way you treat your account and whether you are using a proxy. Most instagram bots automatically like and follow, depending on each individual bot. Social media companies may frown upon specific bots, depending on what each bot does. Although, they’re not illegal. Most bots perform well, particularly IBF and Ingramer. Some bots have stopped working, and some functions may no longer be active. However, most bots on the list above work perfectly fine. Yes, you can grow real followers quite fast depending on your niche.

Frequently Asked Questions about instagram liking bot

Is Instagram bot legal?

Are Instagram bots legal? Instagram bots are legal when they comply with the Instagram Platform Policy. Particular types of Instagram bots (like follow bots and like/comment bots) violate Instagram’s terms and can be shut down because they result in fake Instagram followers, fake likes, and sporadic bot activity.May 10, 2021

Do Instagram like bots work?

People don’t like bots, and they can tell when a like, follow or comment is fake; and therefore. Instagram actively works against practices that degrade the user experience; and therefore. Automation services must try to evade detection, or else run the risk of getting shut down.May 4, 2020

Do Instagram bots still work 2021?

That is coming to an end in 2021. This year, automation is still effective but finding a bot that can automate interactions for months, without being blocked or having to change your username, is no longer simple or easy.

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