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How To Get Free Internet Using Proxy

How to get free proxy servers that gives free internet on any ...

How to get free proxy servers that gives free internet on any …

Proxy servers are one of the core tools in getting internet. You can have a good configuration but without a working proxy server, your device wont connect to the internet. If you know how to get a working proxy server then you would never depend on anybody for free internet configuration settings. Note that this tutorial is applicable on any Internet service provider network. It doesn’t matter whether its Telenor, cellC, Airtel, Telkom, Safaricom, Sun, Mtn or what ever network, just follow this write up and you would get free internet.
What is a Proxy Server:
There are different kinds of proxy servers but in our case we are talking about a web proxy server. A web proxy server acts as an intermediary between a computer and other servers. It connects or links our internet enabled gadgets to the web.
The default configuration from our ISP (Internet Service Provider) programmes the proxy server to establish connection to the web only when we have data on our phone. But when we run out of data, the firewall blocks our connection or sometimes it redirects us to a page requesting for us to buy or subscribe to a data bundle(the firewall allows us access to these free pages). This page it redirects us to is a free page which doesn’t consume any data or use our call credit when we browse upon it. As you all know, you can use that free page to bypass the firewall and trick our Internet Service Provider into getting free internet as i discussed in my part 2 tutorial on how to get free internet (Click here to view the post).
I know that you would be wondering how this would come to be in place but i would put you all through. When we run out of data bundles, our default proxy server refuses us connection to the web so what we look for now is another proxy server that would allow our connection to the web and let us browse and download for free without paying a dime. Remember in my part 1 tutorial i wrote on how to get free internet (Click here to visit the post) i gave you guys this simple format in getting free internet trick: Open ports + working proxy server = Free internet access. There’s no special skill required in getting a free proxy server that would allow you connect to the internet for free. Premium proxies are good but when you can’t afford it you simply go for free ones on sites like, e. t. c to get free fast anonymous proxies.
I wrote a complete guide on how to get free working proxy servers that can give you free internet and you find the link at the end of this post or you can click here for it. The reason i didnt post it here is because of those people who specializes in lift other peoples content without the appropriate permission of the owner. I always tell those that want to re-publish my content to simply notify first and then i would give you the go ahead.
Note:Sometimes your free host can be used as a proxy server to give free internet access( thats for those that can create connection) but most times they are easily blocked your ISP. The main aim of this post is to teach you on how to create a proxy server that would take your ISP almost forever to detect and so i this way, you would always be having free access to the internet.
How to get the real Proxy Server range through Port scanning:
In my write up below, i explained how to detect a proxy server that would grant you free internet access but in some cases, when you find the such proxy server it doesn’t still connect or grant you free internet freedom.
I remember i use to have such difficulties back then until i found a way around it. Lets say that you used the procedure, got a proxy server which is 192. 168. 0. 24 and then you tested and found it to be ok. Now you tried using it to get free internet but instead your connection bounced! 192. 28 is what you have but 192. 86 is what can only establish the connection(take note of the last digits). Now here is a simple way to resolve this
1. Write down your new Proxy server IP
2. Click here to visit ip range port scanner
3. Scroll down to the middle of the page and you would see some rectangular boxes where “ip range” is written at the back.
4. Now input your proxy server ip address maybe this way: 192. 1 to 192. 100 and then put the port number and then check. When its done, you would see the real ip that would create the connection for you to get free internet!
Click here to download the full tutorial on how to get a working proxy server for free internet
Link 1 Download
Link 2 Download
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How to Get Free Internet Without Data Plan Android or Wifi?

How to Get Free Internet Without Data Plan Android or Wifi?

It’s quite hard to live without the internet in the modern world because it helps us compete for many complex tasks. The benefits of the internet are countless. It is much stressful when we rely on it too much and don’t have access for some data use 3G/4G for internet searches. Now, the 5G network is also ready to make communication might have undoubtedly heard that people can use the internet for free by using some, if you know how to get free internet without data plan android or Wifi service, then many of your such issues will be this impressive article, you will get to know a lot more about this ntentsHow to Get Free Internet Without Data Plan Android or Wifi Service? How to Use VPN to Get Free Internet Without Data Plan Android or Wifi? Android Free Internet HackRequirementsVPN for Android Free InternetGet Unlimited Free Internet Access on Any NetworkMethod 01: Visit Restaurants or HotelsMethod 02: Track Wi-Fi Connection Using Wi-Fi MapMethod 03: Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi FeatureFree Internet for Tablet Without Wi-FiMethod 01: Try to Use a DongleMethod 02: Using HotspotMethod 03: Use Data SIMFinal WordsHow to Get Free Internet Without Data Plan Android or Wifi Service? Public wifi is an open invitation to cybercriminals by which they can easily keep an eye on your online activities when you are connected to it. For this reason, it is better to avoid using Public Wifi. It would help if you used the secured best way to enjoy free internet is by using VPN lions of people are enjoying free internet by using VPN to Use VPN to Get Free Internet Without Data Plan Android or Wifi? The full form of VPN is a virtual private network. You can connect to the VPN software, and then you won’t be charged a single penny for surfing the technology is used to do undetected Free Internet HackThe VPN serves as a buffer and secures your sensitive offers a layered system of protection in which it plugs many security holes, which keeps you safe while you surf are many free internet providers now offer apps that you can download for free, install, and run to enjoy the fast are many ways to use VPN apps that will help you unblock the internet restrictions of specific regions, browse online anonymously, and bypass the VPN tunnels your internet traffic through its server, and this way, it hides your identity. Furthermore, with the best free gaming VPN, you can maximize your gaming quirementsYou need to keep in mind some requirements before getting started with using free VPN internet for should be an active data plan on your phone with a n0 balance. This is because if you have any data balance, then it will be consumed when you connect to the methods explained below works for all android versions, but it’s better to have at least android version 4 or higher installed on your for Android Free InternetSome excellent apps of the sort are:Droid VPNFollow the steps below to use free internet by the Droid VPN wnload the app from the Google play store and then install itRegister in the app with your email address, username, and the ‘connection setting, ’ goto the ‘connection protocol’ and then select the ‘TCP connection’ from, enable the HTTP header by clicking the ‘HTTP header’ and then tap the the custom HTTP headers type “”Then press OKAfter that, open the Droid VPN the available connection from on the connect buttonNow be happy as you are connected to this VPN, and you can enjoy surfing VPNThe main benefit of FLY VPN is that you don’t need to download it to your android phone, From settings, go to wireless and network and then select VPN from a new VPN by clicking the plus sign and the sign in the top right the name you desire to add your country’s server the ‘PPP encryption (MPEE)’ and then to connect, click the in with your username and connectTroid VPNDownload and install the TROID VPN app and then open any free server from the the TCP the Rport value to be 443 and the Lport to be open the advanced the option ‘Use proxy for TCP connection’ and then enter the following the port 3128The proxy host will be 188. 138. 61. 118 or 178. 254. 13. 112The host will be Host: 180. 179. 207. 111/@Save the settings by pressing the save button and then VPNDownload the app from the app store or the Google playYou will need to have a 3G/4G connection active at this point. So open your mobile open the SKYVPN apps and click you can browse without the free internet and if the connection fails then no need to worry. You can change the country server and then try again to VPNFeat VPN makes use of configuration files for server configuration. For this reason, you can download the files for the server wnload and install the FeatVPN launching the app, tap the setup button, and then run app will then run some tests to confirm the capability of your device with the FEAT the completion of all tests successfully, tap the tap Tunnels and add a VPN connection by tapping the ADD the configuration settings, select load and then choose the configuration files you have downloaded back by the back server will now be listed as a VPN the VPN tunnel that you there will be an attempt to a will be asked to enter the entering the credentials, tap you will see the VPN status will be displaying connected. Disconnecting From the VPNThe process of disconnecting from the VPN is quite easy and you connect to the VPN, there will be a notification of ‘VPN activated’ in your notification disconnect from it, tap that notification, Then tap, Read IPsec VPN Vs. SSL VPNGet Unlimited Free Internet Access on Any NetworkEveryone wants to have unlimited free internet access. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and read all possible ways to get free access to a 01: Visit Restaurants or HotelsThere are some restaurants and hotels that offer free internet, head towards them. You might be thinking that it will be costly but there are seriously some coffee shops, cafés, or hotels that offer membership. Get a membership card or order a drink that is minor in cost and allows you to use unlimited 02: Track Wi-Fi Connection Using Wi-Fi MapWi-Fi map is a free website and application that can monitor free Wi-Fi sources all over the world. The app uses the internet but once you get connected to the internet connection it will be free of cost. It is available on both the app store and play store, just search Wi-Fi map: find internet and VPN you are ready to 03: Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi FeatureFacebook has a feature of Find W-Fi that you can use to search for the internet connections in your range. Follow these steps to enable this feature:Install Facebook if you do not have one. Create an accountGo to the menu by clicking on the three linesMove to Settings and privacy (both iPhone and Android)Find privacy shortcuts and tap manage your location settings in Find Wi-Fi and enable Internet for Tablet Without Wi-FiThe internet has become the most important part of our lives. We are almost addicted to it and cannot imagine a single day without has become our necessity and fast internet makes life cool and relaxing. Though it is difficult to afford reliable internet. So, let us tell you some ways to get free internet for 01: Try to Use a DongleThe internet dongle is an extra accessory that you can buy to connect your tablet to the internet. Dongle establishes a connection with the laptop using Bluetooth or a cable that attaches in USB type C or is quite simple to use this dongle. Connect it with the ethernet cable and with the tablet either with Bluetooth or wire. It will facilitate you with an efficient and reliable internet connection without 02: Using HotspotA hotspot is a mobile internet connection that acts as Wi-Fi for other devices. It is not free and requires a data plan, but it is very fast and to the internet setting in your phone, move to another wireless connection and turn on the hotspot. Now go to your tablet and enable the Wi-Fi and connect it to your phone’s 03: Use Data SIMSome tablets have built-in support for sim cards. You can insert any data SIM without any cable or is the easiest way of internet connection in the Tablet without Wi-Fi but not all tablets come with SIM attachment feature. If your tab has this feature then you just have to insert the SIM card in it and turn on a data WordsNow you have known how to get free internet without a data plan android or Wifi service. It will help you a lot to browse and complete your online work when you don’t have any wifi access or data reover, the connection by VPN is secure as it encrypts the user for android free internet is quite easy to set up and precaution you need to take while using this method is to keep changing ports as your ISP will be on the lookout for your, and if your maximum limit is reached, your access might get, Checkout Different Types of Firewalls
Proxy Services - 4 ways to enable 'free' internet - The ...

Proxy Services – 4 ways to enable ‘free’ internet – The …

23 Jul 2015, 10:43 AM IST1/54 ways to enable ‘free’ internet Text: Karan Bajaj & Hitesh Raj Bhagat, ET Bureau

Is the internet really free? Considering all the restrictions, it doesn’t seem like it. Here are some suggestions on how to enable a ‘free’ to discussions and nationwide protests, the notion of net neutrality is widely known. No one should discriminate on the basis of different types of data. But there’s another argument and movement in play internet freedom. Access to the Internet is subject to restrictions in many countries.

Some steal your privacy. Sometimes, it is countries & governments that try to control what you can and cannot see. Other times, it is the organisation you work for or the company that provides the internet in the first place. If you feel strongly enough about it, here’s how you can ‘stick it to the man’. A proxy server is usually a computer that works as a midway between your computer and the Internet. When you access a website, the site detects the traffic coming from the proxy server IP and not your actual IP proxy server can work with multiple computers because resources are not dedicated to a single computer.

Mostly, free web proxies change your IP address to one of their own anonymous IP addresses to hide your location. A simple web search will bring up a list of free proxy services that you can try spot Shield is a free (ad supported) and easy-to-use generic VPN service that works across Windows, MAC, Android and iOS. Using it is as simple as getting the app or extension that you need and starting the service.

Some of the highly rated VPN services include Cyber Ghost, NordVPN, VyprVPN and PureVPN. Proxy websites perform the same function as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service – they can allow you to access websites that are blocked and help your be anonymous. However, they work differently. For starters, proxy services do not typically encrypt data, so your ISP or your office network administrator can figure out what you are trying to access.

Another issue is that you are exposed to a lot of pop up adverts while using a proxy. Lastly, most web-based proxies are well known by websites and are therefore blocked from accessing any locked content. You’ll have to frequently change proxies which is a pain.

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