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How To Cop Multiple Yeezys

How to Cop Multiple Yeezys For Retail – Project Destroyer

This is a detailed guide on how to cop multiple Yeezys for retail, enjoy!
In 2017 copping one pair of Yeezys for retail may seem like an impossible task, let alone multiple pairs. This is due to the high demand surrounding certain limited releases like Yeezys and Supreme Box Logo Tees. Demand has grown as people have seen how the right items can resell at more than 5x their value. Other factors such as a limited supply and the use of bots has made it extremely hard to secure items at their retail price.
It may seem intimidating at first, but it’s certainly possible to purchase multiple pairs on release day if you know what to do.
While nothing is guaranteed, there are a few things that can put you in the best possible position to purchase multiple items of any limited release. Since most stores will host in store raffles for hyped drops, this article will focus on getting pairs online only. Keep in mind that all of these things should be done days before the release. Hard work + preparation does pay off!
Determine Demand
The first thing you need to do is determine how many people actually want this item. Do some research. Sites such as NikeTalk, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, and eBay can all give you clues as to how hyped an item is. If people are talking about it everywhere, it usually means it’s in high demand. Check out HypeCheck as well. This site uses advanced analytics to determine the estimated resale and demand of various sneakers and streetwear.
Check the Footlocker launch locator to see how many stores are receiving pairs. Are the stores doing raffles, or first come first serve? Search the product on eBay and sort by sold listings. How many people are buying pre orders? This can also clue you in to how much the item will be reselling for.
Pictured above you can see how many stores got the 2016 Space Jam 11. Just because a product is widely available doesn’t mean it won’t resell. With a release like this, demand still outweighed supply but if you put in any effort, it was easy to cop these shoes.
You can see how a pair of Yeezy Boost 350 are much more limited. The more limited a shoe, the higher the resale, therefore higher the demand.
Make a Site List
This is where things get fun. You need to start looking for sites that will be releasing the Yeezys online. It’s easy to find the big sites such as Adidas or Footlocker, but once you have a list of the major retailers you have to dig deeper. Find out if sites such as Caliroots, JDSports, and Footpatrol are selling pairs. Some overseas retailers will release Yeezys at 2 AM when everyone is asleep. If you found a site others overlooked, you could easily grab a few more pairs!
A shortcut you can do is find a reliable source selling a site list for the release. They will have already done this research and found out which stores are doing raffles, which are releasing online, and when. While this information can be helpful, you never know what these people could have missed. If you decide to buy a site list, make sure it’s from a reliable source and then try to find even more sites.
Purchase a Bot
Once you know which sites you want to cop on, you need to find a reliable bot that you can use with at least some of the sites. Most Yeezy releases will release on Footlocker, Footaction, Champs, Eastbay and Yeezy Supply. Luckily, Project Destroyer supports all of these (and more). This bot is extremely powerful, especially when running the Ultimate version. You can run hundreds of tasks to heavily improve your chances of securing multiple pairs.
However, we can’t say this is the only bot you should be looking into. As the creators, we believe this is the best option for Yeezy releases. However, you should do your own research to find out what is going to work best for you. When looking for bots, ask yourself these questions. Is there proof of success? What sites does it support? Are the developers active? You need a bot that can update its software quickly incase sites try to add anti bot measures (ahem…Project Destroyer developers are great at this).
Contact the company and see how fast you get a response. You don’t want to buy a bot only to discover the Twitter account hasn’t tweeted in 2 months! Also keep in mind any software you buy, you’ll need to be able to set up correctly. Check to see if the company provides tutorials and a written documentation.
Find Proxies
Once you have found the bot that’s right for you, you’ll need proxies as well. Proxies allow you to mask your IP and let you run hundreds of tasks at once without being banned. When you run 100 tasks with 100 proxies it will appear to the site that 100 different computers are trying to connect. If things are still unclear, see the picture below.
There are a couple routes you can go for proxies. You can make your own, buy residential proxies, or buy data center proxies. To make your own proxies, a simple google search should get you started. For a list of recommended providers and more information, click here.
Remember, you have to spend money to make money! Look at these purchases as an investment.
Multiple Payment Methods
Once you have a bot and proxies, you are going to need payment methods to pay for each item. You can use the same payment method for multiple sites, but generally sites follow the rule of one item per payment method. You can not buy 10 pairs of Yeezys with the same card on the same site.
There are multiple solutions for this, depending on how many pairs you want to buy and your budget. You can create virtual cards with Privacy or Final and connect them to your bank account. However, sneaker sites have been known to block these cards at times so this can be risky. You can also go to your local RiteAid or Walgreen’s and purchase pre paid debit cards. You can then load them up with the necessary funds for the order and assign a specific address and name to the card. Another option is to ask friends and family and see if you can use their card + reimburse them.
Regardless of how you get the payment methods, be sure to load them with enough funds. If you are using cards connected to your bank, call your bank the day before the release. Tell them you are purchasing sneakers in the morning and to let any charges go through! Otherwise, your bank may flag the transaction, decline the card, and you’ll be left with 0 pairs.
Multiple Addresses (Or not? )
Footsites, Adidas, and most other major retailers follow the one item per address rule. This means your order will be cancelled if you try to ship 2 pairs of Yeezys to the same address.
However, they’re receiving thousands of orders and need to automate this process somehow. This leaves room for error! If you only have a few addresses but are intent on getting dozens of pairs, you could enter the same address with slight tweaks for each order. Here is an example:
Order #1
Name on card: John Smith
Address: 123 Lane Road
Order #2
Name on card: Michael Scarn
Address: 123 Lane Rd
You can make slight changes and add an apartment letter to the address line 2. This trick can fool the processors into thinking the addresses are completely different. We have seen 50+ pairs shipped to 1 house using this trick!
Use this at your own risk. Smaller sites receiving fewer orders tend to have workers manually checking to ensure duplicates aren’t being sent. It’s up to you to decide if you think this will work and we aren’t going to guarantee any success. This is based on past success but sites can change at any moment! To play it safe, contact friends and family and see how many addresses you can use to ship to.
It is worth noting that the name on your card should match the shipping address and billing address name. Your shipping and billing address for each card should always match.
Multiple Emails
Just like the address and the payment method, your email address can not appear to be the same for multiple orders on one site. One trick we have found useful is the “dot trick”. If you are using Project Destroyer, read more about the dot trick generator here. This trick allows you to put dots in between your gmail address and it’ll cause sites to read the email as a different one each time. This can be a huge time saver when you’re looking to buy 50+ pairs!
Again, this is another trick that carries some risk. Be careful which sites you use it on and test it on a prior release if possible. Bigger sites receiving a lot of orders are less likely to notice this!
These are just some of the useful tools you can use to cop multiple Yeezys or any other limited release item online. Use this information how you like, but we can’t guarantee any success! We hope you do your own research and figure out a strategy that works best for you. If this guide was helpful, a thank you or shout out goes a long way! If you have any questions feel free to contact us or reach us on Twitter!
Again, we highly recommend using Project Destroyer to optimize your success. Go check it out.
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Adidas tries to make buying Yeezys fair but misses the mark | Engadget

Adidas tries to make buying Yeezys fair but misses the mark | Engadget

Buying Yeezy Boost sneakers online is tough. It comes down to this: Supply cannot meet demand. The shortage is so acute that if you don’t buy them at launch for retail price — between $200 and $350, depending on the model — you’ll have to pay upwards of $2, 000 on eBay or another site to get your hands on a pair. Reselling Yeezys has become a business, and both Adidas and Nike (with its retro Jordans) are turning to tech to make the shopping experience fair and safe for everyone.
Unfortunately, leveling the playing field for customers is easier said than done. Right now, Adidas releases the highly coveted Kanye West-designed shoes on its website and through its Confirmed app, which lets iOS and Android users in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City reserve a pair for pickup at a nearby retail store. The problem with these methods is that once Adidas takes to Twitter to announce the sneakers are up for grabs, the company struggles to keep up with the heavy online traffic that follows. Seriously, you probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting to the purchase or reservation page.
The Yeezy Boost 350 “Pirate Black” [Image credit: Arturo Avila/Flickr]
To keep it fair and, most importantly, stop resellers from hoarding all the stock, Adidas limits Yeezy Boost purchases to one per customer. At least that’s what the company’s website claims. But as Adidas searches for the right formula to contain people looking to make a profit, the sportswear juggernaut appears to be hurting honest buyers. Judging from personal experience, Adidas is going beyond the one-per-customer restriction on the site. Its checkout system blocks the use of duplicate credit cards as well as email, billing, shipping and, interestingly enough, IP addresses on any Yeezy order.
Sure, you can argue that’s a reasonable way to give everyone a fair chance to buy the shoes. However, that becomes a problem if you have other people living under the same roof. For example, during the latest Yeezy Boost 350 “Pirate Black” release, on Feb. 19th, I had been waiting for almost two hours for Adidas to flip the switch on the launch. After it did, it took another hour to pick my size, enter personal info and, last, check out. (By the way, by no means was that a smooth experience, as the site kept crashing, leading to what seemed like a never-ending loop of page refreshes. ) Until then, I had never been able to buy a pair of Yeezys from the Adidas site.
At the same time, next to me in my apartment was my wife, who also wanted a pair for herself. Like me, she had waited hours to see that rare sight: Adidas’ checkout page on Yeezy Boost day. But that Friday, she did. As she entered her information, her face radiating, she clicked that glorious “Check Out Now” button, only to be denied. We stared at each other, trying to figure out what we did wrong. The credit card numbers were right, and so was the billing address. I called Adidas’ customer service to figure out why her order didn’t go through.
A sold-out message on Adidas’ website
On the phone, an Adidas representative told me her order was blocked because the same credit card had been used for another Yeezy Boost order — the one I had placed minutes before. To be safe, before attempting again, the rep suggested changing any other information that may be the same. So we entered our debit card number instead and a different shipping address; the billing address had to stay the same, otherwise the bank would block the transaction. That didn’t work either. I called again, and another representative — one who claimed to work “closely” with the Adidas Originals team, the group in charge of the Yeezy Boost brand — said the system was likely blocking my IP address because I had already placed an order.
In other words, Yeezy Boost sales aren’t one per customer but rather one per IP address. That’s bizarre. While Adidas may have good intentions (read: to slow down resellers), it seems as if the company didn’t stop to think about families in single households. But the problem goes beyond the husband and wife who want the same sneaker: What about people who live in dorms or people with roommates? One solution, in cases like these, could be that one person uses a home WiFi signal and the other a hotspot device, which would relay a different IP address. But most people don’t have that option.
All told, we ended up with roughly $800 in pending charges from Adidas, due to the failed orders, and only one pair of Yeezys.
Jaime Rojas, a retail associate at The Mag Park, an apparel boutique in Burbank, California, doesn’t see a problem with the company’s approach. “Adidas isn’t doing anything wrong in particular, ” he said. “They have released the most popular shoes of the past year, so the demand is just so big that it’s bound to happen, and people will [complain] and get mad at something Adidas has no real control of. ” Rojas noted that he could be considered a reseller, since he’s purchased Yeezys in the past and sold them for a profit. “There’s no right or wrong thing these companies are doing. It’s just hard to try to figure out how to control [resellers], which is kind of impossible, ” he added.
@adidasoriginals I got to the checkout page and then the website crashed!!! Adidas you robbed me out of my pair!!!
— Ezekiel Roman (@Eazy3445) Feb. 19th, 2016
Other interested consumers had it worse, though. If you look at the replies to this Adidas tweet, in which it let followers know that the Yeezy Boost 350 had sold out, you’ll find a barrage of angry replies and sad memes — including, yes, the notorious “crying Jordan. ” It took less than two hours for Adidas to sell however many Yeezys it made available that day.
When I asked Adidas for comment, the company neither confirmed nor denied that its online system was blocking IP addresses. That said, an Adidas Originals spokesperson did give Engadget the following statement:
“The Yeezy Boost franchise is experiencing unprecedented demand from customers worldwide and Adidas Originals continues efforts to provide an amazing purchase experience. After every limited release, we work to improve our back-end and front-end systems to accommodate the growing demand — a commitment squarely focused around providing a fair and unbiased purchase experience. Adidas Originals continues to develop programs like Adidas Confirmed which is a revolutionary tool meant to automate the sneaker lottery system, but we are aware that not all demand can be supplied. We value feedback from customers — good or bad — on their purchase experience, as it only helps to improve the system moving forward. ”
Kanye West wearing Yeezy Boost 750s [Image credit: Getty Images]
Last year, Brandon Beaty, the director of brand communications at Adidas Originals, told me the business strategy around Yeezy Boost was a work in progress. “One thing we could do, is you make more product available and then it doesn’t sell out as quickly, ” he said. “That’s not something strategically that you just turn the faucet on right away. We have a plan; we’re going to build that business, in a very smart way over time. ” Of course, you can always buy at launch from third-party retailers, such as Eastbay, Finish Line and Foot Locker, but those websites are riddled with bots. That’s one of the reasons Adidas created the Confirmed app.. @Adidas is making a million Yeezys this year, opening up new factories…
— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) March 9th, 2016
As for Adidas’ own site, one of the customer service reps I spoke with put it simply. “I don’t think our website has the capabilities of handling this [Yeezy Boost releases], ” she said. For sneakerheads who want Yeezys in their collection, though, there might be light at the end of the tunnel. Back in March, Kanye West said in a tweet that Adidas was “making a million Yeezys this year, ” which would help meet part of the insane demand for them.
But then again, he also said The Life of Pablo would never hit Apple Music, and we all know how that turned out. Take that as you products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission.
Yeezy shoes: How to beat the odds and land a pair of Kanye West's ...

Yeezy shoes: How to beat the odds and land a pair of Kanye West’s …

Kanye West’s Yeezy trainers are seemingly as elusive as tickets to The Cursed Child, and attempting to get your hands – well, feet – on a pair has resulted in heartbreak for many people time and time cording to West, just 40, 000 pairs are released each drop, and with 75-125, 000 people hoping to nab a pair, that puts your chances at about 0. 25 per time a new batch of Yeezys is released, Twitter is awash with tales of disappointment from fans desperate for a pair of their own, only to fail, many not for the first despite this, there are people who defy the incredible odds and strut around smugly sporting their Yeezys (or so one would imagine, for they are so rare to see), so just how did they do it? According to Riley Tengler, founder of, the most important factor is to be prepared: do your research, make a list of all the different websites selling the shoes, know the release latest YeezysWith that all done, you need to be ready to buy – it’s not enough simply to have your payment card out, have the details stored on your computer so you can simply paste them in. Make sure you’re signed into each website too, so as not to waste any time. Another good option is to go through Adidas, with quite a lot of people seeming to be successful that way, according to Twitter. Rather than simply being first come, first served, an algorithm randomly picks people from a queue – just don’t make the error of refreshing the you really want to increase your chances, you can actually pay a service – whilst it’ll cost more than if you were to get Yeezys at their retail price, it’s less than they tend to go at resale.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West stay in complimentary $30m New York AirBnBShow all 8According to 35-year-old Mike Dee from Queens, paying a bot is the only way to ensure success. “You can buy a bot from @njsneaks and do it on your own, or pay someone if you don’t know much about computers, ” Dee told Racked, after using a bot to successfully buy two pairs of for some people, it has just come down to luck and being online at the right time: after seeing a retailer tweet a link, Brandon Zaboklicki managed to buy himself a pair of the elusive trainers. His advice? “Lots of prayer, also throw a fit on social media. That might work. ”

Frequently Asked Questions about how to cop multiple yeezys

How many Yeezys can you buy from Adidas?

To keep it fair and, most importantly, stop resellers from hoarding all the stock, Adidas limits Yeezy Boost purchases to one per customer.Apr 7, 2016

How do you cop Yeezy Supply?

According to West, just 40,000 pairs are released each drop, and with 75-125,000 people hoping to nab a pair, that puts your chances at about 0.25 per cent.Nov 23, 2016

What are the chances of getting a pair of Yeezys?

One site that typically allows you to cop multiple pairs using the same card and billing profile is Yeezy Supply. In Terms of the Yeezy Supply site, they specify that they “reserve the right, without prior notice, to limit the order quantity on any product”.

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