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How To Change Your Location On Pokemon Go

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How To Change Your Location in Pokemon GO [Super Easy ...

How To Change Your Location in Pokemon GO [Super Easy …

Pokemon GO players that live in big cities or suburbs have no problems finding Pokestops or Gyms, but what about rural areas? If you live in rural locations, finding Pokestops and Pokemon in general can be extremely difficult, and you can basically forget about catching a rare one.
Never fear rural dwelling Pokemon enthusiasts, there’s a trick that can help you get the same experience as your friends in the city.
When you combine GPS spoofing apps and a strong VPN, like our top pick ExpressVPN, you can change your location in Pokemon GO.
For most mobile apps, using a VPN is enough to change your region or your location. But Pokemon GO has begun monitoring their servers for players with a location that doesn’t match their phone’s GPS coordinates, so a mock location masking module may also be required.
Such players may face a suspension or a ban. Spoofing apps and masking modules help to prevent Pokemon GO from detecting that you’ve changed your location.
Changing your location in Pokemon GO is pretty simple, and you can get started on your next big Pokemon adventure in just a few easy steps:
How a VPN Helps You Change Region in Pokemon GO from Anywhere
Pokemon GO can determine your location by checking your IP address. The company will also look at your mobile device’s GPS coordinates to make sure that they match the location of your IP address.
If it’s determined that you have cheated, Pokemon GO can use your IP address to effectively ban you from playing the game.
A VPN (in conjunction with GPS spoofing apps in this case) allows you to avoid being identified by your IP address.
This means that you can mask your online activity and change your location within Pokemon GO. When you change your location, you can access certain Pokemon and items that you wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise.
VPNs also provide strong protection for those surfing the web or browsing through different apps. Powerful encryption keeps your information safe from hackers or from other third parties.
How to Change Your Region In Pokemon GO
Changing your region in Pokemon GO varies depending on whether you are using an iPhone or an Android mobile device. After downloading and installing a VPN on your mobile device, you’ll also need to install a GPS spoofing app as well.
Choose a VPN and register for the service. We recommend choosing ExpressVPN.
Download and install the VPN on your mobile device. You can find ExpressVPN in the Google Play Store.
Go back to the Google Play Store and download the Fake GPS Location app.
Now, visit your Android device’s settings.
Once in settings, click “About Phone. ”
You just need to select About Phone in Android’s settings
Tap “Build Number” seven times. This will turn on developer mode.
Navigate to Build Number and tap it quickly 7 times
Go back to settings and visit “Developer Options. ”
You’ll see “Developer Options” here
Click the option that says “Mock Locations App” or “Allow Mock Locations. ”
Click to allow mock locations
Now, you’ll need to install a module named “Mock Mock Locations. ” This is to stop apps like Pokemon GO from figuring out that you have mock locations enabled.
Download Mock Mock Locations here, from the Xposed Module Repository.
Turn on Mock Mock Locations.
Now turn on your VPN on your mobile device and choose a server in a location where you’d like to find Pokemon.
Make sure you’ve turned on the spoofing app and choose a location there as well, ideally the same location so that your IP address aligns with your GPS.
That’s it–you are good to go. Turn on Pokemon GO and start searching for your favorite Pokemon like Gengar, Snorlax, and Pikachu.
Select a VPN and register for the service. Our recommendation is ExpressVPN.
Download and install the VPN on your mobile device. You can find ExpressVPN in the App Store.
In order to change your location in Pokemon GO on your iPhone, you’ll need to jailbreak the device. You can learn more about how to do that here.
Now that your iPhone is jailbroken, you want to visit Cydia. Cydia is essentially an app store for jailbroken devices.
Pokemon GO checks for jailbroken devices, so you’ll need an app that hides your phone’s jailbroken status. Download tsProtector.
Now that tsProtector is installed, you’ll also want to download the Location Spoofer app from Cydia.
Make sure that both tsProtector and the Location Spoofer app are running. Choose a location in the Spoofer app.
Turn on your phone’s VPN, and make sure it is in the same area as the location you choose in the Spoofer app.
You are all set. Visit Pokemon GO and start searching for your favorite Pokemon!
1. ExpressVPN — The Best VPN for Fixing Lag and Reducing Latency
The best VPN option for Pokemon GO players is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN provides a wide range of important features, including powerful encryption and unlimited bandwidth. ExpressVPN also has over 3, 000 servers located around the globe.
Lag and latency tend to be major issues for gamers, so bandwidth is always a concern. ExpressVPN puts these worries to bed with its unlimited bandwidth, which makes it one of the top VPNs on the market for mobile games like Pokemon GO.
ExpressVPN’s military-grade encryption keeps third parties and hackers from viewing your online activity. It also keeps other Pokemon GO players from being able to view your IP address or location data.
ExpressVPN also allows you to have up to 5 simultaneous connections, which is a tremendous asset for Pokemon GO players. You can have ExpressVPN protecting several devices which are all playing the game at the same time.
Start Playing Pokemon GO with ExpressVPN!
You can use a VPN in conjunction with other GPS spoofing apps to get the full Pokemon GO experience regardless of your location. When you use a VPN, you can gain access to Pokemon, Gyms, and items that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.
ExpressVPN is a tremendous option for Pokemon GO players because it offers strong encryption and unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited bandwidth is particularly important for helping gamers avoid lag when it comes to gaming online. If you are looking to change your location in Pokemon GO, ExpressVPN is the app you’re looking for.
Can you play Pokemon GO with a VPN?
Yes. Simply turn on your GPS spoofing app, connect to the VPN, and access Pokemon GO. Not all VPNs will hide your true IP or DNS requests, so it’s important to choose a quality provider like ExpressVPN.
Can you still spoof in Pokemon GO?
Yes, but if you get caught you may face some gaming repercussions. First I should stress it’s not illegal to spoof in Pokemon GO, just frowned upon. A first offense usually means a 7-day ban, in which case you will notice the Pokemon are unable to be caught or stored quests may disappear.
That’s why it’s best to use a VPN that won’t leak your true location, then you’ll never get caught spoofing to begin with.
What is the best VPN for Pokemon GO?
My number one choice for Pokemon GO is ExpressVPN, but there are a number of other great gaming VPNs out there including the super-reliable IPVanish.
Further Reading
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All Must-Knows About Safely Faking GPS in Pokemon Go - Dr.Fone

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All Must-Knows About Safely Faking GPS in Pokemon Go – Dr.Fone

“Someone please help me as I have got a temp ban on Pokemon Go for using a location spoofer. How can I revoke it and is there any solution to fake GPS on Pokemon Go in 2019 without getting caught? ”
This is a query recently posted by a Pokemon Go user about the temporary account ban. Since the gaming app does not allow the use of any location spoofer or fake GPS app, users often get banned for using these hacks. The good news is that there are still some ways to fake Pokemon Go location without getting noticed. Here, I will teach you how to avoid such warnings and bans on Pokemon Go and would also list solutions to do spoofing in Pokemon Go like a pro!
Part 1: Types of Bans in Pokemon Go
Part 2: Tips for Avoiding Bans while Spoofing in Pokemon Go
Part 3: How to Fake GPS in Pokemon Go on iPhone (without Jailbreak)
Part 4: How to Fake GPS in Pokemon Go on Android
As you know, Pokemon Go encourages people to walk outdoors and catch more Pokemons. Though, a lot of people avoid this and use spoofing apps for Pokemon Go instead. Niantic keeps a regular check on the device and whenever a violation is made, it restricts the user. Therefore, if you are not using a safe tool to fake GPS location on Pokemon Go, then you might get a ban as well. Here are the 4 major kinds of bans that users encounter in Pokemon Go.
Soft Ban
This is the most basic kind of ban in which you are not able to catch Pokemons so easily. Whenever you would see a standard Pokemon, it will flee away. Players also can’t take advantage of PokeStops too. Usually, the ban is automatically lifted in a few hours. It is caused by using GPS spoofing apps, playing the game too much, traveling too fast, or any other suspicious activity.
Shadow Ban
In a shadow ban, you would not be able to catch any rare Pokemon. You can still access the game, hatch new Pokemons, and do standard tasks. A spoofing app or any other third-party tool access to Pokemon Go usually results in a shadow ban. It mostly lasts for 7 to 14 days.
Temp Ban
In a temporary ban, your account would be suspended for a limited duration (a few weeks to maximum of 3 months). Whenever you would try to access your account, you will get the “Failed to get Game Data” error message. The ban is automatically lifted after when the duration is passed. You can also send a plea to lift the ban.
Permanent Ban
After receiving the last strike on Pokemon Go, your account would be deleted permanently. All the saved data, Pokemons, profiles, etc. would be lost and you would not be able to access it anymore. A permanent ban is imposed after 3 strikes and is mostly caused by using bots and third-party apps on the device.
As you can see, Niantic can end up banning you from Pokemon Go if you are caught violating the rules. To avoid this, consider following these smart tips:
Be vigilant
I would recommend reading the terms and conditions of Pokemon Go and try not to violate them to keep your account safe. Even if you are using a fake GPS app for Pokemon GO, make sure that it is reliable and would not be caught by Niantic.
Use a reliable solution
Don’t simply use any run of the mill fake Pokemon Go GPS app. Make sure that you do your bit of research and pick an app that is already trusted by the existing users. Prefer reading the reviews of the fake GPS app you are interested in or read about it on Pokemon Go forums.
Add a VPN layer
Sometimes, a usual app is not enough to keep your account safe. If you seriously don’t want Pokemon Go to detect any suspicious activity, then use a virtual private network as well. This will add another layer of network, keeping your spoofing activities safe.
Don’t overuse an app
Needless to say, you should not use spoofing apps for Pokemon Go on a regular basis. If you would keep hopping from one continent to another regularly, then you would easily get flagged by the app for suspicious behavior.
Avoid using bots
Apart from fake GPS location Pokemon Go apps, there are plenty of bots that users also use as well. They usually run third-party services on the app and collect more Pokemons while the app keeps running in the background. Ideally, you should avoid using these bots as they are easily detected by Niantic and leads to account suspension.
Don’t root or jailbreak the device
It is a common misconception that rooted or jailbroken devices provide better solutions to fake GPS on Pokemon Go in 2019. In fact, if your device is rooted or jailbroken, then the chances of getting your account blocked are more. To avoid this, use a reliable app that would fake GPS for Pokemon Go without root or jailbreak.
3. 1 Fake iPhone GPS to play Pokemon Go with a movement simulator
If you stuck in a room or any closed place during winter, lots of leisure time and getting a message from your friends about the exploration of new Pokemons in Pokemon Go game. It is really a difficult time, how to handle it? With the help of fake GPS Pokemon Go apps, you can mock the location easily, but how to move between the virtual locations to catch new Pokemons.
You can fake Pokemon Go with the help of an excellent simulator – virtual location. This app creates a virtual location and simulates the movement without any manual moves. You need not to travel with your phone to catch your favourite Pokemons. You can navigate between the desired locations by standing still at your place. It is quite interesting and effective technique to play Pokemon Go game.
Automate movements on the virtual location within 2 location points using the below stepwise procedure
Step 1: Install the app
The first step is to download the exe file of the program. Then, get into the wizard for installation. After proper installation, click the icon to launch the home screen of the app. Plugin your phone with PC using USB cable.
Step 2: Change the settings for simulation
Choose ‘one-stop route’, which appears as a first icon at the top right side of the screen.
Set Speed limit: Move the slider at the bottom of the screen to adjust the speed limit. You can choose walking, cycling, or driving in the car. It depends on your desire. You can choose between these three options to set speed limit.
Set Destination: Select the destination spot you want to move from the current location on the map. You can witness a small window displaying the location details and distance from your current place to the destination. Click ‘Move Here’ button to close the pop-up screen.
Another window pops up asking for how many times back and forth it has to move from current to the destination location. You can enter the ‘Times’ value as per your needs and hit ‘March’ button.
As soon as you click the ‘March’ button, you can view a gradual move from the current location to the destination. The location pointer travels on the right path towards destination with the assigned speed limit.
You can automate movements on the virtual location for multiple location points by selecting multiple spots while choosing the destination. Only the ‘Set destination’ step differs, here you have to tap at multiple points in the ‘one-stop route’ along with desired speed limit. Then click the ‘March’ button after filling in the ‘Times’ value.
You will witness the movement of the location pointer automatically on the track of multiple locations on the map perfectly.
3. 2 Fake iPhone GPS to play Pokemon Go with a spoofer
If you own an iPhone and you wish to fake GPS your location on Pokemon Go, then use a reliable solution like iTools by ThinkSky. It is a desktop application that would let you connect your iPhone and manually spoof its location. The best thing is that you don’t need to jailbreak your device to fake Pokemon Go location using iTools. Presently, iTools is compatible with every leading iPhone running on iOS 12 (iOS 13 not compatible). The free version of iTools will let you select three virtual locations. After that, you need to subscribe to its premium plan.
It is an iOS solution to fake GPS on Pokemon Go in 2019, but some reported Niantic was able to detect its presence. Anyway, here’s how you can use iTools to change your location in Pokemon Go.
Step 1. Firstly, go to the official website of iTools by ThinkSky and download the desktop application. Get its subscription if you want to and install it on your system.
Step 2. Launch it whenever you wish to fake GPS on Pokemon Go and connect your iPhone to the system. If you are connecting the device for the first time, then you need to trust the computer.
Step 3. Afterward, the application will automatically detect the connected iPhone and would display its snapshot as well. From the provided options on the home, click on “Virtual Location”.
Step 4. From here, you can go to any location of your choice on the map and start the simulation. Once you drop the pin on a spot, click on “Move Here” to change the location.
Step 5. Even after removing your iPhone, you can choose to keep the simulation running to sustain your new location. Whenever you wish to end it, just click on the “Stop Simulation” button on the map and restore the original location of your device.
Unlike iPhone, it is relatively simpler to fake GPS in Pokemon Go 2019 on Android. This is because there are readily available Android apps that can map a mock location on the device. Once you unlock the developer option on your phone, you can easily enable the mock location feature on it as well. There are several apps that support this feature that you can look for on the Play Store. I tried the Fake GPS Go application and it met my requirements without much trouble.
The application is pretty lightweight and is available for free with an extensive support for all the major Android devices. You can follow these steps to learn how to implement fake GPS for Pokemon Go without rooting your device.
Step 1. To start with, unlock your Android device and go to its Settings > About Phone and tap the “Built Number” feature 7 consecutive times to unlock its Developer Options. Also, go to the Play Store and install the Fake GPS Go app on the device.
Step 2. Great! Once the Developer Options are enabled, visit its settings, and turn on the Mock Location App feature. From here, you can select the Fake GPS Go as the mock location application.
Step 3. That’s it! Now just launch the Fake GPS Go application on your phone and browse the location you wish to explore. Drop the pin on the map and turn on the mock location on your device.
Step 4. Later, you can launch Pokemon Go on your phone and access the nearby Pokemons in the new location.
I’m sure that after reading this extensive guide on fake GPS for Pokemon Go in 2019, you would be able to resolve your queries. Make sure that you follow the suggested guidelines to avoid any ban on Pokemon Go. Furthermore, choose a reliable solution (like the above-listed suggestions) to keep your account secure. For your convenience, I have listed fake Pokemon Go GPS solutions for both iPhone and Android devices. You can simply follow these suggestions and level up your Pokemon Go game in no time.
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How To Change your Location in Pokémon Go - Alphr

How To Change your Location in Pokémon Go – Alphr

Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. This does not effect our editorial in any way. Pokémon Go is one of the most popular mobile games to date, still going strong even after five years. Unfortunately, some countries prevent you from fully enjoying or even getting the game. Because of this, you have to find other ways to you change your location, Pokémon Go can become accessible. This is done via VPNs and third-party apps. Let’s take a look at how you can access Pokémon Go and virtually travel around the to Change Your Location in Pokémon Go on an iPhoneSome countries have completely banned the game, so the best way to change your location is to use a VPN, like ExpressVPN. It can’t spoof your location, but allows you to access certain blocked features. Limited Deal: 3 months FREE! Let’s take a look at how you can change your location on your your iPhone, download wnload a GPS spoofing third-party app of your a VPN server location that matches your GPS wnload Pokémon Go if you haven’t Pokémon the GPS spoofing app to move around in your new location all the Pokémon you third-party apps require you to jailbreak your iPhone, so you’ll have to do that first. Thankfully, not all of them have this requirement. They might come with a price of a few dollars for excellent to Change Your Location in Pokémon Go on an Android DeviceOn an Android device, you can download a location mocker app instead to play Pokémon Go. This helps you to easily spoof your location. Limited Deal: 3 months FREE! Here’s how it’s done:Download ExpressVPN on your Android a GPS spoofing third-party app-preferably one that doesn’t require wnload and install Mock Mock on Mock Mock the VPN server location that matches your GPS spoofer’s wnload Pokémon Go if you haven’t Pokémon the GPS spoofing app to move around in your new location all the Pokémon you can Android, GPS spoofer apps are easier to acquire. There are plenty of free options available as Android, you’re most likely required to access Developer Mode and allow mock locations. Find out how to access developer mode for your phone’s particular model, as the steps may vary. Limited Deal: 3 months FREE! Without allowing for Mock Locations, the Mock Mock Locations app won’t to Change Your Location in Pokémon Go on BluestacksBluestacks is an Android emulator for Mac and PC in which you can play any mobile game on your computer. Pokémon Go is no exception, and you can change your location as well. The steps on Bluestacks are quite complicated, but we’ll help you figure it steps for changing your Bluestacks Pokémon Go location are:Install stall KingRoot on “Try It” > “Fix Now”, and then click “Optimize Now” before exiting Bluestacks, go to the settings and select “Restart Android Plugin. ”Download and install Fake GPS wnload and install Lucky Lucky Patcher and give it access to your installed to the bottom-right corner of Lucky Patcher and select “Rebuild & Install. ”Go to “sdcard” > “Windows” > BstSharedFolder. ”Find Fake GPS Pro and select “Install as a System App” before start Bluestacks the same way as Step wnload Pokémon Bluestacks, go to “Location” from the settings and set it to “High Accuracy. ”Disable all GPS services in Windows in “Privacy” > “Location” and turn location tracking to Lucky Patcher and find Fake GPS “System Apps” and Fake GPS tivate Expert Mode by going to the settings at the back and select the location you the Play button at the can now play Pokémon Go in the spoofed ’s a mouthful, isn’t it? Just follow the steps and you should be able to set everything up properly. The best part is that you don’t need a VPN aying Pokémon Go on Blue stacks allows you to modify the “Android device” as you see fit. Rooting is therefore simpler and KingRoot handles the process for you. You don’t have to risk damaging your actual This Let Me Play Pokémon Go Without Moving? With the use of spoofing apps, you can play Pokemon Go without physically moving from your chair. Spoofer apps work by simulating movement. Some of them are so advanced that you can set your travel simulated movement feeds false data to your phone, which in turn is sent to the Pokémon Go servers. This is why you’ll appear to be moving to the game, even if you’re sitting down in example, you can be in Indonesia in real life, but the spoofer app and VPN allow you to be in the US. You can catch a lot of Pokémon this way. You can even use the spoofer on the go without an issue. As long as you have a steady internet connection, you should be able to change your location as often as you users have, however, reported soft bans by changing their locations frequently, so you should wait a while before doing ditional FAQs Why would someone want to change their location in Pokémon Go? Earlier, we’ve discussed how some countries limit or completely ban Pokémon Go. With a location change, players can access the full game. This will allow them to play and bypass players are stuck in locations with only a few Pokémon species, so they will have to travel to complete their Pokedex. Using a VPN and spoofer, they can expand their roster and even find rare Pokémon. Certain rare Pokémon are tied to specific locations, so you’ll have to travel there. Spoofers allow you to do just that from the comfort of your in mind that a VPN is recommended when you use a spoofing app. Because Niantic will often ban users blatantly spoofing, a VPN can keep your location private to reduce the chances of getting discovered and banned. Can I pick a specific location to change to? Yes, you can. Spoofing apps are quite advanced in tricking your phone. You can even use them to pick out the path you want to take. When you have one installed, you can simply navigate your location down to the street level. Can a VPN unblock Pokemon Go on networks? Some networks are set up to prevent users from playing Pokémon Go. With a VPN, you can bypass these measures and play Pokémon Go at work or school. Do this at your own risk; we’re not responsible if you get caught! What Is a VPN? VPN services allow you to access blocked content in your country while keeping your location private. These services are excellent for personal safety, as cybercriminals find it more difficult to track you down with a VPN. Ready to Catch Them All? With the help of location changes and spoofing, you can play Pokémon anywhere around the world and travel virtually. This allows you to catch Pokémon otherwise unavailable to you previously. When you change location, Pokémon Go becomes even more far away have you spoofed your location and played Pokémon Go? Do you like playing the game on Bluestacks? Let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to change your location on pokemon go

Can you get banned for changing location on Pokemon go?

A spoofing app or any other third-party tool access to Pokemon Go usually results in a shadow ban. It mostly lasts for 7 to 14 days. In a temporary ban, your account would be suspended for a limited duration (a few weeks to maximum of 3 months).

How do I change my location on Pokemon Go iPhone?

How to Change Your Location in Pokémon Go on an iPhoneOn your iPhone, download ExpressVPN.Download a GPS spoofing third-party app of your choice.Select a VPN server location that matches your GPS location.Download Pokémon Go if you haven’t already.Launch Pokémon Go.More items…•Jul 7, 2021

How do you spoof a location in Pokemon Go 2021?

Download a module known as ‘Mock Locations’ and turn it on. Log in to your VPN app and connect to a server in the location you’d like to play Pokemon GO. Turn on the spoofing app and choose the exact location as well. Start playing Pokemon GO.Aug 27, 2021

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