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How To Bot Pokemon Go On Pc

3 Workable Solutions to Play Pokemon Go on Your Computer

“Is there any working solution to play Pokemon Go on PC? I have looked up so many PC Pokemon Go simulators, but nothing seems to work on my iPhone! ”
This is a query recently posted about playing Pokemon Go on PC on a Reddit forum. This made me realize that a lot of people look for ways to play their favorite games on PC, like Pokemon Go. The good news is that you can easily learn how to play Pokemon Go on PC in 2020 using either an Android or iOS device. In this guide, I’m going to answer your queries about the same and include 3 different Pokemon Go for PC 2020 solutions. Let’s get it started with!
Part 1: Why do People Choose to Play Pokemon Go on PC?
Part 2: Are there Risks for Pokemon Go Gameplay on PC?
Part 3: How to Play Pokemon Go on Computer with iOS spoofer?
Part 4: How to Play Pokemon Go on Computer with PC-based Mobile Emulators
Part 5: How to Play Pokemon Go on Computer with a Screen Mirror
Although Pokemon Go is a location-based augmented reality game, a lot of users prefer playing it on a PC instead due to the following reasons:
Streets are not the safest place to play anymore
Gone are the days when streets used to be a safe place for kids to play. Particularly at night, you might encounter an unwanted situation if you go out to unknown places to play Pokemon Go.
Poor road conditions
Not every path can be well-maintained and just because it is listed on Pokemon Go, it doesn’t mean it is safe. You might get into an accident while walking on a poorly constructed road.
Possibility of getting into an accident
If you are driving a car, bike, or even a scooter while playing Pokemon Go, then you might get distracted and get into an accident.
Phone battery issues
Chances are that your phone might run out of battery while playing Pokemon Go for a long time when you are out. This can leave you strangled in the middle of an unknown location.
Pokemon Go not friendly for people with disabilities
Needless to say, Pokemon Go is not designed keeping the needs of people with disabilities in mind. If you find it hard to walk properly, then playing Pokemon Go on PC would be the best option.
Other issues
You can’t go out and play Pokemon Go in the middle of thunderstorms or heavy snowfall. Similarly, playing in the night time is not the best thing to do, which leads to users playing Pokemon Go online on PC.
With the rise of PC Pokemon Go simulators, it has become easier for users to play Pokemon Go at home. Though, this move has its own risks and you should be vigilant while playing Pokemon Go on PC in 2020.
If Pokemon Go would detect that you are using a simulator or cheating, then it can ban your account.
To avoid this, it is recommended getting a secondary Pokemon Go account while using a simulator.
Avoid using a simulator all the time or change your locations to different places frequently.
Use a reliable tool that would support the simulation of your device movement. This will make Pokemon Go believe that you are actually moving somewhere.
Consider cooling down in between and stay in one place for a while before changing your location again.
Do not solely rely on a simulator and also play Pokemon Go on your phone every once in a while.
If you have got a soft or temporary ban on your account, then consider using a reliable simulator or switch to another account to avoid its permanent ban.
The easiest way to play Pokemon Go on PC in 2020 is by using a reliable location spoofer like – Virtual Location (iOS). There are different modes that the application supports to change your location or simulate your movement. That is, you can directly teleport to another location or simulate your movement from one place to another at the speed of your choice. This will help you catch more Pokemons or hatch eggs without getting noticed by Pokemon Go. The best thing is that you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone to use the application as well.
Step 1: Launch the Virtual Location tool
Firstly, install and launch the – Virtual Location application on your system. From the welcome screen of, pick the “Virtual Location” feature.
Furthermore, connect your iPhone to the system using working cables and click on the “Get Started” button to proceed.
The application will automatically detect your current location and would display it on a map-like interface. You can click on the “Center On” button to fix it as well.
Step 2: Teleport to another location
With – Virtual Location, you can readily fake your location. To do this, click on the Teleport mode (the third option on the top-right) and just enter the name of the location or its coordinates.
Adjust your location on the map and drop the pin to anywhere you want. In the end, just click on the “Move Here” button to change your location.
That’s it! You can now launch Pokemon Go on your iPhone or open any other GPS application to view your changed location.
Step 3: Simulate your movement between two spots
To simulate your movement between two different spots, click on the one-stop Mode, which is the first option on the top-right corner. Firstly, drop the pin to the starting point and then drop the location of the point you wish to move to.
Afterward, you can just adjust the speed of walking, cycling, driving, etc. and enter the number of times you wish to move. Click on the “March” button after applying these settings and start the simulation.
Step 4: Simulate movement across a route
Lastly, you can also simulate movement across an entire route as well by clicking on the multi-stop Mode (the second option). Now, you need to drop different locations on the map across the same path to cover a route.
Once it is done, adjust the movement speed, the number of times you wish to cover the route, and click on the “March” button to start things.
Another way to play Pokemon Go for PC 2020 is by using a reliable Android emulator like BlueStacks. An Android emulator would give a smartphone experience on your system, making you access all the major Android apps without any trouble. In this way, you can easily install the needed apps on your PC and play Pokemon Go without stepping out. Though, the chances of getting your Pokemon Go account banned increase drastically with this method.
Step 1: Install BlueStacks on your system
To start with, you can just go to the official website of BlueStacks and install it on your system. You can perform a standard or customized installation to complete the process.
Step 2: Install Pokemon Go on BlueStacks
Once BlueStacks has been installed, you can launch it and go to the Play Store to look for Pokemon Go. You can also look for it on the search bar as well.
Complete the installation and restart BlueStacks to find Pokemon Go installed on your system. After that, you need to install and run KingRoot on BlueStacks as well to gain administrator access.
Step 3: Change your location and play
Great! You are almost there. Since you would have to change your location, you can again go to the Play Store and download a fake GPS app on your system. Afterward, launch the location spoofer and manually change your location to anywhere you want.
That’s it! Once you have changed your location, you can launch Pokemon Go once again and access the new location on the app. You can now catch tons of new Pokemons on the go.
Another way to play Pokemon Go on PC is by using a screen mirroring application that can mirror your smartphone’s screen on your Windows or Mac. One of the applications that you can try is AceThinker Mirror that can mirror the screen of almost every iOS or Android device. In this way, you can watch videos, browse apps, and play all sorts of games like Pokemon Go on PC. Besides using a screen mirroring application, you would also need a location spoofing tool as well.
Step 1: Install AceThinker Mirror
Firstly, you can go to the official website of AceThinker Mirror and install the application on your system as well as your mobile phone. Launch it and select the kind of device that you own and how you wish to connect it.
If you own an Android device, then enable the Developer Options on it and turn on the USB Debugging feature (for USB connection). If you are connecting both the devices wirelessly, then make sure they are connected to the same WiFi network.
Step 2: Connect your Phone to the PC
Launch the application on your phone and the system and connect them wirelessly or by using a USB cable. Tap on the “M” button on the app and accept the screen mirroring connection on your system.
Step 3: Start playing Pokemon Go on PC
That’s it! Once you have successfully mirrored your device, you can launch Pokemon Go and start playing it. If you want, you can also launch a fake GPS app on your device and change your location on Pokemon Go as well.
That’s a wrap, everyone! Now when you know three different ways to play Pokemon Go on PC, you can easily play your favorite game at ease. Out of all the provided options, – Virtual Location (iOS) is certainly the best way to play Pokemon Go on PC in 2020. If you use an Android, then you can try the other two options as well. Since – Virtual Location allows us to simulate our movement at the desired speed, you would never have to worry about warnings on Pokemon Go or getting your account banned.
PokéPocalypse: Stopping Bots on Pokémon Go - Arkose Labs

PokéPocalypse: Stopping Bots on Pokémon Go – Arkose Labs

Previously, we broke the news that hackers have rigged the game Pokemon Go to allow thousands of software “bots” to play the game automatically.
How many Pokemon Go bots are here, and how do they work?
Sites that point to bot installers:
Videos showing bot software from install to run:
Discussion groups devoted to botting:
When should a FunCaptcha appear in the game?
This analysis by leading application testing company BugCrowd puts a finger on it: “Trading is going to have a huge impact due to bots. Maybe implement level requirement so Niantic has a data threshold to ban bots. ” We extend this idea by saying that FunCaptcha should appear in the gray area between tolerance and the banning threshold.
For example, keep a running suspicion score per user. Raise the score when a time slice contains a highly implausible gain in XP, items, captures, wins, or the like. Drain the score over time so merely lucky players don’t remain suspicious. When the suspicion score crosses a threshold, and the user is not in the middle of something, and there has not been a challenge shown for a while, then show a single FunCaptcha challenge. If it is solved, suspicion is lowered. If not, suspicion is raised. Only when suspicion continues to climb should the user be suspended or banned.
The data threshold is simple and objective, but it can risk being accidentally too strict. This is okay because the consequent challenge is a minor inconvenience to a small number of super-high-performing players — far better than a sharp binary division of users between allowed and banned, which causes problems no matter where that line gets drawn. If the challenge is successfully solved, the developer has feedback that maybe the threshold was too strict, and needs a bit more tuning.
A user (or for that matter, a very tame bot) advancing at anywhere close to the speed of a normal user would never see the challenge.
Everyone hates CAPTCHAs, why is this not end of conversation?
Bad old CAPTCHAs are everywhere, but the new techniques demonstrated by FunCaptcha show real progress. We have proven that legitimate users can solve a well-made challenge, in seconds, with a 99% success rate, in a playful and appealing way.
Online games have always had bots, so why worry?
So what is the difference between bots in Pokemon Go and bots in many other games? We all know bots have been around a long time. For example, MMOs have long endured bots automatically “farming” in-game advancement. Why is Pokemon Go really different? Other games survived bots, so why panic about Pokemon Go and other AR games on the way?
This is the first big game that has new gaps between what the server can possibly know about its players, and what its players are actually doing as input. Exploiting that gap, bots do more damage while being harder to detect. This is for a few key reasons that differ between, for example, an MMO bot and a Pokemon Go bot.
MMO botPokemon Go botGapSpeed that the avatar can possibly move through the world is known to the server, and everyone pretty much moves at this that the avatar (a real human) can possibly move through the (real) world is high, but everyone almost always moves well below this maximum. A Pokemon Go bot moving at a speed much faster than an average human gets a big advantage… but can’t be outright banned, because it still might actually be a avatar always has to be realtime connected to the server, and as it moves, every bit of its movement is tracked on the avatar (a real human) can disconnect from the server (the app is off) and later reappear far away, plausibly after flying or driving large a jump, done how often, is enough to ban? What algorithm can effectively make a binary division between allowed and banned? When an avatar has obstacles (mountains, buildings, walls, etc) preventing it from directly reaching resources, all obstacles are known to the avatar usually has a lot of obstacles (cars, crosswalks, buildings) slowing it down that the server does not know about. But the avatar might not have those obstacles, and can’t be blamed for moving at a brisk walk from one point directly to another and gathering the resource. Another binary division can go very wrong. How efficient can an avatar be at gathering before a ban? What if a ban hits someone lucky enough to be free of obstacles for a while?
These gaps are much larger for Pokemon Go and the coming wave of AR games than it has been for any other popular digital game ever made. A Pokemon Go bot can (and does) advance many times more quickly than nearly any human player, but can’t be banned in case it actually is a dedicated human. This means the impact both of the abuse, and of misfired ways of stopping the abuse, is vastly larger than any other game has suffered.
Won’t hackers make their bots operate at a speed just below the activity threshold?
The measures described here will limit the bots to a tiny fraction of their current speed, making the impact on the game economy and competition minimal.
Also, in the process of finding the threshold, a lot of hackers will slip over it, get challenged, fail to solve it, and get suspended or banned. The risk gets much higher and the reward much lower — that is victory when dealing with automated abuse.
Won’t hackers keep an eye on their bots and solve challenges manually?
If the bot is advancing superhumanly fast, and therefore gets a challenge once in a while, a human operator of the bot who is watching out can indeed solve it manually and keep the bot going. However this costs a bit of the most irreducible thing on the Internet: human attention. That user could not run multiple high-speed bots 24/7 as is presently the case. A speed bump won’t stop a bike, but it sure will mess up a rocket car.
How can FunCaptcha techniques adapt to fit smoothly into Pokemon Go?
FunCaptcha poses challenges that tap into innate human powers of visual recognition, but are impractical for computer programs to solve. This can be as simple as turning an image the right way up, or as complex as proprietary techniques we are developing for a wide variety of systems. The challenge built into Pokemon Go may hardly appear to be a CAPTCHA at all — it will be just another brief, fun activity players do for a reward.
Bot writers are saying they won’t write bots that fight in gyms, so the damage won’t be that bad…
This voluntary self-limitation won’t last. This thread is a good example of how a downward spiral of reasoning leads to that next inevitable step. UPDATE: As predicted, it’s probably happening now.
It is too late to save Pokemon Go?
No! Present bot activity levels are nothing compared to what will build up over time, so immediate action will stop the worst damage. Also, as the game is expanded, it will add new resources, new currencies, and new pillars and tiers of the advancement economy. These will be free of the stain of today’s bot abuse, if it is stopped now.
Besides, this discussion is not just about the first, revolutionary game in this genre. Sequels will come. Other games will follow the stunning success of Pokemon Go. Working on bot-reducing measures now will stop the rot from spreading.
PokemonGo-Bot/installation.md at master - GitHub

PokemonGo-Bot/installation.md at master – GitHub

Table of Contents
Linux or Mac Automatic Installation
Windows Automatic Installation
Docker Automatic Installation
Chrome Driver
Requirements (click each one for install guide)
Python 2. 7. x
virtualenv (Recommended)
hashing key – Hashing key now required for bot operation
Easy installation
Clone the git: git clone Go into the new directory: cd PokemonGo-Bot
Run. / -i
This will install the bot and all stuff that is needed to run it (follow the steps in this process)
Run. /
After you are done following it this will start your bot.
To update the bot
Stop the bot if it’s running. (use control + c twice to stop it)
Run. / -r
This will reset and makes sure you have no changes made to any code since it will overide it
Rerun the bot. /
For manual installation please refer to here
We do recommend Windows users to use Docker this will work much easier and smoother (also safer)
Easy Installation
After that has been done the bot will be installed.
Run PokemonGo-Bot-Configurator to create, and
This will start the bot and the web interface.
This will check for an update and will start the bot afterwards.
Start by downloading for your platform:
Once you have Docker installed, simply create the various config files for your different accounts (e. g. configs/, configs/) and then create a Docker image for PokemonGo-Bot using the Dockerfile in this repo.
cd PokemonGo-Bot
docker build -t pokemongo-bot.
By default our Dockerfile ensures that the “master” branch will be used for building the docker container, if you want to use the “dev” branch then you should build the container with below build command:
docker build –build-arg BUILD_BRANCH=dev -t pokemongo-bot.
After build process you can verify that the image was created with:
To run the bot container with the PokemonGo-Bot Docker image you’ve created:
docker run –name=bot1-pokego –rm -it -v $(pwd)/configs/ pokemongo-bot
Optionally you can set your timezone with the -e option (default is Etc/UTC). You can find an exhaustive list of timezone here:
docker run –name=bot1-pokego –rm -it -e TZ=Asia/Taipei -v $(pwd)/configs/ pokemongo-bot
In the case you configured authentication to be handled by file make sure you mount that file as a volume also.
docker run –name=bot1-pokego –rm -it -v $(pwd)/configs/ -v $(pwd)/configs/ -v $(pwd)/web/:/usr/src/app/web/ pokemongo-bot
For a simplified version mount your whole configs/ subdir to /usr/src/app/configs.
docker run –name=bot1-pokego –rm -it -v $(pwd)/configs:/usr/src/app/configs -v $(pwd)/web/:/usr/src/app/web/ pokemongo-bot
Run a second container provided with the OpenPoGoBotWeb view:
docker run –name=bot1-pokegoweb –rm -it –volumes-from bot1-pokego -p 8000:8000 -v $(pwd)/configs/ -w /usr/src/app/web python:2. 7 python -m SimpleHTTPServer
The OpenPoGoWeb will be served on :8000
Using proxy with docker:
docker run –name=bot1-pokego -e “_proxy=PROXY_IP:PORT” –rm -it -v $(pwd)/configs:/usr/src/app/configs -v $(pwd)/web/:/usr/src/app/web/ pokemongocc-bot
docker run –name=bot1-pokego -e “_proxy=PROXY_IP:PORT” –rm -it -v $(pwd)/configs:/usr/src/app/configs -v $(pwd)/web/:/usr/src/app/web/ pokemongo-bot
Remarks for Windows
Even if the previous command are valid, you will not be able to visualize the web view under Windows.
To visualize the web view, execute instead the following commands (make sure you are in the root folder and that your docker images is built):
Run the bot container:
docker run –name=bot1-pokego –rm -it -v $(pwd)/configs/ -v $(pwd)/web/:/usr/src/app/web/ pokemongo-bot
Run the web container:
Retrieve your host address:
docker-machine ip default
Then, with your containers running and your host address, you can access the web view in your browser:
:8000 (e. )
An error occurred trying to connect:
Make sure your virtual machine is started, and your environment variables are set in your shell:
docker-machine start default
docker-machine env default
Unable to find image ‘pokemongo-bot:latest’ locally:
Make sure that the name of the image is correct.
Using Docker compose
If docker-compose installed you can alternatively run the PokemonGo-Bot ecosystem with one simple command:
(by using the configuration in this repo)
An example of routing the bot’s traffic through a tor proxy can be found within the file. To use a different file, supply the file name to docker-compose. The d flag is used to run this in detached mode as the tor logs overwhelm any bot logs you might wish to view. The bot logs can still be seen through docker logs command.
docker-compose -f up -d
Also run one single service from the compose configuration is possible:
docker-compose run –rm bot1-pokego
command to stop and remove all stopped containers: docker-compose down
TODO: Add infos / configuration for running multiple bot instances.
Do not push your image to a registry with your and account details in it!
Bug reporting when using docker:
Please include output of below command:
docker inspect –format='{{. Created}} {{. }}’ container_tag_or_id
container_tag_or_id being the final tag_id of container or the id of the intermediary layer at which the docker build failed.
Chrome driver is needed for manual solving of captcha. For more information and download of Chrome Driver, please visit Chrome Driver
Chrome driver must be placed in root dir of the bot.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to bot pokemon go on pc

Can you emulate Pokemon Go on PC?

To start with, you can just go to the official website of BlueStacks and install it on your system. You can perform a standard or customized installation to complete the process. Once BlueStacks has been installed, you can launch it and go to the Play Store to look for Pokemon Go.

Can you bot in Pokemon Go?

A Pokemon Go bot can (and does) advance many times more quickly than nearly any human player, but can’t be banned in case it actually is a dedicated human. This means the impact both of the abuse, and of misfired ways of stopping the abuse, is vastly larger than any other game has suffered.Jun 13, 2019

How do you set up Pokemon Go bot?

Easy InstallationDownload PokemonGo-Bot-Install.bat.Run PokemonGo-Bot-install. bat . After that has been done the bot will be installed.Run PokemonGo-Bot-Configurator to create auth. json, config. json and userdata. js.Run PokemonGo-Bot-Start. bat . This will start the bot and the web interface.

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