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Finish Line Raffle For Jordans

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Your best chance to cop the latest sneakers. Get the app. Enter the raffle.
If you win, we’ll put them aside for you to purchase in-store. Don’t forget to enable notifications to stay updated with the latest launches and reservations.
Your best chance to cop the latest sneakers. Enter the raffle. If you win, we’ll put them aside for you to purchase in-store. Don’t forget to enable notifications to stay updated with the latest launches and reservations.
Checkout faster with curated looks.
Buy online, pick up in-store today.
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How to Find, Enter, and Win Sneaker Raffles - Sole Retriever

How to Find, Enter, and Win Sneaker Raffles – Sole Retriever

Whether you’re an experienced sneaker aficionado or just an average guy (or gal) looking to take a W on a hot upcoming release, it’s time you learn about sneaker raffles – what they are, how they work, and how Sole Retriever and our brand new mobile app simplify them for tting the Stage Times they are a-changin’. Ultimately, getting your hands on a pair of a fresh upcoming sneaker release in today’s world is not how it once was. Gone (for the most part) are the days of waiting in crazy lines and camping out on crowded street corners. Oh, you want to try your luck online on release day instead, you say? Best of luck in your fight against the determined infantry of botters. A combination of these factors, coupled with growing concern over the spread of COVID-19, has led many retailers to turn to an alternative launch method for their most highly coveted kicks – sneaker are Sneaker Raffles? A sneaker raffle or “draw” is when a retailer provides customers with the opportunity to win the right to purchase a pair of sneakers. Typically, the raffle mechanic is used when demand for the shoe exceeds supply. Raffles tend to level the playing field by giving everyone who enters an equal chance of being able to purchase the latest Yeezy’s, Jordan’s, Nike’s and other hot kicks for retail. Once the raffle period ends, the retailer will then select the winners at random and alert them of their winning entry. The ways in which these sneaker raffles are held vary in both their entry and retrieval methods. To make it easy, Sole Retriever has created a list of the different sneaker raffle types and retrieval methods. We’ve also included a brief description of how each of them QuestionsDo you have to pay for sneaker raffles? Yes. When you win a sneaker raffle, you are winning the opportunity to purchase the product; you’re not winning the product for free (unless otherwise stated) are the chances of winning sneaker raffles? Your chances for winning any given sneaker raffle depend upon a variety of factors – primarily, (1) how many pairs the store/retailer has been allocated for that product release, (2) how widely demanded the sneaker is and (3) how many other people entered the can I improve my chances of winning sneaker raffles? Enter more raffles. The best method for increasing your odds at winning a raffle for a new sneaker launch is to enter as many raffles as you can. The more raffles you enter, the more chances you have to win! Raffle TypesAlmost every sneaker raffle will fall into one of four main categories – In Store, Online, Social, or In-App. In-Store – The first major raffle type is classified as “In-Store. ” This typically involves an in-person pickup of the sneaker being raffled. Before entering, be sure that you’ll be able to pick-up the sneakers from the store on the dedicated pickup day. You want to ensure you’re able to claim your pair if you are selected as a lucky winner! Online – If a raffle is under the “Online” category, that generally means that it involves postage (or shipping). The winners of said raffle will have the sneakers shipped to them. Thus, you do not need to be physically present in-store to claim a winning entry for this raffle type! Some online raffles require upfront charge or payment, so be sure to read each individual raffle’s terms and information before submitting your entries. Social – Raffles that fall under the “Social” category are those in which the entering process takes place on social media. Typically, the store holding the raffle will use its specific social media page to hold the raffle and share the entry details. Almost always, this means the store’s official Twitter or Instagram account is where the raffle will be hosted. Most social raffle entry requirements include liking, commenting, or sharing the post. Once you navigate from Sole Retriever to any social raffle, be sure to read the store’s post and follow their exact instructions. This way you can rest assured that your entry is valid! In-App – Some stores have dedicated mobile applications where they announce and host their raffles. For a comprehensive list of the stores which have dedicated raffle app’s and where to download them, check out our article on the Top Ten Apps to Enter Sneaker Raffles. Similar to online raffles, some In-App raffles may require an upfront charge. Others, however, will give you the opportunity to claim, should you win. Moral of the story, always make sure to read the instructions and terms for each raffle you enter! Retrieval Methods Every raffle will possess a given retrieval method by which winners will purchase and receive the sneaker they’ve won the raffle for. There are two different retrieval methods – Shipping and Pick-up. Shipping – If a raffle has shipping (or postage), this means that the retailer will ship the pairs to the winners, upon purchase. This method does not require any sort of in-person retrieval. Be sure to check each raffle’s shipping guidelines & restrictions to ensure you qualify to enter. Pick-up – Unlike shipping raffles, Pick-up raffles require winners to visit to the store in person in order to claim and pay for their winning To Find, Enter & Win Sneaker RafflesSo now you know what sneaker raffles are, how they work, and their varying types. But, how do you go about finding and organizing all of the different stores’ raffles for each sneaker release? You don’t – we do. Sole Retriever takes care of the hard work in order to craft the ultimate destination for sneaker fanatics like yourself. We’re the true, one-stop shop for helping you secure W’s on the hottest drops. Our team digs up and organizes all of the raffles & releases for each of the latest sneaker launches, making it super easy for you! Organized, intuitive, and feature-filled, Sole Retriever is truly an essential for every sneakerhead. Here’s how it works. Welcome to Sole Retriever! Sneaker Raffles & Release Info – Without The over to our site and locate the upcoming release you’re looking to get your hands on. View and sort raffles with our various filter features including region, raffle type, and retrieval method. Easily find the raffles you qualify for and keep it all organized with our easy-to-use interface. Track all of your entries by marking each raffle as entered once you’ve completed it! Say goodbye to the painful and exhausting days of trying to keep up with all of the upcoming sneaker launches. Here at Sole Retriever, we know the industry inside out. Moreover, we understand the importance of finding, navigating, and organizing all of your sneaker raffle entries. We’ve got you covered. By sneakerheads, for sneakerheads, our mission is to give you the best shot at copping the latest drops for retail. If you want to start securing some W’s, it’s time you join the pack and sign up for a free account on Sole Retriever. For a premium, feature-filled experience, be sure to check out our mobile app.
Why Sneaker Shops Use Raffles And What To Do About It - Six Figure ...

Why Sneaker Shops Use Raffles And What To Do About It – Six Figure …

03/08/2020 ~ Mohammad Yousaf
Hello avid readers and to the new comers, welcome. Today I come to you with something different however just as informative. It’s about raffles and why they’re used by sneaker shops today.
Is it a scam, a scheme to somehow increase their revenue? Or is it simply to help consumers out? Keep on reading for more details.
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There are many ways to cop sneakers and raffles are just one of them in this multi-billion Dollar market. So let’s get right to it!
For quick info skip to the end conclusion
What Are Raffles?
If you’re new on the sneaker reselling scene or the sneakerhead fan-base in general. You may ask yourself, what are raffles? Well newbie, raffle is just another word a lucky draw. Well, kind of.
To put it simply, a lucky draw is free to play while a draw is a pay to play kind of deal. Still confused? I’ll explain further.
In a raffle, when you get a ticket you’re basically paying for a chance to win a new sneaker. Not paying for it directly. Once you win, you shall receive a call being asked to pick up your new pair for retail price.
Why is that such a prize you may ask? Well every re-seller and sneakerhead knows that getting your hands on a limited release is a prize in itself. As you may have seen in one of our articles such as the march 2020 best shoes to resell.
A lot of these sneakers are gold and can earn you a hefty profit even if you pay for the retail. For Example:
Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October
Via StockX
Retail Price: $250
Peak Resell: $10, 240
Release Date: 02/09/2014
As you can see these kicks can earn you a massive profit of $9, 990 at peak resale. Would you not line up outside shops to snatch a pair like this in the future?
Now since some shoes are so highly anticipated because of expected high resale value that there are often lines that are miles long. That is where the first reason comes in as to why sneaker shops use raffles.
Why Do Sneaker Shops Use Them?
Miles Long Waiting Lines
Have ever seen people lining up, possibly for hours to get a the new iphone. Well that is nothing compared to the sneaker world as some people actually wait days. That’s right, days!
In New-Castle England for example, people queued for 3 days. Some traveling 300 miles to get their hands on the Nike Air Max 90’s at the END clothing line.
The police were called in due to there being a massive gathering. Turns out 500 people showed up to grab the sneakers, some having set up camp while being there for days.
One man even needed medical attention and had to be attended to immediately!
The long lines were a massive problem however, that was the least of the worries.
Violence In Sneaker Queues
People have always craved what they can’t have and some resort to violence to get it. Unfortunately, a lot of violence has ensued over the years before raffles were a thing and long queues were common.
In 2013 in California, the Air Jordan Gamma XI’s released and were highly anticipated. People in a hurry get into all sorts of trouble and as a result a fight ensued leaving several injured.
No one was arrested as the police arrived too late. This however, happened all over the country after the release of the Air Jordan 1 Gamma XI.
In March 2014 in New York City, the Jordan Future released with a hand full of Colorways. It was pretty limited and sought after, causing lines of people waiting to buy the pair.
At a store called Flight 23, people rushed through the entrance crushing a woman that felt threatened. She pulled out her pepper spray and sprayed at the crowd possibly in frustration.
luckily police arrived at the scene and handled the situation.
April 2014 in New York City, there was a line at a Foot Locker for the Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy.
A 15-year-old boy tried cutting the line and was shot in the foot. The boy survived however the shoe was delayed until 11 am and was sold out by 6 pm.
Various other instances have occurred which even proved to be fatal for many people. These incidents wee becoming widespread so one of the reasons sneaker shops use raffles is to avoid such incidents.
On the other hand, there are also more positive reasons
Luckily online sneaker shops also hold raffles for other reasons such as charities. A notable example is when Eminem and StockX Joined forces to help raised funds for hurricane victims.
After the devastation that was hurricane Irma and Harvey, the two were kind enough to help out massively.
The raffle worked like this. Every $10 donated entitles one entry for the donor which is a chance to win a valuable sneaker. The funds raised were $440, 000 which was matched by Eminem.
Combat Sneaker Bots
The latest way sneaker shops, retailers and companies use raffles is to combat those pesky bots. They don’t like bots as shops prefer their customers to be, well, human.
Nike in 2015 held a raffle where they did just that. To enter, you’ll need to follow the particular store and wait for a link. Then you sign in through a verified Nike+ account, enter your size and wait for confirmation.
Winners are emailed and given details on where to pick up. The good part about this was there was no need to hurry so it made things a little less stressful.
What to Do About It?
2 words. Raffle Bots. As sneaker manufacturers have gotten smarter, so have the re-sellers and their bots. Today you can use an array of various bots to enter raffles and win through ingenious methods.
The raffle bot includes features such as account creators, rapid checkout tools, keyword monitors and more.
BNB AIO Bot and the Better Nike bot are examples. The ultimate may be on the expensive side but a good investment.
For example, the Better Nike Bot has the DAN Feature which helps you enter a large number of accounts for raffles.
Raffles initially started to reduce the amounts of violence during release events. They were also held for charity events. Re-sellers however created programmes called bots to cop them faster than anyone else and sell for a profit.
As the sneaker manufacturers evolved to combat these bots, so did the programmers and their bots. Better Nike Bot and BNB AIO bots are good examples of bots that combat raffles.
Well I hope you guys learned something new today. Some love them some hate them but to level the playing field in the reselling game. Bots are a necessity.
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Until next time

Frequently Asked Questions about finish line raffle for jordans

How does a Jordan raffle work?

Raffles tend to level the playing field by giving everyone who enters an equal chance of being able to purchase the latest Yeezy’s, Jordan’s, Nike’s and other hot kicks for retail. Once the raffle period ends, the retailer will then select the winners at random and alert them of their winning entry.

How do I join Jordan Raffles?

To join, you’ll need to be a Nike Member….Here’s how the drawing works:When a drawing goes live, @nikestore will tweet a link to the shoes on Nike SNKRS. … As soon as you see the tweet or notification, click on either to access the drawing.More items…

How do you win Jordan Raffles?

In a raffle, when you get a ticket you’re basically paying for a chance to win a new sneaker. Not paying for it directly. Once you win, you shall receive a call being asked to pick up your new pair for retail price.Mar 8, 2020

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