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Dreambot Reviews

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Prime Script Reviews – DreamBot – Runescape OSRS Botting

⭐ Prime Script Reviews ⭐
Mission Statement
Here, I will be providing my honest, unbiased reviews for each script I’ve tried at DreamBot. To begin with, I will review the public (free and paid) scripts on our script store and I may move on to review the quality of commissions from some of our private scripters here, too.
My goals with these reviews are:
– To encourage higher quality content from script authors
– To bring attention to and promote high-effort authors who properly maintain and upkeep their works
– To warn users of abandoned scripts that no longer work and are no longer properly maintained by their authors
– To discourage low-quality content, with faulty promises, made with the clear purpose of reaping sales from uninformed buyers
– To encourage authors to be responsible with their products
Score System
The scoring for each script is based on:
– Quality of script weighed against price of script
– Ability of script to perform advertised and intended purpose
– Ability of script to deliver on stated and promised features
– Banrate of script weighed against expected banrate for its purpose and activity
– When applicable, attentiveness of script author to valid user-submitted suggestions and issues
This is what you came for. I want my script reviews to have a positive focus, so I will begin with some script recommendations.
Mr. Combat
Category: Combat
Price: FREE
Add Script
Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Recently released a few months ago, Mr. Combat is a versatile script that can handle almost every combat-related task. It’s free but don’t let that speak badly of its quality. It’s one of the best scripts on DreamBot for its purpose, and even beats most paid alternatives. Works as advertised. Unfortunately, it looks like the author is not so active on the forums anymore. If he continues to maintain this script, there’s no reason that this script shouldn’t continue to be one of the best free script offerings on DreamBot.
Last Reviewed: 7/23/17
Category: Utility
Released some months ago, TrumpWalk has become a popular utility script on DreamBot. Configurable with both QuickStart or a GUI, this script will allow easy, reliable transportation for your accounts to the most commonly accessed areas of RuneScape. Works as advertised and doesn’t pretend to be something more. Also, the author is an active user of these forums, so you can go directly to him if you have questions or problems.
#1 Magic
Category: Magic
Price: $4. 99
Released over a year ago, #1 Magic remains true to its name. It is an extremely versatile magic script with many functionalities that will give you plenty of options for moneymaking and powerleveling magic. Whether it’s alchemy, enchanting, splashing, teleporting, this script will handle it almost flawlessly. It is impressive performance and despite being a widely popular script, I don’t notice any heightened rate of bans from it.
ReRecoil Ring
Price: $1. 99
Score: Highly recommended that you do not buy, in its current state
Update: The author has taken the script off the SDN.
This script, as its title suggests, revolves around enchanting sapphire rings to make rings of recoil. This was my first script purchase ever on DreamBot. I liked the script’s description and listed features. The fact that it came with GE support and muling, all for just $2 seemed too script suffers from underlying problems that you will only witness after you’ve bought the script. The script is disastrous to run unattended, which defeats much of its automated features. It has no fail-safes in regards to GE prices, and as such, will continue enchanting, quick-buying and quick-selling, even when it’s quickly making you lose money. As this is a problem that can be more so attributed to market conditions, I will only fault the script to the extent of its claims that it should make you amazing GP/ most damaging and overwhelming problem is the script’s “anti-ban”. Users of the script can attest this script is an absolute death sentence to use on any of your accounts, and it is not uncommon to see a ban within just hours of runtime. Even among enchanting scripts which have high banrates already, it stands out for having an abnormally higher rate of bans. The process in which the script enchants your recoil rings is always the same; it will enchant a random sapphire ring in your inventory, each time. The human way to enchant would be in a linear order, iterating through the inventory slots. Otherwise, how else would you keep track of which rings have already been enchanted? Sapphire ring and ring of recoil look identical in the inventory. For this enchanting to be legitimate, it would have to be a human player that can perfectly memorize each random click he has made in the last minute, with zero margin of error. I would even not fault this aspect of the script so heavily if it did not claim to have a “human-like” anti-ban. To give credit to the script author, it may be the script’s popularity that have caused its patterns to become glaringly obvious to the automated bot detection you read the thread, you’d see dozens of posted complaints and issues regarding the script. Yet, you would have to scroll back five whole months in the thread to see the last post the script author has made on it. Even then, the post is about payment in regards to purchasing the script and not about any fixes. It is clear that the author no longer intends to maintain this script. My recommendation to the script author is to remove this script off of the SDN if he is no longer willing to maintain it. Or if he’d like to show good faith to his customers, he could pass ownership of the script to someone else who’d have more time to maintain and update it. He should not continue to make sales off of a broken, unsupported product. It is a bad reflection on the quality of his work. As long as he maintains it on the SDN, he is trading away his reputation for extra sales on uninformed customers.
Last Reviewed: 7/25/17
Climbing Boots Buyer
Category: Moneymaking
Price: $3. 99
Score: Would not recommend until it gets fixed
This script is intended for one purpose, to buy climbing boots. You walk to the NPC, buy boots, bank, repeat. Though, the way this script uses up resources would make it seem as though this script is attempting to bring the One Ring into Mordor itself. Unfortunately, the script is very poorly optimized and lends itself to extremely high CPU usage. Here, on my computer, I test the CPU usage of the script against another. As you can see, this Climbing Boots Buyer script handily uses 10x more CPU resources than any other script.
As expected for the price, the script is very bare-bones. There is no anti-ban or action diversity. There are no fail-safes, which unfortunately leads to some scenarios where your bot can get stuck. The banrates will be extremely high for using this script, as the method already suffers from high banrates to begin with.
The script is in desperate need of updates and fixes. I would not advise anyone to buy the script in its current state.
Last Reviewed: 10/14/17
Note: I will change reviews as necessary, if a script’s quality has a noticeable increase or decrease in quality. If there is a problem with someone’s script, I will always try to contact them and give them a chance to fix said issues first. Any negative review I put up can be revised if the script has been improved. My goal is not to put anyone on blast, but to promote a higher standard for content for scripts.
I am also open to suggestions as to what I should review.
Edited November 6, 2017 by Prime
Resolved - How safe is it to use RuneMate after an update?

HTTP & SOCKS Rotating Residential Proxies

  • 32 million IPs for all purposes
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Resolved – How safe is it to use RuneMate after an update?

Resolved – How safe is it to use RuneMate after an update? | Community | RuneMate
I recently started to use RuneMate after using a now defunked bot I used and wrote a few very crappy scripts bots for, I remember being told not to use it straight away but that might have been the days of injection is RuneMate safe to use straight after an update? Or will it stop me using it if it’s not uptodate?
Pretty safe to use, however sometimes things will be broken, so if you start using RuneMate immediately after an update and don’t pay attention, your account could get stuck in a broken state which could increase the chance of it being flagged.
If in doubt, start the bot you want to use and watch it for a bit – if it runs fine, then you’re good to go, or if it is buggy, report it to the Bot Author so they can resolve the issues you’re experiencing.
Dreambot, runemate, osbot? : r/RunescapeBotting - Reddit

Dreambot, runemate, osbot? : r/RunescapeBotting – Reddit

Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsFound the internet!
What should I use for botting? Log in or sign up to leave a comment
level 1Id like to know as wellx but for casual use. Couple hours a 1Personally, I use runemate because you pay by the hour for scripts as opposed to spending $5-20 on a script you may only use for 2 2link to runemate download? level 1I prefer runemate. Less complicated, cheap. 5-. 10 per hour for premiums. Lots of free. Download and go. I use osbot as well. More complicated, up front buy now scripts anywhere from 1. 99-19. 99. Osbot seems to make my pc lag a bit more. Not a huge problem. I like the community of osbot if you join their discord they show progress reports for user and scrips. Pretty cool. But all in all I’d say probably between Runemate/osbot I’d go with runemate if you’re just casually botting osbot I’d you wanna be a little more hardcorelevel 2where do u download runemate? level 1i use sammich’s ahk bot, ive suicided multiple lvl 3s with it to 99s and it even supports bluestacks to emulate mobile. Constantly updated and great support as 2So are you using bluestacks or runelite? level 2What 99s? From some of the scripts I’ve seen they’re are powerfarming so other than exp there’s no monetary gain? level 2which scripts have gotten you 99s? I’m dying to 1Rspeer and runemate. Both have good free scriptslevel 1I use runemate, rspeer and dream bot.. runemate is the easiest but the free option kinda prompts you to pay to use 2 accounts. RSpeer and Dreambot are fairly similar and i run all 3 clients simultaneouslyRunecape Botting Community! Reddit Inc © 2021. All rights reserved

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Which Osrs BOT is the best?

The best Oldschool Runescape® bot you’ll ever useYou don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use our bot. DreamBot is the most user friendly bot available today. … We have the most amazing scripts to choose from. … You’ve never seen a better community and staff.

How do you use DreamBot?

American Express RuneMate Staff Pretty safe to use, however sometimes things will be broken, so if you start using RuneMate immediately after an update and don’t pay attention, your account could get stuck in a broken state which could increase the chance of it being flagged.Jan 27, 2021

Is Botting safe Osrs 2021?

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