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Dofus Free To Play

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Dofus provides both free and paid playing modes. These modes are referred to as “free to play” (F2P) and “pay to play” (P2P) modes. The free mode (F2P) is also called Discovery Mode, and the paid mode (P2P) is also called Explorer Mode.
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Discovery Mode
Discovery Mode is the free-to-play (F2P) mode of Dofus. Although Dofus can be played for free indefinitely, many features of the game are limited or entirely unavailable in Discovery Mode, including:
Access to the world:
Areas are limited to Incarnam and Astrub. Can wander around the entire Dofus world, but cannot interact with the Monsters, NPCs or other players found in P2P areas.
Limited to 4 Dungeons.
Limited to Monsters with a single monster’s maximum level capped at 40.
Quests are limited to Incarnam and Astrub.
Can not equip Pets, Petsmounts, Mounts and Sidekicks. (F2P players can equip Bow Wow and Platypus Pets, as well as level them up by feeding them, if they can get a hold of them)
Can not get Veteran Rewards.
Can not access the Haven Bag.
PvP is limited to Challenges. Cannot join an Alignment, the Kolossium or Alliance versus Alliance (AvA) PvP types.
May join and participate in Guilds and Alliances, but cannot create new Guilds and Alliances.
Professions are limited to a maximum level of 60. Cannot use Magus not drop bag of resources from Resource Protector fights.
Markets for buying and selling Items are limited to a maximum level of 60. Cannot use Merchants or Trade Chat.
Can only buy and use Houses and Paddocks in Astrub.
Assigned low login priority when/if the Dofus Servers become full, as well as when support is answering tickets.
Explorer Mode
Also known as Pay to play (P2P). Will not be subject to the above restrictions.
You can buy subscriptions on a monthly basis, or buy longer periods up front for a lower price per month. There are various methods of payment, depending on your region. When paying by credit card, the monthly costs are:
$6. 90 USD
£3. 90 GBP
$8 CAD
8. 95 CHF
770 JPY
$6. 75 AUD
R$ 14, 90 BRA
When paying for a full year (12 months) subscription, the price per month is reduced to:
$5. 42 USD
£3. 08 GBP
$6. 33 CAD
7. 08 CHF
616 JPY
R$ 10, 82 BRA
$5. 40 AUD
Subscribing, in addition to Explorer Mode, also gives Item rewards, usually cosmetic Equipment as well as Emotes, Pets, Haven Bags and other rarer Items in the bigger packs.
Rewards change every season (3 months).
The rewards structure by packs is as follows (there’s exceptions):
1 Week Pack: 1 extra day of Subscription
1 Month Pack: The full specific Set
3 Month Pack: The full specific Set + Tier 3 reward
6 Month Pack: The full specific Set + Tier 3 reward + Tier 2 reward
1 Year Pack: The full specific Set + Tier 3 reward + Tier 2 reward + Tier 1 reward
There will also be various other packs that may include Subscription, Ogrines, Subscription rewards and/or other rewards, so be sure to check the Dofus website.
1 Month
3 Month
6 Month
1 Year
Shadragon Hat, Cape or Shield
Shadragon Set
Shadragon Harness
Emote Scroll: Shadragon
Corsair Hat, Cape or Shield
Corsair Set
Pirate Seemyool Harness
Corsair Shop Haven Bag
Draeggosaure Hat, Cape or Shield
Draeggosaure Set
Draeggosaure Rhineetle Harness
Emote Scroll: Draeggosaure
Crypt Hat, Cape or Shield
Crypt Hat, Cape and Shield
Cryptic Seemyool Harness
Crypt Haven Bag
Divine Set
Coulive Cape
Coulive Hat
Coulive Shield
Zombite Set
Zombite Seemyool Harness
Emote Scroll: Zombite
Magma Set
Magmatic Dragoturkey Harness
Emote Scroll: Magmatic
Sidimote Haven Bag
Watchdog Set
Desert Dragoturkey Harness
Emote Scroll: Rabid
Woolly Set
Black Crow’s Costume
Barbaric Dragoturkey Harness
Winter Haven Bag
Bramble Set
Unikron Dragoturkey Harness
Emote Scroll: Animal
Wabbit Haven Bag
Seaside Set
Royal Dragoturkey Harness
Emote Scroll: Bloody
Lol-ita Set
Inn Haven Bag
Emote Scroll: Lucky
Armoured Dragoturkey
Royal Guard Set
Allister Haven Bag
Emote Scroll: Elemental
Charlie’s Agents Set
Bow Meow Emoticons
Emote Scroll: Ethyl
Black Quaquack Set
Emote Scroll: Steamy
Springy Set
Emote Scroll: Sylvan
Alyverol Hat, Cape, Boots and Belt
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Current subscription pack comparison
Official list of membership benefits
Dofus can be a free to play game? - Reddit

Dofus can be a free to play game? – Reddit

Hello all, i’m the only Who want this game as F2P? i’m an old player (i starter ti play It in 2007/2008 and ended in 2013 because all my Friends in game quitted), some gears ago i started to work and sometimes i want return to play It (likes Just 30/40 minutes a day because i have a big backloggery of games to finish), for this reason i don’t want pay a subscription but play It like a free to You think this game Will be a free to play or It Will have Forever a subscription system? N. B Sorry for my bad english but this isn’t my first language
Free 2 Try! :: Dofus Dyskusje ogólne - Steam Community

Free 2 Try! :: Dofus Dyskusje ogólne – Steam Community

6 listopada 2016 o 10:42
Free 2 Try!
To those new players from Steam that have never played Dofus see the Free 2 Play tag and expect a standard F2P experience, let it be is NOT a standard Free To Play ‘s more like a Trial/Demo experience that limits/confines you to a small portion of the game world (Incarnam/Astrub) and from certain features and won’t be able to do anything outside these area’s until you obtain a ckily a monthly Subscription is cheaper than most Subscription based MMORPG’s on the market currently so it is more accessable if you’re on a is also the Kama Exchange that allows you to trade Kama to Ogrines (the cash shop curreny) or vice versa, so if you manage to make a lot of Kama it would be possible to purchase and maintain a subscription by trading Kama to Ogrines. (though for those new F2P players this might prove difficult to initially obtain due to limitations and current economy on servers when it comes to merching)It is also worth noting that Ogrines obtained through the Kama Exchange do expire after a period of time (30-60 days or something i forget) so don’t forget about them.
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Frequently Asked Questions about dofus free to play

Is Dofus pay to win?

Well, no. You can be a Premium, that won’t make you more able to win against others players.Apr 6, 2014

Is Dofus retro free?

Yes, you’ll need a subscription as with the other Retro servers, Eratz and Henual.Sep 17, 2019

Does Dofus touch F2P?

[Edit] I’m glad that some members here told me about Wakfu and Dofus Touch which are completely F2P so if you are a player with same problem as me, check those game since they worth the shot.Aug 15, 2017

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