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Diablo2 Bot

Kolton Bot– diabloculture

Kolton Bot Latest Version Working 1. 14D + MH
Download Link:
Step 1: Downloading the bot
Download Tortoise SVN: Tortoise SVN DownloadInstall Tortoise SVNCreate a new folder (usually on desktop to make it easier to find and access) Name it whatever you like (kolbot works) Then right click the folder and go to “SVN Checkout” Where it says “URL of repository” Paste in this link Then click “OK” to start the SVN checkout process (downloading the bot files) You cannot paste this link in your address bar and download the bot! YOU MUST USE TORTOISE SVN and the CHECKOUT PROCESS! It has also been brought to my attention that the newer versions of Tortoise SVN are not allowing the checkout link to work or error out. I suggest an older version like this one (1. 9. 7. 27907) and DO NOT update so that you can download the bot from the source Tortoise SVNOnce this process is done it should say something like “Completed At Revision ****” The revision number will change as new versions are released as long as no errors occur continue must download and install the dependencies for the tframework downloadVC++ 2008 downloadVC++ 2010 downloadIf you receive or see an error that says “You have a higher version installed” or something similar then you can skip that download/installText Version from the github (original source) with instructions:
Step 2: Adding your cd keys
Keep in mind you need a FULL key set. Meaning you need both Classic and Expansion keys for this bot to work. They are NOT provided and they MUST be working keys if you wish to use this bot on public servers. Diablo II/Diablo 2 must be installed and it MUST be on version 1. 14dFind your folder we just made and used the SVN checkout process with I used Kolbot as name of my folder. Inside the folder you need to find “” Right click on this program and go to “properties” then go to “compatibility” If you are using Windows 8 or 8. 1 you need to use the check box that reads “Run this program in compatibility mode for” Then click the drop down menu and select “Windows XP Service Pack 2” EVERYONE on any windows needs to check the checkbox that reads “Run this program as Administrator” Then click the “Apply” button. Lastly Click the “OK” try to run “” It should open without the “Keys” button and click are different ways to add keys. I will list the most used ones here. You do not need to use multiple methods for the same key. Choose one method per cd key set. 1. Manual addition of keys- Click in the text box that has a + sign next to it and type whatever name you would like for this keyset. This name is for the bots identification purposes and does not affect the game. Next click the “Name” text box this name WILL be shown in game for the name if someone tries to use these keys and gets the “In use by key name” error. Put any name you like in this field. Next copy and paste or type out each of your classic and expansion keys in the next two text boxes labeled as “Classic” and “Expansion” Then click the “Apply” button. Then click the “ok” button. 2. Adding file keys- This is primarily used if you create cd key files via the key creator or you made them with Etal etc. To use your files you must place them in the Diablo II folder you are going to use for this bot. Ex: ImageThen we will find the “Keys” button and click it. Click in the text box that has a + sign next to it and type whatever name you would like for this keyset. Next click the “Name” text box. This is where we place the name of the file we copied over to our diablo 2 folder earlier. The file names must match exactly! EX: Leave the “Classic” and “Expansion” sections blank. Click “Apply” and then click “OK”. 3. Use the cd key set that was used with your Diablo II install. If you installed your copy of Diablo II using your OWN keys or keys that WORK and you want to use those… wait until a later step and I will show how to do this method. (Easiest method/Most dangerous method) Instructions here:
Step 3: Adding a profile
First click the “Add” buttonYou will see a series of blank text boxes, drop down menus, and folder selections. These need to be filled out and here’s the “Profile Name” text box you can name this profile. This name is not related to Diablo II itself rather, to the profile manager. Name this whatever you like. Each profile should have a different name and will help you determine which bot you are using simply by the profile the “Account” text box fill this section with your Diablo II account that has the character you want to bot the “Password” text box fill this section with your Diablo II password for the account we just filled in (CASE SENSITIVE! )In the “Character” text box fill this section with the name of the character you are wanting to bot with. (CASE SENSITIVE! )In the “Game Info” text boxes you will be able to custom name the games the bot will use. I suggest changing this to something else or you may encounter issues. Name is something short is best and the same with the password. In the past long game names and passwords have led to issues creating the “Difficulty” drop down menu you will select which hardness you would like the bot to use. Hell is fairly standard here although you can choose lower ones if you the “Realm” drop down menu you need to select which region or “realm” you are in. USEast would just be East here the “Mode” drop down menu select if you are playing on servers or single player the “Parameters” text box you can leave it as is or edit it to your liking. This is how the bot window will behave. Windowed mode MUST stay! These are done by abbreviations. The abbreviations are as follows: -w is windowed mode DO NOT DELETE!, -ns is for no sound delete if you want sound, -sleepy is a resource saving measure that adds a sleep loop in your games and helps older slower computers run this program better, -lq is lower quality mode again this is to save on resources, lastly we have -L and this is for loader in the “Diablo Path” Folder selection we need to click the folder icon next to the box to select our game or if you have file extensions enabled. This folder NEEDS to be the folder with Diablo 2 1. 14d installed and inside that folder find the game or Keep in mind this needs to also be the SAME Diablo II folder that has our LEGIT keys in it, or installed with it. LOWER VERSIONS will not work. 13d CAN work in certain cases however, it’s not recommended. In the “Entry Script” folder selection we need to choose and entry script to tell the bot what it will be doing while running. To find this file we need to browse to our Kolbot folder where our bot install is. d2bs/kolbot is the file path. Select the “” as your entry now have a drop down menu called “Key List” Click this drop down and select your key. If you are using the installed cd keys you don’t need to select anything here. ANY other method must select their key now since this tutorial is a basic setup leave the other options the way they are with one exception. Click the box next to the “Visible” Click the “Apply” button and then the “OK” Instructions:
Step 4: Creating a Char Config
In order to create a character configuration file a “char config. ” We need to run the profile we created to generate a char config. To do this we need to have our bot program or “” will then find our profile name and click itThen find the “Start” button on the left panel of “”This will open Diablo II and load into your account and then select your character and lastly using your game names and password in your profile create a game. If it doesn’t do this MAKE SURE your profile has been filled out correctly! Once it loads into the game it will give you an error and your character will not move. THIS IS NORMAL! We want this to happen in order to create a new char config. Press and hold the “Home” button on your keyboard and then press “Space” WHILE STILL HOLDING THE “Home” you see the Diablo II window disappear release those your “” window it should say in the “Console” section that a new char config file was it does you are done with this stepVideo Instructions:
Step 5: Editing the char config
This is a BASIC tutorial on how to setup a WORKING bot so that you can get started and may not be exactly what you want. This is meant to get you up and running and you can customize this yourself later. Please download notepad ++ as this will make editing this file MUCH easier! When I give line numbers these are approximate locations and not exact! Notepad ++ download page: we need to find our char config we created in the last your kolbot folder open it then go into the “d2bs” folder then into the “kolbot” folder next into the “libs” folder and lastly into the “config” will see a few files here we are looking for one with the name of our character in here. There are generic files here for each character type our should have the character type AND the name of our character. Open this file with notepad ++The first line we will edit is Line 17: erAddon = true; //!!! YOU MUST SET THIS TO FALSE IF YOU WANT TO RUN BOSS/AREA SCRIPTS!!! Change this to erAddon = false; //!!! YOU MUST SET THIS TO FALSE IF YOU WANT TO RUN BOSS/AREA SCRIPTS!!! Lines 30-119 are different areas in the game. You change lines to true or false if you want the bot to run the area change to true and false if you want to skip it. Example: Lines = false; = true; // Start from = “Leave the seals alone! “; = “Entrance TP up”; = “Star TP up”; = “Diablo”;alLeader = false; // Clear a safe spot around seals and invite leechers in. Leechers should run SealLeecher script. Don’t run with Diablo or you want your bot to kill diablo you would change it to true here = true;There are also more options in addition to just telling it to kill = true; // Start from entranceThis means where do you want to start? Entrance to chaos or the Star in the middle. true for entrance false for the star. Make sure to use lower case for true and are messages the bot will say as it moves along or if someone hits the seals before your bot = “Leave the seals alone! “; = “Entrance TP up”; = “Star TP up”; = “Diablo”;Lastly alLeader = false; // Clear a safe spot around seals and invite leechers in. Don’t run with Diablo or be ignored. Take note that not all areas are the same and not all areas are as hard to go through to 256-259 are your characters inventory and are VERY important to pay attention to. The o’s and 1’s correspond to your characters inventory in game. NOT the stash what you are holding on your person. So for example if you want to keep certain items in your inventory you will need to play a o in that spot or a 1 if you want the bot to use that spot. Look at this photo: ImageWe have 40 slots available. 4 going down and 10 accross. I want for this example to have all the charms and the torch as well as the tome’s to stay. So in this section for this character it would look like ventory[0] = [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0];ventory[1] = [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0];ventory[2] = [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0];ventory[3] = [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0];That way the bot can use the left portion while leaving the charms, torch, and tomes alone. Make sure to take a look at your character take a screen shot or remember how it looks and do the same. MAKE SURE it’s correct as you can and WILL lose items if you make a mistake! DO NOT COPY MINE do your own! Lines 267-270 are our potions on our belt. I recommend you leave it as is. If not the abbreviations are hp for health potion, mp for mana potion, and rv for rejuvenation potion. The Belt column goes as follows Beltcolumn(0) is actually belt slot 1 Beltcolumn(1) is actually belt slot 2 etc. You can change this to meet your belt scroll down to Lines 445-451 These lines are the skills our bot will use in order to attack. This is very important and the bot will not kill anything and may error out if these are not filled out correctly. Skills will be different for each character. There is a list of skills that can be found here This will tell you the number we need to plug in so that the bot will know which attacks to use. As an example I will show what I use for a hammer paladin. Keep in mind if you want to use this setup you NEED to have these skills. Lastly make sure to NOT have ANY – or negative signs in front of your skills as this will cause them to not work! tackSkill[0] = -1; // Preattack [1] = 112; // Primary skill to [2] = 113; // Primary aura to tackSkill[3] = 112; // Primary skill to [4] = 113; // Primary aura to [5] = 101; // Secondary skill if monster is immune to [6] = 119; // Secondary sure you don’t have any negative – sign in front of your numbers unless you DON’T want the character to use that skill! Lastly click “File” and “Save” to make sure your edits actually Instructions:
Step 6: Start the bot!
Go back to our “” and find the “Start” button on the left hand side of the program. Click it and your bot should now start! If it doesn’t please go back and try to see where you went wrong. If you cannot find the error feel free to post on the forums here on for more help! Video Demo:
Let's Hope Diablo II: Resurrected Doesn't Get Ruined by Bots

Let’s Hope Diablo II: Resurrected Doesn’t Get Ruined by Bots

From the Cold Planes to the Throne of Destruction expansion packs, the original Diablo II had a constant problem on its hands: bot accounts. These script-driven machines would accurately teleport to the perfect location on the map and hit all of their targets while picking up loot along the way.
The result was a compromised multiplayer experience that deteriorated the game’s loot drop mechanics. Online marketplaces offering virtual items for real-world currency only exacerbated matters. Although Blizzard has attempted to squash the problem, there’s no telling whether it will persist in the upcoming Diablo II: Resurrected.
Let’s see how we got here, what’s been done about bots, and what could be done moving forward.
D2JSP and Diablo II Botting
2002 brought us the Winter Olympics, the eventual FIFA World Cup champion Brazil, and the online community D2JSP. The website lets you buy and trade Forum Gold, which could, in turn, be used to trade for goods and services across various online games and users.
D2JSP eventually became one of the more prominent online trading posts for in-game items, though its roots derive from the mechanics and gameplay of Diablo II. However, the website incurred collateral damage by clearing the rise of power players and bots.
Because you purchase Forum Gold with real-world money, Forum Gold had real-world value. That means anyone with deep enough pockets could show up and buy items instead of grinding for them in Diablo II.
Of course, sitting around and grinding for loot isn’t exactly everyone’s definition of a good time. That’s where bots come in since all you’d need to do is run a script, sit back, and watch them rake in the items.
It wasn’t just D2JSP users who used bots; however — Paul Taulborg, the website’s founder, distributed a bot through D2JSP that would fill the website with items. From there, Taulborg would put up the items for sale and watch the money come in.
Enough people downloaded the bot to affect Diablo II leaderboards and player-versus-player (PvP) matches. Not only did bots devalue the game’s Ladder system, but they also took away some of the feelings of playing with others. What’s the point of playing when you’re likely to encounter bots that grabbed all the items on a map before you could get to them?
Things got to the point where bot lobbies were easy to come by. Bots in these lobbies could teleport to bosses on a map and clear them in a matter of minutes, with users able to party up with bots. To this day, you can still join bot lobbies and automatically get waypoints, for example.
What’s Blizzard Doing Differently in Diablo II: Resurrected?
The Diablo 3 Auction House
When publisher Activision-Blizzard announced Diablo II: Resurrected earlier in 2021, people were understandably excited. The original was a critical and commercial success, so revisiting the game with a new coat of paint would excite any Diablo II fan.
Then again, the issue of bots understandably created some concern. During the Diablo Q&A panel at BlizzConline in February 2021, principal designer Rob Gallerani addressed the issue head-on.
During the panel, Gallerani confirmed Diablo II: Resurrected will use instead of its own online tool. Gallerani admitted that bots would not completely go away, but using will significantly cut down issues prevalent in the original Diablo II. These issues include the aforementioned bots, item duping, and even toxic in-game behavior.
Gallerani also confirmed Diablo II: Resurrected will make some changes to how player trading will work. The game will let you link items to other people in chat. This should make the process of putting your gear on the market much easier and smoother than before. This should also encourage more in-game trading instead of relying on websites like D2JSP.
The game will also let you compare items for trade with what your character currently has equipped. This should help cut down the number of purchases made because a player thought a specific item was better than the one their character has.
Although Gallerani didn’t mention ban waves, Activision-Blizzard uses them to control the influxes of bot use in its games. Why ban one account after another when you can ban a swath of them in one go and use fewer resources in the process.
Ban waves can be effective, but they’re not a perfect solution.
Bot users can use online trading posts to repurchase the game at a lower price using Forum Gold and the money they’ve collected. From there, bot users can create a new account or acquire a new serial number. In that sense, banning bot accounts can be a cat-and-mouse game at times.
We’ve already seen this happen with World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Call of Duty titles. All three series also use, so the same circumvention strategy has been observable across the board over the years.
Lastly, Activision-Blizzard attempted to have its own in-game trading area in the form of Diablo III‘s Real Money Auction House (RMAH). The idea was to allow players to profit off of sales of in-game items directly. Activision-Blizzard would receive a slice of the sale, meaning all parties would benefit.
Unfortunately, the RMAH eventually became dominated by bots. More significantly, it quickly became a pay-to-win mechanic for players not wanting to grind for loot. Given all of these issues, Activision-Blizzard shuttered the RMAH only months after its release.
There Isn’t a Perfect Solution
Would I like to see people lose money for using bots? Yes, it would be a fitting punishment. Then again, tracking down each offending account and issuing financial penalties would be time- and resource-consuming on Activision-Blizzard’s part.
Unfortunately, there isn’t one perfect solution for bots. If that’s enough to make you uneasy about buying and playing Diablo II: Resurrected when it comes out, I won’t blame you.
I’m not convinced that in-game efforts with the new trade-focused chat system will work, but that’s because of my years of experience dealing with bots in Diablo II. That said, it’s too early to know if Activision-Blizzard’s efforts will pay off in Diablo II: Resurrected.
Here’s hoping the black market forums and bots don’t ruin the game’s experience like it ruined Diablo II.
First D2R map hack BAN SAFE - Diablo 3 Games Guide

First D2R map hack BAN SAFE – Diablo 3 Games Guide

I’ve developed the first working map hack for Diablo 2 can NOT be banned for using my maphack. However, as you will see, I use a strange approach for this to work…​​Both Diablo 2 and Resurrected use “map seeds”. You may already know map seeds from strategy games. It is a rather small number which is used to generate a map layout. Using the same map seed will always generate the same map. This means that maps in Diablo 2 are actually not random. The map seed number is random, but the map is always the same if you use the same map you enter a game with your Diablo 2 character, the game will generate a new random map seed. (The only exception is singleplayer iff you do not switch difficulty. ) The map seed is saved locally, even when you play on BattleNet, meaning that the hack works for every game mode and for online too. A little program reads the map seed from the character save file (not from the game itself) and stores the map seed to another file. I transfer the file over the network to another PC to be safe from Warden. On this other PC I run the original Diablo 2 singleplayer, the botting program “Kolbot” (which comes with a maphack) and a special script. The script listens for the transfered file containing the map seed. Whenever a new map seed arrives, the map seed is injected into the running Diablo 2. This causes a new game to use the same map seed. This means that your Diablo 2 singleplayer map looks exactly the same like your D2 Resurrected map. Be aware that this is only true for the map layout. Monster position is still pseudo-randomly generated! Anyway, the Kolbot script reveals the map, shrines and some containers (for example if you are farming white/grey items in the tower). I also coded a program with an UI to input a map ID, for example “23”. The program then tells a Kolbot character to travel to that area. I use a char created with Hero Editor to have max cast speed and run speed with this “traveler” char. This is necessary to reveal maps fast while you are playing D2 after everything is configured, this is how you would use it:Join a game with your D2R char. set the map where your bot char shoud travel to see the revealed map in Kolbot-D2 Play D2R Maybe this sounds complicated, but its actually very easy. ​​The great advantage for this approach is that you can not be banned from using it because the only software which actually runs on the same PC as D2R is the program which just reads the save file. You can not be banned for reading a game file! ​​The maphack is fully working. However it is not ready for release because there is a lot of stuff which would need manual configuration and documentation. I wrote this tool to get to hell asap and to farm keys as fast as possible. You probably know the pain to find the summoner…Depending on how many people are actually interested in this, I will consider releasing a public Original link © Post “First D2R map hack BAN SAFE” for game Diablo 3. Top 35 NEW PC Games of 2021Looking for games to play on PC? Here are all of the new PC games to pay attention to throughout 2021. Top 20 NEW PS4 Games of 2021PlayStation 4 game releases aren’t slowing down in 2021. Here’s everything worth looking forward to.

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Can you still bot Diablo 2?

Enough people downloaded the bot to affect Diablo II leaderboards and player-versus-player (PvP) matches. Not only did bots devalue the game’s Ladder system, but they also took away some of the feelings of playing with others. … To this day, you can still join bot lobbies and automatically get waypoints, for example.Jul 9, 2021

Does Kolbot work on d2r?

On this other PC I run the original Diablo 2 singleplayer, the botting program “Kolbot” (which comes with a maphack) and a special script. … This means that your Diablo 2 singleplayer map looks exactly the same like your D2 Resurrected map. Be aware that this is only true for the map layout.Sep 17, 2021

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