• November 15, 2022

Cannot Access Blocks Outside Of The World

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/clone Command Help (Help Needed, Not Given) : r/Minecraft

The chunks will be loaded if they’re within your view distance or within the worldspawn’s view distance (“spawn chunks”). All other chunks are unloaded and can’t be accessed by you use the spread players code on an entity you can send it somewhere and the game will load the area (because “spreadplayers” assumes you’re using it on a player). But it will only stay loaded for a second or so. I haven’t playtested it properly, so no you can change where the worldspawn is with “/setworldspawn”, with or without coordinates (without puts it at your feet). If you put it somewhere unloaded it won’t load the area until you restart the world.

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“Cannot place blocks outside of the world” Help

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“Cannot place blocks outside of the world” Help
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May 24, 2016
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Hello everybody. a few friends and I are making a server, and we are having a zone for players to do whatever they want in. We are using barriers to keep this inside. I am using a script that I wrote in AutoIt to place the barriers simply because it is easier than doing it by hand. If you are curious about the script, here it is
If WinExists(“C:\Windows\system32\”) Then //Checks if the defined window exists

Frequently Asked Questions about cannot access blocks outside of the world

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