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By Proxy Meaning

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DO SOMETHING BY PROXY (phrase) definition and synonyms

Open Dictionary
1if you do something by proxy, someone else does it for youSynonyms and related wordsTo not act, or to not do somethingbotherabstainneglect…
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​American definition and synonyms of do something by proxy from the online English dictionary from Macmillan is the American English definition of do something by British English definition of do something by your default dictionary to British also main entry: proxy​See also main entry: proxy​
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How to use “by proxy” in a sentence – WordHippo

Sentence Examples
She told me that I would have to vote by proxy, nominating one of my parents to vote for me in their riding.
Disregard the time-change madness and consider their Action Driver labelmates, and Thunderbirds almost begin to sound different by proxy.
It is no surprise then, that Mr Howard today met constituents in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, keeping the campaigning by proxy in full swing.
She was said to be suffering from factitious illness by proxy, a disorder previously referred to as Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy.
The voting was 85, 945 in favour and 125, 870 against, with most of the votes being cast by proxy.
For example, the House of Delegates met and voted by proxy on the AORN Position Statement on Correct Site Surgery in February.
It is common for great powers to try to fight wars by proxy, getting smaller powers to fight for their interests.
In turn they are funders by proxy, having been delegated by the Arts Council to allocate lottery funding for film in Northern Ireland.
The first appeals by parents whose children were taken from them after medical experts diagnosed Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy began today.
There were fears about the Singapore government’s control by proxy of HKT if SingTel won the bidding.
A motion of adjournment was passed, on the ground that those voting by proxy had done so with incomplete information.
You may also vote by proxy, radio or satellite phone, special ballot or during the mobile poll.
Notice of each meeting shall remind the Members that they have the right to vote by proxy.
This system of direct rule by proxy enraged the Unionist right and eventually unleashed a downward spiral of loyalist reaction and republican assertiveness.
Instead, they fought by proxy, like cold war superpowers trapped inside the so-called prudential building.
She’s shaped the way we think about food, the way we treat the people who cook it, and, by proxy, the way it’s marketed from the barrow boys to supermarkets.
Under the current system foreigners can only buy Gazprom’s stock by proxy, through American depositary receipts that trade at a premium and are equal to 10 domestic shares.
Mart argues that our conception of factitious disorder by proxy derives from case studies rather than from scientific testing and that it should not be legally recognized.
Feldman is a nationally known expert in the areas of factitious disorders, Munchausen by proxy and malingering, having written three books on these subjects.
People who intentionally hurt children for attention can be accused of Munchausen Syndrome by proxy.
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What is the meaning of “she’s loving by proxy”? – Question about English …

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Frequently Asked Questions about by proxy meaning

How do you use by proxy?

Now, professor, I am ready to do the cooking, but I have a fancy for doing it by proxy. Hasty preparations were made, and the marriage was solemnised by proxy. For that reason they told us she never visited a close-stool but by proxy. Here the ceremony of marriage by proxy was to be solemnized.

What does loving by proxy mean?

If someone is a proxy, they are standing in for the usual/real person. Doing something “by proxy” means you are doing it in an indirect way. To be honest, even as a native speaker I have to stop and think about this word sometimes. See a translation.Jan 14, 2021

What is proxy example?

Some proxy servers are a group of applications or servers that block common internet services. For example, an HTTP proxy intercepts web access, and an SMTP proxy intercepts email. A proxy server uses a network addressing scheme to present one organization-wide IP address to the internet.Nov 15, 2018

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