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“Good service! It’s nice to have a 3rd party handling the transfer, but you’ll have to stay on top of it to make sure you let the Escrow team know if you’re having any problems with the Seller. If you do, the Escrow team will resolve it. I’d recommend the service because it is the safest way I’ve found to buy an Instagram account, and I’ve purchased more than one account at reasonable prices. ”
Jan 14, 2020
“The best place to sell instagram account, I was shocked people would try to scam me and than I found Fameswap where I already got my money and the buyer got my IG account, really recommend using their service, keep it up Fameswap ✊”
Jan 12, 2020
“I recently sold my Instagram account with over 80k followers on Fameswap. It was very simple and easy and most importantly safe for both sides, buyer and seller. Everything was great and the whole process took about 5 days. I recommend using Fameswap, because it is safe and easy. Definitely will be using Fameswap again. ”
Dec 30, 2019
“Used Fameswap to purchase 8 accounts with over 2m followers so far. Their marketplace is key to growing our publishing business. Fameswap team is knowledgable, trustworty and we never have issues with their service. ”
Jul 15, 2019
“I’ve been using Fameswap since 2017, an excellent site for selling Instagram accounts. Fast and responsive support and excellent escrow service. Already sold 7 accounts through escrow, there were no problems. ”
Aug 8, 2019
“Fame Swap is an amazing platform, this is my second time that im selling my Instagram page with a great profit. ”
Nov 21, 2019
“Great service, the team worked very well and fast in order to assure the escrow is completed and the money was sent immediately. Highly recommend. ”
Dec 13, 2019
“I have been scammed out of a lot of money in the past with purchasing instagram accounts and I have to say I was not worried at all with Fameswap. They have incredibly professional customer service and they helped me out along the buying process. Overall, I had a great experience with Fameswap and I’m definitely going to use their service again. ”
Oct 30, 2019
“FameSwap made it easy and worry-free to transfer my account. I used their Escrow system so they handled everything! They paid out in a timely manner, and everything was hassle free. If you have an account sitting around that you’re not using and want to turn it into cash, definitely use this service. ”
Nov 30, 2019
“If you are looking to securely transact and exchange an account then Fameswap is excellent. They have a secure escrow service that protects both the buyer and the seller. Upon receiving the login info to the account that I was buying escrow emailed me that the seller was in a geo location (risky location) & told me this is where scammers typically are located. They told me to secure the account and make sure I changed password and verified 2-step authorization. The seller was very helpful as well because he emailed me and answered all the questions I had regarding the account and analytics. I would really recommend Fameswap as they try their best to make sure you are not scammed. ”
Nov 14, 2019
Is it Legal to Sell Instagram Accounts? - BuySellShoutouts

Is it Legal to Sell Instagram Accounts? – BuySellShoutouts

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a social media platform owned that enables users to share photos and videos with their followers for free. Instagram shares many features with Facebook pages, but it is mainly an image and video social network. It is available on computers, tablets, and smartphones through a browser or the app. Instagram accounts are created and registered within the Instagram platform by linking them to an email address, your login username. When registering an Instagram account, users can also connect it to their phone number to keep the account safe and secure. For additional safety and security, Instagram users are encouraged to add extra protection to their accounts, including SMS codes sent to the registered phone number and two-factor authentication. When a user posts a photo or video on Instagram, other users can comment, share, like, and send a direct message to the user. Suppose a user enjoys a particular Instagram account. In that case, they can follow it to stay updated with the posted content and receive notifications when anything new is published. When a popular Instagram account publishes a post, it will often receive thousands of likes within a few minutes. Instagram’s Story feature allows users to quickly post photos or videos of their everyday activities to keep their followers updated. An Instagram story is essentially a copycat of the Snapchat platform, where a series of short videos become a “story. ” These videos or photos delete automatically after 24 hours. Other Instagram users can reply directly to these Stories. Another feature of Instagram is direct messages. A direct message is precisely what it sounds like: a message sent directly and privately from one user to another user’s inbox. This is an excellent way for a user to ask business questions regarding a product. It is also helpful for a business to increase its conversion rate by providing support through direct messages (DMs) on the Instagram platform. Buy Instagram Accounts to Gain Instant Fame  Buy Instagram Accounts to Gain Instant Fame  But Is It Legal to Sell Instagram Accounts? Why Should I Buy an Instagram Account? How Do I Know that the Followers are Real and Not Fake Accounts? Are There Any Limitations to the Changes I Can Make to the Account I Buy? How Much is My Instagram Account Worth? How do I Sell my Instagram Page? You may have heard quite a lot about the buying and selling of Instagram accounts. Indeed, people do sell Instagram accounts for a good amount of money. It has become a popular purchase among marketers and one of the most popular ways to gain instant FAME. And given that an Instagram account can immensely boost the visibility and following of the user, what a great idea. Some people find the idea of creating personal accounts intimidating. In that case, buying an account is perfect for them. Personal accounts are the most common type of properties available. But Is It Legal to Sell Instagram Accounts? The question that remains is whether or not it is legal to sell Instagram accounts. There are no laws that prohibit the buying and selling of any social media accounts. When a user signs up to Instagram, the first clause in the Terms of Use outlines that the account holder is solely responsible for all his or her account activities. It also states that they agree that they will not assign, license, transfer or sell their account, username, and followers to any other person. Also, no one, except businesses and people who have the authority to create Instagram accounts for their employees, has permission to create accounts for others. So when you sign up for Instagram, you agree not to sell your account, but the Terms of Service violation is not subject to any form of a legal breach. Therefore, even if you go ahead and sell your account, you will not be violating any government laws to our knowledge. Still, be careful when you sell accounts, as there are scammers out there. Why Should I Buy an Instagram Account? Buy an Instagram account in your niche with real followers to gain an instant and authentic audience with your target audience or target market for your online store or any other type of small businesses. Purchasing a high-quality account can save you the time and hard work it takes to create a following with real Instagram followers. You may have a blog post or new products to promote and want an Instagram Business Profile so you can utilize Instagram Stories and create an Instagram Shopping e-commerce store. Shoppers want easy access to your product catalog. The smartest business owners and entrepreneurs use Instagram not only to promote their products, but also to sell them directly to customers using third-party apps like Like2Buy. How Do I Know that the Followers are Real and Not Fake Accounts? To check if an Instagram user is genuine, simply DM Instagram followers to see if they respond. You can also look closely at your various follower accounts to see if they are actively posting and check out their activity. Check to see if your account’s followers like posts. If you know the number of likes exceeds 10% of the follower counts, then you may have reason to be suspicious. If the accounts that like a post are not following said account, the account may be receiving purchased Likes or fake Instagram users and not real people. Suppose the account’s followers are not liking and commenting on posts. In that case, it is highly probable the followers were purchased or are Fake. Are There Any Limitations to the Changes I Can Make to the Account I Buy? There are virtually no limitations to the changes you can make to an Instagram account. The first changes you must make are changing the login credentials: passwordemail address (but make sure you keep the original email address and password as Instagram may ask you to verify your account)phone number. If it is a business account, you will be required to connect it to your Facebook Shop. Instagram Business Accounts must always be linked to Facebook Pages. The next step is to optimize your Instagram profile: the most straightforward way to gain search visibility. Use keywords that best describe your page, niche, and objective so that real people can find you in Instagram search. The Bio is the most critical aspect of your account because it is the first thing users see and the main reason people will find you. Please do not include any personal information in your Bio as it can be used against you. You can delete all posts and start from scratch but make sure you use relevant content that could lose your actual audience. How Much is My Instagram Account Worth? When determining the value of the account, a fixed standard pricing method does not work. The price depends entirely upon the number of followers and the quality of followers, the niche, and most importantly, the engagement within the account – are followers active? Accounts with active followers that comment and like in full sentences get the most value. Lots of comments only using Emoji’s don’t add much value to engagement Conversely, accounts with fake likes and comments are essentially worthless as they offer no value – the audience is artificial. It is not wise to rush into a purchase when someone announces to sell an Instagram account. Often, scammers build accounts with fake followers, likes, and comments on accounts created only to sell them. Be careful and work with reputable businesses like How do I Sell my Instagram Page? Although many marketers have bought accounts to increase their marketing visibility, sales are completed using PayPal to ensure that no one is scammed. Never use a payment method like Western Union or wire transfer unless you use a third-party escrow service. A professional escrow service manages the transaction to protect both the buyer and seller. When you communicate with a seller via direct message, be careful if you are not buying from a legitimate website. Often scammers will communicate from a different Instagram account than the account they are trying to sell. Please make sure you get them to DM you from the account they are selling to prove they own it. When a user makes the decision to sell Instagram account (and proved he owns it), he can contact Get the seller to upload a new post. Start by having the seller DM you the image they intend to post and then get them to upload it. This post proves they have control of the account. Also, look through the Instagram Posts and look for posts that may not be their own. In other words, you need to look for copyright infringement. Some people repost content without providing attribution or crediting the owner. Copyright Infringement is another phrase for content theft and grounds for Instagram to suspend an account. It would be best if you credited the owner in this case. When a user decides to sell an Instagram account (and proves they own it), they can contact The site will make payment to the user once the user provides the account credentials. The agreed price is paid through PayPal, ideally using a Paypal invoice that clearly outlines the details of the purchase. These details should include the Instagram username, the timing for the credentials transfer, and what happens if the account cannot be transferred due to technical problems. This can happen, and we have had rare instances when we have had to refund the buyer – we guarantee delivery. The entire process requires complete verification of the buyer. The new owner will then use these accounts to advertise or promote their products or services through their new business Instagram account!
This 23-year-old has made $120,000 buying and selling ...

This 23-year-old has made $120,000 buying and selling …

To flip a house, you buy cheap, add some value, and resell fast. The same can be done on are purchasing Instagram pages, growing their followings, and then reselling them at a higher price for profit. Buying and selling accounts violates Instagram’s terms of use. But some of these users, like 23-year-old Ramy Halloun, have made flipping Instagram
-4. 89%
pages their full-time career.
“Users who are found to have bought or sold accounts risk getting banned from the platform. ”
Halloun runs the website TooFame. It’s a registered business that sells accounts. He’s sold more than 1, 200 pages and said he makes over $30, 000 annually from the business. Thus far, he’s made a total of $120, 000. “I started selling accounts five years ago, ” he said. “I created a fashion Instagram page because I like fashion. People followed it, and then I sold it for $30. ” Soon after he sold his fashion page, he found several Reddit forums where other users were trying to sell their accounts. He realized he could make some money. “I started making more accounts and reselling other accounts until I made a formal business, ” Halloun told MarketWatch. Read MarketWatch’s Moneyist advice column on the etiquette and ethics of your financial affairs. This week: ‘My children’s stepmother won’t return family heirlooms and gifts they gave their late father — how can we get them back? ’Only ‘theme’ accounts can be bought and sold TooFame, and similar websites like Swapd and FameSwap, generally sell “niche” or “theme” accounts. Personal Instagram pages (whether it’s your own or Kendall Jenner’s) post photos of the owner or photos taken by the owner. This type of content cannot be replicated by a new owner, so these accounts typically cannot be traded. Theme pages, on the other hand, repost other users’ content. “With a theme page, it doesn’t really matter who the owner is since people are following the page for content relating to the theme of the account, ” said Vlad Biaheza, an 18-year-old YouTuber and social-media marketer who has flipped a number of theme accounts. For instance, a page filled with pictures and videos of popular tourism spots — with a travel-related handle — is easily tradeable because anyone could upload the content on the page. Similar pages exist in fashion, beauty, fitness, and more. For trading and flipping, these accounts are where the money is. What makes an Instagram account valuable Instagram accounts with large followings are ultimately valuable because of their ability to sell ads and shoutouts. Companies pay Instagrammers to promote their products and, in some cases, other users pay for their personal pages to be promoted. Sponsored posts are the primary source of income for a lot of Instagram influencers, and those running theme pages can make thousands a month as well by selling products and shoutouts. But accounts with the same follower count are not necessarily worth the same. The value comes largely from the engagement posts receive, Werner Geyser, the founder of Influencer Marketing Hub, said. High engagement means a high percentage of an account’s followers like and comment on its photos. That gives an account value. “It also matters how active the followers are on Instagram, how often they’re interacting with the account, and also where they’re based or what they’re interested in. That’s going to determine how many followers buy products advertised on the page, ” Geyser said. A cautionary note: Accounts with an unusually high following may also have thousands of “fake followers. ” Users can purchase Instagram followers and likes online. In 2018 alone, this industry generated $15 million in revenue, according to Geyser. But Instagram is taking steps to remove these “fake followers” (essentially robots) from its platform. Geyser calls such accounts “junk. ” Halloun says all of the accounts listed for sale on TooFame have real followings. He told MarketWatch he uses the service Hype Auditor to verify the authenticity of the accounts he follows. “I even go to all of the profiles personally and look through the comments to make sure they are from real people, ” Halloun said.
“‘I bought [one account] when it had 40, 000 followers. The page ended up growing to 863, 000 followers within a year and is now worth around $10, 000. ’”
So how much are accounts with real followings and high engagement worth? While the most Halloun has made from selling an individual account is $2, 400, others are bringing in much more. Biaheza has sold most of the accounts that he’s bought. But he’s held onto one that he got for $300. “I bought it when it had 40, 000 followers. The page ended up growing to 863, 000 followers within a year and is now worth around $10, 000, ” he said. “Although I received offers for it, I am choosing not to sell it since I am making a lot more on it through selling products on it. ” Some accounts listed for sale on FameSwap are going for as much $17, 000. These accounts have nearly 1 million followers and tout high engagement. FameSwap hides their full usernames to protect the accounts and their owners. Users who are found to have bought or sold accounts risk getting banned from the platform. Geyser says he hasn’t seen this policy enforced often and suggests one reason may be that popular pages that are traded often help Instagram bring in additional ad revenue. However, Instagram has said it’s removed accounts that have been bought and sold. How can you do it? “My strategy was to find niche accounts around with around 20, 000 to 50, 000 followers on Instagram and just simply DM them asking if they were interested in selling, ” Biaheza said. “The biggest indicator that an account is worth buying is whether the followers of the account are active or not. You can tell if they are based on how many likes and comments a page is getting compared to its followers. ” Once he had an account, Biaheza would change the username to “something memorable and catchy, ” update the bio, and begin posting what he calls “viral content” (photos and videos that will catch attention) related to the account’s theme. “Posting this type of content leads to your page receiving a lot of exposure, which translates into followers, ” he told MarketWatch. After building a following, he resold most of the accounts at a higher price. Bans, scams, and other risks Buying and selling accounts may seem like a good idea, especially if some dealers are bringing in tens of thousands of dollars from it annually. But it comes with risks. For one, the practice violates Instagram’s terms of use.
“‘The account can essentially be kicked off at any time for violating Instagram’s terms of service. That seems like a terrible investment and a big gamble to take that makes no logical business sense. ’”
“Why would you want to build something on top of a pre-purchased Instagram account? ” Social media expert Kris Ruby asks. “The account can essentially be kicked off at any time for violating Instagram’s terms of service. ” Beyond risking a ban from the platform, users who buy and sell accounts also risk getting scammed. “There may be no true engagement on the account you buy, and then you’ve wasted your money, ” Geyser said. Or you may pay a seller for an account and never receive the log-in information. Most Instagram account sales occur through PayPal
-3. 64%.
To avoid getting scammed, Biaheza recommends using the “Goods and Services” function on PayPal that allows buyers to dispute a payment. But regardless of what you do to prevent fraud, it’s always going to be a risky game. “We try to stay away from it, ” Geyser said. “I do not recommend buying and selling accounts. ”

Frequently Asked Questions about buy and sell instagram accounts

Is it legal to sell Instagram accounts?

There are no laws that prohibit the buying and selling of any social media accounts.

Can you buy and sell Instagram accounts?

The same can be done on Instagram. Users are purchasing Instagram pages, growing their followings, and then reselling them at a higher price for profit. Buying and selling accounts violates Instagram’s terms of use. … Users who are found to have bought or sold accounts risk getting banned from the platform.Sep 2, 2019

How much is a 100K Instagram account worth?

100K Instagram account is worth $700–$900.Dec 29, 2020

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