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How to change proxy setting in Chrome?
As in many other cases, your first step would be to find Chrome settings, which location is on the top right’s angle of the three dots figure. Scroll down and choose the “Advanced” button, then search for “Open proxy setting. ” Here, in accordance with the situation, you can either delete the proxy or click on these proxy settings and configure them on your computer. The second option would be to google for browser proxy extensions and implement one of them on your browser.
How do proxy servers work?
A proxy server is a PC with its own one-of-a-kind IP address, to which your web requests go first. For the usage of the internet, an IP address is required. It’s always granted to your computer or other device based on the home address. Such IPs are known as residential ones. When you go searching for anything on the web, a proxy server, as a mediator, is the first one to get your requests. After that, the server finds the info needed and gives it back to you, the user. But the residential IP address has its own certain restrictions, such as geographical ones, which will not allow you to visit some websites that are frozen in your region. In order to overcome this problem, other types of proxies are used.
What is a good proxy speed?
Proxy speed is a number that shows if Proxy responds quickly. The less this number is, the better is the provider. A good Proxy speed is less than one second (it is usually mentioned in milliseconds). For instance, one of the fastest services has a speed of 36 Ms. If you are looking for a Proxy with the highest speed, we recommend choosing a datacenter type. Moreover, it is better to use private Proxies. When the server is not overcrowded with users working simultaneously, it will respond faster.
What is an elite proxy?
Elite proxy is the leading high-speed server with minimal ping. Such servers guarantee the client the maximum level of protection against hacker attacks and the security of the Internet. The use of an elite proxy is the most advanced level of protection because such a proxy can maximally ensure the security of Internet users. It means that there will be no signs of using a proxy server in the network, and it will be impossible to find out your IP address.
How to test a proxy connection?
You may want to check the proxy connection for many reasons. You may be having access issues and need to replace or disable your proxy. Although using such a server provides anonymity and security on the network, some sites may block access to computers using this method.
The testing method will differ depending on which system your gadget is running on. It will also be important which browser you are using. Although, in general, the actions are about the same. You need to launch the web application and open the settings or tools. Next, you need to find Options and click on the tab called Advanced or Connections. There you will see proxy settings.
How to set up a proxy?
Our instructions and your steps will depend on the OS and the browser you use, as different systems have different rules. Windows 10 users simply need to press the key combination Windows + I and click on Network & Internet — proxy settings are easy to detect. The directions are quite clear. For manual setup, users will have to ask IT staff for the necessary information (IP address and port code).
Those who want to change the default proxy settings in Google Chrome are to open the browser’s menu (in the upper right corner) and find the Settings option. At the bottom of the display, there is the System section. Mind that if you click the button related to proxy settings, you will be transferred to your OS proxy settings window. The manipulations are pretty similar for all systems and browsers. If you find the Settings button, you are likely to complete the task without further instructions.
What is a Web proxy?
A web proxy is a technology that acts as a mediator between you and a server you want to access. For example, it receives your request to enter a site, searches it through a search engine, and afterward sends you results allowing you to enter this page through the IP address of a proxy. As a result, scrolling a web page while using a proxy allows you to remain anonymous because the host can not see your IP address but only the IP address of a proxy server that could be on the other side of the world.
How to check proxy settings?
If you want to know more about your current proxy settings, follow this simple set of instructions. Find the Settings or a Control Panel and proceed to get to the Internet Options menu. Choose the Connections therein, which will lead you to LAN settings. Look at the info presented and apply any modifications you believe are necessary.
What should my proxy settings be on Mac?
The proxy setting on Mac that are necessary for you would depend on your aim and on the demands of a network. But to turn on the proxy server, you need to follow seven easy steps:
1. Go to the network panel icon
2. Click on the network you want to connect to
3. Click Advanced setting
4. Select proxies
5. Enter PAC file
6. Select a proxy server
7. Depending on a network, chose to exclude simple hostnames.
What is proxy arp?
Let’s start by understanding what an ARP is — a protocol used for finding the lowest layers of the Internet protocol, such as MAC addresses, that are connected with their own internet layers. Proxy ARP, in that case, transfers ARP responses (which can be a MAC address) taken from one part of the network to another. This is usually done by routers that can deliver ARP responses from point A to point B.
How to use a proxy in Opera?
In this age, it is very important to follow the rules of using security on the network. One of these ways can be the use of a proxy, which acts as a filtering intermediary between you and the web. When applying such a server, you can not only gain access to content banned in your region but also increase your anonymity and protection on the network. To do this, you require to buy or find free proxies. After that, it is highly advisable to test them utilizing available free tools such as an IP checker. Then you can add them to Opera settings. Open your browser settings and tap Advanced (it will be on the left), then go to the Browser. Find the System tab and go to the proxy settings.
How to configure tor proxy?
“Tor Proxy requires a pretty standard set of manipulations done to get it configured.
Begin by finding Preferences, which will lead you to the Network Settings window. Choose Configure Proxy to apply manual modifications. Change the numbers in the Host and Port lines to the ones you consider preferable. Once the procedure is finished, don’t forget to press Save and see whether the new settings satisfy you. ”
What is proxy tunnelling?
Proxy servers, tunneling, and other elements help to access any information on the Internet. Another function of such components is to protect your info, the network, and your computer from viruses, hacking, and unauthorized entry. As for proxy tunneling, this component transmits data from a private network and protocol over a public connection. The formula for such a system is simple: HTTP tunneling transmits a low-level protocol using a high-level one. Proxy tunneling provides a connection with a specific website, and that’s why the user gets access.
What is an proxy?
HTTP proxy is a filtering server. Its function is to filter unwanted or hazardous data traffic for a safer internet connection. HTTP proxies block any suspicious data that may do damage to the client’s operating system. Users choose HTTP proxies for several reasons, including certain content restrictions based on specified conditions, filtering incoming content, suspicious download blocking (a proxy will not let you download files of unique types), etc. As a filtering buffer zone between a client’s computer and external servers, an HTTP proxy processes the incoming data, searching for any potentially hazardous content before sending traffic to the receiving computer.
How to use a proxy?
You may want to use a proxy on your gadget if you are worried about anonymity and security on the network or if you want to access blocked content (for instance, YouTube videos). To do this, you must first find trusted proxies. You can use free ones or contact the seller. It will not be superfluous to test them before using them; for this, there are special free tools. Then you need to modify the network settings in your browser. To do this, you need to find the network settings section in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or other) and insert the proxy address in the appropriate line. After saving all the changes, you can enjoy the content.
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F. A. Q.
How to set up a proxy?
People often use a proxy server to protect their unique IP address, ensure network security, and gain access outside of the local connection. In this regard, you need to be able to configure the proxy correctly. To change the data, go to the settings menu and go to the desired section (usually, it is the “Network and Internet” item). Following the prompts of the browser itself and the operating system, choose the desired proxy server and change its data. You need to enter the user’s username and password. In general, different browsers have their own rules for configuring servers, but they are more similar.
How to make your own residential proxies?
The proxy market has been expanding faster and faster, which means that proxies are in demand among private entrepreneurship. There are residential and data center distinctive types. You may use these elements to encrypt your IP address.
To make such proxies in the macOS, go to the server configuration. If you have Windows, search the Internet for software (Potty, Raspberry Pi). Through these proxy networks, you need to enter your IP address and password. This way, you will get access to the system. For instance, after downloading the Raspberry Pi, you need to enable SSH. Next, install 3proxy and enter the necessary commands according to the tutorial. Wait for the installation and remember all new data.
What is a sneaker proxy?
Sneaker proxies are created for fashionistas that are shoe-hunting on the internet. What they do is create multiple various IP addresses for a user so that he or she would be able to visit the same web page looking like different people every time. Sneaker proxies come in handy when you are looking for very rare designs of shoes, which get bought with lightning speed, or you need to buy more than one pair of a particular kind of footwear.
What is a proxy script?
To know what a proxy script is, you need to know how it works. The proxy script is often referred to as the PAC (Proxy Auto-Configuration) system that is assembled to most modern web browsers. This system will automatically search for a more appropriate proxy server and will change the proxy settings of your browser to improve the connection. This algorithm contains a JavaScript function that changes the access method for different resources. That is why the PAC system is also known as proxy script.
How to set up a proxy server on windows 10?
The Windows 10 operating system already automatically configures the proxy of each network user. However, if you use a network of a business company, you need to update the settings yourself.
Firstly, select the settings menu and the option to change network and Internet-related parameters. Secondly, in this section, enable the option for using the installation script. Finally, enter the address and save the data. You may also enter the IP address and port code to update the server settings by following similar steps.
How to disable a proxy server in firefox?
Mozilla Firefox is one of the fastest and most convenient browsers to use. It is pretty simple to turn off the proxy server there in case you necessitate that. Begin by clicking on Tools that will lead you to the Options window. Among others, select Advanced.
Once you’ve opened up this menu, get to the Network section, and change using the proxy to disabling it in the Connection Settings tab. Save the new configuration and see whether that helped.
How to make proxies?
Proxy servers serve as additional protection between your PC and the Internet. There definitely are some reliable ones, but what can be more trustworthy than the proxy you’ve created yourself? Here is how you can make it:
Begin by locating the server for your IPs. After you’ve made your decision, download Putty, open it, and enter the hostname. Go to the terminal box where you’ll write «root» thereafter. Create a password (or two), and install a wget on your server. That’s it!
How to change proxy settings?
Proxies act as a special Internet intermediary between you with your requests and sites and programs. You may want and have the opportunity to make changes to the proxy settings independently. This is usually done by those for whom anonymity and safety on the network are important. The steps to change the settings depend not only on the browser you are using but also on the system on which your gadget is running. Although, to be honest, the method is always about the same. You need to open the application and go to the network settings page. There you find proxy settings and make any necessary changes. After that, save the entered data and continue working.
What is an email proxy?
An email proxy (or mailbox proxy) is a technology that allows you to have access from multiple computers or other devices to one email address. This type of proxy is especially useful to enterprises with their own email because it makes able for multiple workers to work with the email address. Moreover, this technology can perform other functions such as spam filtering, virus scanning, file size blocking. These functions are also very helpful for a company email because they allow doing all the necessary checks in one place, which decreases spendings on monitoring of digital ecosystem.
What are proxies in java?
The proxy is a piece of software design paradigm in the Java programming language. In its most basic form, a proxy is a shell interface that contains something else. Be it a network connection, a big file in memory, or some other hard to reproduce or expensive resource might all be represented by the proxy. In a nutshell, a proxy is an agent object which is used by the client to gain access to the true serving object in the background. It can be used to send data to the underlying object or to offer extra functionality.
What are socks proxies?
SOCKS proxies, or Socket Secure, are the kind of proxies that can trade formatted units of information or network packets among a user and a server via proxies servers. SOCKS5 proxy is currently the most popular one on the market. Another type of proxies is called HTTP, which are used when simple operations are needed, such as web requests that you are sending daily on the internet. SOCKS proxies are for more complex things, such as downloading something on your computer, holding video calls or conferences. HTTP proxies are also available for such tasks, but their speed will become significantly lower.
How to change proxy settings in windows 10?
Changing your proxy settings if you use a device based on Windows 10 is relatively easy. You just have to follow a couple of quick steps. At first, go to the Settings on your laptop or computer. There, you shall find the Network and Internet block. In this block, you will see the “Proxy” button that you shall click.
After this, you may choose whether you want to set up your proxy manually or automatically. The first option requires you to have additional data, while the second option will offer you certain scripts you can select.
What is an ssl proxy?
An SSL proxy works as a middleman between the Internet user and the target server, encrypting and decrypting data. The Secure Sockets Layer protocol encrypts data sent over the Internet.
By using a mix of secrecy, authentication, and integrity of data, it provides safe data transfer between the user and the website. Certificates and private key exchange are used in this proxy, ensuring a high level of security. This protocol’s authentication safeguards against fraudulent communications by allowing the browser to authenticate the webserver’s identity. It protects data secrecy by encrypting it, preventing unauthorized users from accessing it.
What is a proxy agent?
A proxy agent is a part of a proxy server’s system, which connects devices with the server itself and manages this device. You won’t notice this “agent” anywhere. For you, it is simply a proxy that is installed on your phone or computer. A proxy agent makes sure that the connection is good, the security of the device is working: basically, the proxy agent looks for any non-functioning elements. There’s even a range of agents for different purposes, such as SNMP, WINS, and DHCP.
What is a reverse proxy server?
A usual forward proxy is associated with protecting users’ IP addresses and web history. However, as we are talking about a reverse proxy server, this type of proxy still acts as a mediocre between people and web pages. Still, it protects not the user but the web servers and their information. So, when you make a web request on Google, reverse proxy will protect the server’s privacy and will not let you go to it directly. A reverse proxy can also create a simple HTTP authentification of the pages where there is no such thing.
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BlueBox - Gentoo Wiki

BlueBox – Gentoo Wiki

Article status
This article needs wikification.
This article has some todo items:
Configuring a Dialplan
BlueBox is a web based PHP configuration and management GUI for FreeSWITCH and Asterisk switching libraries. It supports multi-tenancy, skinning, and is completely open-source.
BlueBox can be used with database and file replication to scale up to thousands of registered devices and simultaneous phone calls. It can operate in the cloud or on the premise.
It originally developed from FreePBXv3.
The following two blogs on VOIP PBX useful may be useful:
freeSWITCH — which covers Asterisk+FreePBX, FreeSWITCH+BlueBox and FreeSWITCH+FusionPBX
FreeSWITCH Cookbook
Install the following prerequisites:
www-servers/apache-2. 2. 22-r1
dev-lang/php-5. 3. 13
dev-db/mysql-5. 1. 62-r1
Please first install FreeSWITCH following the FreeSWITCH Wiki
There are many USE options for FreeSwitch. Not all of them compile for me.
[TODO] — Add list here of which work and which don’t compile.
After installing FreeSWITCH, there is a post-installation message from portage that a backup of the default configuration files has been saved to: /usr/share/doc/freeswitch-9999/conf
But a “diff -r /etc/freeswitch /usr/share/doc/freeswitch-9999/conf” shows differences.
So I made my own copy:
root #cp -a /etc/freeswitch /etc/
root #ln -s /etc/ /opt/freeswitch/
Also, portage seems to install the freeswitch configuration directory twice:
once into /etc/freeswitch
and a second time into /etc/freeswitch/freeswitch
A “diff” for each file/folder in /etc/freeswitch/* and /etc/freeswitch/freeswitch/* shows no differences. Is this a mistake?
Double check FreeSWITCH permissions: — I think during BlueBox installation I may have done a “chown -R eeswitch /opt/freeswitch”.
If apache needs read access to /opt/freeswitch during BlueBox installation, the ownership/permissions need to be reset as follows or you cannot run freeswitch as user “freeswitch”:
CODE Changing ownership/permissionschown -R root:freeswitch “/etc/freeswitch”
chmod -R u=rwX, g=rX, o= “/etc/freeswitch”
# prefix
chown -R root:freeswitch “/opt/freeswitch”
chmod -R u=rwX, g=rX, o= “/opt/freeswitch”
# allow read access for things like building external modules
chmod -R u=rwx, g=rx, o=rx “/opt/freeswitch/”{lib*, bin, include}
chmod u=rwx, g=rx, o=rx “/opt/freeswitch”
# directories owned by the freeswitch user
for x in db run log cores storage recordings; do
chown -R freeswitch:freeswitch “/opt/freeswitch/${x}”
Also, the /etc/init. d/freeswitch script tries to change the pid file from the default for FreeSwitch from /opt/freeswitch/run/ to /var/run/
FreeSwitch insists on writing its pid to /opt/freeswitch/run/, but the Gentoo init script looks for the pid in /var/run/
So my solution is to change the init script:
CODE Updated init scriptstart() {
local OPTS
[ -n “${FREESWITCH_USER}”] && \
[ -n “${FREESWITCH_GROUP}”] && \
[ -n “${FREESWITCH_OPTS}”] && \
ebegin “Starting Freeswitch”
ulimit -s 240
start-stop-daemon –start –quiet –exec ${FREESWITCH_BIN} \
–pidfile /opt/freeswitch/run/ — -nc ${OPTS}
eend $? }
Web server
Install a web server such one of the following:
Apache — an efficient, extensible web server. It is one of the most popular web servers used the Internet.
nginx — a robust, small, high performance web server and reverse proxy server.
Install PHP.
Install a database backend such as:
Database setup
Setup the MySQL database:
mysql>CREATE USER ‘bluebox’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘bluebox’;
mysql>GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON bluebox. * TO ‘bluebox’@’localhost’;
mysql>SHOW GRANTS FOR [email protected];
If you make a mistake and need to start over:
mysql>REVOKE ALL PRIVILEGES, GRANT OPTION ON bluebox. * FROM ‘bluebox’@’localhost’;
mysql>DROP DATABASE bluebox;
Installing Bluebox
Adapted from Bluebox FreeSwitch install guide (CentOS v5. x, Freeswitch v1. 0. x, Bluebox).
Install BlueBox git source into top level root of web server:
root #cd /var/www/localhost/htdocs
root #chown -R freeswitch:freeswitch /var/www/localhost/htdocs/bluebox
root #cd /var/www/localhost/htdocs/bluebox
root #. /
When the install asks you for the web user name change default (“apache”) to “freeswitch” (without quotes). Everything else can remain at default (just repeatedly press Enter when it asks).
Increase the memory_limit for PHP:
root #sed -i ‘s/memory_limit = 32M/memory_limit = 128M/g’ /etc/php/apache2-php5. 3/
Restart apache:
root #/etc/init. d/apache2 restart
/opt/freeswitch/conf is a symlink to /etc/freeswitch.
Ownership on the configuration files will need changed to allow apache to make changes before the BlueBox configuration GUI can run:
root #chown -R eeswitch /etc/freeswitch
Browse to ” and run the installer. I went with the defaults but changed the password and email address for the administrator. I also unchecked the option for installing sample data.
I got a warning about conflicting files:
CODE ConflictsConflicting Files
Conflicting configuration files will be permanently erased if you continue!
I just continued.
After configuring BlueBox, my default configuration was as follows:
FILE /var/www/localhost/htdocs/bluebox/config/’type’ => ‘mysql’,
‘user’ => ‘bluebox’,
‘pass’ => ‘bluebox’,
‘host’ => ‘127. 1’,
‘port’ => ‘3306’,
‘socket’ => FALSE,
‘database’ => ‘bluebox’
You probably will want to change the password for the user “bluebox”.
Next edit /var/www/localhost/htdocs/bluebox/bluebox/config/ and disable the installer:
FILE /var/www/localhost/htdocs/bluebox/bluebox/config/pconfig[‘installer_enabled’] = FALSE;
Starting FreeSWITCH
There appears to be no man installation for FreeSWITCH. So use –help to get freeswitch command line options:
root #/opt/freeswitch/bin/freeswitch –helpThese are the optional arguments you can pass to freeswitch
-nf — no forking
-u [user] — specify user to switch to
-g [group] — specify group to switch to
-help — this message
-version — print the version and exit
-waste — allow memory waste
-core — dump cores
-rp — enable high(realtime) priority settings
-lp — enable low priority settings
-np — enable normal priority settings (system defaults)
-vg — run under valgrind
-nosql — disable internal sql scoreboard
-heavy-timer — Heavy Timer, possibly more accurate but at a cost
-nonat — disable auto nat detection
-nonatmap — disable auto nat port mapping
-nocal — disable clock calibration
-nort — disable clock clock_realtime
-stop — stop freeswitch
-nc — do not output to a console and background
-ncwait — do not output to a console and background but wait until the system is ready before exiting (implies -nc)
-c — output to a console and stay in the foreground
-conf [confdir] — specify an alternate config dir
-log [logdir] — specify an alternate log dir
-run [rundir] — specify an alternate run dir
-db [dbdir] — specify an alternate db dir
-mod [moddir] — specify an alternate mod dir
-htdocs [htdocsdir] — specify an alternate htdocs dir
-scripts [scriptsdir] — specify an alternate scripts dir
I got an error when starting FreeSWITCH:
root #/opt/freeswitch/bin/freeswitch -c -rp -u freeswitchError: stacksize -1 is too large: run ulimit -s 240 from your shell before starting the application.
auto-adjusting stack size for optimal performance…
Cannot open pid file /opt/freeswitch/run/
So I just added ulimit -s 240 to the start routine of /etc/init. d/freeswitch.
Some useful fs_cli (FreeSWITCH command line interface) for debugging, tracing:
sofia status
sofia status profile sipinterface_1
sofia status profile sipinterface_1 reg
sofia loglevel all 9
sofia global siptrace on
console loglevel debug
expand sofia contact
Configuring FreeSWITCH with BlueBox
Browse to “.
Install additional modules:
System->Package Manager
A few modules have prerequisite modules so if you get an error, install the prerequisite.
A few pairs of modules conflict, e. g. :
“Freeswitch” and “Asterisk”
“Endpoint Manager” and “Provisioner”
“Media File” and “Media Manager”
I chose “Freeswitch”, “Endpoint Manager” and “Media File” and installed every remaining module except those for a call center.
Bluebox came pre-installed with three sip interfaces
“Connectivity” -> “SIP Interface”
Authenticated SIP Auto Detect 5060 Required Edit|Delete
Authenticated SIP – NAT Auto Detect 5070 Required Edit|Delete
Unauthenticated SIP Auto Detect 5080 None Edit|Delete
Use the FreeSWITCH CLI to see your interfaces:
[email protected]> sofia status
Name Type Data State
sipinterface_2 profile sip:[email protected] 168. 40:5070 RUNNING (0)
voicemail_1 alias sipinterface_2 ALIASED
sipinterface_1 profile sip:[email protected] 40:5060 RUNNING (0)
sipinterface_3 profile sip:[email protected] 40:5080 RUNNING (0)
192. 40 alias sipinterface_1 ALIASED
3 profiles 2 aliases
Now configure users, devices, voicemail boxes, endpoints and assign numbers. It facilitates configuring your sip device if you first configure
the Users (“Organization” -> “User Manager”)
their Voicemail Boxes (“Applications” -> “Voicemail Boxes”)
the Endpoints (“Applications” -> “Endpoints”)
and then
the sip phones (“Applications” -> “Devices”)
The passwords for the users must be alphanumeric but the passwords for the sip devices and voicemail boxes need not be so.
To keep things simple I used the same identifying string for device names, sip accounts, extensions.
For example, Device Name “101” associated with user “John Doe” used sip account “101” and was assigned extension “101” and unanswered calls were transferred to the voicemail box for 101 (extension 201) All used the same password except for the the required alphanumeric password for the
User Account for John Doe.
If you decide to have a default Multitenant system, then your sip registrations will use “[email protected]” instead of just “user” for the User Account.
Make sure that your user:password (or [email protected]:password) for each Device in bluebox matches what you have configured for each sip phone.
First try to get sip registration working before attempting secure sip (sips) registration
or encrypted media (srtp). FreeSWITCH also has support for end-to-end encryption using zrtp (see FreeSWITCH Wiki: ZRTP).
But you must use a sip phone which supports zrtp such as the softphone Zfone.
Unfortunately, my Snom phones don’t support zrtp and Snom has no plans to do so.
Note that bluebox adds your sip devices to /etc/freeswitch/directory/
So check and verify that your users have been added there.
Verify that your sip phones have registered with FreeSWITCH:
Name sipinterface_1
Domain Name N/A
Auto-NAT false
Pres Hosts
Dialplan XML
Context multitenant_routing_context
Challenge Realm auto_to
RTP-IP 192. 40
SIP-IP 192. 40
URL sip:[email protected] 40:5060
BIND-URL sip:[email protected] 40:5060
CODECS IN [email protected], [email protected], G722, PCMU, PCMA, GSM
CODECS OUT [email protected], [email protected], G722, PCMU, PCMA, GSM
DTMF-MODE rfc2833
CNG 13
LATE-NEG false
Show registrations for sipinterface:
<... excerpt.. >
Call-ID: 3c26701f3482-2ou8k0j6yqug
User: [email protected] 40
Contact: “John Doe”
Agent: snom360/8. 4. 32
Status: Registered(UDP)(unknown) EXP(2012-05-18 20:26:09) EXPSECS(2869)
Host: pbx
IP: 192. 101
Port: 2048
Auth-User: 101
MWI-Account: [email protected]_1
Now that our phones have registered with FreeSWITCH, check that you have a dial tone and can dial an internal extension.
If you want to test SIP from outside your network, apply for a free DID from IPKall (Washington State).
Just select an area code and choose a “SIP phone number” which can be any alphanumeric string, eg. “IPKall”.
Enter the “SIP Proxy” for your FreeSWITCH server, eg. “”.
Make sure you specify a SIP port of 5080 instead of the default 5060.
BlueBox uses different SIP ports to listen on for each different SIP interface, e. :
Authenticated SIP Auto Detect 5060
Authenticated SIP – NAT Auto Detect 5070
Unauthenticated SIP Auto Detect 5080
Then go to “Routing -> Number Manager” and add your new number:
Manage -> Number: “IPKall”
Manage -> Type: Internal
Device (Pick a destination such as Device “101”)
Contexts -> Inbound Routes
Number Pools -> Device
Now add a trunk for IPKall “Connectivity -> Trunk Manager”:
Trunk Name: “IPKall”
Trunk Type: “SIP Interface”
Server: “”
Bind To Interface: “Unauthenticated SIP”
Made from these Contexts: “Inbound Routes”
Caller ID Name: “ipkall”
Caller ID Number:
Now try phoning the IPKall DID phone number emailed to you.
I got a busy signal, so I had to edit “Connectivity -> SIP Interfaces -> Unauthenticated SIP” and change “Inbound Calls -> Default Incoming Context” from “AUTO(Multitenant)” to “Inbound Routes” since I opted not to have a multitenant system.
NAT traversal for SIP
See NAT Traversal RTP SIP
Configuring a dialplan (TODO)
Now we need to configure various components for a dialplan.
BlueBox’s modules make configuring a dialplan rather straight forward.
A few things from FreePBX seem to be missing:
A simple way to call an extension to record an IVR prompt for use with an AutoAttendant
BB does however allow you to upload a pre-recorded media file
or to use text-to-speach (flite, cepstral) for your prompts
No iax or dahdi (freetdm) modules — only sip
Early versions of FreePBX did not have a dahdi configuration utility for managing, however you could still manually edit the
It should be possible to do something similar with FS+BB. The configuration files created by BB begin with “bluebox_”, can one though edit other configuration files and have them included in the BB dialplan? without getting clobbered by BB?
Auto attendant
Time based routes
Time Based Routes
Ring groups
Ring Groups
Feature codes
Feature Codes such as CheckingVoicemail, etc.
Saving the BlueBox configuration
The BlueBox configuration files are stored in /opt/freeswitch/conf -> /etc/freeswitch.
Make a copy:
root #cp -a /etc/freeswitch /etc/bluebox
Now make a symlink:
root #ln -sf /etc/bluebox /opt/freeswitch/box
If you also installed FusionPBX, then do similarly:
root #ln -sf /etc/fusionpbx /opt/freeswitch/conf. fusionpbx
Before starting freeswitch or using the GUI just remember to copy either /etc/{bluebox, fusionpbx} to /etc/freeswitch or change the symlink:
root #ln -sf /etc/bluebox /opt/freeswitch/conf
> /dev/null

Frequently Asked Questions about blue box proxy server

Is it illegal to use a proxy server?

Yes, it is legal to use a proxy server. Proxies have many different uses, including enabling remote work; setting up a support system for users who are located outside a particular network; protecting networks and Internet users from malicious content; streaming online content from outside a country and more.

What is the proxy server used for?

A proxy server is a system or router that provides a gateway between users and the internet. Therefore, it helps prevent cyber attackers from entering a private network. It is a server, referred to as an “intermediary” because it goes between end-users and the web pages they visit online.

Should proxy server be on or off?

It’s basically split into two configurations: either Automatic or Manual proxy setup. In 99% of the cases, everything should be set to Off. If anything is turned on, your web traffic could be going through a proxy.Oct 2, 2017

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