• February 6, 2023

Bl Proxies

BL 8.0 Vintage and Legacy Proxy Review: bootlegmtg - Reddit

BL 8.0 Vintage and Legacy Proxy Review: bootlegmtg – Reddit

I ordered 100 BL 8. 0 cards to complete some Legacy decks along with some cards for Vintage. Overall, the cards were excellent visually where it would be very difficult to tell in a sleeve (at least for me). No holo cards were purchased. As described below however, I can absolutely 100% tell which ones are proxy by feel. The overall exchange and customer experience was very positive and I’ll be ordering again most are the pics: used a 18-55mm lens on my DSLR, but I’m a janky photographer earance: Excellent, tough to near-impossible to tell if in a sleeve and without close inspection on most cards. Font, coloring, borders, etc. appear of very high quality for the vast majority of cards. Subtle differences can be noted when comparing the real and proxies as noted in the Subtle, but very distinctive rough texture on the card back that makes it very obvious to me which ones are proxy. The cards also have a slight buckle and snap, similar to a playing card. You’ll see some uplifting from the table surface on the cards which can be noticed through a sleeve if you feel the Backs: The backs have a checkered or cross-hatching appearance which is noticeable on close-up inspection. This may not come through on the images, but I tried my Test: It let’s some light through, but not to the same degree as a real card. I used an iPhone light and if you have a real vs proxy, the proxy will allow a dim circle of light through vs the robust, bright amount of a real mmunication: I messaged Jason through the AliExpress messenger center and he was very responsive with about 12-24hrs for questions getting answered. He sent over cardlists by image and by Excel. Paying through Paypal directly (as opposed to ordering from AliExpress) saved 2% and was discounted on the total ipping: I opted the for DHL shipping and it arrived exactly on the date expected in about a week after ordering. Jason provided the shipping number immediately upon key to the “Guess the Proxies” scenarios:Infernal Tutor: The top right is real, the other 3 are proxies. The real one has more vibrant colors (notice the yellow) where the proxies have a slight grey look. The black card border and overall image looks slightly washed out in Flats: The top right and bottom left are proxies. The top left and bottom right are real. The reddish portions are more read than the real version. The Zendikar symbol is also slightly blurred. I’d have a tough time telling in a sleeve or in the heat of of Traitors: L to R, the first and third are proxies. The 2nd and 4th are real. Wasteland: L to R top row is 1-4, L to R on bottom row is 5-8: Numbers 3, 5, 7, 8 are proxies. Numbers 1, 2, 4, 6 are real. The orange text box appears more vibrant on the real L to R, 2 and 5 are proxiesLegacy Lands Deck: Graveyard – Life from the Loam and Wasteland are proxies. In play – Exploration, Dark Depths, Tabernacle of Pendrell Vale, and tapped Taiga are Storm Deck: The 3x LEDs, Infernal Tutor, Bayou, and Volcanic Island are proxies. Happy to upload more pics if requested. Let me know what you think.
BL 8.0 magical VIP proxy mg proxies cards the fetch lands ...

BL 8.0 magical VIP proxy mg proxies cards the fetch lands …

Read reviews and get in touch with the seller. If everything looks good, proceed with the purchase.
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print quality not as good as pictured. Can’t use about one third of the proxies.
The quality of the proxies was not as high as the one showed on the pictures. Still serviceable though.
Saint Barthélemy (BL) proxy IPs - Bright Data

Saint Barthélemy (BL) proxy IPs – Bright Data

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