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8 Best Pinterest Bots & Automation Tools (2021) – IncrediTools

We research and review products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions if you buy through a link on this page.
Pinterest is catching up to other social media websites when it comes to competition, and while it’s certainly not the most difficult place to promote your brand, it’s also not the easiest.
This is why a lot of people have recently turned to a third party for help so that they can get a much-needed boost for their engagement.
Let’s take a look at the best Pinterest bots and automation tools for you to try out this year.
First Look
Best of the Best: UseViral
“I just can’t say enough about UseViral. This company has helped me from the beginning, and ever since they have proven to be the best option out there for my Pinterest growth. They are safe, reliable, and highly accountable to their clients. ”
Second Best in the Business: SidesMedia
“I love SidesMedia because they are the kind of Pinterest bot that can get anything, and everything done for me. This means that I can consolidate my Pinterest growth under one roof, and don’t have to pay more than one company for it. ”
Third Best: Jarvee
“Jarvee is just a great Pinterest bot all-rounder. Not only is it affordable, but it is downloadable software, making it a safe option for your engagement needs. Jarvee has a longstanding reputation that increases my confidence. ”
Best Budget: Following Like
“Not everyone has an unlimited budget for Pinterest marketing, and I certainly take note of where every dollar goes. With Following Like, I don’t have to do this as much, because I know I’m getting a lot of bang for my buck. ”
Safest: Somiibo
“Somiibo has proved itself to be one of the safest, most reliable Pinterest bots. It’s helped my account grow while keeping in line with Pinterest’s terms and conditions. ”
Best Newcomer: Pin Pinterest
“Pin Pinterest may not have been on the Pinterest marketing scene for long, but they easily make up for this with their sophisticated features and unique approach to brand promotion. ”
Best Reputation: Fan Page Robot
“Fan Page Robot is the type of Pinterest marketing company that wants to make sure each customer walks away satisfied, which is why I’ve been using them for a long time to promote my account. ”
Best Basic: Tailwind
“Sometimes, less is more, and a lot of companies offer basic Pinterest bot features without the quality. If you’re looking for basic features with none of the frills that are still high quality, you’ll want to check out Tailwind. ”
Most Reliable: Pin Dominator
“When I use Pin Dominator, I feel like they really understand my needs and what goals I have for my account. Their service is consistent and something I can see myself using for a long time. ”
Best Pinterest Bots and Automation Tools (Our Reviews)
1. Best of the Best: UseViral
If you’re looking for a way that you can grow your Pinterest account in a safe manner that has been backed up by lots of past clients, then you need to see what UseViral is all about.
This company has a lot to offer in terms of their features, and what’s more, they’re not going to break the bank, so that you can grow your Pinterest boards on your terms, and in your own time.
Another thing that you might not realize about this service is that they can help you with Twitter and YouTube as well, so while they don’t do every other channel out there, they can help a little bit.
We actually like the balance of not doing too much – it indicates that they are still small enough to be specialized.
Lastly, they have a lot of information and support on their website about what it takes to grow a Pinterest profile, so tap into this if you want to do really well, and use UseViral to your advantage.
2. Second Best in the Business: SidesMedia
SidesMedia is a really helpful Pinterest bot and automation tool in a lot of ways. One of the things that it promises its clients off the bat is that it can help them get real social media engagement. It’s not often that you find a Pinterest bot in this business with promises like this, but they have customer reviews to prove that they are authentic. They say that they can help you not only with your Pinterest profile, but with other social networks out there as well, which means that like our reviewer mentioned above, you can consolidate all of your social media engagement online under one roof.
We love that they promise their clients they can deliver their engagement to them within 72 hours, yet they don’t compromise on the quality of their engagement. Get in touch with these guys today if you want to make a real difference to your Pinterest growth right now.
3. Third Best: Jarvee
It’s not hard to see why Jarvee is near the top of our list. It was one of the easiest reviews we’ve ever done – because they seem to be able to tick all of the boxes off when it comes to a high-quality, reliable, affordable Pinterest bot and automation tool.
We like that Jarvee has been doing what they do from the very beginning, which means we consider them to be experts in their field. They know what it takes to grow a successful Pinterest account, and have the customer testimonials and features to prove it.
Go with these guys if you like the idea of a dashboard where you can retain a bit of the control. If you find it a bit too advanced, you can always check out their online video tutorials for tips and tricks.
4. Best Budget: Following Like
Following Like say that they have revolutionary tools for all of your social network marketing needs, which is why they’ve come in second on our list – especially when it comes to pricing and budget. Not only can you use Following Like for your Pinterest, but you can also use their features across all of your other social media platforms as well.
They have a super simple set up with their features, and it all depends on how many accounts you’re looking at managing at once. They also have one-off fees for a lot of their features too, which is great if you don’t have an ongoing, dispensable budget that can account for a subscription.
Following Like is smart, but simple – affordable, yet knowledgeable in what they do. They’re the kind of Pinterest automation to have on your side if you want to do really well.
5. Safest: Somiibo
Not only is Somiibo considered one of the safest Pinterest automation options out there, but they also come with a free package that gives you all the basics of their service.
You read that right – you can get all of their basic Pinterest bot features, for free.
You’ll be hard-pressed to find too many other companies out there that can offer this kind of service without trying to nudge you up a level to their paid versions. This is definitely something that sets these guys apart.
Their reciprocal relationship basis is the foundation of all that they do, which is also one of the biggest reasons why we think they’re a pretty safe company to work with. They want your engagement to come across as organic and natural.
6. Best Newcomer: Pin Pinterest
There’s not a lot that Pin Pinterest can’t do. When we reviewed them, we found that they have quite a comprehensive list of features that make them easily one of the most versatile newcomers to hit the industry.
From scheduling upcoming pins to implement all of those basic Pinterest bot features, Pin Pinterest wants you to do well, and they want to do well themselves, which is why they’re working hard to prove their service in a highly competitive industry.
Pin Pinterest’s setup is nice and easy, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the instructions. They also have an opportunity for you to try them for free, so you can check out their features before you commit to anything.
7. Best Reputation: Fan Page Robot
Pinterest Booster is going to be your best bet when it comes to streamlining your Pinterest content and getting it out there in front of the people that matter. It’s going to help you not only find the target audience that you’re looking for, but it’s also going to help you turn that target audience into a group of paying customers.
What we like about Fan Page Robot is that their services aren’t just limited to Pinterest, so if you are part of an agency of you run your brand on multiple social media channels, you’re going to like the diversity this company has to offer.
In our review of Fan Page Robot, we found that a lot of marketing companies are using these guys to grow and manage their social media for them so that in the long run they can increase their sales. From automatic Following and unfollowing to automatic pinning and posting, there’s not a lot that these guys can’t do for your Pinterest account.
8. Best Basic: Tailwind
Tailwind may sound basic, but it’s anything but, which is why we thought we would award it this title. Our review of this Pinterest marketing service revealed that they have features including being able to discover other peoples content as well as monitor conversations that you’re having with your followers, analyze results of engagement and even boost your overall reach.
Tailwind claims to have over 200, 000 existing clients, which they say are entrepreneurs and bloggers who benefit greatly from using their service. The phrase ‘less is more’ is definitely appropriate here, and Tailwind likes to go with quality over quantity.
They even have a free trial, so you can try their services with your Pinterest profile before you sign up for anything. As well as providing the basics, Tailwind can also help you manage more than one Pinterest account at once, which we think is pretty cool.
10. Most Reliable: Pin Dominator
When it comes to reviewing companies with reliability, Pin Dominator really stood out to us. This is because they use their bot to help you target specific audiences that are going to not only be interested in your Pinterest content in general but also be interested in the products or service you’re trying to sell.
Pin Dominator is great for consistently automating your engagement needs, and they can even help you get in with popular group boards that are within your industry and niche. Pin Dominator ultimately wants to help you maximize your profits and optimize your Pinterest marketing strategy.
Our Review Process
When we review lists like the one you read through above, we make sure that it’s only the very best the internet has to offer.
To ensure this, we take our time reviewing over 90 Pinterest marketing companies and up to 3200 customer testimonials, whether they say good things or bad things. As a result, we are able to accurately gauge which companies should make the list and which should be forgotten about.
If you’re serious about taking your Pinterest profile to the next level and have always dreamed of building an empire online around your brand, take the plunge today by checking out some of the best Pinterest companies out there.
They want you to win as much as you do, so they’re the type of companies you want to have on your side – especially when you consider the type of competition that you’re up against.
8 Ways to Quickly Identify Spammers on Pinterest - NetBlazon

8 Ways to Quickly Identify Spammers on Pinterest – NetBlazon

You are here: Home / Digital Marketing / 8 Ways to Quickly Identify Spammers on Pinterest
Spammers are nearly as old as the Internet itself. We’ve dealt with email spam for decades now. Social media spam is hardly new, either. And it seems like Pinterest is just a haven for spammers. Perhaps the platform and its robust API (application programming interface) makes it somewhat easy to abuse, or maybe the spammers on Pinterest just make so much money it’s worth more effort. I’m not sure, but I certainly see a lot of it.
I made the mistake recently of following back everyone who first followed me, without checking for quality first. I saw my follower count grow quickly, so I kept doing it! It was easy and I was getting so many new followers. I admit, it appealed to my vanity.
But now I’m over it. I started to see more and more pins of a sort I didn’t want to view, much less save or interact with. (Lots of almost-but-not-quite-porn. )
The bigger problem isn’t just the yuck factor. It’s that the engagement score for my account dropped.
What’s the engagement score, you might ask? It’s a measurement in Tailwind, a tool I use to manage my Pinterest and Instagram accounts. The engagement score is one of the measurements of the quality of your account. In Tailwind’s own words, it’s “a measure of your audience’s Engagement with your Pins, giving you insight into how much interaction your Pins are receiving from each follower. ”
I want a quality account that attracts real followers, promotes interaction, and hopefully drives traffic to the sites I’m actively marketing. I don’t want my account to be dinged because I “fell in with the wrong crowd”.
Identifying Spammers on Pinterest
Fortunately, a large number of the spam accounts I had followed back were easy to identify. I thought I would share these with you so that maybe you can help, too. The more we as a community fights against spammers on Pinterest, the better the community becomes. Less spam = better Pinterest!
At the end, I’ll explain how I found and unfollowed these accounts with very little effort. It’s an ongoing process that takes some time, but I’ll explain and you’ll see it’s not hard to manage.
But first, let’s look at some ways to identify Pinterest spam accounts.
1. They Have Multiple Boards with One Pin Each
This one requires looking at the actual account, but it’s an easy flag to catch. If a user has multiple boards and each one has only one pin. This is not normal behavior! No real user actually creates a bunch of boards and adds one pin to each one.
2. They Have Zero Pins but Thousands of Followers
3000+ followers but no pins?
Real people follow pinners because they share similar interests, which are apparent from the pinner’s pins. If the user hasn’t pinned anything, why would someone follow them? There are two reasons:
they follow everyone who follows themthe followers are also spammers/bots
Neither of those is a scenario that helps your profile be successful. Move on.
3. Their Profile Photo is a Recognizable Celebrity
“Teresa R. Gill” looks an awful lot like Selena Gomez, doesn’t she? And wasn’t “Meghan Remy” the star of the hit musical Mamma Mia?
Of course, some real people might be huge fangirls/fanboys and choose to make their profile image a celebrity, but most of the time these are fake.
4. They Post “Almost-Porn” Pins
Pinterest does a better job, in my experience, removing actual porn than they do removing certain pins that I call “almost-porn”. These are images, usually of young women in bikinis or a cleavage-bearing top. Often they have a circle drawn around *certain* body parts. The image itself may not be X-rated, but most likely the site it links to will be.
I didn’t include an example for obvious reasons. Ew.
5. They Post Obvious Click-Bait
Porn is a type of click-bait, but there are other types too. Click bait is an image that only exists to tempt people to click it. One of the more obvious types are doctored photos that look like they belong in Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. Celebrity photos are another common one. Sure, these can be pinned by real people, but usually not in the bulk that the robo-spammers pin them.
6. They Post Pins with Emojis
I’ve seen valid examples of this once or twice, but in almost every case, if the pin has an emoji on it, it’s from a spammer.
Additionally, the color yellow is fairly common – either the lighter yellow shown above, or a mustard-y yellow. That’s one reason I avoid yellow background on my pins!
7. They Have Specific Board Names
Spam accounts generally aren’t created by hand. Their creation is automated with bots or the Pinterest API or who-knows-what. As such, you’ll see a lot of common threads in the board names.
Any pinner with a board called “OMG / BIZARRE” or “OMG/WTF/Bizzarre/Weird” or “Facts Pins” or “PIN IT” is a spambot. Just try Googling the second board name I just listed. I got 182, 000 results. There are not that many people who created boards with the same name containing a misspelling.
Note the mustard yellow, too.
8. They Have Predictable Board Groups
In this example, the board names themselves aren’t bad. But I literally had 30-40 followers who all appeared to love dogs, DIY, and cars…and nothing else. It was enough for me to notice the trend. There are likely other common groupings as well.
The image above shows three different accounts (one per row).
My Process for Finding Spammers on Pinterest
You can use the identification process above when deciding whether or not to follow someone (or follow them back! ) on Pinterest.
But what if you’ve already followed them?
That’s when you’ll want to go through and unfollow them. I use two methods to do that. Both are explained from a desktop / laptop computer perspective above. I don’t bother with the mobile app for this because a computer is faster.
Using the Pinterest Following Feed
When you go to the Pinterest homepage, in the upper right you’ll see the word “Following”, right next to “Home”. That’s the feed of pins by people you follow.
The Pinterest homepage uses an algorithm to decide what to show you, but “Following” contains only pins from people you follow (and ads, of course).
I load up this page, scroll to the bottom, wait for more pins to load…and repeat until it stops or I feel I have enough. Then I scroll through looking for spam pins. I’ve gotten really good at doing this at a quick glance. With some practice, you’ll find it quick to spot the obvious ones too.
Then, click the Pinner name for the spam pins. That takes you to their profile page. Click the Unfollow button to unfollow their entire accounts (all boards).
You can also click the Flag button to block them if you prefer.
Using the Following Page
The following page is reached by clicking your profile picture/name in the upper right, then clicking Following. Or you can just go directly to the url, which has the format
This is a list of the accounts you follow. Start scrolling through. Look for:
multiple accounts with the same profile imageaccounts with celebrity photos as their profileaccounts with dog photos as their profilepretty girls showing cleavagepretty girls even if there’s no cleavage
Now, you’ll often need to look at the profile itself to make sure they’re a spammer. Real people can be pretty girls or have their dog as their profile image. It’s just common for spammers and bots to also use these.
If it’s obvious, you can click the Unfollow button right on the page. If not, click through to the account. If you decide they’re a likely spammer, click the Unfollow button on the account.
Efficiency tip: if you hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while clicking, it opens the links in new tabs. Then it’s easy to go through each one, review, and unfollow. I find it faster than doing it one at a time, all in the same tab.
What about you? Did you fall for this trap and you’re trying to clean up now too? What tricks do you have up your sleeve to unfollow spammers on Pinterest? Share in the comments below.
17 Easy Ways To Boost Your Pinterest Following - Blogging Wizard

17 Easy Ways To Boost Your Pinterest Following – Blogging Wizard

So you want to gain traction on Pinterest and increase your followers.
Don’t we all?
Pinterest is a game-changer for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and even large corporations. It’s mind-blowing how many businesses and bloggers are having massive success with this marketing gold-mine.
If you’re not leveraging Pinterest to grow your business – you’re missing out, big-time. Especially considering Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks.
Like other platforms, more followers equals more credibility and authority in your niche. But in the case of Pinterest, a visual search engine – it means a whole lot more.
Why should you build a following on Pinterest?
Thanks to the huge Pinterest user base, there are plenty of reasons to focus on this social media platform:
Build credibility and authority in your nicheRapid growth in website trafficAn increase in email subscribersFree marketing for your businessAn increased income and bottom line for your business
Do you want to increase your Pinterest followers, and reap all the benefits that come with it?
Well of course you do! So let’s dive into 17 proven strategies to gain more Pinterest followers.
How to get more Pinterest followers
1. Be active and engage on Pinterest
Success on Pinterest partly comes down to making friends with the Smart Feed. Outsmart the smart feed, and you’ll have followers flocking to you.
Using a pin scheduler like Tailwind is crucial to gaining followers and skyrocketing your blog traffic with Pinterest.
But the winning combination involves being present and engaging physically on Pinterest, too. This can solidify your Pinterest ranking.
How can you be active and engage on Pinterest?
Manually pinning on a regular basisGo to the ‘’Explore’’ and ‘’Trending’’ pages and re-pin from therePin other people’s pins manuallyWhen you see a ‘’Board to Follow’’ in your feed, follow them if they’re relevant.
Below is how the “Boards to Follow” will look inside your feed:
Another effective tactic to engage with Pinterest is checking out your Pin Activity and re-pinning what others have pinned of yours.
Click on the red notification button:
Find where it shows “X of your pins were saved”. Click on those.
When you click on one of those, it’ll take you to your Pin Activity:
Scroll through your Pin Activity, and look in each board for your pins. Re-pin your pins to your own boards, or group boards you’re a member of (providing the pins are relevant).
Note: Not a member of any group boards yet? You can find plenty to join by using PinGroupie. You can also start your own group boards, we’ll explain how later in this post.
These strategies will show Pinterest you’re physically on their platform. And they’ll reward you by showing your pins more often.
That’s when the magic happens, and the followers begin to accumulate.
2. Follow your competitor’s followers
If you’re sitting around waiting for followers to flock to you, you’ll be waiting a long time.
A powerful tactic to generate followers is strategically following your competitor’s followers.
Since you both have the same target audiences, chances are, if they followed your competitor – they’ll follow you, too.
A quick way to find competitors:
Search for terms that may be on your competitors profiles in the search bar. For example, if your content is about blogging, you might search for ‘’blogging tips’’’ll see four different options – click on ‘’People’’.
Anyone who has ‘’blog’’, ‘’blogging’’, or a related term in their profile will show up under ‘’People’’:
Begin looking through your competitor’s profiles, one by one. From there you can start following their followers, and you’ll begin to see many of them will happily follow you back. Easy-peasy!
3. Utilize the search bar
It’s no secret that keywords are invaluable on Pinterest. Keywords help searchers find what they’re looking for.
But most importantly: they make it easier for followers to find you. Never underestimate the power of Pinterest SEO.
2 billion searches are made every month on Pinterest. And 87% of pinners bought something because of Pinterest.
Now, don’t you want a piece of that pie?
The best way to find relevant keywords that you’ll use in your board titles, board descriptions, pin descriptions, and on your profile – is to use the search bar.
Let’s say your blog is about making money at home. To find relevant keywords you could type ‘’make money’’ into the search bar to start:
You’ll be given loads of suggestions. I suggest getting as specific as possible – by taking a general keyword and turning it into a long-tail keyword.
For example, the general keyword you began with: make money.
See the suggestions below? You can create excellent long-tail keywords, such as ‘’make money at home’’, or “make money blogging”.
4. Start using Pinterest sections
Pinterest introduced a new feature called ‘sections’’, which is basically categorized boards within a board.
Sections allow you to organize your pins in a way that appeals to your target audience.
It’ll ensure your audience finds exactly what they’re looking for, without having to rummage through hundreds of pins.
Just go to the board you want to arrange into sections, and click ‘’Add Sections’’:
Create as many sections as you want. Put the most relevant categories for your target audience at the top.
5. Take advantage of promoted pins
If you’re already using Pinterest for marketing purposes, you probably already have a business account. It’s the first piece of advice Pinterest pros give, for good reason.
One of the perks of having a business account is being able to promote your pins.
Promoting pins is when you pay to run ads on Pinterest, to get greater exposure and visibility on your pins. Similar to running Facebook Ads.
Ready to start spreading your content far and wide?
Go to your Pinterest feed and click on the button that says Ads:
From there, you can create your first promoted pin, and watch your number of followers start to accelerate.
6. Jump on the hashtag bandwagon
Pinterest recently changed its tune on hashtags, and hashtags are now popping up on feeds everywhere. They’re a way to see what pins are the newest and most relevant – now that we can’t see re-pin counts.
If you want to be found by followers who fall into your target audience, now’s the time to dive onto the hashtag bandwagon.
You can use relevant hashtags in your pin descriptions like these pinners have:
To use hashtags type ‘#’ and then the keyword you want to use. You’ll notice it’ll provide popular suggestions. Those will be the types of hashtags people will be plugging into the search bar – so select them strategically.
Want to learn more? Check out our guide to Pinterest hashtags.
7. Use an older account
Pinterest’s Smart Feed looks at a whole slew of components to determine if a user is a “worthy pinner. ”
In the eyes of Pinterest, the longer you’ve had your account – the more trustworthy you are. If you’re considered an established pinner, your pins will appear in the feeds more.
What can you do if you don’t have a business account?
Use any old Pinterest account you have and convert it into a business account. This’ll show Pinterest you’re an authoritative pinner right off the a new business account. If you don’t have an aged account, you’ll just have to work exceedingly hard to build your followers. Using the strategies you’re learning today. Make no mistake – it’s no easy feat, but it’s entirely possible!
8. Start your own group board
Group boards are all the rage and can be marketing power-houses – if used correctly. And they’re known for increasing website traffic like nobody’s business.
But are you aware of their potential to amplify your followers?
To start a group board, you can do it one of two ways:
Start a new boardUse a board you already own
Once you have a board created, click on the plus sign to start adding contributors:
The key to using your group board to gaining new followers?
State clearly in your board guidelines (in the description) that to join they must follow the board and you. This is standard among group board creators, and it’s one of the quickest ways to accumulate followers quickly.
9. Craft compelling infographics
There’s good reason for the infographic craze in content marketing. They’re captivating and we as humans are drawn to them.
Why infographics are effective:
Infographics are more likely to be read than text blog postsThey convey data in a visually-appealing wayInfographics stand out in Pinterest feedsMost people react better to visual information than plain old words
Here are two outstanding examples of infographics that would stand out and draw people in:
Incorporate viral infographics into your Pinterest strategy and you’ll notice the amount of followers you have begins to maximize – along with your click-through rate to your website.
10. Give Pinterest a nudge
We’ve established Pinterest is intelligent – but when it comes to identifying and categorizing your pins, it can use a tad of help.
It can recognize some features of your pins – like colors and size. But it needs assistance when it comes to categorizing them.
The solution?
When you pin your new blog posts onto Pinterest, pin it to a relevant board first.
Let’s say your pin’s about influencer marketing. Post it onto a board of yours that’s clearly related to influencer marketing. Of course, ensure it’s optimized with keywords in the pin description – to further help Pinterest identify your pin and what its context is.
This will help to categorize your pins so that when people use the search bar, you’re more likely to come up. Resulting in more followers.
11. Optimize your profile name
If you’re not utilizing the space in your profile name by optimizing it with keywords – you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to grow your Pinterest followers.
This pinner has several quality keywords in their profile name:
With an optimized profile name, like the pinner above, followers can easily find you through the search bar.
Do some research and decide on 1-3 quality keywords that you can incorporate into your profile name.
12. Use the right tools to attract Pinterest followers
When tools for Pinterest are mentioned, your mind probably immediately goes to pin scheduling tools – like Tailwind. But, there’s actually more tools you should be aware of for your Pinterest strategy.
Think of it like building a house. The materials, people, and plans are all essential – but without the tools, you wouldn’t have a hope of completing the project. The same goes for your Pinterest strategy.
In order to gain Pinterest followers, there’s a variety of tools that’ll help build the foundation:
Tailwind to schedule your pins and save you major time. While manually pinning is critical – it’s equally as vital to pin at various times during the day to group boards and to your own boards. That’s where a pin scheduler comes signing software like Canva to create stunning pin sharing plugins to make it simple for your audience to share your posts on Pinterest. The social sharing plugin Social Snap is especially perfect for Pinterest users. It allows you to upload Pinterest-specific images and even descriptions (among other features).
In order to be successful on Pinterest, and in your business in general – investing is a non-negotiable.
If you’re not going to invest in yourself and your business, why should anyone else?
13. Delete poor-performing pins
Isn’t the point to get as many eyes on your pins as possible on Pinterest?
Typically, yes, it is. But if the pins aren’t performing well, or what you’re posting isn’t quality content – it’s not doing you any favors. In fact, you may be penalized by Pinterest.
Why would you delete pins?
If you have duplicates of the same pin, but some have extremely low re-pinsYou have pins from years ago that aren’t cohesive with your brandThey’re not performing well
So how do you find out what pins need to be chucked?
Go deep into your Pinterest analyticsUse Tailwind’s Pin Inspector feature to see which pins are performing well and which ones need to be deleted
Be ruthless when deleting your pins. They have the ability to skyrocket your followers, website traffic, and income.
But they also have the ability to make or break your Pinterest strategy. Poor-performing pins can bring down your Pinterest ranking significantly.
And if you’re not ranking well on Pinterest, targeted followers aren’t going to find you.
14. Pin only for your target audience
I think it goes without saying that honing in on a specific target audience is essential on your blog, right?
Well, the same goes for Pinterest.
Something that’s easily forgotten is your Pinterest profile needs to be relevant, helpful, and 100% for your audience.
You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t find other content on Pinterest appealing and want to pin it, though.
And you can – on secret boards. Secret boards work the same as regular boards. The only difference is you’ll be the only one to see them.
We go to search engines for a reason, right?
So give your audience what they want. Create outstanding content that directly resolves their pain points or offers valuable information. Then carry that over to Pinterest with your profile, boards, and especially your pins.
15. Conquer awe-inspiring branding
Devoting the time for eye-catching branding is essential on Pinterest. It is a visual search engine, after all. Not to be clumped together with social media platforms.
What should you focus on?
A professional profile photoCaptivating Pinterest graphicsCohesive board covers
When selecting a profile picture, choose something professional that lets your personality shine through, and conveys your brand well.
It’ll take time to find your feet when creating the perfect pin.
But there are ways to make your pins stand out from day one:
Use tall images. Using Canva you’ll have access to Pinterest templatesCreate multiple pins for each blog post for maximum exposureUse more white space in your imagesStick to 1-3 fonts that mesh well togetherDon’t use human faces. This study says pins without faces receive 23% more repinsCall to Action (if you have a freebie for that post)Always brand it with your logo or website URL
16. Revive older pins
Sometimes we get carried away creating new content, that we forget about our older content. Even if it’s evergreen content that’s brought us many social shares, blog traffic, and even income.
It’s vital to keep your most popular content alive on Pinterest.
The lifespan of pins is more than a week – which makes Facebook pale in comparison, which has a lifespan of only 80 minutes.
This is why sometimes you’ll see a pin only start to gain traction on Pinterest months or even a year later.
How can you revive your older popular pins?
Re-pin those pins constantly to group boards and your own boardsCreate multiple pins for those popular posts
You never know when a pin will go viral – that’s the beauty of Pinterest. So keep putting your best content in front of their eyes, as often as possible.
17. A/B test your pins
Similar to crafting multiple pins for your posts – A/B testing is a surefire way to see what resonates most with your audience.
And you won’t get your pins in front of loads of eyes if your followers aren’t re-pinning them. Testing your pins out is a great strategy so you can find what works best for your audience.
How to A/B test your pins:
Create 2-4 different pins for a postUse different variations of headlines in each pin – try utilizing various power wordsGet creative! Try out different colors, fonts, and them at least a week to see how they performUse Pinterest analytics to see how they’re performing
Wrapping it up
Growing your Pinterest following may seem like a daunting task to grasp in the beginning. But like anything – it gets much easier with time.
Recently there have been loads of changes happening around Pinterest. Which makes it crucial to keep up with the latest strategies.
Once you implement some, or all, of these tips – you’ll be swimming in followers.
And as we’ve established, growing your Pinterest following will open many doors. You’ll develop massive credibility and authority in your niche, a surge of blog traffic, more email subscribers, and your business will turn into a money-making machine.
Now that we’ve got Pinterest covered, we’ve got posts on how to grow a following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, if you want to expand your social media presence further.

Frequently Asked Questions about best pinterest bot

Does Pinterest have Bots?

Their creation is automated with bots or the Pinterest API or who-knows-what. As such, you’ll see a lot of common threads in the board names. Any pinner with a board called “OMG / BIZARRE” or “OMG/WTF/Bizzarre/Weird” or “Facts Pins” or “PIN IT” is a spambot.Apr 16, 2019

How do I get free Pinterest followers?

How to get more Pinterest followersBe active and engage on Pinterest. … Follow your competitor’s followers. … Utilize the search bar. … Start using Pinterest sections. … Take advantage of promoted pins. … Jump on the hashtag bandwagon. … Use an older account. … Start your own group board.More items…•Sep 20, 2021

How do I automate Pinterest marketing?

How to Automate your Pinterest StrategyAuto Follow. Use a Pinterest Automation Software that automatically follows lots of other users. … Schedule Pins. … Pinterest Image Pinner. … Repinly for inspiration. … Display your Pins on your site.

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