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Best Chicago Internet Providers Reddit

[Help] Internet Services Providers in Chicago - Reddit

[Help] Internet Services Providers in Chicago – Reddit

I currently have Comcast Xfinity as my ISP but I’m planning on switching to AT&T to take advantage of new customer deals and cut my internet bill in half. I told this to a coworker and he claimed that AT&T was very unreliable in hasn’t been 100% reliable for me so I can’t imagine AT&T will be much worse. I there anybody with some evidence or strong anecdotes either way? My main concern is that the AT&T new customer deals lock you in for a year. So if it is really bad I don’t want to be stuck with To add some clarification, it’s AT&T Fiber that’s just been introduced in Chicago so I’m wondering what people’s experiences are.
ISP (Internet Service Provider) Residential Information - Reddit

ISP (Internet Service Provider) Residential Information – Reddit

ISP (Internet Service Provider) Residential InformationAvailable ProvidersGeneral ConsensusGeneral TipsCarrier Specific Tips
This wiki page is meant to be a reference if you are looking for information regarding ISP’s in the City of Chicago. This is the best collection of tips and suggestions from the community on what is available to you. If you have any suggestions to add to this page, please message the moderators.
Available Providers
Explanation of Internet Connection Types
Service Locator
Very Limited
Access Media 3
American Wide Broadband
Everywhere Wireless
Karma Wireless
Certain High-Rises
Certain High-Rises (BJB Apartments)
General Consensus
All ratings are based on 5-stars. Please be aware that ratings and information provided here is anecdotal.
Customer Service
General Tips
Every location must have at least a land-line connection, which means that legally, you will get at least DSL (It’s not mandated that they provide you internet, but if you’re getting a land-line connection, it almost guarantees you will get at least DSL). Illinois Obligation to Serve. “The “Obligation to Serve” requirement. This mandates companies provide traditional home phone service throughout Illinois. Without it, top local phone companies, such as AT&T and Frontier, could abandon areas they deem “unprofitable” or force customers onto calling options that tend to be less reliable and more expensive. ”
If you live in a big building that handles their own internet, it can be hit or miss. Some of those companies provide really great internet to the buildings, some provide shit. Do not buy/rent a condo in a big building without researching the internet access. And don’t just ask some random person walking out the front might say it works fine for their phone and laptop that they use to facebook and youtube, but might have no idea whether or not it is an actually good connection. Read reviews online, or ask people until you talk to someone who sounds like they know what they are talking about (e. g. can tell you how many MBPS they get, whether you can use your own router, etc).
Comcast and RCN cannot run on the same line. Some older buildings will only have Comcast jacks on one side of the building and RCN jacks on the other side.
When buying a modem, purchase a DOCSIS 3. 0 or 3. 1.
Carrier Specific Tips
12Global: None
Access Media 3: None
American Wide Broadband:
“I’m paying $210/month for “gigabit” that never goes above 650mbps and goes out entirely for ~24 hours a month. I’m even paying extra for a “static” IP that somehow changes every few months anyway. ”
If you dare to call them to complain, you’ll get an answering service and eventually (usually a day or two later, after whatever was broken miraculously fixed itself anyway) the same person—who I’m pretty certain is the only AWB employee in existence—will call back, and have no clue about anything.
UVerse won’t let you use your own router (it’s possible but it requires a lot of technical workarounds) and will often give out gateways that only have 802. 11g wifi.
Purchase your own modem and router. The rental fees surpass the cost of a new modem/router after about 10 months.
Look into business class service. You don’t need to be a business, you can just make up a business name and they install no questions asked. They provide deals and if there is any trouble, the SLA for repair is less than 24 hours. You also deal with business level tech support, not the residential service tech desk.
Everywhere Wireless: None
HiPoint: None
Karma Wireless:
Signing up for service: google for coupons and sign up online. Signing up through the phone will almost never get a discount, but signing up online will let you type in whatever coupon you find online.
You can/should bring your own modem and router, they will throw a fit if you want to for the 150mbps plan, but anything else they’re fine with.
SilverIP: None
“Future BJB apartment renters be warned. They’re going to offer you free internet but just remember that it’s going to be horrendous Internet at best. Internet goes down from 7-10:30 every weeknight. Internet goes down on Saturday mornings as well. Can almost never get in touch with them if it’s not 9-4 on a weekday. ”
No modem required.
WOW! : None
What is the best internet service provider in Chicago? I want ...

What is the best internet service provider in Chicago? I want …

I’m in Jefferson Park and am a Comcast Xfinity customer. I know people give them a lot of crap, but I have been pleased overall with their service thus far (since June). The Internet is incredibly fast (I can be playing PS4 online or watching Netflix while my roommate downloads music, shows, etc. without issue), and the very few outages we have experienced were fixed within an hour or less. I pay ~$60/month for really good internet and maybe two dozens tv channels, including news networks, Food Network, Discovery, Animal Planet, and Disney.

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