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The 5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers Safely (2021)

The 5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers Safely (2021)

Take a look at the social media platforms available to internet users today and you will be very hard-pressed to find one more popular than Instagram. Centered around sharing photos and visual content with followers, it has become one of the largest social networks on the planet, counting billions of users every year. Thousands of Instagram influencers, celebrities and businesses are using the platform to share quality content and attract new customers. With such exposure to such huge numbers of people, isn’t growing your engagement rate on the platform and working to get yourself on the trending page quite a good idea for the promotion of your online marketing efforts? With solid original content, a good amount of active followers on the site, and a touch of confidence, you can make your Instagram growth dreams come to life. One thing you can think about doing to increase the reach of your Instagram posts and build the number of IG followers you have is buying high-quality, real Instagram followers from trusted sites online. Is this an approach you should consider for your marketing strategy? What are the best sites to buy Instagram followers safely? Check out our take and see if you think growing your number of Instagram followers will be a good thing to up your social proof.
Buy Instagram Followers – The 5 Best Sites (2021)So, if you think you would like to achieve fast growth on Instagram by buying followers online, make sure you do it through some of the most trusted providers listed below. This can be a great way to grow social media accounts, but always ensuring it is done safely protects the security and integrity of your account. Here are some of the top platforms you can visit online to buy Instagram followers in 2021.
1. TwicsyWhen it comes to buying followers for your Instagram account, Twicsy is easily one of the leading options on the internet to achieve your goal. Twicsy offers users quality Instagram followers for their accounts. These real accounts are meant to provide you with engagement, and should not easily drop off of your list. Not only can you be sure you are getting real followers through Twicsy, but you can also benefit from their straightforward registration process, quick delivery of followers, and affordable packages to choose just the amount of followers you need. Need more? You can also buy Instagram likes and views. It doesn’t get simpler than rketers, influencers and celebrities use Twicsy consistently to keep growing their Instagram followers count. Voted the best site to buy Instagram followers by US Magazine and Men’s Journal, Twicsy is 100% worth a Instagram Followers on
2. BuzzoidNot only is Buzzoid one of the leading providers of Instagram followers online, but they are also one of the oldest around. The company has been around for years, and has built quite the reputation for themselves. Using a unique manual growth service, Buzzoid allows you to grow the amount of followers and Instagram likes on your profile with a few followers you get on Buzzoid are geared towards your target audience, meaning your new followers should already be interested in the kinds of content you post. This could spell great things for your engagement – as your new followers will be much more likely to check out what you’re up to. With a customer support team readily available on hand as well, you never have to wait long for a Instagram Followers on m3. RushmaxGetting more followers to your Instagram page doesn’t have to be a huge challenge when you work with Rushmax to get it done. The company is all about affordability, aiming to provide some of the cheapest options around for follower packages, all without compromising on quality. Don’t think that being cheap means Rushmax is a scam, though – these are real followers that are delivered to your account quickly. If you want to grow your organic followers and boost your metrics without breaking the bank, Rushmax could be a good way to do company also accepts a host of different payment methods, including credit and debit cards, cryptocurrencies, and PayPal. 4. DVY LabsReady to join the realm of the influencers? DVY Labs is kind of an interesting way to go about it – they offer free “samples” in a way – free Instagram likes and followers so you can see if their service is right for you. DVY Labs also offers a subscription service to grow your account with quality followers, but you might find that their targeting services are not as advanced (unless you provide hundreds of hashtags) in all, if you’re looking to buy real Instagram followers affordably, consider getting more Instagram users to check you out by working with DVY Labs. 5. iDigicThere is a good reason that iDigic is among the leading sites online to buy Instagram followers. They have a very slick interface for users, and with their custom targeting tools, you can narrow your audience down to the exact specs you are looking for. The company uses automation in their services, and delivers followers to your account at a slower pace so as not to set off the Instagram algorithm. As well as this, you can also buy views for your Instagram stories or reels. On top of all of this, iDigic also offers 24/7 customer support, so you can always be sure you are going to be able to talk to a real person if you run into trouble with your purchase.
Is it safe to buy Instagram followers? One of the main concerns people think about when they consider purchasing Instagram followers from a source online could be the fact that on some platforms, especially in the past, bots were prevalent. No one wants fake Instagram followers when they invest real money into growing their account, but several unscrupulous providers have come and gone over the years that didn’t always sell legit followers. These days, there are many new sites on the block (such as Twicsy) that provide a secure, friendly way to purchase real followers for your Instagram account with fast delivery. When you want to grow your Instagram profile exponentially with a high number of followers, you want high-quality, legitimate accounts following your profile. This is because not only can it help with your engagement and net you new followers organically, but bots and fake accounts can quickly be picked up and purged by Instagram’s algorithm over time. Real users and subscribers are better than fake, how safe is buying Instagram followers online in 2021? The good news is that it is safer for your Insta profile than it has ever been before. If you want to purchase real Instagram followers, we are happy to report that the selection of quality providers has never been more numerous – a great option for anyone looking to improve their social media marketing game and get more Instagrammers looking at their content.
Is there a top platform to buy Instagram followers? When looking into sites where you can purchase Instagram followers, you want to ensure that you are buying from the most reputable providers on the internet. Here are a few things you should look out for when reviewing sites that will allow you to increase your follower count on Instagram.
Security – Make sure the site is secure for handling credit card transactions. Look to the top of your URL bar when you visit any of these platforms, and look for a green “lock” icon to the left of the web address. This shows that the site has a secure SSL connection, meaning all communication between you and the site is encrypted and secure for handling financial transactions. If you don’t see the green “lock”, this is a red flag!
Look for slower delivery, if possible – While instant delivery of your new followers might be something you would like for your account, don’t push it if possible. When buying Instagram followers, look for followers packages that “drip feed” your new followers to you – this way it won’t look suspicious if your page jumps from 10 to 5000 followers overnight.
Look for follower retention guarantees – You don’t want your brand new followers falling off your follower list, so make sure the providers you purchase with have a retention guarantee, which will typically guarantee the high-quality followers you receive and send you more if they fall off.
Always look for customer support – Having a dedicated customer support team on hand is crucial for these sites, as customers could have questions at any time. With every provider you look into, ensure they have a support team on hand to give you assistance when you need it. Obviously, you should also make sure the companies you look into have fair pricing and good customer reviews from previous customers who have purchased followers through their sites. These are all good ways to make sure you are working with a quality provider of Instagram followers. The same rules apply for other social media platforms too. For example, if you’re looking to buy TikTok followers and likes, TokMatik (voted #1 by US Magazine and Men’s Journal) is the safest bet.
Ready to buy Instagram followers? As you can see by now, there are all kinds of quality platforms available for purchasing Instagram followers online for your account. Buying real followers isn’t against Instagram’s terms. If you want to grow your account further without having to worry about your followers hitting “unfollow” or dropping off, these are some of the most trusted sites to do it (we recommend to buy Instagram followers). Hopefully, if you choose to do this for yourself, you will be able to enjoy some growth on the platform and find new success for your marketing efforts online. —This article has been supplied by a paid advertiser. Content has not been independently verified by Los Angeles magazine.
10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (+ ... - HowSociable

10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (+ … – HowSociable

Table of Contents
What We Did to Find the Best
Top 10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers in 2021
Providers Comparison Table (Pricing & Options)
How to Buy Instagram Follower (5 Useful Tips Before You Get Started)
How to Get More Followers on Instagram [Infographic]
Pros and Cons
Frequently Asked Questions
To find the best places to buy Instagram followers, we did an extensive survey of various companies selling this service. From those, we picked top contenders using our experience and checking out objective (not paid) reviews and comments. Next, we analyzed each of these companies on a series of points including things like the number of different options offered, after the sale customer support, ease of use using their websites, and more.
In the Analysis of Each Company, We Ranked Them on These Metrics:
Features Score (number of supported networks, services and extra options) – 0-10 score
Ease of Use Score (UI/UX experience) – 0-10
Price Score (the type of payments, pricing) – 0-10
Support Score (live chat, email, phone) – 0-10
Trust Score (quality, delivery, retention, safety) – 0-10
Using these metrics, we weighed all the positive and negative aspects of each category. After that, we combined the scores, classified the companies, and ranked them. Following these guidelines, we came up with the ten best companies, each of which receives the maximum scores of 50 (5-star ratings).
Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers in 2021
Lots of sites sell IG followers. But, options, quality, and customer service vary wildly. The sites reviewed here offer a wide variety of products and prices. With the extensive analysis, readers should be able to use the results to help find the best place to buy Instagram followers for their needs.
#1 Stormlikes
#2 SocialPlus
#3 InstaMama
#5 Socials Growth
#6 SocialEmpire
1. Stormlikes: Custom-Made Plans and Payments
1000 followers for
$12. 99
People who are sick of ghost followers will appreciate Stormlikes. The Instagram-only service promises to send genuine followers, comments and likes to their clients. This provider also tries to make every customer experience tailor-made for their specific needs. This means responsive customer support and Instagram growth on their schedule, whether they want it immediately or on a delay.
Clients can also specify which countries they want their followers to come from, as well as the gender ratio. This keeps their account growth looking more natural and fluid. Billing ranges from a one-time payment to monthly installments, and custom plans are available. For those who have multiple accounts, they can snag discount deals for a certain percentage off their package.
High Quality Followers
24/7 Customer Support
Competitive pricing
Instant Delivery
Lots of options
Supports only Instagram
Don’t sell comments
Stormlikes doesn’t require clients to provide a password, and payment takes place via PayPal. Those who are interested can take advantage of a trial version of 50 free followers to test the waters. For reference, a plan of 100 followers costs $2. 99. According to the site, the service has a network of community accounts and members, and this is how they can guarantee engagement from real people.
On the whole, this provider seems like a safe bet for those looking to boost their Instagram growth and influence. The Stormlikes website is up to date, and their blog contains current and relevant information. There is more room for customization here than with other service providers, making Stormlikes a contender in the Instagram sphere.
2. SocialPlus: Quality Engagement & Growth
$23. 95
SocialPlus provides the perfect opportunity for users who want to build their Instagram accounts to actualize their wishes. The company offers a growth program that drives a safe, gradual and natural increase in the number of followers for account owners.
Its organic policy and strategy also ensure that the new additions are really interested in the subscriber’s content. So, members can also always benefit from more views, likes, and engagement.
This is because of the several benefits attached to a large Instagram fanbase. Businesses with popular accounts are more likely to experience better sales.
High retention rate
Quick delivery on all orders
No password required
High-quality profiles
Safe promotions
They do not accept PayPal
No telephone support
The platform became available to the public in 2009. Over the years, it has served a large number of individuals and organizations. Hence, members stand a high chance of building valuable profiles with its followership program.
Also, the site does not engage clients’ accounts with a surge in new followers, unlike other platforms. Rather, it performs its tasks gradually until the order is complete. This way, it can eliminate the possibility of a blocked account as a result of excess activities.
3. InstaMama: They Take Care of the Followers
$24. 50
This provider claims to help take businesses to the next level with its reliable service. They know that many other companies create fake accounts to sell followers. But they do not. All their profiles are used by real people. In this way, the client’s account becomes more credible, since people will see other genuine users and not accounts that look fishy. Also, this is one of the aspects that makes this service safe. Instagram’s algorithm does not ban those who are followed by real people.
High-Quality Followers
50+ Free Organic Likes
Gradual Delivery & Safe Promotion
No Password Required
24/7 Support
Not compatible with PayPal
Don’t provide comments
All the followers are sent gradually over time so that no one suspects that they are paid. The provider starts delivering as soon as between 2 and 24 hours after payment. Also, their retention rate is among the best in the market. This is to say that new subscribers do not stop following the account soon after joining it.
InstaMama is quite safe since it doesn’t require clients to hand in their account info, like passwords. The payment system is also encrypted to avoid being a victim of scams. On the negative side, it only works with credit cards, which may be inconvenient for some.
4. The Social Media Enhancer for All Purposes
The main purpose of involves increasing the number of followers that an Instagram account has. This will help boost the activity of the profile and result in more potential customers seeing the content. The followers will comment on, view, repost, and like the content posted on the account, which will enhance their visibility.
The service appeals to businesses, individuals, and social media influencers. The followers that are generated are real Instagram accounts and not bots. The company also offers various customer support methods, such as electronic form submissions, email, and live chat.
Good customer service
Genuine Instagram followers
Quick delivery
Low prices
Confidential information not stored
Rare potential risk of account being banned
PayPal is not an accepted payment method
will help to improve an Instagram account’s popularity. This service will boost the number of followers on the profile, which will then prioritize the content. Once the content gets pushed up in the queue, more people will become aware of it.
The service offers quick delivery so the account owner can reap the benefits right away. Virtual security is good, as the company works hard to protect its customers’ data. Using this provider is a convenient method of improving the success of an Instagram account quickly.
5. Socials Growth: Why Social Signals Work
This is a social media marketing agency with four years of experience in boosting clients’ profiles. Organic growth is the key to building up Instagram. They say to guarantee to use only real profiles, no bots. One of the significant advantages is fast growth after signing up for a paid plan.
50+ organic views (from active users for all new videos)
50 free likes (from active users for every new post)
5 days of organic promotion
Guaranteed popularity growth
100% safe and secure
The best about this service is that they have a lifetime retention warranty, which backs everything done. Socials Growth offers good price list for getting real people following you. High-quality engagement will help one get better and faster growth making accounts more attractive to the target audience, and will also draw more people to ones’ profiles among others. So that will be beneficial for individuals and businesses starting their own way to social popularity.
6. Social Empire: Grow Your Insta Crew
$14. 49
Social Empire does honor to its name and provides comprehensive services for social media. Such products range from views and like to followers and downloads for SoundCloud. In addition to these packs, the provider also includes promotion in other platforms. For example, they promise to promote the clients’ pages on Twitter and Reddit. In terms of pricing, it is very affordable. And the more bundles a person buys, the better the pricing will be. Plus, the service is very discreet, and the accounts that interact with one’s profile are real.
Integration with other networks
Quality likes and followers
Easy-to-use dashboard
Targeted media presence
Connection with influencers
Limited platforms
No refunds allowed
Social Empire does not employ accounts with fake names or drops its numbers after a certain number of times. With many reviews on the site and more than 2 million orders, it has a great reputation. On the negative side, the company does not allow for refunds. And it does not have a return policy or a privacy one. But it has an affiliate program for those who would like to make some money out of their social profiles.
7. Mr. Insta: Not Your Father’s Provider, Your Grandfather’s
When it comes to Instagram followers, Mr. Insta is one of the best tools in the market. As the name indicates, they specialize in this platform, and this shows in the quality of their service. One of their key features is that all the new fans they send can come from one specific country or region if the client chooses that. So, they can be Indian or American, for example. What is more, this service is entirely risk-free, as the brand does not even ask to know the personal details of the account, like its password.
Safe Gradual Delivery
Instagram Ads Method+
Don’t sell likes & views
After being in the market since 2013, this agency has grown to become one of the leaders in the industry because of their experience and great quality services. Yet, this also shows in their price tags, which may be a con for those on a budget. But those who can afford a bit more can definitely benefit from this type of service.
8. Media Mister: Epic Social Growth
Media Mister is well known and not just for the different services it provides, but also for the various networks it supports such as Instagram. It comes stuffed with a good team of experts and claims to have helped tens of thousands of brands move their social profiles and how they work to the next level. Apart from all of these, it gives great following levels to IG clients, and if at all they are not content, then a refund is made back to them.
High-quality service
Cheap prices are provided
100% account safety
Money-back guarantee
Contentment is guaranteed
Delivering may take some time
No privacy policy
Quite a lot of people have done reviews about the site. Many of which include the site giving more than the agreed amount of service to the client to help make all of them as happy as can be. Even though it may come with more than just a few provided services other than follows, it still is still one of a kind when it comes down to ensuring the great trust is brought to the posts and accounts of brand names. Clients can easily make use of the whole service, as it has a simple user interface for just about anyone.
9. Instapple: More Followers With Pocket Change
Instapple claims to build its strength upon quality service and not just speed. That’s not to say that it is not timely with its delivery. In fact, within an hour or two, customers will begin to notice a gradual increase in their amount of followers.
The website has some exciting features like the free trial, which gives users 25 new followers. Some others include a PayPal secure payment gateway, 24/7 customer services, etc.
The site’s overall performance is great, though subscribers may sometimes experience some hitches, like getting inactive users or reducing followers.
It features a 24/7 customer service
It uses a variety of secure payment methods
It does not require the account password to function
The prices are affordable with several payment options
It offers a free trial
Strict refund policy
No dedicated account manager
A unique selling point about this site is its price: they are incredibly cheap. Plus, it can pull-off quality services, especially when the orders are small lot-sizes.
Upon weighing the pros and cons, the site does not seem to favor customers with large needs. Instead, it is more suitable for buying smaller amounts of followers.
10. FriendlyLikes: Growth at Your Fingertips
$18. 90
In its six years of existence, FriendlyLikes has delivered millions of orders to several customers.
The website provides fast delivery on all purchases. Although, customers with larger orders tend to experience a slower process. For example, 500 IG followers can get an instant drop, but it is not so for a request of 1, 000 targets and above. Such larger spread evenly over a short period.
Aside from its delivery speed, the website offers other features like a 30-day refill warranty and several subscription plans and payment options.
A 30-day refill warranty
24/7 customer support
Fast delivery on all orders
An option for comments in several languages
Flexible plans and affordable prices
Only three days warranty for refunds
No live chat support
FriendlyLikes shows some exciting features, especially the multiple-language comments offering. That way, customers all over the world can enjoy the service.
Customers may choose to transact with caution because of its strict refund policy and short warranty period.
The service also comes with a refund and retention policy. Sometimes clients find problems and wish to end their orders. Such clients will get refunds (30-day money-back guarantee).
10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers in 2021
Recommended Sites
From 0-5
Price, $
Rate, %
Rate (0-5)
1. Stormlikes
4. 6/5
2. SocialPlus
4. 5/5
3. InstaMama
4. 4/5
4. 3/5
5. Socials Growth
$29. 99
6. SocialEmpire
7. Insta
4. 2/5
8. Media Mister
9. Instapple
4. 1/5
$9. 89
10. FriendlyLikes
It’s crucial to know that Instagrammers are not alone in this jungle. Many account owners in Instagram are looking to grow their fan base. Of course, such an objective is not easy to attain. There are too many things to take care of in this field. Follow these tips to make your professional life easier.
1. Remind Yourself Instagram Is a Quick Platform
This is key to get when somebody is managing such a profile is this. What attracts more and more followers is the speed of delivery.
The best tactic is to choose targeted followers.
Because they will be related to the location of the channel.
To have more followers, companies that serve influencers are the best options.
2. Take Into Account Exactly What You Are Looking for
Agencies that offer to grow Instagram profiles are many. The ones that achieve that with ease are not so many. So, keep goals at hand.
Do you value more speed or retention when it comes to a tool?
How much money are you willing to spend on marketing campaigns?
Do companies protect private data well?
3. Help Yourself by Choosing Reliable Vendors
A person who is alone can have hard times in this industry. Accept as much help as offered from the best providers you can find when it comes to social media, especially Instagram.
These companies can help when trying to grow various accounts at different times.
They can aid in finding the best packages for your profiles.
4. Have a Knack for New Things
The fact that a company works do not necessarily make them the best options. In some cases, it is great to try other tools and see how they go.
Free trials are excellent for seeing how other apps for Instagram followers work.
Make use of customer support to ask many questions.
See if new apps suit your needs.
5. Track Everything
A great part of measuring success is to try something new. And then see how it went. To do that, managers need to know some things.
Metrics. Read numbers and interpret their success (or not).
Read what fans say about the company you would like to hire.
If the feedback is bad, try to look for another one.
How to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2021
Whether someone is a newbie to Instagram or they’re trying to kick their popularity up a notch, these top 10 tips will prove incredibly useful. Anyone with a small-to-medium follower count can put these suggestions to use today to start seeing results. They’ll help with boosting engagement, getting noticed, and growing a wider audience.
1. Upload Consistently
With all of the profiles on Instagram these days, people get bored when they don’t see content from someone regularly. Either that or they forget about them. It’s quite normal for influencers to post once a day on this platform.
2. Find the Perfect Schedule
Along with that consistency, it’s also crucial to find the right time to post. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t always clear. It depends on the target audience, geographic location, and the right time might be different each day. The trick is to do some research on your preferred viewer and look into when they use Instagram, how long they’re on it, and what kinds of content they enjoy.
3. Use the Right Hashtags
It’s hard to imagine anyone growing their IG account without hashtags. These funky symbols create brand awareness by promoting certain keywords. Those buzzwords reflect whatever is trending in a particular niche, such as beauty, business, or travel. Again, a bit of research goes a long way here.
4. Direct Followers Somewhere
Calls to action aren’t just for business emails or landing pages. So many successful Instagrammers use this technique to direct their followers to their website, IG bio, or e-commerce platform. It’s amazing how many people will follow your lead if you just direct them. That said, be sure that you’re offering value in these places. This could be a free worksheet download, a coupon code, or something else.
5. Mix Up Your Content
With the competitive nature of social media, a profile needs to be interesting to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, IG offers different means of expression, including images, videos, and stories. A mixture of all of these will keep things fresh and exciting, as well as give viewers a closer connection to you.
6. Make Things Interactive
One of the most fun parts of social media is that it’s like a huge chat room where people can share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions, as well as invite others to do the same. Notice that many top Instagrammers and influencers utilize interactivity to boost their follower counts and engagement. They do this through contests and giveaways as well as polls and surveys. Some people offer freebies to contest winners, or they create polls in their IG stories. It can even be as simple as asking followers to answer a question in the comments section.
7. Know What Viewers Want
This goes back to knowing your audience. Content creators and businesses must understand what their target market is looking for. It takes a bit of digging around to find these insights, but the result is well worth it. A bonus tip is to see what rival accounts are doing and what their followers respond well to.
8. Say Yes to Collaborations
Collaboration can take on many forms. Consider partnering with other influencers, friends, or brands. Collaborations don’t always have to be paid, although they’re often mutually beneficial for both parties involved. This could entail holding a contest or giveaway or simply sharing relevant content alongside another account.
9. Don’t Be Too Promotional
Viewers want transparency, but they also look for “realness” in the accounts they follow. If it seems as though every other post is sponsored or an ad for some brand-name product, the account starts to lose authenticity. A good rule of thumb is to share a promotion or sponsored post once every 10 or 15 posts.
10. Create a Caring Community
People often focus on the dark side of social media, but these platforms are also great for building up communities and helping people feel less alone. Influencers often take a lot of responsibility for creating these nurturing and supportive environments. Be sure to let followers know that they’re valued, either by offering freebies, valuable content or simply by telling them.
Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers
It is clear from the number of businesses selling Instagram followers; there is a big demand for the service. But, is it better to buy IG followers or grow them “organically, ” which takes a long time? Organically means letting people find an account on their own. These are genuine, active followers, but it can take years. To decide on which approach to take, answer this question, “What is the objective of the Instagram account? ” If it is to promote a brand image, launch a marketing campaign, or sell immediately, growing followers organically won’t work.
Instant visibility
Build credibility for the company, brand, offering, faster
An affordable way to get followers
Free up time for other business duties
Instagram periodically removes fake followers
Account owners should buy views, likes, and comments too, adding to the cost
Selecting the wrong provider that breaks Instagram rules can get an account banned
How to Buy Instagram Followers (What to Look For)?
Determine the objective for the Instagram account.
Compare prices. Read reviews. Take advantage of free trials.
Watch the purchased followers for dropouts. Try different companies.
Select the best performer your budget & move ahead.
Does Buying Followers Work?
Yes, it does. If it didn’t or were a scam, there wouldn’t be such a demand to buy Instagram followers, views, likes, comments, etc. Take for example AudienceGain, a company in business since 2015. Or, Stormlikes and Famoid with over 1M users served. That shows how valuable this approach is to a lot of companies.
Purchasing followers is a standard business practice and help level the playing field between large companies and smaller ones. Since small companies cannot match the marketing resources of larger ones to get noticed, buying followers is a good option.
Is it Safe to Buy Followers on Instagram?
Yes, as long as buyers do their research and don’t jump into the first service they find. It is crucial that they research a few different choices and weigh the pros and cons. There are plenty of services that sell Instagram followers, but there are others that will steal information or payment details. Consumers should always check the terms and conditions, as well as user reviews, so that they know where those followers are coming from.
Where to Buy Instagram Followers?
There are a hundred alternatives. Future shoppers just have to know where and how to select the best ones. All of the companies are online for sure. Then, there are many factors to consider when choosing. First, if it has a reputation. Not all companies are reliable. So, buyers can be victims of a scam. Then, pricing is another factor. Many packages exist for diverse budgets. Shoppers should be aware of refill policy and privacy one. In this manner, they will not be badly surprised later. Finally, the speed of delivery is key. Most buyers desire to get their followers as soon as possible.
What are the Benefits of Buying Real Followers?
When a company or person decides to buy Instagram followers, the main benefit is immediate visibility. With a billion or more active accounts, getting followers is insanely hard. Big companies have many options to increase the speed of gaining followers. Plus, they have more resources. Small companies can’t match this power. So, many decide to buy followers.
Buying followers requires less time than using different methods to gain followers and can be very cost effective. A more visible account will deliver benefits faster, whether those include brand awareness, sales, etc.
Want to Buy Followers?
Welcome to the millions of account owners who have decided to buy followers. The account will gain additional visibility based on the number of followers purchased. With higher visibility, people are more likely to find the account and follow it. Think of it like priming a pump.
The account will have some risk of being perceived as phony, perhaps hurting its reputation. Even with that risk, the number of people and companies buying followers indicates the risk is small. Buyers have decided that growth is worth this risk.
The Final Word
Buying followers is a proven method for increasing the visibility of an Instagram account. There are good and bad providers selling these products, so be sure you understand as much about the company you choose as possible.
Start small so, if the company you select fails you in some area, your investment is low. And, always investigate the company’s FAQs to look for their business practices and support options. Consider those that appear ethical and promise to adhere to Instagram’s rules.
Published: April 11, 2019Updated: June 30, 2021
Matt Robinson
Matt is an experienced technical writer and translator skilled in writing targeted texts for a variety of audiences. He has a diversified background, including social media management of various products. He is a data-driven strategist and a passionate story-teller. He posts about all social innovations and delivers high-quality research and content to our readers.
29 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Real and Instant)

29 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Real and Instant)

When it comes to social recognition and repute, Instagram has become the gold standard. Other sites that offer virtual contact exist, but none of them can match Instagram’s effect. As a result, this app continues to expand every day. In 2020, Instagram celebrated its tenth anniversary, and since that time, it has grown to become one of the most prominent social media networks. It is the sixth most frequented website on the planet, with over one billion monthly visitors. This is why there becomes an urge to buy Instagram followers.
Instagram is a fantastic social media platform for promoting your business. You may improve brand awareness and reach by using the platform, as well as develop a community of Instagrammers that are interested in what you have to offer and your content. Because Instagram has so many active users, it’s almost guaranteed that your target demographic utilizes it.
With Instagram’s strength comes increased competition; it’s getting tougher and harder to stand out in any specialty, and it’s becoming simpler to get lost in the crowd. This may be aggravating, so uncover the finest tools to help you stand out and develop an Instagram plan to win the competition.
Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers
Viralyft is the finest and most trustworthy website for buying real Instagram followers. Likes, video views, and Instagram followers are among the services they provide. They claim that the followers they supply are of excellent quality and that they respond to your material. As a result, it’s a two-for-one deal to boost your internet visibility.
The best part is that you don’t have to provide them any login or password information. Their website is really safe, and your privacy will not be violated. They have a variety of packages starting at $2. 89 for 100 followers and go up from there.
In a nutshell, it’s one of the most cost-effective websites available. They provide a money-back guarantee if you don’t find their services to be satisfactory. There’s nothing you can afford to lose here. We are confident you won’t need to request such a refund because their services are excellent. They also have a significant advantage when it comes to client satisfaction. You also get access to their customer service center, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact them directly if something goes wrong.
SocialPros has been operating since 2018 and prides itself on offering the highest quality Instagram followers, likes, and views. When you make a purchase, you can be certain that your money is going towards real, active accounts that will help your Instagram profile grow and interact.
This Instagram marketplace has inexpensive packages to suit even the tiniest of budgets. 100 followers may be bought for $2. 50. You can purchase 1, 000 followers for $12, and you can get 2, 000 followers for $23.
You may also utilize SocialPros to increase your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube presence as an additional bonus. Twitch and Soundcloud marketing is also supported by the platform.
GetViral is one of the most experienced Instagram service providers. Their primary focus is customer happiness, which they have achieved. They’re the only places where you can purchase Instagram followers legally. Additionally, additional likes and views on reels can be obtained.
They have a loyal following because of their rapid service delivery. They assist you in gaining organic followers, rather than spammers or robots. When you use their services, you can be confident that your privacy will be respected. Their services might also aid in the growth of your Twitter account.
Their services cater to a wide range of audiences, ranging from 500 to 50, 000. All of these are available for a very low cost. As a result, prepare ready for Instagram to go viral. Furthermore, they will provide the highest quality material to your Instagram audience so that they can actively engage with it. They will make certain that your Instagram’s development is sustained without a drop in performance.
Follower Packages might be a fantastic alternative for you if you’re seeking a website where you can buy real Instagram followers at a reasonable price. They stick to the time restriction to ensure that you don’t have to wait too long.
In comparison to other sites, Follower Packages has an advantage because of their advanced services at a reasonable cost. At a starting price of $19, you can get 1000 followers. They give you genuine fans who add value to your brand. They’ll interact with your content and attract visitors to your website.
You have access to a customer care system that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may obtain answers to your questions at any moment. They also provide services for YouTube, Instagram, and SoundCloud, among other social media sites. It’s a one-stop-shop for all of your social media interactions.
ViewsExpert can assist you in increasing interaction across a variety of social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and others. It’s the most effective method to get your influencer company or profession off the ground. It is well-known as one of the most effective places to purchase Instagram followers. They may also help you gain confidence and following.
In addition, their rates are fair. For about $7, you can acquire 500 followers, and for $200, you can get 20k followers. Their pricing may appear to be high, but it is well worth it. They don’t require a password or any other personal information. They guarantee high-quality service and on-time delivery. Their delivery time for real followers might range from 7 to 20 days.
It may appear suspicious if your followers suddenly rise. As a result, they also look after the image of your business. Their customer service representatives are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have about their services.
Social Packages is a business that offers a variety of services and is well-versed in market strategies. They’ve been doing this for a long time and can assist you in a variety of ways to boost your online engagement. The social media marketing that they plan might help you grow your business. It aids in the organic growth of your audience.
They also provide a one-of-a-kind drop-protection package. If the number of followers on your account reduces, your following list will be replenished. They will ensure that the guaranteed number of followers is retained if you utilise their services for a month or more. Because of these characteristics, they are a trustworthy website. Starting at $35 for 2500 followers, their price is pretty reasonable. As a result, cracking it is a good deal.
Fastlikes are the most effective real-time Instagram growth solution. They assist you in naturally increasing your following without the usage of bots or false followers. On your Instagram account, you may obtain real-time engagement. Your audience will react to the material you post.
Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, and SoundCloud are just a few of the social media sites where they give followers and other services. Followers, likes, comments, and reel views are among the Instagram services they provide.
They claim that their services are of excellent quality and that they are provided on time. You also get access to customer service representatives that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any queries you may have about their services. If the quantity of followers given decreases, you can get them replenished. Instagram followers may be purchased for as little as $3. 99 for a total of 250 followers. There is no need for a password, and you may gain followers from all around the world.
One of the greatest places to buy Instagram followers is Famups. They’ve succeeded in gaining clients’ trust. They provide excellent package offers that are within everyone’s budget. Their expertise is on-time delivery of your goods, as well as a support crew that is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
This site may help you expand your other social media channels, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Twitter, in addition to Instagram. Famups are a wonderful option for clients on a tight budget. This firm was just recently founded, yet it has quickly become well-known among consumers.
Also as a response, we’ve discovered that this firm goes to great lengths to retain your credibility. As a result, they’re always certain of what they’re attempting to do, as well as how they provide you with Instagram followers, comments, and so on. This is a firm that prides itself on maintaining high levels of engagement and follow-up.
Mr. Insta
This firm was created exclusively for Instagram, as the name implies. Your consumer, who is you, is their top priority. Their motivation is that the client is always right, and they should go to great lengths to satisfy them. As a result, user experience and user objectives are the first things they focus on.
They, of course, have their own ideas on how to improve corporate growth. There isn’t anyone who can compete with them because they’ve all gained so much experience. We are confident that if you want to improve the online status of your company or brand, this site will be able to solve the majority of your issues.
Mr. Insta offers a variety of services to their clients that are not available on many of the other sites on our list. They will always take care of any issues that arise while you are working with them.
If you want to buy Instagram followers organically, Famoid is the finest option. To increase your Instagram followers, they promise to utilize actual and active individuals. Additionally, all of their Instagram services have a ‘automatic compensation’ function. It implies that if you don’t have enough Instagram likes or followers, they’ll quickly compensate you with the extra services you need.
If you’ve teamed up with Famoid, you won’t have to worry about your privacy. They know how to use some fantastic social media management tools because they have more than 5 years of expertise. It’s a one-stop-shop for promoting other social networking sites as well.
You may make a safe payment using PayPal or Safe Charge. Except for your username and email address, you are not required to provide any personal information. The main disadvantage is that the pace of growth might be inconsistent at times. But that’s to be expected if you want to grow your following organically.
Krootez is a fantastic site for buying 100% authentic Instagram likes, genuine Instagram followers, and high-quality Instagram views. You’ll never have to worry about bots or false accounts on this marketplace, which means you can count on more contact and involvement.
If you subscribe to Krootez’s monthly plan, the platform will automatically identify new Instagram postings and begin distributing likes within 30 seconds. There are no daily post restrictions, so whether you publish twice a day or twenty, each post will always receive the required number of likes and views.
All companies and social media personalities want to be recognized and interact with the general audience. This is best done on Instagram. BlastUp is a fantastic Instagram marketing website that allows you to purchase Instagram followers, likes, views, and automated likes. All of their services are solely dedicated to Instagram and do not include any other social media platforms. They’re recognized for providing genuine services at a low cost.
They used to only accept registered business people, but now everyone is welcome. One of their most appealing features is a free trial of 50 likes on a single article, after which you can decide whether or not to use their services. A number of distinguishing qualities establish them as a reliable source. Real Instagram followers, likes, and views are provided.
This firm has a lot of experience, so if you’re searching for someone that knows what they’re doing, this is the company to call. Furthermore, they have begun to develop in accordance with current Internet developments. As a consequence, they are chock-full of innovative tips and tactics that are tailored to the present age and target audience.
Additionally, they despise all forms of deception. As an outcome, any automated bots or bogus accounts are eliminated. You can rest confident that when it comes to Instagram engagement, this firm will be able to keep things authentic for you. They’ll make sure your Instagram account grows at a rapid pace, allowing you to stay ahead of the pack.
This is an Instagram-exclusive platform. In a nutshell, if you want to focus on the type of development you’re experiencing on this platform, they are the individuals to talk to. They, like the other firms listed above, provide likes, shares, views, comments, and so on.
Insta Mama
Here is one of the most trustworthy sites we’ve come across in this business. They recognize that they exist solely to serve their customers and to ensure their success, thus the strategies they create are highly personalized. Furthermore, they are highly adaptable and alter according to the demands of the environment in which they function.
They have a lot of faith in the work they’re doing. This is due to the fact that they have a lot of experience. They are quite successful in putting any choice into action. Furthermore, they consider every area of marketing before embarking on any campaign.
Buzzoid is another well-known website where you can buy Instagram followers, likes, and views in a flash. They claim to have a million or more happy customers. They have a function called an automated program, which adds followers to clients’ accounts whenever they submit new images or videos. To register here, all you have to do is provide your username and email address. This method does not necessitate the use of passwords. They’ll supply you with active and real followers.
They also promise to reimburse your money if they fail to deliver any service on schedule. Without hesitation, you may call their round-the-clock customer service. If you look at their website, you’ll notice that the customer reviews are excellent. Overall, it’s a trustworthy website.
The effectiveness of this website’s services is well-known. You may purchase genuine Instagram followers who will interact with your brand and the material you post. Likes, views, and comments are all part of their offerings.
This website has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The good side is that they respect your privacy and do not require any type of password. Their main criticism is that this site has a relatively limited quantity of public reviews, which makes it appear suspicious. You also don’t notice things like a free trial, live chat, or automated services that most websites offer.
They have, however, been working in this sector for almost six years. As a result, we may classify them as knowledgeable. They make it simple and quick to receive your order. If your firm produces high-quality content and goods, a little aid can help you grow. You have no need to be concerned about using their services.
In the world of Instagram management, ViralRace is a well-known name. They assist you in raising the amount of Instagram followers, likes, and views for your business. Their biggest characteristic that sets them apart from the competition is that they allow their customers to choose the delivery schedule.
In the event of an emergency, you may have your order delivered in less than a minute, or you can gradually grow your following. ViralRace is the only website that provides its users this kind of control.
They may also help you get fans who will engage with your material. It progressively increases the number of visitors to your website. ViralRace is a wonderful option if you want to purchase real Instagram followers.
Social Monk
According to Social Monk, they can not only assist their customers with their Instagram followers, but they can also act as a personal Instagram manager for them. This means they can handle all elements of your Instagram development for you, so you don’t have to. Instead, you can focus on generating more content that your audience will like.
They adore the fact that you can hire a personal Instagram account manager through these people, and one of their finest aspects is that everything is done by hand. You may also terminate your subscription with them at any moment, providing you with a route out if necessary. This is known to be one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers.
Goldstar Social
Goldstar Social intends to assist its clients in increasing their Instagram followers and, as a result, their online visibility through likes and views. One of the first things you’ll do with these people is pick the proper package for your needs, and then fill in the blanks with all the necessary information.
They claim that regardless of whether you are a small business, an artist, or an individual, they are the best location to expand your Instagram followers. They will not ask for any personal information and have a very quick turnaround time.
Growthsilo is an authentic Instagram growth service, which means that when you join up for their service, you are purchasing actual Instagram followers. They employ organic development strategies such as interaction, which allow targeted visitors to discover your profile and read your material.
It is a fully-managed service, which means that you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will personally monitor your growth when you join up. They’ll start creating more user interest through reach after you’ve given them your targets.
Growthsilo provides professional account managers who know what they’re doing when it comes to finding your target consumers and creating interest in your profile; their two monthly plans will ensure that you discover one that fits your budget and demands.
Always offer precise and clear targeting directions; while using an organic growth service, the effectiveness of your targeting instructions is directly related to your outcomes.
Task Ant
This is a business with a lot of foresight that sees all of the opportunities for profit. In the end, they can spot areas where you may improve your involvement. These are the individuals you trust if you want to start growing and succeeding on Instagram. To assure your success, they employ a variety of technology and commercial techniques.
If you’re a company looking to expand its internet presence, they’ll figure out how to advertise your items in the most effective method possible. They’ll be able to bring together a variety of elements, such as marketing tools, financial resources, and material resources. You will be able to get a lot better and faster result on Instagram with the aid of such combos than your competitors.
If you want to acquire actual interaction for your Instagram page, PlentyGram is a good service to check out. One of the things we appreciate about this service is that you can receive aid with not just your Instagram engagement but also your TikTok engagement.
They claim to deliver genuine engagement from real Instagram profiles, allowing you to expand your account with a real fan base and establish a strong social media presence. They also provide quick delivery.
The best part of Growthoid is that it is a totally manual service, which means that account managers will personalize your Instagram growth to deliver you the most desirable followers.
Growthoid’s sign-up procedure is simple, and after you’ve completed it, your account manager will call you to discuss your targeting preferences. This means you’ll need a list of hashtags, usernames, locations, and other key objectives ready to go so your account manager can start connecting with the appropriate people.
Growthoid has the greatest support staff and Instagram managers on the market, so you can rest certain that if you become a client of theirs, you will be properly taken care of. They provide two monthly plan alternatives, both of which have no commitment period, making it a very flexible solution that may fit into any budget.
Jarvee is an excellent choice if you want to automate your Instagram account; it’s great for Windows users because it’s a Windows-based programme. They do offer several alternatives for getting you set up for the service if you don’t have windows.
Jarvee provides a 5-day trial of their service, which is a great way to evaluate whether you like the program and if it’s right for you. Instagram doesn’t like accounts that employ a lot of automation, so be cautious. If you’re concerned about how automation could damage your account, speak with Jarvee first to learn more about their stance and how they protect your account.
As a result, they always have a strategy in mind, which they implement in tandem with the growth of your account. They are great as business owners. As a result, they possess the standardized traits that each businessperson needs.
This is the firm that will be able to help you expand and sustain your Instagram presence. They understand how to get an internet business or brand off the ground as well as how to maintain it. The folks here have a fantastic team of creators and innovators who are always coming up with new and innovative ways to give you the finest kind of connection possible.
They are extremely trained and skilled, having had years of social media marketing training. Furthermore, they have a thorough grasp of how consumer psychology works, allowing them to tailor your product in the most effective way possible, preventing them from learning how to sell any profile, as well as a person, online.
The folks that work here are extremely driven and want to help you reach your goals. All of the reviews we’ve seen for them so far have been very good. As a result, we may be assured that this website is entirely reliable.
Stellation Media
This is a business with a lot of doors or individuals who make things happen. They not only remain ahead of the competition, but they are also fierce competitors. Like a response, they are always devising new methods to outperform their competitors. With the assistance of their staff, you will be able to keep one step ahead of your competitors.
They have a strong desire to succeed in all they undertake. As a result, they will not leave any stone unturned in order to generate maximum social media engagement for you. They’ll make sure you’re at the top of your industry and specialty rankings. Furthermore, they are very innovative and do not follow the rules.
Both as corollary, they are able to outsmart traditional marketers and use sophisticated marketing techniques.
Storm Likes
You may purchase various numbers of active Instagram followers from this firm. As a result, they offer one of the most customized and individualized services in the market. They are regarded to be among the most adaptable service providers on the web since they modify themselves according to your demands and preferences for stopping. Further, their delivery time is quite short, giving them an advantage over their competitors.
Additionally, they provide an Instagram automatic-like service. As a consequence, even if your account just started, they may help you achieve a lot of success. People will automatically flock to your account if your Instagram material has a big amount of likes. As an outcome, with this firm, your account’s organic reach expands dramatically.
Media Mister
Media Mister, one of the first in the Instagram follower business, has long been the best place to buy Instagram followers. Not only that, but they can assist with a variety of different Instagram engagements and offer a variety of other packages for other social media platforms if you want to cross-promote.
Only high-quality followers and interactions are offered by Media Mister, and they also provide a money-back guarantee if you aren’t completely happy. They accept a variety of payment methods, making them a versatile and dependable alternative.
Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Growth Service
When you decide to buy Instagram followers, it doesn’t mean you can stop working. Companies that offer Instagram followers or Instagram growth services can help you expand your Instagram following, but they aren’t the only factor to consider.
After you buy Instagram followers, there are a few things you should do.
Make strategic use of hashtags and captions
Captions and hashtags assist communicate your narrative to your followers and viewers; using hashtags in your captions will increase the reach of your content and make it appear in hashtag feeds.
Combine short and long captions, and experiment with different hashtags to discover what your rivals are using and what is hot on Instagram. You can expand your Instagram content strategy and reach by using clever hashtags and captions, providing your viewers and followers a greater understanding of what your material means and how it connects to them.
Make the most of Instagram’s features
When creating material, consider all of the elements that Instagram has to offer, as this will make your content strategy more well-rounded and appealing to those that visit your profile. This includes leveraging Instagram stories, Instagram live, IGTV, and reels, as well as publishing material that isn’t just one photo but a combination of carousel posts, videos, and user-generated content.
When you have a good balance and are active on all aspects of the Instagram platform, you’ll have a more coherent content strategy that’ll be more helpful and appealing to your current and potential followers. When people visit your page for the first time, having an active Instagram story shows them that you are consistent and engaged on the platform, which may help you gain more followers faster.
Make a Content Marketing Plan
Content is the most essential aspect of your Instagram development; it is the meat and potatoes of Instagram, and without a solid content strategy, no matter how excellent your Instagram growth service is, your account will fail.
It’s typical for consumers to buy Instagram followers or engage a growth service or marketing firm, then expect everything to fall into place on its own. While it would be wonderful if we could just sit and do nothing, that is not the reality. These services will help you increase your follower count and attract genuine, active people to check you out, but if you don’t give them something worthwhile to look at, you won’t acquire or maintain any followers.
With that kind of rivalry, you’ll need to figure out how to stand out from the crowd.
Maximize the impact of your bio and story
The main profile page, with a strong focus on your bio and tale highlights, will be the first thing someone sees when viewing your profile.
You should always maintain your profile set to public to obtain greater exposure; you should also make sure your account is configured as a professional or creator account to gain access to crucial analytics via Instagram insights.
Real Instagram Followers: Why Do You Need Them?
Quality followers are more important than ever now. In the past, services would offer a bunch of false or ghost followers that did nothing except add a number to your overall follower count; these phony followers would sit on your account and do nothing. While this was okay for a while, both Instagram and Instagrammers began to notice that many individuals didn’t actually have a large number of followers, but rather a slew of phony profiles to make them appear legitimate.
When Instagram found this, it began deleting fraudulent and inactive accounts, causing users to lose followers. This is still true today, so if you acquire low-quality or inactive followers, they are unlikely to last. This is when you require the best sites to buy Instagram followers.
Apart from those considerations, buying real Instagram followers that are idle and uninterested in your material is unlikely to provide any commercial consequences. Having a large number of Instagram followers isn’t the main aim; it’s about getting your material out to those who might be interested in it.
As a result, you should constantly strive to buy Instagram followers that are real and who will engage with your content and interact with you on the platform; after all, you can’t sell your product or service or get additional brand partners if your account doesn’t have real followers.
Before deciding whether or not to buy Instagram followers, consumers should ask themselves a few key questions.
Would it be Ethical to Buy Instagram Followers?
Yes, if the firm takes the required steps to keep your account secure. You should always seek protected payment methods and websites that employ SSL encryption.
Choose a provider that does not demand your password when buying Instagram followers in bulk. If you’re utilizing an Instagram growth service, they’ll probably ask for your password, but that’s because they’ll be making engagements on your behalf.
Another thing to keep in mind is that Instagram does not encourage the usage of bots or false followers, so choose your Instagram growth decisions carefully to avoid being flagged.
Is Buying Instagram Followers a Good Idea?
Yes, you may see results when you buy Instagram followers, but it’s critical that you know who you’re buying from and what their business is all about.
Check to see whether they take account security and safety seriously, as well as if their services are straightforward and transparent. Stay away from someone who is unclear or too wordy. Don’t bite if you notice a lot of buzzwords trying to draw your attention away from the task at hand.
Some businesses claim a “follower guarantee, ” but whether or not they deliver is another matter. If you have any doubts, be interested and talk with the service before making a decision.
What’s the best place to get Instagram followers?
While everyone’s aims and tastes are different, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to buy Instagram followers. When making a selection, think about your budget, needs, time schedule, business size, and existing engagement and follower count.
Know what you want and don’t be scared to call a provider before committing. It’s usually advisable to locate another firm if they don’t respond or don’t address your issues and concerns immediately.
Final Thoughts
So, we’ve compiled a list of famous sites where you can buy Instagram followers to help you grow your brand or reputation. People utilize a variety of social media strategies to get notoriety. One of them is buying followers. Business people, influencers, marketers, performers, and the general public are all aware of the potential of social media.
In the realm of social media, Instagram has become the one major phenomenon that looks to be here to stay. We do not believe that any other app will be able to match Instagram’s popularity. If you want to obtain Instagram recognition, be sure you use the sites listed above.
The news and editorial staffs of The Denver Post had no role in this post’s preparation.

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